MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 57 @ Page 141 ||* 27-Sep-2020

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Posted: 6 years ago

MG SS : Salaam e Ishq

hi all,
kaise u sab ...those who don't know me ..
i am Sobia ..completely crazy n now-a-days lazy writer of this geet forum ..Embarrassed

thanks to my late lateefi ..1st Thread of Salaam e Ishq has been closed DeadDead

so here it is a new thread ...i haven't written any prolugue so i don't know what to write now ...Ouch

its just a simple sweet story of a angry yound man wounded by fate ...n a angel young woman who has learned to find happiness no matter how much the life gets difficult on her
together they have been in love since last 5 years
but niether of them have accepted ..

one is too scared of his fate snatching away the love of his life 
the other is too scared of rejection to ever accept that she has fallen for a prince

a sweet love story with a few base fears n hesitancy 
here i am with an awaiting salaam e ishq

The unsaid love ..every unnoticed gesture sometimes becomes so unbearable that words r needed but what will happen if someone just can't get enough strength to say ...!!
WHR will the love story end ...?? (this is something from previous update)

this one is written by my dear Rituja di Big smile

Jaan ke bhi wo keh na paaye
Samajh ke bhi wo anjaan bane rahe...
Dua mein bas ek dusre ki ibadat karte 
Dekhe to zara ye salam-e-ishq kya rang laaye... Embarrassed

title credits to my dear varsha di ..Big smile
hoep u'll enjoy here is the CS ..


Geet Handa

MBA ..a girl of 27 working in KC since last 5 years as a client advisor '

About her nature umm ..
She is naive ..innocent sweet '

About her beauty '.
Sorry I am short of words 'her beauty is hevenly to say anything
Still she is ignorant to her looks ..

Madly in love with her boss ..the hottest eligible bachelor in town ..
But still fail to understand why he dis-likes her so much ..
But than he is her Boss 'n how can she ..
A mere employee hold any importance in his personal life '!!!

Ek larki thi deewani si
Ek larke pe who marti thi 
Narzien jhuka ke 'Sharma ke ' 
galiyoon se guzrti thi ..
kuch kehna tha shayad usko ..
jaane kis se darti thi '??
Pariyoon se khubsoorat woh ..
Par phir bhi dunya ki bheer mien khoyi si
Mehloon ke raja se dil haar bethi deewani
Abb kaise ekraar kare .. 
Kaise koi daasi apne hi raja se pyaar kare ..??

Maan Singh Khurana

MD KC ..working since last 7 years of 29
People die to meet this un-crowned king of Indian commercial world

But he only lives for the happiness of his fsmily ..

N another reason is that he can meet n be around his mishty 'opss that's the code word he has 'actually he is head over heals in love with his client advisor aka geet '

Don't ask him if it was love at first sight coz from the moment she entered his life all conversation b/w them was just him scolding her 'or her explaning her something or the other regarading work ..

He would never be able to point out exactly what made him fall for this ultimate disaster queen ..may be her beauty ..may be her ease with which she understand the business related things 'or may be her innocence 'or probably the way she gelled up with his family '

God knows but he is never able to express himself ..not from now but from always 'n after loosing his father figure his big bro n bhabi in a plane crash 7 years ago he is in fear 'fear of loosing everyone in his life '.
Ever since his dad n bro left he has become super protective towards his family 'never let anything happen to them 'but with all the responsibities he himself forgot to smile n live '!!

Ankhien khuli hu ya hoon band
Deedar unka hota hai ..
Kya bataoon mien yeh karishma kaise huya
Par abb tu '
Raat kehar peher intezaar subha ka hota hai
Unke ek aur deedar ka hota hai ..!!
Aasmaan par chamakta sitara kahe dunya isse
Par kuan jaane yeh tu tarasta hai  '
iss hi dunya mien jeene ko ..
raat ka andhera saathi hai isska barsoon porana
aur woh ujla sawera iski dunya se door phir bhi saath isske 
bhala kaise kho de uss noor e khuda ko '
apne iss andhere ka hissa bana kar '??

