Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 138

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Posted: 7 years ago
100 IT IS !!! Clap Clap Clap

First thing we do in the morning...check for updates
Last thing before going to bed...check for updates
And right now i see no end to this obsession...

And your c
an you leave us hanging like this...this one would surely be amongst the best written desperate i am for an update right now... What will happen in that room, I know most people want apologies or something romantic; I would not mind another war because thats the only time R&B speaks so much and I love my hero talking Blushing

I like the way R&B is with Shravu and the fact that Shravu likes him so much...makes me love R&B so much more...I think he saves those expressions and words just for the kids...

and II and Shravu...aaawww sooo CUTE Smile
1000 rs. is all it takes ROFL and at the end when Shravu says u will not ask for two...right ??? hahaha so cute...

Please...please post the next one soon and longishh...pretty please Big smile

Posted: 7 years ago
Nidha, one if ny friends on twitter wanted me to post this on her behalf.. Due to soke reason she is unable to log in to IF nor create ankther account here. She has been ill since last night.. Temperature running and ur updates enetertaining her.. I will post her comment below:
"My thoughts: Yes, I understand that II is very proud of her achievements, n it was necessary to pull that down by showing RB's qualification... But somewhere he is too proud abt his charm and effect he has on II.. It was too rude of him to bring this in a professional convo between them.. No woman can bear with such shit.. So why not pull him down this time...In rheir next encounter I hope II doesnt respond to his overtures..She coukd let him kiss her but she shouldnt respond the same way she used to earlier.. This should definitely prick RB's pride to some extent.
PS: I love RB but I respect a womans self respect more than that. "
Posted: 7 years ago
Beautifully summarized ode to Software symph... And Nisha. Couldn't agree with you more .
This is in reply to Neha's post.

And Nisha, 100 is just a #. Kudos to you for carrying your readers along in this journey(probably, the only thing you will miss when and not if , you write something that you intend to publish.

As to the story now, I am sure you would hv caught a few of ulaga nayagan's films. Bk in school and that seems ages ago, we used to hv these arguments over K and R movies, to a point of discovering this murderous streak in ourselves and there was one team ,myself included , who couldn't agree with k's smugness on his effect over gals, which has pathetically come across in a few of his films(god, I'm hoping I am not creating a war zone here!!!), however brilliant his films were. Not to compare, but as I post this, there are a few similarities, your hero is also an avid reader, understatedly brilliant , seemingly uneducated uphill now, and also too smug on his effects. BTW, k has a honorary dr deg conferred on him. I did not hv to google to find this but II should hv googled on her man and she needn't have missed that damn Gartner top of the thirty( or did she , is there a twist in the tale??). Well my point here is , the seemingly infallible R&B is not infallible anymore to me. Thank you for that. That touch of realism adds more bite to software symph.
Congrats on a job well done, Nisha Edited by kg1404 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
OMG it's 100.. jst can't believe.., aisa lag raha hai kal to start kiya tha ff padhna.. it's bcoz u write each part in amazing way.. that every new update is getting better and better...

Heartily Congratulations To Nisha Dii.. u r wonderful writer..I dnt hv enough words 2 thank u.. u hv gifted us best love story I ever had read in my life...

100 chaps are over bt our interest is increasing day by day... Never getting bored of reading it again and again... every day after waking up I check fr ur update and also b4 going to bed I check for update ... R&B and II drives me crazy...pls find them for us.. I really want to meet them once in my life Smile

coming to story I love each and every character of SW .. they r unique.. Vandu,Bala,Sam,tanmay,manny, mihir,little Lasya, Ranjan, Bally,appa, amma,motormouth shrvu , Nandan and my favourite R&B and II..sorry if I forget to mention anyone...

Thank u Ashu dii for tolerating me and giving me best rply

thanks from bottom of my heart and request u to give us amazing updates like this..

BTW my bday also falls on 9th feb .. that u hv mentioned as II's bday.. Big smile Edited by Jinvera - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
YEAH 100 ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapPartyPartyParty
what a journey
Not a single update was out of place and each update ended with us wanting for more.. ClapClap
Sooo happy to have started reading it when I did ..
Now coming to the 100th one LOVED IT..
Shravu II convo are always always nice to read.. so natural and nandan hugging her sooo cute,R&B listening EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.
Right now the only wall in II's head is that he doesnt care, we as readers seem to know that he does cause he wouldnt have got a random girl home on his mothers death anniversary, nor come to check on them at home.
So now that he has closed the door hopefully they will apologize in their own way, they both said things that shouldnt have been said but it will be a fun read to see what happens next.

