Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 81

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by taara113

@ashu : u bet...she does a commendadble job man, 3-4 updates in a day (with nt a single typo error also) and desperate us still wanting for is so insane...i wld hv nvr evn refreshed a pg fr exm results so much...nt evn close to this...these days the first thing in the morning i do is check for updates and the process continues all day long... Addicted and how...

Hahahaha.. Thats exactky what I do!!!!!!!! I m addicted to her updates.. I get a minute's brk also m on IF refreshing d page.. Lol... My twitter n whatsapp show me 100+ notifications but m hooked to this thread obly.. LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Originally posted by taara113

@ashu : u bet...she does a commendadble job man, 3-4 updates in a day (with nt a single typo error also) and desperate us still wanting for is so insane...i wld hv nvr evn refreshed a pg fr exm results so much...nt evn close to this...these days the first thing in the morning i do is check for updates and the process continues all day long... Addicted and how...

Hahahaha.. Thats exactky what I do!!!!!!!! I m addicted to her updates.. I get a minute's brk also m on IF refreshing d page.. Lol... My twitter n whatsapp show me 100+ notifications but m hooked to this thread obly.. LOL
Posted: 7 years ago

so akka  finally is into it. of course you gave us hints that it would be akka who would get the first whiff...but this was done so cool...and hilarious  ..sardi mein daily dose of humour. Love it.

Can't wait to see how this is going to pan out now... 

Posted: 7 years ago
waiting fir the update Nisha di...sisterhood starts.. OMG.. Vandu knew it LOL LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Where is it...where is it?Shocked
Posted: 7 years ago
Part 83

Of Knowing & LearningCry

Akka let the tea go burnt, filled up another pot and waited for it to come to boil, she was nervous and shaky, she wanted to share with Bala ASAP, since he looked like he had a headache, may be not now

Amma said there was a coffee davara tumbler and plate... when Amma was speculating it was Sree she thought he must have atleast stayed 3 hours, between coffee and the meal...
Did R&B arrive at 2 and stayed until 6? or did he arrive later? Did they eat first and have coffee later or the other way around?

SO THE EVENING THEY BOTH BROUGHT SHRAVU HOME, HER SUSPICION WAS RIGHT... SHE WAS FLUSHED AND BRUISED AND SHY... VERY VERY SHY...Blushing And he looked like a cat that had cream, smug and confident like he got what he wanted.Embarrassed
Ishita looked beautiful that day, in sweats and Old Navy hoodie but nevertheless very beautiful... happy and content...Embarrassed

She avoided the living room and kept passing wrong information about him... from marital status to the kids... the whole time... being nervous and edgy never meeting his eyesConfused
Why would someone do that for a coworker?Wink
Bala had said she hovered near the balcony door and he was on the phone, and he hung up the call but they didn't talk at all... WISH Bala had seen something...LOL
AYYO Ishita has been so clever..Big smile

And the authoritative way in which he said he would give her a ride home...there was hubby wifey dynamic, he didn't help her with carrying the magazines or bags, nor open the door, but yet did not leave without her, walked behind her as if he would hold her if she tripped on a step...

"Knock her socks off?" huh? SO THIS IS IT...Embarrassed
WHAT A LOVELY JODI... OMG... WHAT A LOVELY JODI... when she sat by him on the couch, they were just SO made for each otherEmbarrassed


AYYO!! Rama! What will Appa say...Shocked


What happened at Sam's baby's party? JUST WHAT?Big smile
that made her so sick... OMG! SHE BROKE UP... OMG SHE BROKE UP?
Have to ask Amma... she called Amma

"enna panre, what are u upto?"

"Just finishing up Chapter 4 Market Demand and Supply Curves" laughing
"Seri, the party night when Ishita became sick, did she have a really high fever? what else Ma, I have a coworker that has the same thing... I am wondering whats going around..."

