MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 98)

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Hello Everyone,
A very Happy New Year ..though i am a bit late to wish here but i really wish all of u a fabulous year ahead ..

a big jhappi to the following people for still sticking around you all for your support 

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i am gonna be posting back to back update for next few days gonna finish my backed quota ...Big smileso stick around as there won't be PMs for upcoming updates. 

Enjoy Reading and please please leave a review not just the summary of what has happened in the update but what you feel about the events ..Embarrassed

MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Reeta left her with a jerk and she stumbled to gain her balance with the support of the pillar while she left from there muttering in a broken voice and with tears in her eyes ...standing in front of her while geet looked at her ...

I hate you geet ...I hate you because he loves you 

Her words kept echoing in her mind ...she shivered with the impact of her last words an unknown turmoil ...suddenly the air felt a bit more heavier than bearable and her heart beat didn't seem to come back to normal was as if she got hit by a heavy storm of wind and now it was the deadly quite after that storm ...draining her ... nothing made sense ...she couldn't stop the memories flashing in front of her eyes ...she clutched the pillar and closed her eyes to stop those flashes but she could only see him .. worst of it all now she could also feel him ... his hot breaths fanning her bare neck ...those strong arms holding her around her waist ...that moment in prem's room ...his scent ...his deep brown eyes ...those emotions she had been trying to decipher since this evening ...and then reeta's words 

"He loves you 

She opened her eyes with a snap and jerked away from the pillar an attempt to find her equilibrium 

Nahi ...

Hysterical she looked around trying to understand if what happened here was even true ..? there was now no sign of reeta in the corridor ...she stood there alone tears ...wondering what she heard or what she thinks reeta told her was all a dream a result of what she went through in the washroom... but then she stumbled on the fuse still lying there a proof of the fact that she didn't imagined any of it ...reeta was here ..she said what she said and geet heard it all ...but still didn't wanted to believe ..a wind blew making her shiver now with cold ...and she walked to the giant French window of the mansion looking up at the sky ...trying to find her strength back ..

I can't do this ...please babaji ...yeh sab ...phir se nahi huga mujh se ...pehle bhi umeed lagayi thi ...aur sab bekhar gaya tha ...dobara  nahi huga ...dobara khud ko nahi sambhaal paongi ...please yeh mat kijeye ...mat umeed dejeye ...yeh jo keh rahi thi ...sab ...sab galat hai ...maan sir ...wohh humesha se aise hi hain ...khayal rakhte hain ...dhyaan rakhte hain ..but pyaar nahi karte ...(tears fell from her eyes and she looked down) ... pyaar nahi karte ...

Geet glanced at the dark sky full of stars ...she could envision her father smiling at her was a faint memory the only one he had held onto for years after he died and then she saw preetie winking at her ..blowing a flying kiss at her just like she always use to when she went out or said bye standing at a distance ...geet smiled through tears ...and crossed her hands infront of her trying to gain strength ...trying to compose herself ...


Meanwhile on the other side of the house maan was in the central control room with his security incharge ..

Do I pay you to get my family under these circumstances fernandis ...

Sir I ...//

Talk when you're asked to ...

How the bloody hell can someone pull such a phrank even after all the security men you place in my house ...and how am I suppose to trust you when my family fernandis ...please explain this to me ...

I know this was our mistake we should have been more vigilant sir but honestly we didn't think people we were meant to protect will be the ones harming other here ..

What are you trying to say ..

The person who did this is one of your family member ..

WHO ..

Sir ..

I need the name fernandis ...WHO 

Reeta ..

That ***** ...

A guard barges in the room and both the men turns to see him together ..

What ..

The girl who did this has just left the house in her car..

Maan picked up the intercom 

Get my car on the front gate NOW ..

With that a crazy commotion took place in the mansion to which the whole family remained unaware of And he left only to stop Reeta's car in the middle of the deserted road ..she was scared would be an understatement seeing MSK stepping out of his car followed by all his guards now surrounding her car ..she wiped off the tear trail and came out to stand in front of him with tears filled in her eyes and a broken heart ...

I thought you'll catch me in the house itself ..

But I never thought of you to be such a big fool... people listen when I advice them reeta ...

You know me maan.. I never take anybody seriously other than myself ..

You shouldn't have hurt her ...

She looked up at him ...he had that crazy gleam, anger reflecting in those dark eyes. On any other moment she would have been frozen by the cold stare but she was so hurt broken it barely mattered to her anymore ...involuntarily a smirk came to her lips ...

I was always the impulsive one maan ...

And I was always the one to keep my words ..

She looked at him tears falling down her eyes but she didn't cared to hide them anymore ..

Why can't you love me ...

Maan looked into her with a blank face as indifferent as ever ..

Ask your self the same question .. I am sure with amount of spare time you'll gonna have from tomorrow you will find the answer ...

I didn't hurt her ...I just locked her ...

Maan launched at her almost loosing his cool ...his eyes now spiting fire ...

You almost killed her ...she was unconscious when I found her ..

Reeta stumbled back on the cars' bonnet with fear, her heart stopped beating for a second and maan stepped back seeing her in that position ..

