Enchanting Love : TR OS

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- Enchanting Love -

Taani sat there on floor of her room, crying bitterly over her fate.Her love, Her rey was away from her, may be for forever. A month ago he met with an accident & after staying in coma for a week, he woke up, with happiness of getting him back come with sadness. He lost his memory. Forgot about the girl named taani whom he love with all his heart. Taani was broken from inside & out. The person who means world to her dont even remember her and when she tried to made him remember about those thing that had never happened according to him, he got angry & insulted her by saying she is trying this cheap tricks to trap him. 

Situation was already worst but the entry of his Ex made it even more worst. She claimed to be in a relationship with him and in a way it was truth for rey, as he remembered his college life only when he was in relationship with kriya, It wasn't hard for kriya to play her cheap tricks to make him believe her and show taani as villain who is trying to trap a rich man like him for money. Kriya got back her love, she thought they were meant to be. she only care about her own happiness and she also wanted a revenge from taani by taking her man.

A knock on the door broke her reverie, Taani wiped her tear but they were not stopping. Her heart wants to cry hard, Fate had played a cruel game & snatched her everything away from her. Seeing his sister s broken condition swayum ran toward her and gathered her in his brotherly warmth. 

"Taani..Sh Bacha, Stop crying. Its not good for you in this condition" Swayum spoke in tender voice, he never this helpless before, His sister was crying in his arms and he could do nothing. He was feeling anger toward rey but then it was not his fault that he lost his memory. 

"Bhai I lost him, I lost him" Taani hugged her brother tightly, her brother was speaking soothing words but nothing worked to reduced the pain in her heart. 

"Taani bacha you didnt lost him. Trust me the day he will get his memory back he will come to you and take away all your pain" Swayum said with moist eyes, they don't know when rey will get his memory back but he had hope it will happen very soon. Swayum forcefully broke the hug and made her face him. 

"Taani you have to be strong not for anyone but for the life growing inside you. Doctors had already told you to not to take any kind stress and here you are...Taani do you want something happen to your baby?" Swayum spoke, he knew her baby is her life, her only hope, her only reason to live life after losing every hope of getting her rey back.

"No..my baby is my only hope" She broke into tears, taani put her hand on her abdomen protectively. Swayum smiled softly at her. 

"Now come with me..you havent eaten anything since morning, My junior taani will get angry on her mamu for not giving food to her mumma" Swayum said enlightening the atmosphere, Taani smiled a little. Swayum made her stand on her feet, taani was feeling weak, she hold swayum for her support. 

"Taani, You okay?" swayum asked her in concern tone, Taani nodded in yes but swayum didnt believed her. Swayum made her sit on bed. 

"You sit here, I ll go and bring something to eat and after that we are going to doctor" Swayum told her in stern tone as he know how much hate going hospitals. Taani smiled at her brothers care, swayum return the smile & left the room to bring something for her to eat. After sometime swayum return back with her favorite food though taani was not in mood to eat anything but ate quietly for her baby, she cant punish her baby in her pain, Her baby need her now her pain can wait. 

Swayum was talking to taani when they heard the door bell ring, Swayum went to open the door after telling taani to take rest. Swayum opened the door and was shocked to see whole gang standing there with wide grin plastered on their faces. 

"Hello guys" Swayum greeted them, they all came inside and sat in hall. Swayum frowned seeing rey & kriya clinging to him. 

"Where is taani?" Sharon asked him, hearing taani s name rey felt something in heart, he felt he had very special relationship with her but when he asked kriya about the same she denied saying taani was just swayum's sister and never met her before. He believed her but his heart refused to believe kriya's words thus he maintained his distance from kriya because he wants to regain his memory first and one more thing that made him suspicious about his past that he felt its wrong whenever kriya come close to him, he felt he was betraying someone, someone is waiting for him, he felt he was missing something or should we say someone very special in his life. His reverie broke when he heard swayum's voice. 

