Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 94

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by columbia

@ashu ho kahaa aap?? Recently Maine IKNMP ka promo dekha lovin this ronit Roy fellow yaar kuch tho baat hai and the girl is just so delicate and strong and He so dignified and handsome
Promo melted me
Show is Bhais ki Tati

Coluuu... MAin yahi hoon.. M reading up d parts.. I have seen all ur comments..tgodi busy hoon babu. ..relatives n all.. Travelling.. Ufff.. Thak ja rahi hoon.. Rat tak i finish up on all updates
Apna dhyan rakh Colu.. Main jaanti hoon u r busy bt health is more imp.. Prefer working from home baby.. Hope u are on d forum more... Love u
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha.. Thats a wonderful thought put forth by Colu.. Pls do consider it baba.. We also need some emotional scenes also.. Hahha.. Bjt its totally upto u... Its will be such a good move..
Posted: 7 years ago
Love for giving us this II and RnB.
Love them both...and the fact that they are so far away from the show and so real!! Thanks for giving me something to dream about Im plain sick of YHM now..

love these 2 and their romance...awesome!!
Posted: 7 years ago

Read update #87 a while ago but had to step out soon after. But this story just doesn't step out of my mind for a minute... honestly I can't recall the last time I've ever been so obsessed over anything this much, whilst driving cooking shopping at work

The last update had so much of RKB in it...  he has literally ruled my head the past couple of hours. Those subtle actions, the protective instinct - without any ott dramas, shoving her bag up, handing her the hoodie, the ear buds, lowering the vol for her... If I start writing them all I'll probably be quoting the entire chapter LOL. - You've painted such a vivid imagery of the entire train scene. Romance couldn't have been better.  Brilliant!

 I know for sure in the coming week if I don't die at my workplace (coz we've mighty issues with our project at present) I will for sure die gushing over RKB - the later much preferredTongue.  Nisha thank you so very  much for relentlessly giving us one after the other epic updates  

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Jyoe

oh forgot to mention..this part..84  has to be the BESTEST so far. (all the other part are BEST and I am waiting for the BESTEST EVER!LOL)..I loved that it was just II and R&B  in that train..and you gave THEM that time between them. was nice to lil more about the man himself..
And I loved the way he spoke in Hindi in such polite way to the help..well brought up kid he isSmile...just looses his cool when madame II is makes you do crazy things isnt it!LOL

And I loved the "ceasefire" wala bitSmile. Can he get any cuter!

Haaye..mera pura weekend R&B ke baare main sochtey nikal gaya! Day Dreamingand I still cant get enough of him...

Jaldi next update plz..pretty plz!Embarrassed

For loving it SO VERY MUCH
I mean u are  my ONLY Google employee reader... in like... EVERLOL

I TRY my BEST to keep it as real as possible
He is EXTREMELY WEALTHY...MAYBE  the odds of such a guy falling for an Iyer chick is highly implausible,Cry BUT BESIDES THAT EVERYTHING ELSE IS 99.9% REALClap

I  am reaching inot every cornet of my brain and my virtual memory to search and locate the right pieces of information to make it real, OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES, OR ONES PEOPLE HAVE SHARED while I moonlight as cupidLOL
Almost ALL of it is as REAL as it can be Jyo

The authenticity is most appealing. This among other attributes to your story telling makes me wait for your updates no matter what the time is...out here. Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by columbia

The most romantic line 
I don't want to talk about work 
When said softly of course! 

R&B shall be the death of me 

No yaar Nisha the show is the pits 
The promo was terribly cute you know the kind that makes you heart beat faster 
I don't watch any TV anymore 
Just no time 
It's quite shocking I went from watching 4/ 5 shows a few months ago to abso no TV. In the new year 
Dunno what that is a sign of 

I have now officially caught a stomach bacteria that has resulted in a flu that is lasting for more than 3 weeks now, I need loads of water and loads of rest 

So off to my nap and water 

I love your commitment towards this tale 
And to think it started on a whim 
How lovely 
How utterly delicious 
Like a surprise gift that has kept on giving!!! 

Love love hugs hugs 


Thank you thank you thank you
I dont do 15 things, which ever ones I do have I give it 100%.

And Write

 I throw everything I HAVE into everything I do. You should sense an unmistakable sincerity in what I produce... a dollop of heart makes everything taste better, I put the whole organ in there

P.S. will definitely make them meet on that dayEmbarrassed FANTASTIC IDEA
Posted: 7 years ago
nisha when will u update waiting eagerly...TongueTongueTongue
Posted: 7 years ago
Is something coming our way?

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