Anvesha Khurana 

Well the same bubbly girl bhai ki ladli '
She in last year of her event management studies ..
Heartly wants geet to become her bhabi the reason she always tries ways to make her bhai n geet stay together more n more '

Prem Khurana 

Well he is the jaan of the whole khurana family .. n most importantly maans'
He is the son of maan's elder brother n bhabi 'the last remembrance '
A cute sometime stubborn kid of 10 year '
Chahu ki jaan hai 'aur har time unki jaan khata rehta hai  '
Well another of his favorite pass time is to trouble geet ..

Geet loves him to the core n would never leave him upset for any reason the reason why he always takes advantage of her care n make her do things even if it is to visit him at 8 after a long tiring day in office just coz he wants to do his school project with her or making her come to KM every Sunday (well that's aniee n prem's doing to make maaneet be together) 

Savitri Khurna (Dadi maa)

She is the ever so soo dadi here as well
Has been n is trying every day to make maan understand to confess his love in different way but all in vein

Still trying '.

Tamay singh

Geet's mama '

She is living in delhi from the age of 10 when her dad died in hoshyaarpur n her mom sent her here to study ..
N ever since she is been living with her mamaji
He loves her as much as he loves her daughter 'n supports her inn every way

Gayatri singh

Geet's mamiji '

She is although good at heart but still a but greedy with geet's salary as geet gives a nyc amout of her salary to them not that they asked but she wanted to help them ..the reason why her mamiji doesn't want to marry off geet early n kept saying some or the other reason to her mama ji inorder to delay her marriage talks ...Big smile

other office staff is same ...just that ..i have deleted shasha tamasha from this SS ...instead Pari will be maan's Architect ...Wink

hope u all will like this ...Big smile

waiting for ur reviews  Embarrassed

luv ya
sobia Hug
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MG SS : Salaam e Ishq


On the other hand in KM ...

maan drove in with his car almost crashing with the main gate but lucky for the guard he opened it in time ...he was fuming from inside ..the images of varun manhandling geet came in front of his eyes n he marched towards his gym ...almost tearing away his clothes he changed n started his tai-chi ...

the only way to get rid of the fuming rage burning his insides .. the words geet said ...her eyes ..that pained look in her almond hazel haunted him ever since he walked out from her street ...he punched hard in the air n kicked high ..higher than he usually does exaggerating himself ...furious at self for what he was about to do ...he was about to confess his feelings for geet ...yet again the similar mistake the hell could he has taught him enough n again he was about to make the same mistake ...what if that car have had hit geet or something ..the mere thought made him tremble with fury ...fury at self to be so careless have again put her life in danger ...why is it that he cannot keep a hold of himself n his feelings ... he punched n kicked with all the energy he had seeing yet again the images of that car coming towards geet n he fell loosing his balance ...

he sat thr breathing high when dadi maa entered the gym n hurried towards him looking at his state ..

Dadi maa (sat beside him worried) : maan kya baat hai bte ..yeh sab kya hai ...??

Maan (stood up looking away from her) : kuch nahi dadi maa ..bas yoon hi

Dadi maa (stood behind him) : maan jhoot unse boliye jo aapke jhoot ko pakar na sakien ...bataye humien kya baat hai ..

Maan (wiped his sweat with t he towel n started walking towards his room) : dadi maa mene kaha na koi baat nahi hai ...itni raat hugayi hai aapke liye aise jaagna theek nahi hai ...plss jaakar soojaiye

Dadi maa : maan jab bachoon ki neend uri ho tu maa ko neend nahi aati ... geet se jori koi baat hai ..

Maan stopped in his track n looked back at her surprised) : aap kaise keh sakti hain ..

Dadi maa (smiled n walked upto him) : aniee ..hum ..aur prem sab yahan araam se soo rahe hain ...aur humare lawa iss poori dunya mien sirf ek hi insaan aisa hai jis ke liye aap itna preeshan hu sakte hain ... GEET ..
Tu bataye humien abb kya hua ..

Maan (looked down trying to block the images of that varun) : dadi maa woh ... aaj party ke baad ..actually  ...(n he narrated the whole incident) ...

Dadi maa (angry) : yaqeen nahi huraha varun aisa kar sakte hain ...sharam aarahi hai humien ..

