MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 99)

Posted: 1 years ago
Nice update..
Continue soon..
Posted: 1 years ago
thanks for updating! 

Part 42

terrific emotional update! superbly written! 

feeling for Maaneet! glad Maan dealt with Reeta! she deserved it! 

Maaneet love each other so much but helpless! 

sad seeing Geet like that! she realises that Maan loves her but she is hurt after what happened! 

Dadi worried about Maan! 

update soon
Posted: 1 years ago
Waiting fr next
Posted: 1 years ago
Awesome update. Reeta tried to hurt Maan and Maan is very angry on her. Maan and Geet both are tensed.
Posted: 1 years ago

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for disappearing but i was down with fever since last 3 days ..Cry and its raining crazily here in my city which makes it my fav time to type for this one .. LOL ok ill stop my bak bak ..

Thank you all the lovely one for your likes and comments ..

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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


While prem finished his breakfast maan quickly got ready and walked down only to see dadi maa, Anisha aunty and prem having their breakfast ..

Dadi maa baaqi sab kahan hain ..

Bete aniee aaj university ja nahi rahi & dulhe miyan is still sleeping

Prem: chachu meri school bus miss hugayi ..

Maan saw the watch and realized its late than usual for him as well and now geet won't be coming to KM if she was she would have reached by now ...disappointed at not seeing her again he sighed and before he could sit to have his breakfast prem held his hand and stood on the chair itself ..

Chachu ab mien school kaise jaonga bus tu chali gayi ..tu abb meri bhi chutti ...yayayy  ..

Maan narrowed his eye brows ...

Yeh kis ne decide kiya ..

Chachu please na ...mujhe buhat neend aayi hai ..

No way you have your exams in next 2 weeks ...koi chutti nahi

But aniee bua ne bhi u off kiya hai

But I haven't taken an off ...and you won't as well prem ...chalo take your bag ill drop you ..

Aap drop karenge ..??

Yes lets go

Maan went to take his keys while prem jumped in joy .

Yes aaj  tu maza aayega ...chachu mujhe drop karenge..

Anisha: han but jaldi apna milk finish karen hum nakul se aapka bag car rakhwa dete hain ...chalo hurry up chachu aane waale hain ...


Maan reached office before 9am after dropping prem and everyone  rushed to their stations... he stopped in front of adi who was in the main hall ..

Maan: Adi ...get me the Marketing head of  London team Max on call ...

Adi: abhi ..??

But with a single look of maan he stood straight ...

Adi: ye...yess...yes sir.. abhi karta hoon ..

He stormed past geets' cabin only to see Anushka playing around with her makeup..

Maan: Ms. Anushka I do not pay you to be here to do your makeup all day

Anushka: Sorry ..Sorry sir ..

Maan: get me a black coffee now ..

Anushka: sure sir  ..

Maan: and ... where is geet ...

Anushka: umm ..sir ..wohh ,...she ..she hasn't came yet 

Maan glared at her as if he would kill her and she literally shivered in fear but he left without another word and entered his cabin which looked as lifeless as everything less in his life.. its now almost 10 hours since he saw her...or even listened to her voice and he was loosing his cool ...he wanted to call her scream at her for not being here but he could do none ...somewhere his rationality was telling him she would be tired of all that happened, she must have needed a break she's been working non stop since 3 days but then the ziddi heart would jump in saying ek baar call kar ke keh sakti thi na she is taking an off ...he picked up his phone to dail her number.. to hell with the time I need to talk to her ...but just then anushka knocked ..he almost wanted to scream get lost but this was office his mind whispered and he replied leaving his phone ..

Yes ..

Anushka entered with a cup of coffee ..

Sir your coffee ..

Hmm ...keep it here ..and check with adi if Max is on call or not ...

Sir he has arranged it all.. 

Fine you can leave now ..

And he sighed in frustration as soon as she left the cabin ...n took the black coffee but just after taking a sip he put the cup away ...

Damn ...yeh ...kahan ho tum geet ...


Geet turned in her sleep only to see the sun shinning above her head and sat up with a jerk ...her instant reflex was to check her mobile but was switched off due to low battery ...her eyes went to the wall clock and it showed way past 9am in the morning ..

Oh no ...babaji yeh kya kardiya ..

She got ready in record time making a messy bun and wearing a silk shirt with cotton trousers ...and ran down the stairs only to be stopped by her mami ..

Geet rok ...kahan chali ..??

Mami I am late office jana hai ...and this damn phone even on power bank its not starting up ..

Tu beth pehle mujhe baat karni hai ..aur break fast bhi nahi kara tu ne ..

Mami please aaj nahi ..

Na puttar bina khaye nahi jaate chal beth ..

Geet sighed and saw she was already by the stove cooking something and sat on the small table in the kitchen itself ..

Acha sun geet ..

Hmm .. (while she switched on her phone) ..

