Software Symphony-Munirka Mutiny on 148 - Page 104

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Posted: 7 years ago

Part 85: Search & Spy

Her heartbreak is unbearable. It is. 

I love his concern. He's taking 2 steps forward (figuratively) & she's taking 2 steps back (literally). Ouch.

Block caller? Block? Completely? Makes sense. Good for her. She's strong. I'm not.

Vandu is a smart cookie. My heart hurt at Akka's revelation too. I'm afraid for II. I am.

PS: Love the google bit. You're so witty. It's so refreshing.

Part 86: Story

The juxtaposition of Sree vs. R&B. The comparisons. Then physically shaking her head to chase away thoughts of him...if only it were that easy. Ouch

Is Shravu a reincarnation of your son, Nisha? Does he ask you crazy questions like that all day? He must be so much fun...and a such a handful! LOLEmbarrassed (In case you couldn't tell, I LOVE KIDS)

R&B is clever, asking a 7 year old that is smitten by him about all her secrets. Point to be noted: He's interested in her past just the physical relationship. He's intrigued by HER. He's drawn to her...and yet, he can't quite allow himself to be drawn to her. She's different, perhaps his ideal even, and yet, he can't seem to close the gap. 

"Let's come up with the same story." Seriously? Cry

I'm hurt too. Before it was just II cause we're so in tune with her plight...but the more I think about it, I hurt for him too. I do (see above). 

Part 87: (K)night in JCrew & Ceasefire

As if II's dreaming of making babies with R&B wasn't enough, now Akka is dreaming of how tall their babies will be? I shall dream too. Day Dreaming

I like Akka's subtle (?) hints and gentle prying. 

Shravu told his mommy that R&B was inquiring about II? That little devil!


Stopping here because the rest of this chapter/update requires its own post...and I need time to deal with the feels

I shall return. For now, I'm speechless...and realizing, I wasn't wrong when I said I hurt for him too.

More later. I am too emotionally invested. I need to step away.

Posted: 7 years ago
Yayieee.. Thank u uuu.. I want him to LAUGH OUT loud when he knows whats running on II's mid...
Posted: 7 years ago
Finally I am all caught up... and I am loving the direction that you are taking this I have to day.

Little glimpses into their longing and flirting and self confessing- so  nicely done.  Vandhu is their cupid and poor appah... not so much.    Definetly not going to be smooth sailing even after II & R&B  accept their situation- but it's certainly going to be fun.

Again they are going backwards, head first into the physical and now the flirting and 'getting to know you' bit a little more...  unconventional courtship of two unconventional people.

can't wait for the next bit...

 BTW:  I love the emoticons in your updates, always add to the feel of the story.Smile

Posted: 7 years ago
It's now becoming more than just physical attraction and I'm so loving it! Really Nish, hats off for being able to keep the same level of intensity between the couple even when they are not on top of each other. The subtle way in which you write about them just leaves me in awe. Seriously amazing. Clap
II ka ek aur jhooth pakda gaya...
Loving Vandu for the plan she is cooking up. I do wonder how it will all pan out, but I just want to savor and enjoy every step of the journey. Day Dreaming
Posted: 7 years ago

The JCrew Update makes me realize that he feels the way she does.

When Marliese was thrown in her face, she felt a punch in the gut, easily replaceable (replaced), rejected and dejected.

This update, his quips about "best seat in the house" and "couldn't wait", tell me that with her throwing Sree in his face, and then finding her in those circumstances, perhaps he feels the same - that maybe she's not invested as he might be...that he is easily replaceable & she's just having fun. Though he may know better - knowing she's conservative, knowing he has a certain affect on her, knowing that it shouldn't affect him because he knows how women can't blame him for thinking so given his experience with women - ones who have only been after his money...or ones who ruin his parent's marriage and unceremoniously rip his mother from his life. 

He may be the "I've been around" type, he may not trust women or relationships, he may be trying to heal his heart, lessen the pain, but he cannot deny to himself that he is becoming emotionally attached to HER...the idea of HER and HIM. I have a feeling that he probably doesn't even realize it yet, and hasn't allowed himself to really even give it a second thought, but the pull is there...she's gotten under his skin...under all the pain and distrust...the cynical skepticism. He's possessive about her. It's undeniable. 

So yes. I believe Marliese is really just an old friend (flame), but my heart won't allow me to believe he's been with her since he's been with II. I just can't believe it. I'm not calling him a saint, and sure, theirs isn't even a real relationship - its just moments of heated passion, but I just don't see him stringing her along...cause then, he'd be walking in his dad's footsteps...he wouldn't. Not ever. 

That line about his mom made my heart hurt. 

I try not to speculate and just let the story unfold, but a lot was revealed about R&B with this update, so couldn't help but throw in my two cents of speculation. I needed to explore his plight before I could allow myself to read further. I'm read now...for him to realize he's in love with this woman. I'm ready to see how this realization affects him...and how he will react. 

I'm glad he was there to be her Knight in Shining Armor. I'm glad he's talking more. I'm glad they are both aware of the pain their inflicting on each other. 

I'm glad you're writing this story. So so glad.

Posted: 7 years ago

All caught up. 

I should be commenting on the last few parts, but I'm too smitten by R&B to say anything, really. 

(I'll come back to it when I can stop swooning & blushing.) Blushing

So instead I'm just sitting here hitting refresh every 5 minutes.

(I've gotten nothing done all day. I've just been hanging out here in this thread reading and rereading...falling deeper in love with R&B and these two crazy kids, and this story.) Blushing


Posted: 7 years ago
I thouhht ll wake up to an update... I am waitinggg
Posted: 7 years ago
when r u going to update Nisha DUI? still in bed under blanket,refreshing the page .. no new update Cry update pls.

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