"She is taking rest" Swayum answered her. Sharon understand, Only swayum & sharon knows about her pregnancy. They all got busy in their talks, taking it as chance rey got up from his place quietly without getting noticed by anyone. Rey sneaked in her room, he wanted to see her. Rey closed the door behind him. He dont know what relation he shared with her but his heart told him she is very special to him. Rey took slow steps toward her, she was sleeping peacefully on bed. 

"Taani forgive me for my that day behavior but main bhi kya karta, I dont remember anything then kriya told me i hadnt even met you before the you were claiming to be my wife. I was so confuse and frustrated, in anger i spoke those hurtful words to you. I know you are not that kind of girl who is after money." Rey spoke in low tone, he was talking to sleeping taani. He felt horrible remembering how he accused her for trying to trap him for his money, his guilt ridden heart didnt let him live a peaceful moment. 

Rey was staring at her angelic face, her purity was taking his heart away. But soon he came back in his sense after realizing what he was doing. Rey got up from his place, was about to leave the room when something caught his attention, he shifted his gaze on her cupboard, rey closed his eyes when sudden headache hit him, he got some glimpse of past, it was not clear but he saw himself with a girl near the same cupboard in his room, both were crying in each others embrace. Rey opened his eyes suddenly, it was first time he got glimpse of past. Rey was feeing uncomfortable and was about to exit the room 

Then stopped when he saw that cupboard was slightly open and something was hanging out. Taking his steps closer he notice it was a photograph. Without making any sound he opened the cupboard fully and after that what he saw he was shocked, it was her reys corner which now had been transform into TaaRey corner after Their marriage. Rey saw all the pictures of his with taani, their pics from college, their marriage photograph. His mind went blank. He turn to see taani who was sleeping then again turn toward her TR corner. Rey caress every picture with his finger. He was getting flashes from his past life, Rey clutched his head as he felt unendurable pain in his head, When he couldn't handle himself he fell down on floor with thud, hearing the sounds taani woke up from her sleep. Her eyes widen in shock seeing rey lying on floor, crying out in pain. She screamed his name and rushed to him. 

"Rey what happened?" taani spoke, tears streaming down on her cheeks. Taani put his head on her lap. Her heart was beating fast, fear had gripped her heart.

"Taani" Rey able to speak before he lost his conscious. Thats when whole gang barged inside her room. They were shocked to the scenario infront of them.

"Bhai..Rey, we need to take him to doctor" Taani spoke between her sobs, Swayum was confused, had so many questions which he chose to ignore that moment as rey was more important, Boys lifted him up and left for hospital. 


They all were waiting outside his room, doctors were examining him. Taani was crying in swayum's arms where as kriya was accusing taani. 

"Its all because you taani. You are a curse in his life, because of you he is in this condition, fighting for his life." Kriya said in venom dripping tone, Taani buried her head in brothers chest, cried more while praying for her rey's safety. 

"Not a more word kriya, I will forget you were my best friend" Swayum warned her to keep her mouth shut, his sister is already in so much pain. All were helpless not knowing what to do, all they could do was wait. 

"Bhai" Taani cried out in pain, her hands were on her stomach, the pain was unbearable for her. Swayum lifted her up in his arms, he was scared to death. If something happen to her baby, taani will kill herself. Her baby's existence was the only reason she was living. 

Taanis doctor was on same floor where rey was admitted, she saw taani in swayum's arms. She admitted taani immediately and start treating her while swayum & sharon waited outside the room.

"Yeh kya ho raha hai swayum? Pehle rey and ab taani. Hope sab theek ho" sharon said, she hugged swayum tightly, he was still in state of shock, his sister & his best friend both were going through so much pain and he cant do anything. 

"Swayum..sharon, Rey ko hosh aa gaya hai, he was asking about taani" Vicky said as he reached near them. Swayum and sharon look at each other, why rey was asking about taani. Just then doctor came out from taani's ward, all three rushed to her. 