"I don't remember kanna, but yes, there was a rash on her neck and ear and cheek, bruise like rash... must be some insect bite u think?Blushing The 5 star hotels are not half as clean as they claim to be"Big smile

"So tru Ma They are totally not clean" Vandu smiledBig smile
"Paavam ethane arichido, how much she must have itched" Amma worried
"Amma Aggarwal inge vanduttan, he came by so please hang on to the check, I am paying him now"


Last week when I gave the phone that's why she didn't want to talk... and when she went to her bed, there was not ONE WORD HEARD.. NOT ONE...
She was restless and impatient, she sent Aggarwal off with another check for the premium...

She went to Bala, and gave him chai, and sat down, he was on the laptop
"Take rest no Bala, please kanna"
He smiled... pulling her...Embarrassed
"Hey I am upset about something, I cant make out now"
"U can never make out" Bala sat upCry

She gave him a quick hug and told him what she found...
He was beyond shocked
"Amma kitta sonneya? Did u tell her?" he askedCryAngryShocked
"No da, NOBODY knows, ippo daan aggarwal poraan, hes leaving now, I dont know what to do" Vandu looked really upset
"It need not be an affair Vandu" he said calmly

"WHY would he stand in her balcony and talk on the phone for long? And where did he take her?" Vandu asked
"Arey Bally ke baad aaya hoga, kahin gaye hongey kaam se you WOMEN" Bala refused to worry
"U think I am making stuff up" Vandu was offended
"i do, PLEASE dont tell ur parents, Appa already hates them he will do honor killing or something"Bala grimaced
"Ayyo I KNOW he will..." Vandu laened on him
"Kya ho gaya Ishita ko" Bala asked
"Hes a handsome boy da, I..." she stoppedCry
"Handsome, Appa ko kya kahenge? No Vandu lets not go there"Cry
"I think theyve broken up" Vandu said smuglyClap
"IDU ENNA KADAI, what story is this now" Bala asked baffled
Vandu didnt give him details... "Oh, u know... she looks cold and aloof now, that glow is gone"Embarrassed
"Ayyo podi" Bala shook his headLOL
"Dont believe me... Minnal illamal mazhai varadu, no rains without lightning" Vandu said softly looking faraway, making plans...Embarrassed

Friday one of the 7 concerns R&B had listed on II's  "KMPG's new road map" was a fallout they were noticing in handicap control SUV models Sawtooth
The new software was somehow circumventing the handicap price list and seeking  the price for a non handicap...
All the testing at KMPG was not revealing any fall out, II suggested it must be something in M company price list data base and some underlying table
Ashwini and her met for hours... she  recommended working with M Co. Sales to get the latest 
version of their pricelists, scrap the existing and upload the new ones...
She didnt get an answer...
She had a meeting at 5, she went to the Gurgaon showroom...
She wore black pants and her fave white Burberry, her hair in a braid... and black pumps
It was a balmy winter afternoon, she just carried her laptop and change purse, she didnt want to lose her parking spot at Spectrum basement
Took a rickshaw... when she went in, in  a wind swept hair condition she did not expect to see SUBBU sitting with R&BShockedAngryDead
Unknowingly slow color crept to her face, it wasnt even Pongal until next week, it would be a year only then...

R&B wore, a navy BR tee and  tan shorts, he twirled in his chair... as he texted, Subbu was trying to impress him..Angry

The two men in her life, one she was going to marry once upon a time but he never turned her on, another... she would never marry but turned her on at just the sightCry

"Hi!" she said
"Ishita?" Subbu jumped up smiling 

She didnt shake hands, she felt R&B's eyes on her
"We went to grad school together" Subbu said
"Oh" said R&B looking at HER...
"I have all three tables up and running legacy, M Co, KMPG and Excelsior.., she hooked to the projector on R&B's wall, he pressed a button and it slid down, he handed her a mouse pointer, it wouldnt turn on, she tapped it, 
he took it from her hand and slid a switch, she accidentally closed her fingers on his, to grab it... he left it there for a second...Embarrassed
Subbu did not see it...