Maan : dadi maa ..i m sure Sinha uncle ka call aapke paas zaror aayega ...but I m sorry mien abb Varun ko KC ke kisi project mien involve nahi karne wala ...

Dadi maa : nahi maan aap fiqar mat kijeye ..varun ne jo kiye usske baad tu uska geet kea as paas aane ka sawaal hi nahi hai ...himat bhi kaise huyi varun ki aisi harkat karne ki ...who bhi geet k saath... aapka reaction hum samajh sakte hain maan ...aap fiqar mat kijeye hum sambhaal lenge unko ...

Maan (interrupted her ..immediately on guards) : ek minute dadi maa ..sirf geet nahi wohh kisi ke bhi saath aisa kuch karta tu mera reaction aisa hi hota ...

Dadi maa (smirked n said irritated with his on guards behavior) : maan bte its good to know u live with such high morals ...but humien yeh sab line mat mariye ...aapki in sab baton se aap geet ko tou misguide kar sakte hain ...ussko apne aap se door bhi kar sakte hain ...but hum se jhoot bolne kit u kushish bhi mat kariyega ...

Maan (looked away not wanting to accept dadi's words) : aisa nahi hai wohh bas .//

Dadi maa : maan hum soone jaa rahe hain ...Tongue  aap bhi jaa kar soo jaye kafi late hugaya hai ..

She went ahead shooking her head at his stubbornness ...while maan kept standing thr until she went in her room ...he went to kitchen grabbing a water bottle ..n then went to Aniee's room opened it slightly to check on her ...n closed with a relief seeing her sleeping peacefully ...n then went to Prem's room ..opened his door carefully n smiled seeing him sleeping in weird position covering the whole bed .. he went in picked up his toys n kept in aside ...then covered him properly with the duvet n saw him clutching his mom dad's picture tight to him while sleeping ...maan smiled in grief a loss he will never be able to compensate ever !! .. he sighed n turned to the side table checked is milk glass ...sat by his side n caressed his head for sometime then left pecking him slightly ..

He was about to open his room's door but then closed it n went ahead to last room of the corridor ...his bhai n bhabi's room ... he opened it n stepped inside ..switched on the lights n then closed the door behind ..removed the cover from thr picture hung behind thr bed post ..n stood in front of it ..with his head dipped down ..

Maan : i... i ve hurt her again bhabi ...(sighed with a weight of guilt in his heart)... bhabi ..yeh sab mere saath hi kyun ...bhai u always taught me to win mien jeetna sekhaya aapne dono ne mujhe ..har race ..har competition mien ...but apne darr se kaise jeetien yeh kyun nahi seekhaya ..

Maan fell down by the bed ...n finally the long held tears slipped down his eyes ...

his bhai always guided him ..always helped him in everything he did ...he always taught him how to win beyond everything else ...beyond ur weekness ...beyond any physical pain ...a fighter must win was his lesson ...then y didn't he taught him how to fight with fears ...fears so deep that it over powers his whole existence ...but then how could they possibly taught him to over come something that neer existed that time ... after all y should maan fear anything his bhai was thr to face it for him ...his bhabi was thr to protect him from everything n anything ...maan singh khurana never knew fears coz he was always protected by his bhai n bhabi ...but after them ...who is protecting him n his happiness ... 

The world gives him credit to have managed his family business so well in such a short time ...everyone gives him credit to have taken care of his family so well ...but a question always linger in some corner of his heart ...did he ..?? a question he always asks himself ...did he really made it upto aniee as bhai did ...?? Did he really was the parent to Prem as good as his bhai n bhabi were to him ..?? did he took care of dadi the way bhai use to ..?? he didn't was the answer he use to get everytime ..

