Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 43

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Posted: 7 years ago
Big blow??? I'm scared just reading that.

Really liked Baldev teasing II and then the finger kangi description was done so well. It's these small things you throw in that make your writing seem natural and realistic.
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Ranu1234

aaw :-)
"No wonder you always need one" she whispered...
"I do" he said somewhere in her belly..Blushing

please no more blows for II i cant take it ..already she is not sleeping , cant think straight, is getting affected at work, doesnt feel like singing.. how much more di..
i know u must have something lined up but i dont want this thing to break II's spirit..thats what i sooo love about her.

let me end with my usual comment - waiting for your next update LOL

Ennadi neeCry
Ipdi emotional aa blackmail panreyBig smile
THERE HAS to be drama ille? I can make them both confess at The Daily Perk and get married the next month

I dont care I could do either

End it in one part with a ILU or do the Himachalee hair pin bendsWink

She wont give up easily... she is a fighter... and like Vadivel would say "Idu vaaaliba vayasu"LOL..The trials and turbulations of youth

There is SO much joy in HURTIN and being HURT, in loveBlushingCry

NO NO please dont do the ILU one update.. have i told you i love himachal pradesh as of today my fav state LOLi totally DONT want them to confess in my mind for these 2 its not needed .. i just feel pavam di ava going all the way and getting hurt.. i want the drama though ,but the story is building up so well ..
you go girl you write what you have in mind  and i will love it and then ask you for the next update LOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago
Addi vaanga pore nee ippo.. I cant see II in pai di..U wanna create drama ille.. Do it.. Ana it has to be humerous..R$B HAS TO TALK TO HER IN D NEXT UPDATE.. PLSSS.. Consider dii.. I am hoping u will carry forward this thrrad to eternity.. Lol.. I have very high expectations di from u.. Ennale tension taanga mudile.. Next eppo update panrel???
Posted: 7 years ago
Ya ,,Nisha u r right..Wts lovestory without drama..twist ka tablet to hona hi chahiye...Write more twist and turn..write whatever is in yr mind...i know it  will turn into interesting because after all u r going to write it...i love ur writng like crazy...u had amazing writing skill..just like my fav Chetan Bhagat or i would say more then him..bcoz i find yr writing interesting then go on and on and on...throw more twist like u always throw..real one...make this story long ...we dnt want progress...but want u to continue this story for some more time...and yrs this lineThere is SO much joy in HURTING and being HURT, in love..its true.this should happen in every lovestory..otherwise there will b no fun in simple rose flower-loveletters-candle light dinner or dream proposal lovestories..

so at the end i want to say that write whatever their's in yr continue it..NO CLIMAX PLEASE...

loved last update..thank u...
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by nidhi.b23

oh wow...that finger kanghi scene was so so so cute...just loved it...n tell appa to love R&B... plz plz...why is Mr. Ranjan so interested in ishita's family.. i mean invitation n all..does he think II is great for his son and wants to mend his relationship by arranging this match...
wat blow are u talking about..hope II doesn't meet any of R&B's fling and gets heartbroken...

AT THIS TIME Ranjan has no motive
He is just plainly impressed with II's skills, they met on the sidewalk the other night, he invited them to baby shower, now since he has been working with II for three months ish. He wants to invite them for the ceremony
Natural progression

NO proposals or anything

His son doesnt even TALK to him
HOW will he know WHO his son likes?Cry

R&B talks with every one else... Ranjan does too, but they talk to each other through everyone elseCry

Yes, II will be devastated... may be its a misunderstanding may be its a real deal... who knows, what II will think or how it will be made so convincing...

Whats a love story without drama?
I am hoping to make it all be real... I hope u guys wont think its the most idiotic or whatever, coz that would shock me...

oh plz u can't write anything idiotic...if there is drama then it will logical of that i'm sure...But plz don't break her heart...i will be really devastated.  Cry

Yeah Ranjan n R&B don't even  talk ..may be i'm reading too much between the lines.. jagga jasoos mode on..Tongue

when is the next update coming...waiting for it...
Posted: 7 years ago
waiting for ur update...Tongue
Posted: 7 years ago

First of all, apologies for disappearing. Real life family stuff this weekend meant I couldn't get back here to comment or read updates.

