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this is my first attempt at writing an FF Tongue. I hope readers will like it. Please feel free to give both positive and negative comments. I have a very generic title (working title) at this point, as I am not sure how to I would progress this story, and probably have a meaningful title a bit later. Any suggestions are welcome.

If anybody needs PM on updates.. drop in comment or add me on Buddy List... Or like this post...

I am adding an Index for all the chapters here:


Chapter -1

Chapter -2

Chapter -3

Chapter -4

Chapter -5

Chapter -6

Chapter -7

Chapter -8

Chapter -9

Chapter -10

Chapter -11

Chapter - 12

Chapter -13


Chapter -15


Chapter -17

Chapter -18





Chapter 1

Priya: Maa, Papa, Kahan ho tum log?

Shipra:  Kya hua Priya? Sab teek hain? Tere Papa bahar gaye hain.

Priya:  Maa, Yeh lo, Sweets.

Shipra:  Sweets???  So you found a guy? Are you getting married?

Priya:  Maa, Tumhe aur kuch nahi Sujta hain kya. I was promoted to an assistant professor today.

Shipra:  Wow!!! Congrats! Very proud and happy for you beta. Just take blessings from god. Main ghar pe kuch khaas banati hun.  Tere Papa buhut kush ho jayenge. Waise Priya... Rehene de.

Priya:  Ok Maa, I will freshen up. Just tired a bit. Long day today.
Priya Sharma, a 28-year-old woman living in Bangalore. She is an Assistant professor at JNCASR institute in Bangalore with PhD in molecular biology from JNCASR. She loves teaching students and working on research projects. She is a bubbly, tomboyish, loves sports, simple and dedicated to her work. On her free time, she reads books, volunteers at senior assisted living or old age homes and plays volleyball. She loves her family, a typical upper middle class, living in a 3-bedroom 2-Storey small family house. Her father (Sudhir Sharma) works as a General Manager at a local Bank, settled in Bangalore after transfer from Delhi about 15 years ago and retiring in 6 months. Mother (Shipra Sharma), worked at a bank, and has taken Voluntary retirement about 6 years ago. Brother (Kartik Sharma), 6 years younger, has just finished his Engineering in Computers and placed in a multi-national company.

Next morning at Priya's House.

Shipra:  Priya, Priya

Priya:  Haan Ma, Kya hain?

Shipra:  Breakfast karke jana. Waise ek baat batani thi. Tujhe pata hain Sudha (Shipra's friend) ki beti ki shaadi be fix hog ayi hain. Aur pata hain kaise, uski beti ka profile shaadi ke website pe dala tha. Wo bhol rahi the ki aap kyun nahi priya ka profile bhi daal dete hain. Dekh online ek profile karti hoon. Tu mujhe ab rokh mat.  Waise be tumhe to koi interest nahi hain shaadi karne ke liye, hamhe hi kuch karna padega.

Priya: Maa... Jo tum teek samjho. Lekin ek sharth hain meri. Tum sach hi likhoge, meri age ya education aur kaisa ladka chahiye. Teek hain to bolo.

Shipra:  Teek Hain. Teek Hain. Jab profile karoongi to tum se puchke karoongi. Bas. Chal ab breakfast karle.

Priya: Jaldi karo Maa, late ho rahi hain. Waise kya hain?

Sudhir: Tumhara  favorite hain, dosa and chutney.

Priya smiles, eats her breakfast and heads to work.
Priya's parents are worried. After Priya leaves...

Shipra: Sudhir, I am worried about Priya. I hope she is settled. She is such a nice girl and somehow not able to find a right match for her.

Sudhir: Don't worry Shipra. I know she will find someone. We need to keep our spirits up and keep on looking for more matches. Waise Mrs Khanna had called yesterday. She suggested a match for Priya. Did not mention more details, but said she will drop by this afternoon and discuss it with you.

Shipra: Teek hain. Let's hope for the best. Are you not getting late for work?

Sudhir: Haan Haan. Nikhalta hoon. Ek meeting bhi hain. 

Thanks for reading. Will update soon.

