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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Nisha! Thank u for giving us another view of viewing yhm!! This is so delightful.. I mean I literally wake up in d nights fr ur updates.. I was never so addicted!! U have had me hooked on to IF like a night owl.. I mist apprecjate that! Not only me, many of them here are now ur fans.. Fans of the leads kf ur story.. M very sure people now have a totally different perspective to YHM after ur story happened.. And we look to th eleads as they are in d story not what we see on scredn.. I think those kn screen are long lost for me!! This is yhm for me now truely!! These two are my leads!! M addixted to this man!! I love him to d core.. And d girl is just like me!! I realised.. I imagine evry bit u weite here like its happening in front me.. And I must say, u have us all as ur fans! We start abt the story n get into intricate details and we end up drooling over R$B I am very elated to have found friends whom I discuss this story intently and m glad its all because of u!! Love u Nishu.. Keep us updated for eternity Tongue


"A good story should make you laugh, and a moment later break your heart." 
 Chuck PalahniukStranger Than Fiction

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world." 
 Philip Pullman


Your and Columbia's inspiration will be the stimulus that caused this journey to happen (there is no emoji for gratitude, but please consider it "sent"Big smile like II would say "Consider it said")
Posted: 7 years ago

No ugly cry just yet ... but ... WOW!

Terrific, angsty, beautiful,  realistic, tragic and necessary!ClapClapClap

To be faced with the worst of the realities that you kept denying- it's a very horrible thing because it not only makes you hate  the other person but makes you hate yourself a little bit too.

They don't have a traditional' relationship' and they are not going to be able to verbalize their issues...  it's certainly  going to get ugly before it gets better.

And Srikanth has yet to make his proposal... I can imagine how much of a spanner that would throw into the mix , especially with his Ex and  the misconceptions she has as well.

Wonder if the nose ring  will make it's vengeful  return?Wink
Posted: 7 years ago
I truely admire ur modesty girl!!! M all over thr part now.. Poor Ishu... She is misunderstanding.. When he finds out he will LAUGH. LIKE CRAZY.. I WANT THIS SCENE. .I WANT HIM TO LAUGH OUT LOUD.. WHOLE HEARTEDLY. PLSSS. INCLUDE THIS ONE FOR ME..
She will start her rant now.. Poor thing broke down in front of periyappa.. Ad Amma noticed those bites Shocked ..Gone. .she will make n weave new stories ippo.. Fever ella vandachu. .ayyo. .enna da pannite nee Rakshasana LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
poor II...i just want to give her a hug...she is really heart broken...u depicted it in a such Nice way...her emotions, feeling of betrayal, worries about her parents...i hope its a misunderstanding from her part...i hope R&B convinces her that he just belongs to her...but im really afraid for her...her love bites are visible, she has high fever...hope her parents don't conclude something wrong...bless my poor soul...
Posted: 7 years ago
HIPAA at work
Part 74

Appa rushed, and found II writhing and moaning in fever, almost delirious
"Ella sheetsum en keezhe irukku? Why are the sheets down?' he picked it all upShocked
Amma went to get some crocin, the maid came...Amma wrapped some clean blankets, turned on the heater, forced her to sip waterCry
Amma frantically called Vandu and said..."Nee varaya?" Can u come kanna?" "Ishita doesnt look good, romba fever, she is delirious"Shocked
Since it was a Sunday and her in laws and Bala's Athai were all lounging around, Clapshe grabbed Shravu and left immediately

Appa was looking up his phone diary "Yaaru anda Doctor Sector 6 la? Anupam Kansal aa? Who is the Doc is Sector 6?"

Vandu arrived with Bala and Shravu at 8 ish... Amma took her into the study and told her how everything was ripped off the bed... she forgot to mention the love bitesClap

"WHY did u bring Shravu?" Amma was upset...Big smile
"Amma anga Athai avan kanda bayapadra, Athai FEARS HIMROFL Bala has to do 10 things, its so cold outside..." Vandu was frustratedCry

(Author's note: Must be like my 7 year oldWink they ALL fear himBig smile)

Shravu was a happy camper with Chithi's iPAD, he wanted to kiss her forehead but his Amma refused to let himCry

"No doctors are open today, Saket Max polama? Should we go to Saket max..." "Amma was really worried...Cry

"Why were u not up?" Arent u supposed to SEE HER TALK TO HER AND GO TO BED?" she yelled at Appa
"She texted me  Madhu from downstairs" Appa squirmed
"2:30-2:40 irukkum," he said, suddenly afraid

It was a party for a baby, she went from work at 8 and was there until TWO AM?" "WHY?"
Amma and Appa paced the room, Selvi was working they didnt want to make a big deal so they shut the half open door and  discussed
"Next time PLEASE muzhichindu irungo, please be awake when she returns late... en kozhandai, my baby" Amma gushed.. 
The fever was not breaking...