To make up for the lack of feedback, here it thoughts on all 15 parts in this me a chance go back and read them all again (Day Dreaming) and this way, I'll be caught up for subsequent updates. Embarrassed

Update #56 - Rakshashan

They're and US. AN US. Day DreamingBlushing Okay, maybe not, I'm getting carried away in II's la-la land. But a girl can dream, no? Day Dreaming

"A hungry, needy...possessive..." I'm blushing like a teenage girl who's got her first crush. Blushing

I love when you insert a bit about his hair being tousled (and finger kangi). Blushing

His laying lazily gazing at her as she composes herself and adjusts her sari...seriously, DEVIL. He's ruthless. Incorrigible. 

Her wish of his watching her dress up coming true...albeit, not the way she would have wanted it...or is it?? Blushing

There is no way the sisters don't know what's going on between them, right? I mean, how can they not. Don't answer that.

Update #57 - Matches and Victors

DEVIL. Returning the favor by sending the money back to her sister?!??! Does this man have zero scruples? ROFL

Honestly can't help but wonder about his thoughts on their escapades, but then I love that he's so enigmatic. 

Why do I get the feeling II won't ever win a match against the mighty R&B? EmbarrassedLOL

Update #58 - Sisterhood

LOVED this one. The sisters are on to something, and I love that. 

There's something wonderful about older sisters going all mommy-mode. Loved Vandu's natural reaction. And, I concur with her: "FOR THAT HEIGHT, FOR THAT HAIR, FOR THOSE HANDS AND THAT PREOCCUPIED LOOK I WOULD KILL"  BlushingBlushingBlushing

Love the way you intersperse the updates with snippets/flashbacks of their conversations. Love that you've got him talking more. 

He sent her a count of his cargos. Is he as far gone as she is? She seems to weigh so heavily on his mind. You know what I think it is? I think he truly enjoys her courage and wit. She's a good match for and feisty. Unlike his boring previous conquests, I assume? Anyway, I shall stop wondering about him and simply enjoy the mystery that surrounds him. I'm in love with this man. Seriously. Blushing

Loved the Bhalla siblings sitting around talking about her. They've got to know something's up, no? Can't remember if he's the baby...the idea of his sisters playing mommy to him to a certain extent is so wonderfully heartwarming. I love the rapport the three share.  I mean, isn't it as obvious as Mihir said - "topi pehnane aayi thi." LOL

I'm enjoying R&B's feigning ignorance to it all. Embarrassed 

Loved every word, pause, space, and emotion in this update. Every one. 

Update #59 - Earned and Entitled

LOVED the conference room war. LOVED it Nisha, can't tell you how much. Whats a good romance without a good fall out. There's something so wonderful about the pain that comes with being at odds with the object of your affection. Embarrassed

I dont' blame him for being livid - she is mixing business with pleasure to a certain extent. She partly did what she did because she was irritated about the delays, but partly, to get back at him. Part of her anger came from a place where she was trying to put him in his place and show him she's not to be messed with - whether it's work or otherwise. 

LOVED this confrontation between the two. Added a wonderful dynamic to their equation with one another.

Thank you for the snippets of Ranjan and Chachu...a bit more insight into the factors in R&Bs life that have made him who he is...a bit of insight into where his head is. I apprecaite that. 

Update #60 - Christmas Tree & Hazelnut Creamer

First thing's first. I really do LOVE Baldev. (I've read ahead, obviously, so more on this later).

I am curious as to her tears...her frustrations with work, her guilt for the escapades for the Rakshashan, her not knowing what she wants, and where it's going...unable to deny the affect he's having on her. The frustration and exhaustion is all weighing on her...and it's somewhat heartbreaking to know she's getting carried away knowing this can't and won't end well. 