"Mr. Shekhawat taani is alright now but she is very weak." Doctor assured him, she was singhania's family doctor so she knew what taani is going through in life. 

"Her baby?" sharon asked in worry tone, doctor smiled at her.

"Taani and baby both are fine but they need lots of care, take care of her, you guys can meet her after some time, she is still unconscious because of sedative." Doctor told her, they all took a sign of relief, Sharon went with doctor to take taani's medicines and reports while swayum & vicky went in rey's room where all members of gang were already present including kriya. When they went inside they got shock seeing Rey, their old rey back.

"Swayum where is taani? I want to meet her, Dont know after my accident uska kya haal hua hoga, kaise usne apne aap ko sambhala hoga" Rey said to him, he had got his memory back. Swayum felt gush of happiness within him, his sisters happiness is back. 

"Rey tujhe sab yaad aa gaya?" Vicky asked him, Rey smiled brightly at him but his eyes were at entrance, longing to get her one glimpse. 

"Rey you want to meet her na? Then come with me?" Swayum said to him, Rey gave him confuse look but nodded positively. Nothing mattered too him at that moment all he wanted was, meet his taani. 

Rey got down from his hospital bed, in next momet swayum was by his side to make sure he was alright. Rey smiled at his best friends care. Swayum took him toward the room where taani was resting. On way he told her what happened after he lost his memory, how he insulted taani and was accepted that he was in relationship with kriya. His heart was bleeding every second thinking how much pain he had caused her. How much she had suffered because of him even if it was unintentional. He wanted to see her, beg for her forgiveness.

"Swayum what happened to taani? Why you are taking me in there? Tell me she is alright, nothing had happened to her!" Rey spoke in pleading tone, fear crept in his heart. Rey rushed inside the room but to their shock the room was empty, her bed was empty. 

"Taani kahan hai?" Rey asked him, Rey searched the whole room, sweat beed form on his forehead but he got sign of relief when he saw her coming out of the washroom. Swayum left the room knowing they need privacy. Its time they have a heart to heart conversation. He didnt told rey about taani's pregnancy as he thought its taani's right to tell him. 

"Taani" Rey took steps toward her and hold her by shoulders. Taani gave him confuse look but a small corner was feeling happy when she saw same love in his eyes. Rey stare at her face, then checked her temperature if she was having fever or not. 

"Taani what happened to you? Why are you here?" He questioned her in worried tone. Tears brimmed in her eyes, her rey was back. Her husband was back. 

"Rey.." Her words didnt come out, she broke into tears. Caressing his face with her soft fingers, trying to believe he was real, it was not some dream. 

"Taani..jawab do na! Tum theek hona?" Rey asked her, Taani nodded not trusting her voice. 

"Taani mujhe sab yaad aa gaya, I am sorry baby i caused you so much pain, how could i questioned your character. I am really sorry sweetheart. Please forgive your rey..I love you taani, I love you" Rey embrace her, they were crying like kids. 

"I was not in my sense then to make a right decision. Instead of trusting my heart that was begging me to believe you, I trust kriya while lies." Rey continued, only he knew how much he hated kriya for that, she tried to separate him from his taani. 

For taani time stopped, her lips curved into beautiful smile. She broke the hug and look into his eyes. They were reflecting love..only love for her. His heartbeat paced up, what if she didnt accepted him after what he had done? What if she denied to give him second chance?

"I Love you too rey" All his questions flew away as she said those magical words. Without wasting any further moment, Rey captured her lips in his, pulling her in love filled soft kiss. Rey wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his arms with the intentions of never letting her go again. Their tongues danced on rythm of their heartbeat. They both tasted each other as they moaned their names in between the kiss. They began kissing each other wildly but passionately as if there was no tomorrow. After kissing each other what felt like an eternity, taani broke the kiss.

"I want to go home" She told him while panting heavenly, Rey put his forehead against her.

"Lets go" Rey said to her, they both turn toward the door when doctor came inside, She smiled seeing rey there with taani. 

