Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 14

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Scribble_Tweety

Love the matchEvil Smile
Can I say tht their public encounter was AS HOT AS the private one. Gosh so much passion in everything they do. II is sure some gusse wali maiden somehow reading earlier parts never made me think that she could be this aggressive and R&B well apart from his intelligent and unpredictable plans like the french note n books, who wud have thot he could be just as aggressive. This is their effect on each other, THEY BRING THIS AGGRESSIVESS OUT OF EACH OTHER. 

And since you are the mother of this story, wanna say that your baby is gettin my fav. Baby to spend time with, as i read old updates sometimes wen not doin anything else

Ps- felt bad for poor ranjan to not get a sayLOL


Ha ha

I know right! They are extremely intelligent  and educated their love story cant be anything but interesting... plus their story is based on a professional activity so disagreements are a must. She can go to any extreme and so can he... two hot headed people
Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks so much !!! I slept by 9:30 yesterday nite and woke up and see this ... kitni khush mili you have no idea ..The sun never sets in our Software Symphonies world Big smile
I am so thrilled to be acknowledged my first ever and I feel very honored to be mentioned by you ..seriously :-)

The update was perfect.. i honestly love their characterization they dont give up..dont fawn over each other ,they know they have a chemistry going but will not for that purpose not tell whats on their mind.
I reread this thing again and again oh the nuisances R&B actually supporting his dad , his dad holding his shoulders.
You know we iyer girls take a lot of pride in  we are educated and did it on our own  and are EXTREMELY judgmental LOL she has assumed so much about him. We dont know if this is true but to get to where the Bhallas are they would have had to work crazy and probably R&B would have never ever slept and started working at a very young age and then gone on to some great college . II has lead a protected life but is confident enough to fight what she believes in and probably thats what R&B will find endearing..not too many people he probably knows would do that..a career obsessed OCD girl.LOL
 they are never ever going to agree on anything IMO from kids,to house, to people since one is from the south and the other north with completely different upbringing and opinions and they will never apologize cause they will believe in it strongly but what they will is respect the other person eventually and just a look is all it will take to move on from the fightEmbarrassed..
How did u do this Nisha make me say i love  your story again and again.
And just reading your update with  the 2 fighting , on each others throat with everyone watching and feeling the heat while these two are oblivious is sooo perfect.
Posted: 7 years ago
Christmas Tree & Hazelnut Creamer
Part 60

She walked back wearily to her desk after the fight at 6:45 that evening

Baldev wanted to talk.Shocked
WHAT was that Iyer? he asked worriedCry
WAS I WRONG?" she hissedAngry

Chal lets go to a conf room, he quickly hustled her into one...Big smile
Banda bada theda hai, usko gussa bahut aata hai, toone kyon panga liya yaar? U shud have said workshop uninstall karte hain... U didnt let Ashwini talkCry

II REALIZED she was at fault for flying off the handle like that, but Baldev DID not know, what R&B had been uptoEvil Smile
The smug bas***d... the way he had been tormenting her for weeks now... 
like an invisible enemy... now sending things to Akka's house was the limit.

She COULD NOT tell him what was going on between him and her outside of workEmbarrassed

Her heart skipped a beat, if there was anyway Baldev was going to figure that out II WAS SCREWEDShocked

"Do u realize tu client par chillayi?"ShockedCry
He handed her water, her face was flushed, and eyes BIG-GER...
"I know... I am sorry... do u think Ashwini will say something to More?Cry More was the IT Projects Group Head
"Arey nahi yaar she wont... but lets hope Ranjan Bansal ko call na kar de"
"Tujhe ITNA gusaa kis baat par aaya Iyer?"Big smile
"Bally tu soch MAHEENA ho gaya, NOTHING is moving... sab points wahin ke wahin atke hue hain... 
koi training lena nahi chahta... hum fix karte hain inko woh patch memory sucker lagta hai, 
can u imagine inke 20 showrooms aur 10 workshops ya jo bhi hai KAB DELIVER KARENGE PROJECT? CryAngry
WHAT IS WRONG to deploy parallely yaar, workshop system is NOT BUGGY EVEN"