Did she voice a secret desire to Baldev? I'm okay with that.

It's gotta be tough for her to go from being at the top of her game to put in her place in a matter of days. I know that feeling. It's not nice. For someone as career-minded as she is, can't be easy. 

Love the cold war. Love that he noticed she had been crying. (he does care - on some level. He is affected by her as she is him...I appreciate knowing that because it helps me deal with II's heartbreak and not hate him so much for unraveling her the way he has).

Update #61 - Peace and PMS

Making love to an insensitive man angered her more than the work fight...or not. - speaking my own thoughts there. She doesn't want to want him, but its beyond her control now...she does, irrevocably. She's unknowingly allowed herself to weave dreams that will never come true. Not to mention he humiliated her at work - her one place of self-assurance. She's caught in a catch-22 and can't figure out if she loves to hate him or hates to love him...or both. 

Why is he there at such a convenient hour? Don't answer that...I'm just glad he cares enough to come make peace.

Update #62 - Speechless Symphonies 

You couldn't have titled this one better. 

The whole thing read like a they were waltzing around each other and the elephant in the room. I'll go back and listen to the songs another time, but thank you for the translations...the songs are perfect for her thoughts and him in general. Added to the feelsEmbarrassed

Update #63 - Clean Lizard & Joint Account

Nisha. You made him very real with emotion with that hug. I actually teared up at his gesture. I was speechless. It's about so much more to him than their steamy encounters. He genuinely cares. THANK YOU for that glimpse into his thoughts on all this. There's something so intimate about a hug, na? So simple. "Thats enough." ...Lets call a truce, stop torturing yourself...I'm sorry?

I loved this update for the realistic touch. A lazy Sunday afternoon, the intimacy, the growing familiarity between them. Embarrassed I got nothing else to say. Seriously, I was moved with this that its becoming more about the emotional connect than just the physical intimacy.

Update # 64 - MMS to iPad

Her concern over the future of this rendezvous is so genuine and real. She's battling a million emotions within her and has no inkling as to how he feels, what his thoughts are on the same. It's a tough spot to be in ...and worse, knowing that they are worlds apart, her family will never approve, she's practically being scandalous. I can't help but feel for her.

Her reaction to his having "been around"'s heartbreaking to watch her convince herself this "lie" is her reality. 

Love the way he's softened gradually - telling her softly that he was joking. (I'm falling deeper in love with this Devil with each passing update. I love him. I do.) Love that you've actually got him talking more. Love the gradual the fact that, again, it's moving beyond the physical intimacy. He may be enigmatic, at odds with his father, but it's clear that he's close to his siblings...and he's letting her into that important part of his world.  Embarrassed

I love the way their hands naturally join - hers on his watch. 

This one was touching. Seriously. Loved it. 

Update #65 - Aloo Matar & It Works

"I was hoping to teach you myself." BlushingBlushingBlushing

The devil himself napping on her bed. I woulda just ogled too...for an eternity. BlushingBlushingBlushing

Her giving it back to him  BlushingBlushingBlushing

Thats it. Just BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

Update #66 - Choices and Clues

I love the way you intertwine flashback snippets of their conversations into the updates as the story moves forward. 

Her concerns are my concerns. I am worried for her showing up at Sam's house with HIM. I am worried for her with their being found out. And like her, I too think he simply doesn't care...but clearly it's not as big of a deal with he & his siblings as it is for her. Besides, I think his siblings already have an idea of what's going on.