"So ready to go home taani?" Dr seema said with smile, Taani nodded smiling ear to ear, making his heart skip a beat or two. But he was still confused and worried about what taani is doing in hospital? What had happened to her. 

"Yes, seema aunty! I will call you later. Now we have to go" Taani said to her as she saw rey's expressions, she was sure if they stay any longer rey will start his interrogation session and then she had to tell him about her pregnancy, not that she wants to hide about her pregnancy from him, its just that she wants it to be special. The biggest and happiest news of their lives, she want this moment to be special, memorable and private. 

Taani pulled rey out of the room, leaving doctor seema smiling at them. They both are just like her own children. Taani and rey entered in rey s room where their old friends were waiting for them to come. Rey saw kriya gazing at taani with anger, her eyes were spitting fire which taani didnt notice as she was in her own world. Rey walked toward kriya, giving her death glares. He stopped two steps away from her, everyone look at them. 

"Ms. Kriya ghai, get the hell out of my sight. I never knew you were this cunning, you manipulate me and separated me from my taani. I am disgusted to even breath in same air as you. Just wait n watch kriya, I will make your life hell. You will pay the price of every tear my taani had shread because of your cunningness...Leave before i call security and throw you out" Rey roared in anger, for a moment taani was scared too. Kriya stamped her foot and left the room, scared to death but she knew it was just a start rey wont let her go easily, he will make her life hell. 

After filling the discharge papers and completing other formalities they left the hospital, swayum dropped taani and rey their home and left for his house. Taani couldnt control her tears but those tears were not out of pain but of happiness. She stepped inside the singhania mansion with rey. Rey scooped her in his arms and took her upstairs, in their bedroom. Taani notice their pics were again hanging on the walls on singhania mansion, which removed by sharon along with her other stuff last month after his accident, as they couldnt risk his health by showing him their pics when he thought he never thought before. 

"I called kaka when i was in hospital and asked him to put our pictures back and make our house like it was before" Rey told her seeing the confusion on her face while seeing the house. Rey made her sit on the bed and knelt down on floor before her.

"Welcome back, Love" Rey spoke taking her hand in his, he kissed her kissed. Taani blushed at his sweet gesture, rey love the affect he had on her, even after two years of their marriage. 

"Taani now tell me why you were admitted in hospital and say truth" Rey spoke in serious tone, Taani bite her lips. She was feeling shy. 

"I'll tell you but first let me take a shower and change into something comfortable" Taani said to him, unwillingly rey nodded, taani got up from her place and went to cupboard, as all her stuff was at swayum's place so she took out one of his loose t shirt to wear and went inside the washroom.

Rey dialed swayum's number and asked him to send taani's stuff tomorrow morning, Then rey asked him about others thing happened when he lost him memory. After talking rey went in other room to take shower as he too just return back from hospital and badly needed a shower. 

After shower rey entered their bedroom, he was wearing white colored vest and trouser. His breath hitched when he saw his beauty standing before him, clad in his t shirt that covered her body till mid thighs. She was drying her hair with towel, her back was facing him so she couldnt see him. Without making any voice he went and stand behind her. Rey slid his arms around her, holding her securely in his embrace. Taani smiled dropping the towel on floor rey made her turn around, facing him. Both were lost in each others eyes, with love and longing in their eyes. 

"Rey..I want to tell you something" Taani spoke after gaining some courage, she thought it was time she should tell him. 

"Hmn, say" Rey replied as he nuzzled his face in crook of her neck. She sighed in pleasure, having him so close after so many days felt like bliss. Rey placed gentle kisses on her neck, His grip around her tighten. 