II was in tears, she was not ashamed to cry in front of Bally

"Iyer tch tch... please yaar... stop it... chhod, waise mujhe khushi hai toone us bandey ko sunaya" he whisperedWink
HAI NA WOH SMUG? Dont u agree? Ha? Ha?" she beggedBig smile

"Ranjan damage control karega, pakka, waise uski apne bete se nahi banti shaayad.. I WOULD BE REALLY SURPRISED IF HE TALKS TO BANSAL
Tera rating main already likh chuka hoon, I dont want to spend another 10 hours rewriting it" he winked cutely reassuringEmbarrassedBig smile

II snorted, and rubbed her nose... her face pink and sore..."Thanks" she muttered...
"I shud have stayed with Rajouri Garden, I shudnt have taken this on... the guy is nothing but a jerk"Angry
"Handsome hai yaar banda... shave nahi karta... but hai handsome"Wink

"U must be smoking pot" she said stifflyAngry

"Pot par to mujhe ZYAADA handsome lagega"ROFL

She shut her eyes as she imagined his smirking eyes as he moved over her on Sam's couch...grinning at her uninhibited arousal.. and moans

"I am going to give myself another month, agar woh nahi gaya... woh kidhar jaayega, baap ki company hai... useless... I will apply for lateral Bally"Cry

"Zyaada mat soch, abhi ghar ja, ride doon? Kisi bechaare paidal chalne waale ka kaand kar degi nahi to" he laughedROFL
If u promise to bring the man I fought with in front of my car, then I will go now" irate
"Shhh!! Shhh!! Its OK... he was right.. toone socha, usne tujhe bola, u never told me... I would have never approved for the workshop warna"
"Woh to bahut kuch kehta hai, ab har baat follow karenge to ho gaya"

Achhhaaa? KYA KYA KEHTA HAI?"Baldev winked
"Oh! II, u turn me on... we need to get away for the weekend... I am not going to let you get out of the room, lets have mind blowing sex" 
II said patting her face with tissue, as she giggledBig smileEmbarrassed

Baldev laughed out loud...

Sense of humor badhiya hai, bus isko banaake rakh... Chill Iyer" Baldev patted her shoulders and took off to take a callClap

They met in the elevator at 8 ish that night, she deliberately walked to the farthest corner... he had his ear buds on, and was chewing gum, 
he didnt even give her a second glance or so she thought, but he noticed her red face and puffy eyes... 
he was the first one to get off, he just walked towards his car, she towards hers...
This will be their first of many acts of the cold war...

The following day, she would wait at the Daily Perk for her coffee, he would be there at the same time, the gal would say,
"I dont have hazelnut creamer, since u both want it, who should I give it to?"

Cancel my order please" she said and walked out...

He would be waiting for the elevator at 5th, she rode up one afternoon, and held the door open for him, he punched the UP arrow forcing the doors to shut
She cursed him whenever she saw him "He has NO FEELINGS... he publicly shouted at me... 
destroying my reputation, ORU APOLOGY VARADA PAARUAngry, not one apology is coming, Rakshasan" "Him and his GODDAMN inscrutable expression"Angry
"I curse the day when I saw him first"Cry

She cried one more time at home two days later, and then stopped...crying altogether...

"Can u come by to Munirka kanna?" Akka had asked
II's stomach began to churn...
She recalled the conversation about the purse and how she had lied blatantly yet again...

EDUKKU? For what?" she asked softly
"is everything OK?" "WHY IS HE SENDING YOU MONEY?" Akka was really worried..
"Akka Baldev is calling, let me call u back" she lied and hung up YET AGAIN

II didn't know to laugh or to cry.. Akka was thinking the worst
I am at my wits end here...