Bala offered to drive them, Appa sent him back, Amma said she would go to the Doc...
Vandu said "FIRST APPOINTMENT VAANGUNGO PA" she yelled (get an appointment)
They were all snapping at each other
The heart broken 27 year old lay knocked out in bed... breathing deeply, and troubled...
They had forced her to sip some clear grape juice...
She didnt cry but looked really sad... Amma forced her to somehow change out of her clothes into her peace lounge pants and tee, and gave her a diff sweater
Her clothes were burning hot

"Amma ava phone enge?" Vandu asked
"Amma didnt know... Vandu looked for her purse the newest buy from City Walk Coach store sat sadly on the chest of drawer,
She brought her phone out and asked "Password teriyuma?" she begged
Amma shook her head

Vandu sat down by her...
Felt her flaming hot cheeks, as her baby sister moaned...

"Pattu kutti" she gushed (Pattu is silk, kutti means lil one)

"Youve NOt been saying anything... what has been bothering you? Even after the Subbu fiasco you went off to work the next day
WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? What has been going on with u ?Confused

She pulled her cover over her chin,  she was facing Vandu so she missed seeing those bite scars...Blushing

Appa came in, she covered her sister
"She is really booked ma, so I could only get a Noon, nee vandu saapdu, come eat, Amma made rasam for her, 
karachu kuduppa (they make a mushed up soupy rasam rice for sick people)

Amma brought it for her in a bowl
At the sight of rasam she refused to eat "I will not eat rasam" she whisperedBlushing
"Rasam being her favorite Amma was baffled... Vandu was tooShocked

"Its OK ma, just make hot chocolate or horlicks, 
"no chocolate.. no no" garbled IIBlushing

Amma brought Horlicks, she drank a half glass, the fever returned,...

Vandu and Appa took her to the Doc.. by then she had thrown up everything...

12:00 became 12:30... by the time they were let in... II struggled to even sit

Vandu explained... the Doc asked her to step out and examined II

And asked her "are u ina relationship?"
II's head was hurting enough to explode any minute, that question just made her see sparks...
"No longer" she muttered

"I see scars... did... did he try to force u" she asked softly.. 
"NO! NO!" said a startled II
If she was in form she would have "Self talked" and framed him  all the while...cursing him generouslyROFL
But the girl had no energy or will to do anything... she was a wilting mass of skin and bonesCry
Weak and vulnerable... bearing all the glorious memories of his feiry passion, .every time she had given herself to him sincerely without holding back,Blushing
She was a freight train never stopping... always talking... ready for a  good fight...always cheerful and funny... he had just completely swept her off her feet...

The Doc asked all the gender specific questions...

And called Vandita in and said "Must be  an infection.. could be the Flu since its winter"

"She seems upset Doc, she jumps up spooked every few hours, kis baat se dar rahi hogi yeh?"

"I checked her everything is fine... I know what u are thinking but... shes fine"

Vandita was relieved

"Do u know if she is in a relationship?" Dr Kansal asked.. curiously
"NO... I DONT... MERA MATLAB... NAHI.." Vandu corrected herself "WHY DO U ASK?" 
"Oh! kuch nahi, u know these days, girls take everything to heart" The Doc skilfully protected the patient privacy
HIPAA at work...(US has something called Health Information Portability & Accountability where Docs are not supposed to share confidential information with anyone)

"I suspect a flu only, unless she starts vomitting too much or somehing, it shud pass"
"I will see her Wed and again on Friday" she said firmly
She gave her some meds to keep food down, for the fever and body ache

Vandu was moderately convinced
They returned by 3, II went back to bed...Cryas her fever returned

Appa went out and bought the entire store, fruits, juices, crackers whatever he could lay his hands on...Embarrassed
Amma made tomato soup,  kanji... and what notEmbarrassed

Starting tomorrow
Brutal, painful wars like never seen before... OK fine... just wars

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Posted: 7 years ago
Awww. My poor baby!!!! WHAT??? IVVALA DANA INNIKKI ?????NO WAY!!!!
pls di... Giveone more update by tonight.. Plesseee... Sincere request!!!rofl.. We are all addicted.. This is our only medicine..
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by ashu9

Awww. My poor baby!!!! WHAT??? IVVALA DANA INNIKKI ?????NO WAY!!!!
pls di... Giveone more update by tonight.. Plesseee... Sincere request!!!rofl.. We are all addicted.. This is our only medicine..


I wish I could send it to Ekta Kapoor thoughBig smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by ashu9

Awww. My poor baby!!!! WHAT??? IVVALA DANA INNIKKI ?????NO WAY!!!!
pls di... Giveone more update by tonight.. Plesseee... Sincere request!!!rofl.. We are all addicted.. <font color="#0000ff">This is our only medicine.</font>.


I wish I could send it to Ekta Kapoor thoughBig smile

SEND IT!!! OR I WILL POST A LINK TO HER TIMELINE.. IT WILL BE PLAGIARISM THOUGH.. I want u to give one more update babu.. Pleaseee.. Want R$B usme.. Plsss

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