"Taani do you want me to stop?" Rey asked her in caring tone, after whatever happen between them, he dont want to hurt her by sudden intimacy. Taani look into his eyes and smiled at him care toward her. She felt blessed to have him. She knew he was waiting for her answer, she stand on her toes and kissed him near lips, he closed his eyes savoring the feel of her lips on his skin, her hand wrapped around her neck. Rey smiled at his innocent wife. He scooped her in his arms and placed her on bed, he too joined her. Taani felt she was in heaven, soon their clothes were lying on floor while their naked bodies dawned into pool of passion. He lifted himself up a little to see the goddess, his goddess. He first roamed his eyes all over her bare body. She looked heavenly. Her perfect milky and soft skin was enchanting him. After coming out of his trance, he lay on top of her. 
The desire for having each other reached the zenith. Slowly & gently, he moved inside her, until she begged for more. A tension gripped his body as he thrust deeply into her sensitive body, her soft body joining his movements, holding him close, needing to feel his hard body inside Exhausted after passionate love making session. Both were gazing at each other. They laid there in each others arms, in comfortable silence which she decided to break, Taani decided it was time she should tell him. 

"Rey I am pregnant" Taani spoke in low tone but it was loud enough for him to hear. It took him some time to proceed thinking over her words, his eyes widen in shock as he understood the meaning of her words. 

"Say again" He said not believing if he heard her right. 

"Rey, I am pregnant. Aap papa banne wale ho" Taani said to him, stroking his cheeks. 

"What? I cant believe taani. Hum ma-papa banne wale hai. I am so happy taani, thank you so much, thank you thank you so much sweetheart. When you come to know about your pregnancy?" Rey spoke unable to hold his emotions within him anymore, tears brimmed in his eyes which got her eyes moist too. 

"Almost two months, I am three months pregnant rey. I wanted to tell you that day only when i come to know about my pregnancy but you were on business trip and after that your accident and all that happened, Sorry i couldnt told you earlier." Taani said to him, rey shook his head saying no, It wasnt her fault that he lost his memory and along with that he lost the first three month with his unborn baby and wife. 

"Sweetheart! Sorry toh mujhe bolna chahiye. Iss time par mujhe toh tumhe duniya ki har khushi deni chahiye thi but what i gave you, pain. I am sorry baby, please forgive your papa" Rey put his head on her stomach, her hands were massaging his scalp. All the pain they both had suffered now seems nothing in front of the happiness they just got being with together. 

Rey kept kissing her belly while talking to their baby, she was loving the father rey. She knew he will be a great father. 

"It was our past rey, we should forget everything and live this happy moments of our life, lets live in present and leave past behind" Taani said to him, Her words assured him. His guilt ridden heart felt light. Rey came to her face level and kissed her forehead lovingly. 

"I Love you taani, I cant thank your krishna ji enough for sending you in my life" Taani smiled at his sweet words, soon she dozed off in his arms where as he kept staring at her, admiring his sleeping beauty. Who was going to introduce him to new world of parenthood, give him most precious gift of his life. Thinking about his happy family he too slept in cozy embrace of his wife. He felt complete that moment because his taani and their baby are with him.


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Amazing & damm emotional os rey lost
His Memory & Kriya try make rey away taani
& she somehow get successful I love that swayam
Took taani proper care taayam prt was cute rey felt
Feeling for taani he came to know Abt his past finally
He got his memory back & taarey kiss was superb & thn
Thr romance was good Luv this os thanks for writing Edited by raddhi - 2015-01-09T09:35:10Z
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Posted: 2015-01-09T05:31:56Z
awesome loved every line
perfect potray of emotion
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Posted: 2015-01-09T05:32:46Z
Its such a beautiful os
keep writing dear
n m waiting fr 3S
pls updt tht soon
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Posted: 2015-01-09T05:36:13Z
amezing os
felt bad for tani
kria Angry
aww swayam is bst bro
rey got his memory back
hyee luvd last part
in taarey world
rey is going to be bst father
keeping writing such os
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Posted: 2015-01-09T06:09:14Z
Beautiful n Emotional Os

Superbly Written
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Posted: 2015-01-09T06:25:26Z
wow awesome os
taayam part nice
TR romance loved it
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