Somewhere he didn't trust himself ..that he is capable to fulfill his family's need as his bhai n bhabi did .. his bhai loved him like thr was no one else in the world to love for him he was the only one ...same was for his bhabi ...they never thought of a child until aniee was in her higher school which a quite long time of thr marriage was thr love for them was thr affection that they took so good care of them ...n somehow maan feels guilty that he couldn't do the same for aniee n prem ...even dadi maa ...the tears in her eyes everytime she stands in front of his bhai's picture makes him realize he still lacks somewhere ...when ever he isn't able to make it to help aniee n her assignments n projects he realizes he isn't giving enough time to his family like his bhai use to ...he still remembers no matter what may come ...his bhai helped him complete n guide him in every of his school assignment ...but he isn't able to do the same for prem ...whenever prem leaves his test caopies for his signature at night he realizes he isn't giving him the same attention his bhabi n bhai use to give them ... it pains him makes him guilty matter how much he tries but he is not able to balance KC n his family's responsibility ...he is not able to protect them ...the reason why he fears he will fail in his responsibilities n will fail to protect them ...god has snatched his mother n father ...he lost his bhai n bhabi .. but he don't want to loose his family now ... a fear he lives with every day ..!! 

all the way failing to realize that he did ... he did made it to every school function of prem .. he made to aniee's life every important event since last 7 years ... dadi maa cries coz she miss him not coz he isn't able to fulfill his responsibilities ...he failed to realize that everyone cannot do everything at the same time .. he didn't realize that he did saved his family from every evil ...the fear of loosing them is so strong n over powering that he neglected every other positive thought ..

n then he met geet ... a girl he fell for but ...again he stopped himself .. he didn't wanted to have her in his life wasn't for  him to have permanently ... who ever he loves are snatched away ... his mom dad died ..then his bhai bhabi ... n now his heart was again daring to love a girl ... something he had no control over ..her innocence her charm ...her beauty every thing was attracting him towards her was almost as if she carried a aura around herself that made everyone fall for her ...if prem got his report card first for maan to see then it was geet's greeting he waited for the most ..he was 3 when she entered in thr life ..n since then she has been thr for him ..for his family ..n for him as well ... she brought back his happiness ..his life which he had lost with his bhai n bhabi ... 

 again the thought he isn't able to take care of his family properly than how will he protect her if she comes in his life ...surely like dad n mom ..bhai n bhabi ..even geet will get hurt .. n he started trying to avoide her ...surpress his feeling for her ...even tried to make her hate him ..but he couldn't ...he failed to do any of it ,... hating her was soon out of question with dadi maa n aniee involving her in family n obviously the little 3 years old prem then getting attached to her was difficult seeing her almost 24/7 in front of him ..he was falling n falling hard for her innocence ...n could feel her faling of him as well ... today he know she loves him n his behavior hurts her but he can't loose her just for having her all for himself ..he don't trust himself ..n he certainly will never let his dark fate take away her from his life forever ...he rather live having her in his life for name sake or rather hate him but he won't survive without her in his life ...

sometimes ...some fears are so big they consume your whole existence ...n then you can't think past them ..but the same fears renders you to realize what you are loosing ..what is being left behind in life .. coz everything u can have is replaced by a fear that you have let over power you ..

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MG SS : Salaam e Ishq


he went back to his after several hours but it was only geet in his mind he met her ...her smile ..her nature that filled life to his house now ...without her everything n everyone seems dull but she ...she adds onn the colors in his home ...n in his house ...her empty eyes haunted him the whole night ..n if that wasn't enough she didn't showed up early morning in KM ...she usually does either prem or dadi calls her or some office work gets her here to make his morning ...but today nothing of such sort happened ..prem even looked for her the whole time ..aniee was about to call her much for his delight but dadi maa stopped her saying she must have some work ...she has a life ...maan knew his behavior has upset dadi maa to snap at them ...n to cheer up prem he offered to drop him to school today ..n left early ...but who was he kidding he wanted to see geet was 8:30 n she must be at office by know ..though all his hopes went in drain when he didn't saw her ..he almost fired the peon when he walked in with a pathetic coffee ...n then yelled at adi to call geet only to be informed that she had called in a sick leave for today n she won't be coming ..

the day was going worst then ever ...when aniee called ..

aniee : bhai mujhe geet se baat karni hai ...she isn't picking up my call ..

maan : aniee geet ne aaj off li hai ..

aniee : off ..?? but ..she doesn't do that often ..wohh theek hai na ..?? usne off kyun li ..??

maan : aniee mien uska secretary nahi hoon stop asking me ..n let me do my work u get it ..