I warned you ...(he stood 2 steps away from her now only loathing on his face fot the girl in front of her).. now bear the consequences reeta ...good luck ..

He walked away zooming the car past her leaving her in a deadly calm ...she stood up after a moment and saw a guard still standing by her car ..and she laughed in confusion seeing the gestures of MSK ...walked towards the guard and spoke to his stone cold face ..

So he is protecting the one he wants to ruin 

She turned to sit in her car while the guard standing there got a call from maan ..

Make sure she reaches home safely ..

And with that he hung up the call driven by his chief security maan sat at the back of her car wondering why she had to mess with him ...why

Maan (st): Sorry reeta but you shouldn't have hurt geet ...I had warned you in a hope to get you back to your senses but you just doesn't listen and now you will face the same fear and the same paingeet faced for hours in that washroom till the rest of your life ...everyday you will think you have achieved something and every day you will loose it ..

He entered the house and was surprised to see the grand hall empty as oppose to the chaos he left the house in there was completely a sense of sense of calm while was standing alone in the hall nakul walked in from the kitchen ..

Nakul sab log kahan hai ..??

Maan sir ..dadi maa, aniee beti aur prem baba apne room mien ..aparna madam dadi maa k saath hain aur veer baba pari beti unki mother ko drop karne gaye hain ...

Aur geet ...wohh kahan hai ..??

Wohh tu kaafi time pehle hi ronak baba k saath chali gayi apne ghar

Chali gayii ...? Mujh se mila bina ...

G sir ...kuch kaha aapne

Nahi ...kuch tum jao ..kaam karlo apna ...aur suno ek black coffee bana k dedo mujhe ..

G sir ..

With that he stormed upstairs to his room threw his mobile on the bed in anger ...n caressed a hand in his hair messing them up ...

F*** ...

How could she ...(he exhaled sitting by the edge of the bed) ...ek baar mil kar chali jati tu kya hujata ...(n then he saw the table clock placed on his dresser & noticed it was way past 1am now)... but itna late hugaya hai kaisi wait karti mera .. (he then picked up his mobile from behind).. call pe baat karleta hoon .. (but stopped just before dialing her number).. pagal hugaya hai kya maan ...time dekh ..

But he did called ronak instead ..

Hi bhai ...u still awake ..

Han ..wohh tum ...why didn't you stayed back ...veer bhi tu tha ...

Its ok bhai mama ji last time bhi naraaz hugaye jab hum aapke ghar roke thay u know him ..tu bas anyways hum plan karte hain kuch ..we are here next 2 days as well ..

Hmm you've reached home ..?

G ...bas abhi abhi ...geet ko drop bhi karna that u late hugaya ..

Wohh theek hai ...

Han don't worry bhai ...thori lost thi but she is fine ..maa even told her the medicine she can take ..

Thanks ... take care good night

Bhai ..

Han bolo ..

Wohh kuch pata chala who did it ..

Umm ...yup staff tha ...kuch confusion hua tha ...u don't worry about it ...Everything is handled now ..

Ofcourse bhai aap ke hute huye kuch galat ho bhi kaise sakta hai ..

Chalo I am too tired now ..good night bhai ..

They hung up and maan moved to change. The coffee remained untouched on his side table while he slept thinking all that happened and how geet must be ..


Geet on the other hand had a tough time sleeping... even after taking the sleeping pill she was wide awake ...anxious and scared of all the things her mind was thinking ...ever since reeta left she had been engulfed with memories ...memories of 5 long years ...every time they were together ...everytime he saved her ...every time he stood in her favor ...all the times he scolded her ...each moment when he hurt her ...those eyes kept haunting her she couldn't even close her eyes as all she could envision behind her closed lid were his deep brown eyes which had confused her ever since ..she never could read them but today she saw a flicker of that emotion in them she had been waiting for since years ..she was under a turmoil she couldn't understand ...her heart was accepting it all seeing the reasons she never sis but still her mind denied it all ...remembering the time she did exactly what she is doing today and the way he walked away from her ...he went to London leaving her for good 30 days ...and after he came back nothing was like she hoped for ...

Tears pooled in her eyes and she closed her eyes swallowing her sobs ...only get drowned in the memories of his warmth ..his scent ..those strong arms enveloping her in his protective embrace ...his assuring eyes making her believe whats forbidden now for her to even think of ...

She sat up with a jerk and wiped away her tears roughly ..

Please don't do this to me ...please 

She turned to her side table and took the picture frame having her best friends picture 

Why aren't you all with me ... humesha har mushkil ka hal tum logoon ne diya ...jab tum log chor gaye tu babaji ne maan ko meri life mien bhej diya meri dhal bana kar ...ab kis k paas jaon ..kis se kahoon jo mere dil mien hai ...kuan dega mere sawaalon ka jawab ...

