Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 92

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by nividances

"An Iyer warrior once threatened me... I wouldn't doubt their valor" LOL
They are actually talking! Dancing
I like it when Rakshasan talks. Just enough he says. Unlike her, who just can't stop. In more ways than one they are completely opposite, but there is a tendency for opposites to attract. And they are most definitely attracted to each other...STRONGLY! 
Glad to see the attraction still remained strong even when they weren't being physical (I think I forgot to comment on that earlier). Their mere presence near each other is enough for both of them to feel the heat. Embarrassed

"she didnt turn back or wave or smile, he didnt hold his breath hoping for it"
But he still watched her as she went up. Approve And it gave me immense satisfaction to read that. Big smile 

Just small hints like this from his side is what I want in future updates as's enough, just right.

I said he is quiet, but never said he is forgetfulTongue on blue...

Red... THANK YOU...Big smile THANK YOUBig smile
Will do my best...

Posted: 7 years ago
One moreee... Plaeseee
Posted: 7 years ago
My sunday is made wid such romance.. Awww.. He touched her.. Rubbed his stubble wid her hands... M dead di!!!! He is REAL!!! FIND ME ONE NISHA!!! Big smile Big smile
This man makes me blush.. His name his stubble his ear plugs his watch his cargos his hoodie his hair.. EVRTYTHING ABOUT HIM Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
Posted: 7 years ago
This is such a bestseller...i read someone saying she wants an autographed copy, I want one to...
Iv rushed through them in the excitement of knowing all that happened... Il read and re-read slowly and take in every bit of it...
Thanks for making Sunday mornings so romantic...
Thanks for the train meeting but no train fights...
The length of their conversations is increasing slowly and so is the romance i suppose...
Rubbing the beard partEmbarrassedHeart
I would want say so much but well i just don't hv the write words i feel...
Ek aur update dedo...plsss...
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604


Will respond to all of them

I am sorry to all others who I have ignored


P.S. Please tell ur bosses, a friend uses Google to write romance fiction
Ive kept my story decent enough, they could read if they want to... 

Dear, you dont need to feel obliged to respond to any of my comments. I am happy as long as you get time enough  to keep  writing the story and I will continue to read it no matter what!Smile
In one of your recent updates when R&B tells II that he will write to G so that they can pull up answers for II's questions abt the shave thing, I literally fell off and was laughing crazy..ROFL thinking bas ab yehi rah gaya tha!!!LOL ... II toh hai hi paagal par R&B bhi kuch kam nai hai!LOL

Oh I so wish I could share this story with them..if only they would read it! But sad..they are male and not even Indian! 

Having said that,  I was fortunate enough to have heard real life stories (some of them from the people who experienced it ) on how G has created beautiful moments in people's life and I have cried on some of them as they were so touching.  Smile

Par one thing i can definitely do is whenever you publish your work, do let me know, I will be honoured to promote it on GBig smile...afterall there have been so many moments created because of it between R&B and II.

Edited by Jyoe - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago

BLUE... MAKES MEBlushing
I could write ALL night long JUST for thatBig smile

Red... I WANTED to keep it real, WHO HAS SEX ON A TRAIN? I am sure SOME do, MY leads will never do so... I cannot imagine him taking her into a stinking toilet and stripping her clothes offCry


OR making out while sitting... its too creepy and gives me visions of  women complaining of molestation on Delhi busesCry when I lived and worked in DelhiDeadAngry

P.S. I actually went to the Indian Railways website and got the timings and the stations all right... makes us believe we are reading about a real couple doesnt it?Wink
Ive taken the Blore Mysore Shatabdi and Chennai Blore Shatabdi but not this one

@Bold - Thank YOU for keeping it real and not including the sex and making out on train! No matter how much physical attraction that they may have waiting to explode, you kept it as real as was possible and just let the emotional and talking part be there...and I am glad that you kept it that way.

Even if the whole coach or train was empty I would still not expect either II or R&B to anything close to making out in the train..I trust their upbringing and the authorSmile to not make them do it in such situation. 

@Blue --- Hats off girl for the research and effort you put into even into the minutest of details like the train timings and station to make it as real as it can be! 

I seriously admire your dedication, commitment and sincerity that you are putting into this story! Only thing as reader  I can do is give you virtual jhappi Hug and this Clap.

It shows how much this story means to you and how you want to keep it as real as it is.. Oh it definitely is! 
Edited by Jyoe - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Nish you know I was hovering over yesterday till 8.45..then left for dinner.. and couldn't make it after that..

got up in the morning. and just got through reading all the parts an hour back..

I m thrilled ..ecstatic feeling.. the train journey..
loved it..can't describe in words what I m feeling now.. she held her tears feeling someone come but when she saw it was him..she let the tears flow.. and he sensed something and reached out to her.. can't get over this..for me this sums what they share!!
Posted: 7 years ago
Just wanted to drop by again to remind you that you're awesome Nisha. The passion and intensity with which you write this story amazes me...never lose it!

May this tale go on forever :D

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