P.S - Nisha I am close to a 100 comments on your thread LOLLOL, i have also learnt to use emoticons in IF LOL and today morning i got up at 3:00 am to read your update under the comforter and then went back to sleep yenna di pannite yennaLOLLOLLOL
Posted: 7 years ago

Part 101
Scalene Triangle & Twirling

She grabbed her half worn hoodie and stumbled up... horrifiedCry

Her behind the ear locks all over her face after that rough housing with Shravu
she tucked them all in and wore her hoodie and zipped it up... went over to the bassinet... the baby was half dozing...
She acted like he didnt existCry

She turned and he stood right there between the HUGGEE windows and her...
"Excuse me" she said snd stepped sideways...
If there was a situation of utter humiliation this was it...
Every pore mortified. and on fire...Cry

"II" he beganEmbarrassed
"Oh! never mind...Angry
He set the book down on the sofa's end table
A fat 500 page book with gold lettering, paperback

"I dont promise, but Ill get there eventually, u know" she muttered
He looked at her like "Phew! shes talking... all is not lost"LOL
CryI just have to tell myself not to" her voice turning hoarse and she began choking on her words"It might take me 3, or 6 months but I will quit reacting eventually...when u touch? Cry
She stepped back as he approached, leaning on a wall

"I bet its a good story for CMU Alumni Magazine u know" her voice quivered, her lower lip shaking like a leaf Cry
"a middle class Iyer CPA loses it at the sight of the MBA from Class of 2008?"Cry
She shut her eyes... two quick hot rivers slid down...
He wondered WHERE those tears were, a second ago she was holding her belly and laughing like she had never laughed beforeShockedHug

"Maybe u can record my moans?" she said in a brittle voiceAngry
 He was reaching for her arms
"Nooo!!" she slid sideways disgusted... stumbling on a soft settee... she bent snd pushed it out of the way...
He kicked it to a corner with his foot

He reached again...
"I am going home, please tell Sam" she said wiping her tears.Angry.
"And Oh! BTW U should go home and raise a toast... whatever u drink... 
I didnt make it to the 30 under 30 U were right after all "it does say a lot about the talent"Cry
Her tears flowed freely, her eyes were huge and accusing... displaying obvious defeat... Happy aa iru da! she muttered in Tamil
"thats enough II" he said grufflyHug
Something about the way he said that only brought more tears, like
THIS was their way of patching up?...CryEmbarrassed

He reached again... she moved again.. he had had it... he didnt talk... but his body language was impatient...
She wanted to be cajoled and indulged and coddled... she was hurting... not only because of the loss of a title... but because of the hurt he had caused her

"U must laugh at me privately..." she shook her head covering her face...
He reached and removed her hands..
"I said its enough"Angry he dragged her wrists, she wore blue bangles yesterday, she still hand them on, a couple snapped and fell on the carpet
He pulled her towards him she landed with some force
His arms went around her

HE HAD SAID TWO THINGS, TWO FRICKIN THINGS "Thats enough II" and "Its enough"
She stiffened and pushed... he held her tight... soothing, calming...the agitation the restlessness she felt from Friday slowly leaving her body
He crushed her tight... without saying a word... the citrusy scent... his shirt front soakedHug
"what a fool Ive been"Cry
"I said it was enough II" he said looking at her sternlyEmbarrassed
Like he was scolding a child
She felt pampered and felt like a child...
"You have" ("no idea what u said to me)Cry
"Shhh" "Shhh" he said gathering her gently... wearing her like a blanket on ..
ThIS ALL it took for her to settle down?Shocked
The two nights and 2.5 days of turmoil, upheaval she faced... she drove herself to a tizzy... not eating and not sleeping and pacing her cube, and her bedroom
He knew how to put a lid on her tantrum... he just held her and told her "its enough"Hug
He didnt offer a speech or a huge windy explanation...
"You" she began...
He held her face in his hands... "Shhh"
"No" she said.. unable to stop her words... or sobs
"I" she began
He just hugged her again, pressing her face on his chest... her forehead on the green lizard logo
They stood there for 10 minutes... not movingEmbarrassedBlushing

"Is there another competition you are readying for?" he asked softlyWink
"Kyon?" she demanded sulkingShocked
"You seem to be losing a pound a day so I wondered" he said softlyEmbarrassed
She kicked him... and peeled herself off,, or tried to... he held her waist...
"You are the most uncaring man Ive ever known... the most insensitive uncaring... " she moaned agonized..."Wont take too long I shud be all gone" she sobbedEmbarrassed

He smiled his half smile... and ofcourse didnt say a thing afterwards, just pulled her toward him...
"Are u including your Dad and bala and Baldev and Tanmay in this sample of men?' he askedLOL
"Ofcourse not, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE..." she mutteredBlushing
He looked at her like she might have just said something... Blushing
"I meant sample.. size is one" she said sombrelyBlushing
"Got it!" he said in his characteristic "few words" style...Blushing

He bent down... and buried his face in her shoulder... inhaling the scent of shikakai and sesame... on that skin
She squirmed... "U poke like pins today" she shriekedAngry
"I shaved... 4 days ago" he muttered lying (he had once told her he did in 4 days)
"THATS A LIE" she squirmed...Angry
He unzipped her hoodie... and found a LOT of bare shoulder neck, collar bone... and ermmm...
"No, its 3" he said
"U were clean shaven on Friday, this is not three days" she held his face and rubbed her hand over it"Embarrassed
Stopping suddenly as they both realized they had just discovered something totally insignificant yet too intimate... 
a thing only a wife would know... or a GF would
II did now... like they were in a relationship... yet notBlushing

