TR OS :- The Bad Boy Is Mine

Posted: 2015-01-11T09:43:56Z

-- | The Bad Boy Is Mine | --

"He is my date" A loud voice boomed in whole canteen area, I was sitting alone at my regular table, I turn around to see from where the voice had come. And what i saw caused me to burst into fits of laughter. College s two hot girls, Kriya & Sara were fighting like wild cats. 

"No Rey will go with me in valentines day party" I heard Kriya shouting at sara. Ooh so they are fighting over our college s hot dude & Bad boy Rey Singhania. I giggled when i saw them pushing each other. 

"And what make you think that he will take you as his date?" Sara retorted back. 

"Why wouldn't he? I am the hottest girl and his dance partner too" Kriya said in a proud tone, making me rolled my eyes on her. Nevertheless i was enjoying this fight. 

"You wish! He will surely ask me out, we have so much common, even our eyes colors are also same" Sara told kriya while pushing her bit, Kria stumble a bit but balanced herself. I gasp loudly when kriya throw cold drink at her face. Whole canteen gasp then laughed. 

Then were throwing food at each other while arguing who is best for rey and why he should ask them out. I was laughing my lungs out when my gaze fall at the entrance of canteen, the most wanted guy of college walked in along with his dance group, he is like king of this college, whole college feared him, obey him without any second thought. 

Rey saw them fighting and rolled his eyes, that gave me shock . Ignoring them he started walking..urm toward me? Yeah it is he was coming toward me but why? I am not some famous chick, hell most of the student dont even know my name properly, you know I am kind shy nerd type girl.

"Hey" I looked up at him, he was standing right there in front of him, I look behind him his gang was settled down on their regular place. 

"Hi" I spoke in low voice, If he wasnt standing so close i was sure he wouldnt have heard him. Not knowing what to do i look down at my plate but my head snapped at him in surprise when he sat on chair opposite to me. 

"Taani" He said my name in his oh so sexy tone, I was surprised he know my name. I look at him, my eyes met with his, damn those chocolate brown eyes were hypnotizing, i could feel my self getting lost in them but i held myself up and break the eye contact with him.

Just when he was about to speak, kriya & sara came there, covered and seeing them i couldnt control my laughter while they both glared at me, If looks could kill then i would have fallen dead by now. I could feel Rey's intense gaze on me that caused me to stop laughing. I was surprised when i saw him smiling at me, not angry for laughing at his two friends. 

"Rey" Kriya purred in seductive way, She tried to touch his arms but rey shoved her away, the reason was she was covered from head to toe with all kind of food that severed in our college canteen. 

"Rey baby please tell her, I am your valentine not this wooden stick" Sara said making puppy face, seeing her i felt like puking. Gosh please someone tell her she look horrible when she does that. 

"Its me you bitch, I am his valentine. We are dance partners, we are so much alike. We go well with other and he want some one like me" Kriya snorted back at her, Ignoring them rey kept looking at me, making insides of my stomach clench. It was so new for me, he was looking at me like I am the only one. 

"None of you are valentine, I have someone special" Rey told them and if i was not wrong he looked at me when he say someone special. Not keeping my hopes high i glance at the girls who got biggest shock of their lives, thats what their expressions say so. 

"I'll talk to you guys later" Rey said to them then turn toward me. He gave me one of his best smile, showing his dimples which sent shiver down my spine, his smile is making me go crazy dont know what would happen when he will hold me & Kiss m...Damn women! control your sex craze hormones! I scolded myself thinking that way about him when i know he wont even look at me when he had so many beautiful girls around him. 

"Will you be my valentine?" His voice brought me back from my reverie, I look at him as if he had grow another head. Was he serious? Or trying to make fun of me infront of whole college. 

"What?" I shouted gaining all the attention there, standing up from my place. I know i over reacted but you cant blame me, the hottest guy, the heartthrob of college is asking me, a normal shy girl to be his valentine date. So you guys can imagine my situation.

Rey seem unaffected by my reaction, he let out a throaty chuckle. He stood up an walked toward me making me gulp hardly. 

"Will you be my valentine?" He asked me again but this time louder, I was sure whole canteen had heard him because of gasps followed by the end of his sentence. I glanced over his shoulder and noticed the murderous glares sara & kriya were giving me standing at some distance. Then i shifted my gaze, look into his eyes, he was impatiently waiting for my reply..a positive reply to be more specific. 

"Yes" I answered him in low tone, I was already feeling damn nervous because all eyes were fixed on us or at me. 

I gasp when he pulled me in bone crashing hug, I embrace him back. Crowd cheered for us making conscious all of sudden. I pulled out of his embrace and regret it immediately as i missed the warmth and feel of protectiveness in his arms. 

"You know..I like you since the first day of college..waited for this moment when you will be in my arms, Will you be my girlfriend" Rey whispered when he was inches away from me. I smiled at him. I felt like I'm going to faint. I was feeling same what a teenager girl feels when her crush proposed her.

"Feelings are mutual big bad boy. I like you too" I confessed keeping aside my shyness for a moment before he bridged the gap between us and kissed me on lips in front of all. I could hear whistles and loud cheer from his group of friends. I guess they are happy for us. We kissed each other, It was soft yet passionate kiss.

I kissed him for some more time before pulling away. Rey intertwined his fingers with mine. 

"You lover girls are not happy with this" I teased him pointing toward his lover girl i.e Kriya & Sara. Rey let out a chuckle sending shiver down my spine.

"Dont worry honey buns, I am yours so it doesn't matter what they feel" I liked the answer he gave me. He put his arm around me, his hold was possessive and protective. 

We left the canteen in each others arms when we were passing by kriya & sara i didnt failed to give them winning smirk which wad clearly telling them..The Bad Boy is mine..La Na Na Na Na Na.

I know it was crap but still do leave your feedback, It was bad or super bad.

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Posted: 2015-01-11T10:05:03Z
loved your os
taani pov was beautifully penned down.
Kriya and sara fighting over rey. But bad boy fallen in love with innocent honey bun :) awww cute.
Yup how can i miss TaaRey kiss :) romantic <3
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Posted: 2015-01-11T10:06:10Z
just awesome
luvd utEdited by Mon_tr - 2015-01-11T10:15:53Z
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Posted: 2015-01-11T10:23:38Z
it was damn hilariousROFLROFL
seriously sara & kriyaROFLROFL
taarey part bhi acha tha cute tha
but sara aur kriya wale part pe tou meri hasi hi nai ruk rahi thi
superb os
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Posted: 2015-01-11T10:30:28Z
Tht was one of a cutest os
haha... i loved it so much 

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Posted: 2015-01-11T10:48:28Z
Aww such a cute and amazing os

I lobed the confession

And kria and Saras fight

Amazing story
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Posted: 2015-01-11T11:32:52Z
wonderful os bad boy is my awsm.
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Posted: 2015-01-11T11:45:16Z
Nice update
Sara and kriya fighting was funny
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