aniee : okie fine ..aap ..aap kaam karlo ..ill call her again ...

maan threw his mbl on the table ..n ran a hand through his hair in frustration ..he was irritated with everything around him ..angry at her to have not called him instead HR depart ..she always asks him for leave ..that is if had ever wanted ...n sick leave the name itself had him worried for her ...she had been in the drizzling wetting herself ...but that wasn't such a thing to get her sick ... may be she is avoiding him ..or the people ..embarrassed by last night's events' ...or may be she doesn't want to just see Him ..after all ..the hurt she carried in her eyes n her cold behavior was enough for him to know she is preety much angry with him ..his words must have hurt her ..but she wasn't picking up aniee's call ..that wasn't her ..she never does so matter what ..where she is she always picks up KM's number .. does that mean she is walking from them ...from KC ..from Him ...!! The thought was almost paralyzing ...almost in state of panic he walked out of the office towards geet's home to check on her .. n to have a talk with her ...driving the car almost breaking the signal he did reached thr but didn't knew how to walk in thr ...what possibly he could say to her ...

don't leave the job even though I scold you like you r a slave ...don't leave my family coz even though I have accused you of million mistakes but I can't handle them without you ...don't leave me coz even though I act like you are the last person on earth I want to be with but I can't live without you ...don't leave me geet coz I m a screwed idiot who is scared if loosing you n so I will never let you enter my life completely even though you have conquered my heart ...

cursing himself he was still sitting in his car trying to figure out what he could say to her that she won't leave her job ..when he saw her walk out from a house just opposite to hers' apparantely she just woke up ...maan looked at her ..she was still in her night dress he knew she wore with her few stays in KM ..n she had a duppatta well covering her ..the house she just walked out wasn't hers' then what she was doing thr ...geet walked in her house ..n maan got out carefully towards the house geet walked out from earleir but it was locked now ...confused maan walked back n saw a name plate of Raina's thr ..

maan was still thr when he got a call from geet's mbl ...shocked n confused he picked it up ..but the person on the other side was a manager from the hotel last night ..

sir actually yeh mobile humien ek room se mila ..n this was the last number dialed ..

alright ..thnxx ill have someone picked it up ..

your welcome dusht danav sir ..

excuse me ...u called me what ..??

ur name sir ...dusht danav ...that's the name saved in this mbl ..LOL

oh ..(he just understood what happened n a small smile appeared on his face he looked up to geet's room's balcony n shook his head).. ill have it picked it up ..aap isse switch off kar dijeye ..

pagal larki ...Embarrassed

he left deciding it was probably not the right time to talk to her ...n just has he reached office he had dadi maa waiting for him ..

aap yahan ..

geet kahan hain maan who humara phone utha rahi hain na aniee ka ..yahan tak k KM ka bhi nahi ...aap jante hain geet yeh kabhi nahi karti ...kaha kya aapne uss se aisa .. aapko zara sa bhi ehsaas nahi hai aapki baatien uss bachi ko kitna dukh puhancha sakti hain ..

dadi maa ...relax uska mobile kal hotel mien reh gaya tha ..iss liye wohh phone nahi utha rahi ..n u can call her on her home ..

aapko kaise pata wohh ghar par hai ..

umm ...wohh uska call sick leave ke liye ghar se hi aaya tha 

dadi maa started to leave worried about geet but stopped surprised with maan's request 

dadi maa I think u should talk to geet ..Embarrassed

dadi maa turned to angry to be rational : hum tu baat karlenge unse maan but aap ka bunko takleef dene k bajaye unko apne dil ki baat kahenge ..Ouch aap jante hain maan kal jo juch huya uske baad geet ko shayad sab se ziada aapki zarorat rahi hugi ...but aap ...aap kabhi nahi kehnge unse kuch ..aap tu pata nahi ...//

ek min dadi maa (he interrupted her knowing he has let down his guards).. aap galat samajh rahi hain ..mene yeh sirf iss liye kaha coz ..kal jo hua usske baad geet aaj office nahi aayi ..thats nt gud .. she wasn't wrong so she shouldn't be running away ...n being a woman u can explain this to her better .. bas aur kuch nahi ..

dadi maa looked at her stubborn son n asked looking at him straight in his eyes  : sach mien kuch nahi maan ..??

maan could lie looking at her in the eye ...n he turned away taking a file to sit at his place ...nahi ..Angry

dadi maa turned to walk away saying with a smirk .. iss sawaal ka jawaab tab dijiyega maan jab ...humari ankhoon mien dekh kar jawaab dene ki himmat aajaye aap mien ..Tongue LOL

she left ...n maan sighed ..he really couldn't lie looking at at her ...n the old woman who has brought him up knew that too well ..if anyone after his bhai n bhabi could detect him lying was dadi maa ..


