Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 61

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Posted: 7 years ago
Monomyobacterium! LOL
Shravu is a firecracker just like his chitti.
He tried calling her...shows that he does care just a teeny bit, no?
Posted: 7 years ago
She is recovering I guess but I feel like it's an uphill battle all the way.
Sree's proposal coming up...should make things more interesting to say the least.
Update soon Nish!
I should be applying for summer internships and updating my resume but I just keep refreshing this page and rereading the past chapters. I don't know how I'm going to function once school starts back up in a few weeks.
Posted: 7 years ago
ok 2 updates of II sick is all i can take bring on the artillery , bring it on.LOL
proposal from sree poor guy ..aint going anywhere..
waiting for the next update actually waiting to see how they both give back to each other without revealing what they feel for each other
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by bluebell11

Waitinggg! Sleep will only come to me after reading your next update nisha!
and it's 22.36 you've got plenty of time..unless you wanted to keep me awake all night?
updaaattteee sooonnn!


Readers pining for the tale like II's pines for R&BBig smile
The next one on its way

You guys lucked out coz my oldest is out of school today and returned home to feed him lunchBig smile
Posted: 7 years ago
oho.. waiting for the update Nisha.. still awake and owling on Forum like Night owl WinkEdited by Jinvera - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
Why am I not able to see it? Shocked
Posted: 7 years ago
Part 77

Sreekanth's Proposal & II's ArtilleryEvil Smile

Bally wasnt able to visit even one time, because he had to cover for her and take care of the Excelsior shit...Cry
He called morning noon and night...Big smile
When she showed up at work on Monday at 11 ish he was ready with all "his ammunition"Wink
"Banda kya ho mil gaya, bandi kisi kaam ki nahi rahi" she hugged her tight laughing, greeting herEmbarrassed
II stood motionless in his armsCry
She looked GOREGOUS, skinnier... wearing a cap sleeve white and navy polka dot... the dots big and round... dress just uptil her knees, the dress swirly and uneven...the pattern a huge compliment to her now skinny bodyEmbarrassed
Her hair done up in some knot like pumps... with a white bow..a navy pea coat hung on her chair...
Tall... arresting good looks... just what Bally wanted to see on a MondayClap

Everything OK kiddo?" he asked as she didn't hug backShocked
Letting her go but holding her shoulders

"Its OVER Bally" she said calmlyBig smile

No tears left, no grief... oh no! There was a million gallons of grief but she told herself she wouldn't turn it into tears..

Bally let go immediately shocked "KYON? KYA MATLAB?'Shocked

"Its Over" she said softly, turning away, sitting down, pulling her imac from her leather bag, setting it up calmly

"What happened?"

"Kuch bhi nahi, finally shaayad mujhe aqal aa gayi" she giggledBig smile

Chal khari ho" he dragged her
Took her to a conference room shut the door, drew the blinds... the rooms were little boxes in the middle of the floor, with glass all around...
Baith, kya hua?" he asked grimly

"U were right, and I was wrong"
"I thought u were sick Iyer, Appa ne kaha bahut high fever hai u are delirious and spooked, HUA KYA?' he was angryAngry

"Kuch bhi nahi" II said softly, didn't say she made out in the room, but told him about Manny's convo with TanCry

"Banda tere saath time pass kar raha tha?" Bally was shocked

"Apparently" she said shamefullyBig smile

"Uski koi hai kya?" he asked
"Haan Marleise" she said flatly

"OH! TERI... WOH?" he was flabbergasted..

"HE DIDNT TELL YOU?"ShockedAngry

"I didn't ask" she said somberlyClap

Niice Niiice... ellam mudinjapram ippo nejatha pesu, after everything is over start speaking the truthBig smile

"What is your fault Iyer? Kisi ko milte hain usko yeh thodi poochhte hain, "Ghar par biwi to nahi?" "Ghar par koi bandi to nahi?' he defended II... protectivelyAngry

"Haan shaayad, but aage se Malcha Marg mein rehne waala Parisian koi mila to poochhongi, all good training" she smiledBig smile

Bally looked SHOCKED...
"Who kaafi garam thi yaar who Marliese ya jo bhi hai " he chuckled, making a sizzling soundBig smile

"THANKS bally" she looked at him wondering what it is about such w...