"This is not 4" she complained
"I lied" he nuzzled, I shaved on Sat it was a two day seminar, so its technically  2 and 3/4th" 
"I KNEW IT" she shrieked..
"II" he begged "I am not shaving right now"Cry
"U LIVE HERE SO WHY NOT?" she ranted
"But I dont like the water here" he chuckledROFL
She smacked him...
They flirted with their hands and feet, he yanked her hoodie off ...
"What are you doing? the nanny is right next door. The baby is right here" she hissed

His hands crept up under her tee, and just stroked her hook
She bit her lower lip fighting the moan... stiffening... he still toyed with it... she let out a frustrated sob


He leaned her on the wall and released her lower lip  from grabbing it with his, realizing she was still fighting
She quickly turned her face sideways not thanking him for the release

"I thought we just took care of that?" (angry, "I let u sulk and cry and hugged you and yet you are back being mad?" tone, )
"You wanted me to stop, why should I I am going to work on not reacting to you" still hurting
"OK... II" He was losing his patience and they were going to fight again...
He just released her hook...
She shrieked and shoved him, with one giant kick to his shin..

The fought by a longish couch, as he bent her over it... 
she took him with her... as she wiggled out of reach... until they landed on the couch, her face down first knocking the wind outta her

"Why did u tell Sam u would only baby sit if I wasnt around?" he demanded... hair all over his eyes
He waited for her to do finger kangi she didnt
"I didnt want to see u" "I dont" she correctedBlushing
He moved gently on her, spontaneously she relaxed letting her legs accomodate him
"Ayyyo" escaped her lips
"Damn! right Ayyo" he was madddEvil SmileAngry
He reached for her face...
"You must tell me if you have a Ph D or two tucked away someplace because I" ("cant seem to stop the arousal")she groaned stopping... fighting her arousal...
"You JUST love playing dirty dont you" he hissedEvil Smile
He kissed her smothering the words...
A longgg hard... "You cannot shut up I will have to make you" kiss
His tongue was seeking, feeling every tooth? every mm of skin inside... hungry, tired and aching for him for 3 days, 
that seeking only made her dizzy, she held the back of his neck to stop the stroking
"No da please" she beggedBlushing
He wouldnt relent until she gave him what he wanted...

She lay fully clothed trembling like a leaf, under him felt like he had run her through a blender... her face flushed, her heart racing and completely speechless
His lips were on the insides of her almost bare arms... skin softer than the already soft oil bathed skin
She was red and bruised, and he had only barely begun...
"Have I scratched u more today?" he murmured on her skin, stroking her chin and neck..EmbarrassedHug
"If THATS an apology? then it wont do" she said hoarsely..Embarrassed
He smiled... she knew it was...oneBig smile

The baby moaned... he grunted...
"How mean!! Paavam da adu, ethana chamathu (poor kid, so well behaved)" she ranted in Tamil
He hugged her  and did a "Mmm" like she was telling him a Tamil story and wanted her to continue...
"Ayyyo let me go... its not a story" she squirmed...
His navy lacoste and the white vest rolled into tubes under his arm pit... ofcourse not receving one help in getting off the couch...

... she held the baby  faraway on another couch... he sat by her with his book and began reading.. she showed him the 
lil fountains on the head secured with those lil yellow bow pins..."I made her hair today"
He drew a line  from the baby's nose tip to each tuft of gathered hair 
and back to nose... "Its a scalene triangle" he muttered (no angles are equal, no sides are equal) with half smile..ROFL
"Would you like to make a equilateral one on a squirming baby?"Angry she asked angry pushing his head from her shoulder...
He smiled his half smile...and dug into her shoulder

"Your Uncle R is a devil, if ever he troubles you come talk to me" she promised the lil angelLOL
She coooed, as if she understoodClap
"See!! She agrees da... she knows you already"Embarrassed
He was reading... twirling a lock around with his index finger
"I am going to teach you to do that with yours" II whispered
She twirled a lock on the lil head... the baby stared at her mesmerized...kicking her legs into II's belly
He watched her teach his niece...
The kicking kicked up her dress, she felt the baby's soft as butter belly

"Kai tha, I mean apna haath do" she took his "twirling" hand and gently placed the index finger on the baby's belly
"Did u see how soft she is?" II gushed, he took his hand back to flip a page
His head pressed down on her shoulder...
"You need to hang more with me and less with him, you will not learn how to talk if u hang with him, and that would be terrible" LOL
II muttered his hand crept over her chest curves to indicate he heard that... she shoved it back...
"Read? Yes, but wont talk, tall? yes... but who wants to be tall AND quiet? not us ha? kiddo"ROFL

Edited by Nisha0604 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
LOOOVED it!!! kya boloon perfect.. the part where he hugs her and keeps saying its enough to knowing when he shaves to sitting in the couch and him reading the book while she pulls his finger god,him continuing to read with Lasya in the mix  , god sooo cute, so perfect , so dreamy loved it..and what i loved was II vented out everything.
I will end my comment before my call to say what i pretty much say always each is better than the previous and i cant wait for the next one!!!!!

Edited by Ranu1234 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
What a tacit way of making up...not too many words...awesome!

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