Geet : sorry mami gi ..mien aesi raat ko uth kar preetie e ghar chali gayi ...par mujhe neend hi nah aarahi thi ...tou 

Gayatri : koi baat nahi bache theek hai na tu ..bas kafi hai mere liye ..waise b tera note mil gaya that u pareshaani nahi huyi .. office call karegi abb ...waise tu kafi time hugaya hai ...tera boss

Geet : nahi wohh mene adi sir k phone par message chor diya tha kal raat ko ...unhoon ne subha suna huga tu he must have covered it for me .. mera mann nahi hai aaj office jane ka ..

Gayatri : acha hi hai ..aaj ka din araam kar ...kabhi kabhi choti b karni chahiye ..(geet smiled at her n she caressed her head lovingly) ..kuch khayegi ..parathe banao tere liye ..

Geet : nahi ..mann nahi hai ..mien chai bana leti hoon apne liye ..

Gayatri : tu kyun banaegi ..mien bana deti hoon na ..tu araam se beth ..(geet tried to stop her but she intervened).. bs kuch nahi ..

Gayatri came with 2 cups of steaming hot tea n after a bit light hearted talk in which geet participated least she came to her point : waise teri aaj ki leave ke paise tu nahi kaatienge nay eh KC wale ..

Geet : nahi mami gi ..woh meri sick leave hain kafi tu yeh paid holiday hi hugi ..

Before she could say more ...the landline rung ...n gayatri moved to attend to it ..n called for geet as it was savitri devi calling ..

Geet : Namaste dadi maa ..

Namaste bte ...kaise hu aap ..?

Mien ...mien theek hoon dadi maa wohh thora sar mien dard that u nahi aaye aaj ..sorry mien batana bhool gyi ..prem ne wait kiya huga na mera ..i m really sorry ...mien prem ko bhi ..//

Geet bte ..bas ...itna tension  mat lijeye ..prem theek hai ...maan ne usko school drop kiya tha uska mood bilkul theek hai ...but hum theek nahi hain ..

Kyun ...kya hua dadi maa ...aap ..mujhe pata hai zaror kuch metha khaya huga aapne ..nakul ko tu na mien chorongi nahi ...unke hote huye aapne ...dadi maa aap aise kyun karti hain ..aapko pata hai na ..

Arre ..arre humien datne se pehle yeh tu jaan lijeye hua kya ...humari tabiyat bilkul theek hai ..

Tu phir ..??

Humien apni geet beti ki buhat yaad aarahi hai ..Embarrassed

Dadi maa ..aap bhi ...dara diya mujhe ..Big smile

Geet hum car bhej den ..aap KM aa payengi abhi ..??

Dadi maa aaj tak apko mana kiya hai ..?? aap car mat bhejye ..mien khud ajaongi ..

Nahi nahi ...hum bhej rahe hain aap ..ajaye KM bs ..aur iss par koi behes nahi ..

Acha theek hai ..mien aajati hoon ..


She reached KM ..n asked tarun about where is everyone ..n was  glad to know maan by any chance wasn't home ..she just wasn't prepared to face him yet ..last night their dance ..those feelings she wanted to bury deep down suddenly bared in front of him n he still not getting anything n then varun n the way he rescued her ..was so protectively holding on her  yet the knowledge what made him save her was all too much for her to keep check on her words ..n she has said things she never ever will think of saying to him matter how much she loves him matter how much it hurts her seeing it every day in his eyes that he doesn't give damn about her ...she still can't say all that to him in her correct state of mind ..n so she needed time to face him be able to be that fake girl in front of him ..

