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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Wings-of-Fire

You know I Googled  "Tamil word for devil"! Interestingly, it doesn't show Rakshasan!!  It shows Saitan, Pisas and Pei? Or something like that! I tried to post them so you could read, but IF doesn't support Tamil. Of course, I can't read them but I heard their pronunciation and they aren't Rakshasan! So, he's not only a Rakshasan, he's also a very good liar, who lies to himself and he doesn't know how to use Google properly! There, I said it!


I did too yesterday...
U are right...

But for some strange reason the word doesnt SEEM evilBlushing
SUCH is the R effectBig smile

Oh he is evil and mean! Don't let that "6'3'' as sexy as a black Jaguar (car, not the panther! well, whichever seems more sexy to you) , Adonis of a man" fool you too. We've already got II in a mental asylum which I presume she's never gonna leave. We don't need the writer falling in that pit too!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by nividances

I absolutely loved that chapter! I love seeing both of their jealousy show for a bit. I loved him teasing her. And I absolutely loved the fact that she dressed up for him. And of course google translate seems to be the stepladder of their rela...whoops not relationship, we'll call it whatever they share between them. LOL now he knows that she calls him rakshasan. Waiting to see what happens next. Btw, they're getting pretty damn lucky that no one walks in on them during these encounters! Just putting it out there. Tongue


IKRBig smile
I COULD have Sam or Manny walk in on them

But wont... there is a logical path to the sisters' role in all this... and in the union of R&B and II...For now I will let these two, their egos and passion prance around freely...Embarrassed
Lets see what HE does nowWink

No complaints from my side. I trust that you will put Sam and Manny to good use when needed. Until then, Rakshasan and II can continue as they please without being walked in onLOL

@bold: Now after your comment, I am even MORE excited to see what he does next!
Posted: 7 years ago
Nishuuu...Congos mann!! U opened a new thread and it already reached 3-4 pages!!!!! U became celebrity 2 weeks!!!!!! 
And what is iwd ur update????????? DID U JUST SAY THEY DID IT ShockedShockedShocked ..Na sattipoyitein diii...get them married GUILT TRIPS PLEASEEEAngry
Posted: 7 years ago
Matches & Victors
Part 57

Wednesday evening
Vandu was pulling clothes off the lines in the balcony...  a knock she opened the door a 
uniformed driver type guy stood there with a bag of sorts..
"Yeh dena tha" he said
"Aap kaun?" she smiled, opening the grille and wire mesh door gently

"who main Chanakyapuri se aaya hoon(sorry guys I have Google maps mixed up in my mind, Malcha Marg is in Cpuri)

"Main samjhi nahi Vandu hesitated, opening the bag,what looked like Ishita's cobalt blue silk Confused
drawstring pouch was in there..a teacher friend of hers sewed those, exquisite and hand made with red beads all over... 
Vandu recognized the patternBig smile
She had one in mustard and pink... exactly like that... there was SS at the bottom for Santosh Sharma...her faculty friend that hand made thoseEmbarrassed

It was Ishita's she said she was wearing the cobalt blue for the company party at Taj Palace...
How did it get to Excelsior?Shocked

"chanakyapuri mein kahan mila yeh?" she askedShocked
who Raman Sir ne bheja, aapke ghar mein kisi ka hai"ROFL

She took it kinda surprised, looked inside and found Rs. 2,136 folded up neatly and a gold saree restraintROFL
She knew, II only carried cards, she rarely had cash if any... especially to a engagement why would she carry such a odd amount

She called II and told her she had her silk bag... 
minutes after a text slid in from the unknown number "The purse was a good match to the saree"Big smile

good match?Angry
Did he mean the pouch? or the war they were having?AngryEvil Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Aww truly a Rakshasan he is sending her purse to Vandu Akka's house like that! But I'm loving this "match" that they are having! Big smile
It doesn't seem too long now until Vandu confronts II about all this I hope. I am just giggling when I think about how II is going to get out of that convo. LOL
Posted: 7 years ago
See, I told you he was pure evil!! Man!! Where the hell is he from? Purgatory? *Mentally cursing him in Bangla*

P.S. His effect is making you post short, tiny little updates! I don't like it!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by black_haze

Hi Nisha.
Just wanted to drop by to say that you are a tremendous writer!! So funny, sharp, to the point. Love the sincerity and honesty with which you write this story. Really envy all the people who interact with you on a daily basis..what a fun life they must have! Big smile Might not comment too often, but do know that I fall into the "10-20 regulars that read it three thousand times each" bracket. Wink

I was actually looking for Columbia to read it 64,000 times.
I started writing for her ALONELOL

But 10-20 reading 3000 times each WORKSBig smile

U must have it all memorized then?


I WOULDNT write  if I didnt care for the couple... with me its all very basic and passionate, LOVE and HATE...I quit  watching in a DAY... I will write until this tale thrills me... no half measures here

I LOVE EVERY PERSON THAT POSTS HERE... they ALL see exactly what I HOPE they would see, so as an author NOTHING ELSE MATTERS

Hope u will read this topic 4000 times

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Posted: 7 years ago
Thank you so much NishaBig smile

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