"Sorry sorry. mera matlab, tongue mein who sab... bhai apne liye to... u know yeh sab khwaish hi reh gaye... ab yeh sab baatein... Suman ne shaadi ke ek hafte baad nose ring bhi utaar diya... modern dikhne ke chakkar mein... jeeb mein ring? Abey yaar... banda hai reckless mann na padega" he had a longing lookROFL

"Yep hes exciting adventurous and depraved"Blushing she said calmly "Mera koi competition nahi hai Marliese ke saath, I am just a regular Iyer girl from a middle class family"Cry

"Iyer tu soch wahi GF hai aur tu bhi wahin... DONO ke saath?" "Damn yaar... aisi life MERI kab hogi?" Bally was startled...ShockedBig smile
II punched him...

"Ive heard Europeans are very liberal, he must be too" she said in a cold emotionless voice "Paris mein rehta hai na"Big smile

"Sh--- yaar" Bally grieved "Sh--- II"Shocked

"Koi baat nahi... abhi kisi ko yeh baat pata nahi hai ghar par, ulta who log to khush hain" she said beginning to smile a dull lifeless grinBig smile


"Who Srikanth ke parents ne unko call kiya aur bola mujhse se shaadi karna chahta hai" she said softlyEmbarrassed

Bally and her sat staring at each other for 10 minutes
"To mera guess sahi nikla who dulha hi hai" Bally had a smug smile...Cry
II just shrugged... what seemed like a death wish 7 days ago, seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity nowBig smile

"Maine bola Appa ko, I need to know him better, us se pehle to haan nahi keh sakti" she said blandly... like trying to check out  types of wood for cabinets, or watching  paint dry on the wall...

U CANNOT GO TO SIX FLAGS EVERY DAY OR DISNEY AND RIDE THE THUNDER MOUNTAIN EVERY DAY...DAILY  EXHILARATION WILL CAUSE HEART DISEASE... 6 weeks of it sent you to bed, a daily ride will kill you before 30... dizzying, spinning somersaults. being Turned upside down, SPUN BACK UP...BlushingBlushing

U know me Bally, by nature I am extremely possessive and clingy, and expressive... MAIN SHARE NAHI KAR SAKTI" KABHI BHI NAHI... OPEN relationships are not for me"
her voice quiveredEvil Smile

As if Rakshasan asked her for an opinion, as if he asked her and told her to share her  answer with BallyAngry

Bally looked at her stunned... "THIS was not about a fling... this was something catastrophically deeper... WHO cares about such things in a fling? Its all about instant gratification"Shocked
SHE was the most generous person he knew of... compassionate and kind... a heart of gold... she seemed to be talking about selfishness and egotism..her eyes displayed murderous rage at the thought of sharing and being sharedEmbarrassed

."No Bally I dont want to leave the project, be reassigned, work fewer hours, 
be excused from meetings, avoid interaction, play the sympathy card... or be a drama queen" she said huskily...ClapClap
"I wont quit until we deliver and begin maintenance" "I will work remotely, work here even after marriage"... "Bally I will not abandon the project"ClapClap
"I was sick with the flu, there is no reason to make us delay delivery" she continued
..."main to khoon kar doongi, par share nahi karoongi" she said huskily.Blushing
I am NOT forgiving either Bally.. main bahut buri hoon.. I am ... main Akka ko nahi chhodti if I feel she lied to me, isko to main" she stopped not revealing further.. "I am NOT noble"ClapEvil Smile
"No theatrics but its going to hurt... super bad" she derived a lot of satisfaction just saying it.Evil Smile

ALL THIS for an INCOMPLETE "fling"???? Bally stared speechless...Shocked

They met at 5 at the smallest Excelsior conference room, he looked up from his phone, pulling one ear plug out lazily...
taking in the glorious navy and white sight, skinnier her collar bones more visible... her cheek bones more pronounced, her eyes biggerHeartBlushing

She didnt meet his gaze...
Ranjan greeted them all

Ashwini set up first...

Went through her slides...
It was her turn next, she set up

"Things are a little fluid today, since KMPG believes in full disclosure I wanted to share, there is a good possibility 
that a happy life event could cause me to be gone in the next two or so months" she smiledNukeEvil Smile
Ranjan CLAPPED "Who is the lucky guy Ms Iyer?" he asked eagerClapBig smile

NOT YOUR SON MR RANJAN... NO... IVAN ILLAVE ILLE, NOT HIM AT ALL she said aloud in her mind...
But they looked at each other across the polished rosewood...

Posted: 7 years ago
Will there be a perceptible reaction from R&B? I can't wait for #78.

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