Baari mushkil se dhunde hain tokre dil k
Abke toote tu phir jor na payenge
Iss darr se shayad abb
Hum kabhi dobara umeed na lagyenge
Tu kahe tu aaj bhi ek pal me 
Tere liye fanaa hu jayenge
Aab ki baar ae sanam 
iss dil p bharoosa kar na payenge
ek ishara jo tu kare
hum dunya chor aayenge
bethe hain tere intezaar mien
hum khud se kadam abb barha na payenge
ek tere salaam e ishq ki khatir
hum khud ko bhool jayenge 
bethe hain tere intezaar mien
hum khud se kadam abb barha na payenge

She cried clutching the frame tight and buried her face in the pillow to muffle her sobs ...

the tears didn't stopped not until her eye lids grew heavy with tiredness and fatigue ...


It was early morning while geet was still sleeping tired with the events of yesterday night.. maan was rigorously practicing his martial arts in his gym remembering all that happened and planning all that he has to do now. Her teary eyes those scared hazels hauted him all night long and he gave up the struggle only to indulge himself in self destruction. Unaware to the whole emotional turmoil of her children dadi maa was busy in morning pooja and once finished she turned to give Anisha the aarti thal ...only to notice him missing ..

Kya hua maa ..

Nahi maan pooja ke liye nahi aaye ..

Anisha smiled turning to place the aarti thal in nakuls' hand

Aap bhi na maa ...he must be tired raat ko late hugaya tha ..and what happened with geet was also ..

Anisha if he would have slept longer  would have been happier but he was awake ...gym mien thay wohh phir bhi nahi aaye ..nakul aap jaldi break fast ready kijeye ..prem ka school hai aaj hum ready kar dete hain unko ..already late hugaye hain wohh 

G dadi maa ...

She went to prem's room only to see maan waking him up ..

Maan aap pooja mien nahi aaye ..

Dadi maa sorry mien gym mien tha ...aapki awaaz nahi aayi n time dekha nahi mene ..(he lifted prem in his arms).. c'mon big guy its school time ..

Chachu soona hai ..

Nothing doing chalo the washroom now ..

And he made him stand on his own and walked to take his uniform out of his cupboard ...dadi meanwhile walked upto him ..

Maan bete sab theek hai na ..

G dadi maa ...

Nahi humien aap kuch tensed lag rahe hain ..

Nahi aisa kuch nahi hai ...aap chaliye mien prem ko ready kar ke neeche bhejta hoon ...


Tanmay walked in the dining room and saw his wife cooking alone ..

Aaj sooraj kahin aur se nikla hai .. gayatri singh subha subha kitchen mien ...geet kahan hai ..??

Tanmay gi ...baat ko aap aise kar rahe hain jaise mien aapki beti ko saara time kitchen mien rakhi hoon ...sirf breakfast banati hai wohh ...aur mene geet ko kabhi nahi kaha yeh bhi karne ko ..

Acha acha main kiya gi tussi tu ghuse hugaye mien tu mazaak kar raha tha ...waise geet ko aaj office nahi jana kiya 

Pata nahi ...kal kaafi late wapis aayi hai shayad aaj late jaye rahi hai tu mene bhi uthaya nahi ..

Hmm ..acha kiya ...

acha singh sahab aaj raat party mien jaana hai na ...

han jaana tu hai ..aap ready hujayega aur geet se pouch lijeyega agar wohh chalegi humare saath 

aur gift ...?

wohh mene aapko bataya tha na ..

magar ...

oh ho gayatri gi late hugaya mien ...chaliye aata hoon ...

Tanmay left while gayatri twisted her lips in irritation ..

inko tu kuch samajh hi nahi ...society mien koi izzat hai bhi k nahi ke 400 rupay ka gift lekar chale jayen hum ...

babaji kaisi kismat likhi meri aapne ..uhh 


PRECAP :- isn't it obvious ..LOL

I'll come back tomorrow to update next ..till then kindly hit the like button and leave a comment 

Luv Ya

Posted: 1 years ago
It was awesomeClap
But geet or Maan kab tak itne tense rahenge
Please do something and I want sweet maaneet moments pleaseee
Posted: 1 years ago
Intense part. Felt bad seeing Geet this much in turmoil. She is afraid to hope for anything. Its high time Maan lets go of his fears and confesses to her. They both deserve to be happy. waiting for next.
Posted: 1 years ago
It is really sad that maneet love each other but can't express it . They both are helpless. Maan is angry and hurt seeing how Geet was suffering whereas Geet doesn't want to think  that Maan loves her as in past her heart was already broken. Waiting for next dear 
Posted: 1 years ago
Welcome back ...
Happy New year to u too...
Emotional update...
Feeling sad for Geet...
She didn't know what she expects from Maan...
She didn't want rejected again by him...
Looking forward for next part...
Continue soon...
Posted: 1 years ago
Amazing update.
Poor geet
Posted: 1 years ago
geet is very much shock listening what reet said her 
geet dint want to believe what reeta said 
maan caught reeta n warn her 
maan decide to give same pain for life time to reeta for hurting geet 
both maan n geet not able to sleep whole night 

Posted: 1 years ago
Maan warn reeta but he want hr to feel fear which Geet gone through
Geet now afraid to even imagine Maan loved hr she afraid of another heart break she now can't go through same 
Maan was restless knowing Geet left so he called ronak to know about Geet 
How long more Maan live without confess and Geet she can't now face Maan after reeta confession

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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