She met dadi maa in her room ..n the old lady was so pleased seeing her ...geet from the first day respected her but over the years her warmth n her acceptance towards a girl who was just a mere employee has made geet love her like her own coz since last 5 years dadi maa has treated her like a family ...n like a dadi maa today she had called her to make her mood better to make her say what happen share her grief ..

It wasn't exactly easy to get geet talk about it but dadi maa knew how to make geet say things ...n she did said what happened last night knowing maan had told her all of it ..but surprisingly ..she felt much better after saying it all to her ... she hadn't been able to share her disgust over varun's touch that she felt ..n the urge to kill him ..but now having said it all ..she felt lighter ..

I swear dadi maa ..woh khute da muttar ullo did um ..mujhe abb kahin dekha na tu usske chote chote chote tukre kar ke crows ko khila dungi ..Tongue

Dadi maa looked away controlling her smile was really painful to hear geet but she knew it was needed for geet to share it ..knowing n having met her mami once she knew she wasn't any help n geet won't share anything with her it was even more important for her to have a talk with his little girl ..but know seeing the sobbing geet curse that varun was seriously hilarious ...but she couldn't laugh that might hurt geet ..n geet unaware of her thought continued cursing that basdard ...

Aap dekhna aisa maza chakaongi na usko ..shadi ke baad apni biwi ko bhi behen bolega ...LOLLOL

Geet looked at dadi maa ...n thr eyes ..n suddenly they both broke into laughter ...she probably knew she won't be doing any of it ...n just having reminded of all she said n how she said made her laugh ...but dadi maa stopped seeing geet laugh ...she knew it wasn't varun that could effect her like this ... if anything she knew about geet was she is a very strong person one one could survive with her grandson with the kind of attitude he has thrown over her ..but she did ..with all her dignity intact ...this girl has been in love with her idiot son ..even though he don't reciprocate an inch being the scared fool he is ...n still she is here her house ..carrying the pain in her eyes yet laughing like she is the most happiest person alive ..that needs a very emotionally strong person to bear ...n an incident like last night could surely scare or affect her in ways at that moment ..but she won't morn at it longer than night ...she might look like all fragile n sensitive ...but that is just for her good for nothing grandson ..who can affect her like no one else can ..n she was sure ..maan has said something to her that has again hurt her ...coz the emptiness in her eyes that she saw when she walked in ..can't be coz of that varun ..

Geet realized dadi was in deep thoughts n she stopped ...n suddenly realized its been hous she is here n its prem's time to get back home ..

Dadi maa ..prem k aane ka time hu raha hai ...mien soch rahi thi ..uska fav kuch bana leti hoon ..khush hujayega na ...subha uss se mili bhi nahi mien tu ..

Theek hai beta ..nakul se keh dijiye wohh aapki help kardenge ..


pheww its done ..hopefully u'll like it ..i have editted this almost 3 time n still not satisfied ..anyways its now here for u to critize n let me know whr it is going wrong ..Smile

n onw more thing ...maan's fear has some real strong reasons ..n they will be releaved soon have patience ...

i know probably these were most crappy updates for this ss uptill date ...but plss bear wtith me completely out of sink ..its been more than 6 months i ve typed sovveeyyy if its too bad ..OuchOuch

leave ur reviews ...n let me know whr it lacked

luv ya

Edited by sobia4maaneet - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
hi thanks da superb emotional updates! Well written! congrats on the new thread! Maan n dadi talk! he tells her wt happened! Maan's inner feelings well portrayed! Annie worried abt Geet! Dadi n Geet talk! update soon
Posted: 6 years ago
It's amazing sobia. Maan is angry about last incident. He is hurting himself and blaming himself for every disaster of his life. He thinks that every one whom he loves get died. So this is the reason he is not confessing his love to geet. Although he is very concerned for geet and making sure about her well being but he doesn't want to give hint about his feelings to anyone. But dadi ma is awared about his feelings. Although she is helpless about this thing as until maan wouldn't confess his love till then she can't give her input in all this. Maan loves geet very much and thinks only about her. He knows geet importance in his life or in his family's life, still he is admanant in his decision. Waiting for next dear

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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