Tujhe pata hai kal kitne wade wade log thay wahan Khurana ki party mien ..

Hmm ...

Tere mama buhat khush thay teri mehnat dekh kar ..

Thnxx mami ..mama ji ne apni BP ki medicine li ..

Han puttar subha ..

Mami ziada kuch mat kariyega mujhe late hugaya hai ..waise bhi maan sir ka mood kharaab huga ..

With that ..all that happened last night came flashing back and she was again at the same point as last night ...

Geet (st): maan sir k saamne kaise ...

But before she could think of anything anymore her mami came with tea and paratha for both of them ..

Chal start kar ..

Geet smiled halfheartedly and started her breakfast ..

Acha sun tujhe pata hai meri wohh kitti friend hai na ...

Mami gi aapki buhat saari friends hain ..

tu bhi mazaak bana rahi hai mera ..

nahi mami gi ...acha waise hua kya ..?

Wohh Sudha ki baat kar rahi hoon ...uske husband ka promotion hua hai  ...buhat baari party de rahi hai ..aaj raat ko uske husband ne tere mama ji ko bhi invite kiya tha ...

Nice ..tu aap log ja rahe hain ..

Ja rahe hain na ..tere mama ji unke liye gandpati ki murti laaye hain as gift .. mene tu kitna kaha koi expensive sa showpiece lete hain but nahi ...suna diya house loan ka taana ...

Geet smiled and took out her valet and gave all the cash to her ..

Yeh rakh lijeye aap aur chahiye ho tu bata dena ill transfer from my account online .,...

Are nahi puttar mien kaise ..

Mami ji ..please ..acha abhi mera breakfast hugaya I am leaving ...

Sun tu ...finish tu kar ke ...

But she was already past the main door and gayatri sat counting the money ...


While geet was stuck in the traffic with every second maan loosing another pinch of his patience ...

Rohan why am I paying u if u cannot even make a single report properly 

Sir wohh ...//

I don't wanna listen to anything ...30 minute ...30 minutes mien mujhe Darla project ki complete file apne table pe chahiye u understand me ..

Gi sir

Adi ...get abhijeet ..the marketing director to call me now ..

Sir currently he is flying back from Greece ...

Maan gave him a tough look enough to melt him but before maan could say anything adi added ..

But ill leave a message sir ...ill leave a message ..

Rohan is there anything else u need to ask ..

No sir ..

Tu mere sir pe kya khare ho ...go & get the file ...

Gi sir ..

And he left the room and maan sat sighing ..

Adi ek kaam theek se nahi huta in logoon se ...its 1 hour since I had asked for this file aur yeh ..yeh rohan kya keh raha hai mujhe he doesn't have the file ...wahan London team ne sab mess up kardiya aur yahan yeh log ..

Sir ...wohh geet must be having the file ..

Tu adi kya geet k bina zindagi ruk jayegi ..mera koi kaam nahi huga ..yeh company band karni paregi humien ..??

Nahi ...nahi sir mien bas ..

Tum bas yeh karo k London ki legal team k saath baat karo and get all the marketing team have their notices served first thing in the morning ...veer will fly back tonight and handle the investors there meanwhile we'll have to think of a remedy to this fuss ...

Right sir ..

He corrected the tie and left while maan glanced sideways to his right only to see Anushka searching in the files along with rohan with no sign of geet ..


Rohan: pata nahi geet ma'am kahan hain ...

Anushka: relax rohan file mil jaigi ..waise bhi she always places all things here only ..

Pinky entered the cabin: Anushka ...why aren't you picking up the call ...

Anushka: pinky can't u see I am helping rohan ..

Pinky: kuch time mien na tujhe help ki zarorat paregi ...Patels are here for the meeting ...

Anushka: Oh no ...maan sir ki meeting thi ..

Pinky: oh yes abb jao ..inform maan sir ..

Rohan: Pinky ..geet ma'am se baat hui ..

Pinky: Nahi ..abhi bhi phone off hai ..sun file hai bhi ya 

Rohan: pinky koi file nahi hai we haven't prepared it yet ...


While maan went inside the conference room geet entered the office only to collide with adi just outside the lift ..

Ouch ...babaji ..

He he /..he ..he ...geet ...thank god tum aagayi ..

Adi sir ...aap thank u takraye bina bhi bol sakte thay ...lag gayi mujhe ...

Are lag tu humaari gayi hai subha se ...maan sir ne poora office sar p uthaya huya hai marketing team ko fire kardiya ab lagta hai next number rohan ka phir mera huga ..

Ek minute, ek minute please araam se bataye yeh kya bol rahe hain ...? How come London team got fired ..? whats going on ..

Oh wohh geet ...tum apni emails check karo ull know the story ...

Geet stood confused while he called for the lift again ..

Ek minute adi sir aap mujhe abhi sab bataiye ..