On a self confident and self assurance scale of 1-10 if II was 8 or 9, the day she entered Excelsior the first time... she was at 3 or a 4 NOW
it has taken a SEVERE beating in the last month... she has consistently lied the last month, from using Babita Singh, to telling Appa she got a ride from a coworker to NOT telling him she went to check on him that rainy night... to telling them she was cold that's why she was wearing her Old Navy hoodie, when she entered the house past 11...
She was eating less, worrying more, just plain preoccupied and nervous...

He had introduced her to an extremely DANGEROUS RECKLESS PASSIONATE side of her personality... this II she did NOT know... it was almost like this II WAS THE REAL II
The original, focused, ambitious, charming, determined II seemed tepid and lukewarm compared to this one...

This one was alive in every pore of her being, physically and emotionally
Its like he pushed a button and the Christmas tree lit up, every limb glowing in multi color glory, every branch bearing an ornament of his erotic acts

She loved to dress up, she loved to party, she was active and chirpy... but now she was was on some mood altering drug... like she took one month's worth of Prozac all in one day

The II October and before WOULD NEVER... REPEAT NEVER willingly walk into trouble... never willingly court she was walking with a lit match, searching for dynamite... it didn't matter to herShockedCry

She had an insatiable urge to WIN... insatiable urge to make loveBig smile
A beautiful glow on her face... (she used moisturizer 6 times a day) just when her sores would start drying and healing... it would show up all over again.

Amma Appa getting the feeling that SRIKANTH is causing her odd behavior...Cry

She waited the following week at Sultanpuri for a auto or a cab... he saw that and just drove off, their eyes met... she turned away as she saw him...
 he didnt stop to check if she got a ride or not...

They met at Crosswords one afternoon in her coffee break
While she was boiling and aggravated every minute she spent at Spectrum and every minute outside of it.. THERE WAS NO EMOTION OR REACTION ON HIS FACE..
He acted like he DIDNT EVEN KNOW HER
For some reason that angered her more, she wore her love and hate on her sleeve with pride... he? He  just wore his BR teeAngry

She had 11 books in all, the glossy, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter books messed with the magazines and the Financial Planning books Appa wanted
It slid from the center to the floor...
She bent down, picking them up, one slid under the shelf... she saw a pair of flip flops, the toes didnt have to caress hers she would know those toes ANYWHERE
Her stomach lurched... she looked up hurridely to make sure it was not him

IT WAS HIM...Embarrassed

 She looked down... and began picking up the pile...Angry
She only had 10 books now, in a hurry to give him the cold shoulder she walked off to the cash register, he bent to pick up the Lightning Thief 
He put it straight up on the top shelf... so she could see and walked away

When the clerk told her she only had ten, she wnet back to search and found the 11th staring at her smugly like the insenstive b----- 
that loves to make love to her...

She rode the elevator with Ranjan one morning, Ranjan compliment the sea green crepe chiffon saree she wore... 
"Mom has me singing again this evening" she muttered
"U will wear a grand saree I think" he gussed
She nodded shyly

The elevator stopped at 5th, he got in with a coffee cup in hand...not even giving his Dad a look
"Did u want coffee?" Ranjan asked
She only shook her head, not wanting to talk,
Some guys argued about who was trying to get off...

His eyes slid over her form... her hair appaeared moist... her saree clinging from the morning showers outside... he could see an outline of lace inside her blouse
She lifted her leather laptop bag and hugged it...blocking his viewBig smile

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Posted: 7 years ago
So much fun even in feigning ignorance.
Loved how she blocked his view! :D

Abb yehi milega itna cold shoulder dene ke baad. SOME expression toh he should give now. AT LEAST be angry or show anger but then he is Raman! Not all that easy :P

I want to see now how they will finish this cold war 

Posted: 7 years ago
I am officially on II's side. I don't care if he is SRK, Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Jensen Ackles, and Will Smith rolled into one! She just bought Harry Potter. Although she might be buying them for Shravan but henceforth, I'm gonna consider her fellow Potterhead and in no circumstances shall I abandon a fellow Potterhead! I'm bound by the vows of the sacred Potter Code!