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ok coming to story  good start Sudhir shipra and priya's entry was good now waiting for Ram entry
also title Wink...if possible do PM me and plz update soon as we crazy raya fans wants to read new stories on raya...
dont forget Pm me nxt time
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Posted: 2015-01-08T09:39:23Z
Would lyk to read...
Continue soon...
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Posted: 2015-01-08T09:43:43Z
Nice start of story. Continue soon...
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Posted: 2015-01-08T10:14:42Z
Nice story...
Pls continue soon...
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Thanks Guys!! Here comes the next chapter. I understand these are small chapters, but i am hoping to get better at writing detailed/ longer updates. 

Chapter 2

Afternoon at Priya's House. Shipra, Thinking aloud.

Shipra: I will write the profile after I hear from Mrs Khanna. I wonder when she will come. I am eagerly waiting. God hope this works out.

Just then the door bell rings and enter Mrs Khanna.

Mrs. Khanna: Shipra, kaiso ho? Priya Kaisi hain? Sudhir ji ne Bathaya hoga na.

Shipra: Come inside please. Sudhir mentioned. Please sit, I will make some tea and we can discuss the proposal for Priya.

Shipra gets some tea and biscuits. Both sit down with tea and start talking.

Shipra:  How is Mohan Ji? Tumhari beti kaisi hain? Is she still in Delhi? Visiting you soon?

Mrs. Khanna:  Sab teek hain. Actually, hum log jaa rahe hain Delhi next week. My daughter and son in law are busy with their work, no holidays. So, humne socha ki hum chale jayaenge ek do hafte kay liye. I miss them.

Aur batao, Kartik ne kaam shuri kardi na? Aage padne ka irade hain?

Shipra: Ache kiya ki tum sab ja reho ho. Kartik ne kaam shuru ki, ek hi hafta hua hain. He wants to study further, par apne paise pe. So, decided ki do saal kaam karke, paise bachake, kudh apni fees pay karna chata hain. Bol raha tha ki experience bhi mil jayaga. Ab aaj kal ke bacche to aap jaante ho na...

Acha, aap boliye. Ye Priya ke liye proposal kya hain. Ladka kon hain, kya karta hain, kahan rehta hain, maa baap kaise hain?

Shipra tries to continue on and on but Mrs. Khanna stops her.

Mrs. Khanna:  Wait Wait... Main bhol thi hun. I understand your concerns. Ladka, 33 years old, Mumbai main rehta hain, apni kudh ki company hain. Mujhe details patha nahi company ki. Unke parents bhi Mumbai main hain. My sister in law, Veena hain na,  uski sister ke pati ke relatives hain. They know the family well. Dekh agar tujhe teek lage to main unki number de sakti hoon. Maine Veena ko bataya hain Priya ke Baare me, aur usne unlogon ko. They are interested in talking to you and taking this further. I am not sure, but they may contact you directly. I have given ur number to Veena. Ok?

Shipra: Teek hain. Thanks. Aap ek kaam karo, mujhe unki details be de do. Main he contact kar leti hoon. Waise be ladki wale hain na...Smiles

Mrs. Khanna:  No problem. I will forward the details to you. 

Ek aur baat karni thi. Maine na ek party rakhi hain, Monday afternoon, hum sab doston ke liye. Sab aa rahe hain, mere ghar pe. Aarahi ho na?

Shipra: Kyun nahi. Phir bhi call karke confirm karungi.

Mrs. Khanna: Ok. Waise aaj Chai acchi thi. Main chalti hoon, call karke tujhe details de dungi. Bye.

Mrs Khanna leaves. Shipra thinks that this time Priya cannot simply reject this proposal. The boy seems like a nice fit for her. I hope that this madam will agree to meet at least. Suddenly, looks at the time and realizes she has house chores to finish before everybody comes home. She puts on some music and gets to work.

Mrs Khanna calls Veena, gives her a green signal regarding Priya. Veena contacts her sister and gets the details and all the info reaches Shipra the next day. Meanwhile, Veena's sister conveys this message and the boy's parents decide to call the Sharma's house with the proposal.

Next chapter, Ram's intro...Wink

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nice and story going superbly waiting For RaYa mAHAMILANLOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 2015-01-08T11:57:00Z
Lovely update...
Lookking forward to raya's meeting...
Pls continue soon...
Thanks 4 pm..
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