Thank you for the snippet into his thoughts. You know how much I love them. His hate for Dehli makes me wonder how long he'll stick around...or why he's still here even - 6 weeks its been? I get that he's trying to look over the company, make sure his uncle doesn't try anything funny, but...I can only wonder if something won't drive him away...or, if II will change his mind about the city (wishful thinking courtesy romantic me). Embarrassed

Update #67 - Cinthol & Confession

Nervous, Stuttering II...and I can only empathize with her plight. He's managed to turn a strong, confident professional into a blabbering, stuttering, dimwit...and he's enjoying watching her quirm. Seriously. Devil. Embarrassed

Loved Sam's telling her to relax. She knows, doesn't she? How can she not??? Embarrassed

Fantasizing about baby-making with the man? As much as I don't want this girl to get more carried away in la-la land, I am OKAY with this. Blushing

Love that Lasya regularly gets compared to her Mamu. I love that Mamu seems to dote on her as well. Embarrassed (Insight into me: I love babies...but what I love more, is MEN with BABIES...watching them interact. There's something so beautiful about a man with a baby. There. Now I've gone and embarrassed myself.Blushing

Tossing her own soap out, using the cinthol...we've all done such silly things in love na? Love the way you write in these small details. Embarrassed

Finally the confession. I'm glad she chose Baldev. I love him. 

Update #68 - Lesbian Saas Bahu & Amma Fixation

Really, I love him (Baldev). The voice of reason, her sounding board, speaking the words her conscious has been screaming at her all these weeks. 

Love how realistically you wrote her agony - the nausea inducing nervousness. So real.

Love the natural flow of the conversation, the fact that he didn't pry, tried to lighten her mood, and asked her very pertinent questions. 

I appreciate the insight into Subbu...seems the Iyers were settling with her decision, but ultimately want more for their daughter...makes me wonder how things will play out with the rejection of Sree and finally, their acceptance (?) of R&B...I see this getting really messy before that 1 pm going all the way happens. OuchEmbarrassedLOL

Update #69 - "Who Shrikanth?" & Barista

"Are you okay with this status?" - I'm with Bally - I want her to figure out what she wants (though I have a feeling she already knows, now if she'd just stop lying to herself...), and go after it like nothing else matters. 

I love Baldev. I do. Sometimes, ya gotta hear it from someone else to come to terms. I'm glad she can confide in Baldev and get a no-nonsense, no-judgement, outside take - one that, more importantly, mimics her own (aside from the fact that she's lost her heart to the devil long ago). 

Love the friendly, flirty banter and comfort level between Mihir-II. 

BOOKS!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed I love that the devil is an avid reader. I like my men to be well read.

Learning to make filter coffee??? EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  *sigh*...he's as far gone as she. Day DreamingDay Dreaming

I love the way you weave the story in and out. Takes so much talent to do so in a cohesive manner.  

Update #70 - Ethics & Invitations

The debt wars continue. Day Dreaming I want a tally, please. 

Love the banter between II and Bally. Embarrassed

Mixing business with I said above...Not okay. Not. Okay. But, what to do when the object of your pleasure...errmm...woes is your client!! ConfusedOuchEmbarrassed

He's left her wording and rewording, doubting her own abilities. He's left her practically incompetent at work, and then has the audacity to point out her shortcomings to her?? DEVIL.

Ranjan...what's with his...affection? And why is he hand-delivering an invite to her house? It's almost unsettling. 

To end this on a gushy note, I LOVE when you add details about his tousled hair and finger kangi (seriously, finger kangi is everything. Everything.) That "I do..." ... Day DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushing

The biggest blow? Bring. It. On. I'm ready. I want more of her emotional turmoil. I'm a sadist.


1) You're a brilliant writer.
2) I'm obsessed with this story.
3) I'm in love with R&B.

Posted: 7 years ago

Not fair to end  with that  precap... and you do it every time- you have mastered the art of keeping your audience on tenterhooks...  do you know what you are doing to me?Silly

As for the latest addition to this amazing FF: Love Baldev- L.O.V.E Baldev!  

The lines are starting to blur, the lies are starting to pile up, the dreams are starting to weave  and her sanity is starting to go... a couple of more knocks and then she can build herself back up I suppose!Wink

Quite interesting that father and son have a similar opinion of her- Rajan calls her a firebrand and if I'm not mistakes her number is saved as 'fire cracker' in R&B's phone right?

Looking forward to the next part...  with equal parts trepidation and excitement ...Embarrassed

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