I love their cold wars btw.
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Posted: 7 years ago
cold war ithna padne mein hot kyun lagtha hai Tongue keep going lady ..
Posted: 7 years ago
wonderful update do update soon Edited by ybarfa - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago

Part 61
No major fall out happened, in fact Ranjan sent her and Baldev and Ashwini some riduculously expensive chocolates expressing happiness over all their effortsEmbarrassedClap

He did not say his son was guilty nor did he say, SHE was...ROFL
He took the high roadLOL...
GOD ONLY KNOWS WHO HE WILL SUPPORT... ermm... ermmm.. when R&B and II fight... upstairsEmbarrassedTongue

She MOPED NY ever, going to bed at 9...Cry
HE WENT OUT WITH MIHIR HIS FRENCH GUESTS AND MANNY AND HER First class co passenger then/lover now banker Vikram Singh...LOLBig smile
He returned home at 4Big smile
She went to Malai Mandir with Amma in the morning at 7... gave her nod for the Pongal performance...Cry

Anywhere she saw a mention of Malcha Marg Chanakyapuri her heart skipped a beatEmbarrassed
Rakshasan... didnt even care... he was a pig..Cry the fact that she made love to a insensitive man angered her more than the work fight... ummm... ya... sure!!!Big smile

Appa and the nurse took Periappa to the hospital for the quarterly tests, it would take all day, Amma went off to Janakpuri to meet a co author for that NCERT book.
Akka was in Ambala with Bala Athim, Canttt actually where Athim's bro was a Colonel in the Army...

She became moody and snappish... Akka teased her "We need to quarantine you now when u PMS kanna"
"Akka PLEASE... NOT FUNNY! Dont say that"Angry
"It only seems to be getting worse da... I sympathize with your future husband... I hope he is in Sales so he can go off a biz trip.LOL.." she said STOPPING  QUICKLY biting her lip... 
"I hope he works in SW and can be gone for coding for 5 days in a rowROFL

II sensed the switch,  and smiled sadly "Like the word Sales was a cuss word around here"
"You should just ask the Selvi/maid to bring chholey bhature, eat, curl up and go to bed" Akka said caringlyEmbarrassed

"I am OK" she muttered...Cry
"You seem very troubled lately, sollavum maatengrey, you are not even sharing Is it YOUR Rakshasan?"Cry
"He is NOT MINE" she said vehemently


It hurt her to be talked about like that... the guy didnt give a GODDAMN ---- , HOW CAN HE BE HERS?Cry

"Ishita are u there?"
"U dont stop talking usually, but u dont talk any more, Shravu LOVED the books u got for him kanna"
II smiled, thanks... "I almost lost the Lightning Thief, oru copy daan irundudu, there was only one, but I found it"
"So whats the plan?"
"Amma wants me to practice... I will do that... for a couple hours,... the way I am feeling a couple SONGS" she laughed self deprecatingly
"Selvi (the maid) wants the day off, I am just going to let her go... I would have gone to the hospital with Appa but I dont feel good"

"Do u want to go to the doctor?" Akka was concerened

"NO!! Ayyo.. not that bad... if u say that one more time I am hanging up" she shrieked
"I think I will start putting a sleeping bag in MY living room for ur hubby 5 days a month" Akka giggled...

She began singing in front of the Saint Thyagaraja picture... she sang two kritis... NO PURANDARASA LOVE SONGS TODAY... ROFL
Only Viraha or separation song... she was too sadBig smile... one in Hamir Kalyani and one Rudra Kriti by Deekshitar to express annoyanceAngry

UNAWARES... the maid had let the guy in and left for the day, Selvi had told her she would finish up in the kitchen and leave when she sat down to sing in the study
She wore lounge pants/jammies with PEACE pattern all over and a lime yellow skinny tee with a HUGE SYMBOL upfront

She bent down for namaskaram/bowing to the picture when she was done, instinctively placed a hand on the plunging neckline... covering it..a spontaneous gesture
She stood up... and turned he was leaning on the door jamb... she left her hand on the chest...

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