But before he could begin Anushka came out of the lift ...

Adi sir where were you maan sir is asking about you ..please hurry up warna aaj meri job ka last day hujayega ..

And they left in the list ..

Sorry geet patels ke saath meeting ..emails parhna ull know it all ...

In a state of  utter confusion geet went towards her cabin and pinky followed her ..

Geet ..kahan hai tu subha se tujhe call kar rahi hoon ..tujhe pata hai DD ../

Ka mood kharaab hai ..thnx pinky I know ...

But tu thi kahan ..itni late kaise hugayi ..

Pinky woh traffic tha...late hugayi thi ...anyways baad mien abhi I have to catch up with work ..chal bye ..

She left and pinky went back to the desk ..

Isko kya hugaya yaar ...

Geet reached her cabin and hurriedly opened her laptop only to get to know the mess London marketing team created and by the time she finished reading her emails she saw veer entering maans' cabin and ofcourse he wasn't there and he came to her ...but before he could say hello she bombarded him ...

Why didn't anybody told me about this ..? itna mess hugaya with London project aur tum ne bataya nahi ...maan sir ne bhi kuch nahi kaha ..

Veer sighed and walked upto her making her sit back in her chair ..

Relax geet ma'am ...aap itne busy thay ...u were so involved so happy with the preps and function that's why maan bhai asked me not to tell you anything ...aur waise bhi it would have only increased your tension aur maan bhai ne strictly mana kiya tha aapko kuch bhi abhi nahi pata chalna chahiye ..

Geet looked away trying to absorb it all ..

Iss hi liye ..thats why he was busy in his study yesterday ..

Umm hmm ..he was doing the damage control ..

I saw advertisement ...its so wrong negative ...obviously back fire tu karna hi tha ..

I know ..if they would have waited for any of us' approval thi won't have happened but with the function everyone was busy me and bhai both and they took it live ...its so ..

Veer its not a mistake ...

Geet ma'am ...u said something 

Nah ...nothing ...maan sir ne kya kara ..

He fired the marketing head and released an official statement through the PR team and now I have to be in London ...

Pari is on official leave .

I know madame is asleep till now ...message kiya mene she han't even seen it yet ..

But what about Greece ..??

Wahan humara Indian marketing head hai ..ill see the ground work and ill move to Greece after taking care of it in London ...

Hmm ...

Geet tried to start her work but she could hardly concentrate and just then rohan came in ..

Geet ma'am thank god you are here ..

What happened rohan ...adi sir was telling me something but couldn't ...koi problem hui

Problem nai problem ka baap hua ma'am ..maan sir was demanding that darla project ki fesebility report and we don't have it ..

Shit ...its not even finalized yet ...yeh function ki waja se ..

Wohh hi tu ...I told him that only you know about the file and pretended to search for it as well but he wanted it in 30 minutes abhi tu meeting se aakar sab se pehle yeh hi pouchenge ..

Rohan relax there is solution for everything in this world almost ready thi the last time I talked with akriti ...get her to tell me the financial stats and we'll complete it ...

Ma'am but akriti is on leave today ..

What ...yeh kab hua ..??

She emailed HR in your absence and informed us all ...but humien kya pata tha maan sir would be like this today ...

Ok fine ...leave p gayi hai mars p nahi call her and get the details tak mien maan sir ke mood ka kuch karti hoon ...

She went in maan's cabin only to get surprised by the look of his table.. blue prints were left open ..files scattered beneath them and his mug of now cold coffee placed right beside of it all ...the table presented to her the state of his mind.. the perfectionist Mr. Khurana only get this unorganized when he is in extreme stress ...she sighed thinking how will she face him ...

Babaji please sambhaal lena ...

She started sorting things ...wrapped the blue prints ..and checked if the files were marked or signed if so she kept them the out file holder at left and those were not marked or signed she kept them in the in file holder at the right side of his table ..15 minutes down the line she finished her work and left the cabin ...

Rohan ...akriti se baat hui ..

Gi ma'am ive got the details  ..

Good now get on with it and join you in 10 minutes ..

Thanks ma'am ..

She went to check how much time maan would take to finish his meeting with pinky and then went on to prepare his coffee just as she got a confirmation that he has wrapped the meeting ...


PRECAP: its predictable these days ...LOL

Okie Bye ...I will come back tomorrow till then please leave a comment and hit the like button 

Luv Ya

Posted: 1 years ago
Maan was so restless without Geet. In fact the whole office got hustle bustle without Geet.  Geet awoke late.  I was surprised when Mami was showing concern for Geet but then she has her own reasons to do so. Geet areivedbin office and finally she started to sorted out everything.  Waiting for next dear 
Posted: 1 years ago
maan is restless as from last night he was not able see or talk with geet which showa effect on other staff members 
Posted: 1 years ago
Superb update...loved it

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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