"thanks" she said without looking, placing a hand characteristically over her plunging neckline to plug the power cord below...

Subbu acted busy

She presented,
R&B convinced Subbu it was not Excelsior processes that caused the fall out, II convinced Subbu it was legacy price lists...
Subbu argued like nobody's business, winning ultimately, bringing up examples of another dealer across town Pinnacle Auto that
 had KMPG's competitor's transaction proc SW, and how things were seamless, some how proving KMPG's SW was truncating orders or pricesAngry

"I rest my case Ms Iyer" R&B said softly... his point proven...Big smileEvil Smile
Subbu: How are your parentsAngry
She nodded carelessly, hoping to find ONE SHRED OF SUBSTANTIATION of some sort to replicate what Ashwini did at KMPG barely 4 hours ago, it had glided smoothly with the new M Co price list...

But it just did not work...Cry
"Which class is Shravu in?" Subbu prodded...
"4th" II said
"OMG Raman, he loves animals so much, I WOULD RUN THE MOMENT I SAW HIM," Subbu was very proud of being an idiotAngry
R&B looked on impassively "Oh!"
"I would much rather talk politics or the economy u know" Subbu said smuglyBig smileClap

R&B just swung staring at something he desired fiercely...Blushing

The object of his desire was not interested...Embarrassed

"So we have another speed bump on this  already rocky road?" he provoked her...
She looked up at himCry

"Did u look at benchmark data at all before u bought the SW?" Subbu asked arrogantly, completely clueless 
obviously of the under currents between his vendor and a SW solutions provider

"We did" R&B said..
"Pinnacle Auto bought SW that was CUSTOM BUILT for auto dealerships" Subbu gushed..

"Though they are competition, it would not hurt to see" R&B layered it on...Evil Smile

"Since both legal departments have officially archived the purchase agreement, between KMPG & Excelsior, 
at this time any reneging will mean full money owed contractually" II said to R&B

"I can see what I can do Raman... so good to meet you Ishita" Subbu smiledAngry

"I am sorry but am a lil distracted today" she blew him off deliberately

She barely looked up from her laptop, just answering emails...

"So its good I stayed back... its not M Co price list table after all" he tooted his victory horn and took offBig smile

"we learn something new every day" R&B said... going back to texting...

Immediately II shut down, bent down forgetting to cover her chest, yanked the power cord off...
Her face was ablaze, tone rewarding "Here is something else new ... I was engaged to him once" she said barely order to not cringe/die of hurt and pain...Cry
She wanted to believe the moisture in her eyes was not tears, the pain in her chest was because she must have bumped  Cry
into the elevator door in the morning (trying to get i as it was closing)
She wanted to believe his expression was of shock and remorse and anguish Cry
he quit rotating immediately... leaned forward startledShocked

Posted: 7 years ago
Subbu? Yeh kahaan se aaya? A complete surprise to read that.  Confused But look at his audacity...we wen't to grad school together. Really dude??

How come R&B always comes out on top in any work-related matter? It just irks me sometimes that she is so accomplished and professionally driven but he always has to put her down (rightfully so since there is usually a mistake in her company's product, but still). I mean we as the readers know that he is also very well-educated, but can we have her win at least once in a professional setting? Pretty please.

At last some sort of real emotion from him...he is startled. 

Btw, I liked reading Vandu's whole thought process as she connected the dots. Lekin ab uske mann mein kya khichdi pak rahi hai?? LOL

Posted: 7 years ago
Not to long for the next part...please please please...the last lined were Heart
I suppose qll Iyer girls do such interesting self talk Thumbs Up
Saving the parking spot wen out between work...hahahaha...bahut karte haan yaar...
Now subbu seemed like intelligent however irritating bt has brains...shree never makes ne feel like this...
Iv started imaging all sorts of reactions from R&B at this moment not sure if you will give any Wink
Give the next one sooon

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