MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 57 @ Page 139 ||* August 30, 2020(Page 91)

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Hi All,

Hope you are fine ..i had a rocking eid thnxx for the wishes

to these lovely ones hitting button Thank you and to the amazing people taking time to type a few words hugs ..i love you all ...Embarrassed

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enjoy the update this festive is going to unfold lots of things for this MG ...Wink
Posted: 2 years ago

MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Geet stood up and for the first time maan saw her ..dressed so beautifully with minimal makeup ...her simplicity took his breath away ..amid of so much glamour and flashy dresses she was a refreshing flower ...she stood a few steps away while maan stood lost in those duo hazels looking at him ...drowning him ...

Prem pulled his hands only then he looked away breaking away from his trance while geet bushed seeing the admiration and approval in his eyes ..

Mujhe geet aunty aur aapke saath bhi selfie leni hai ..

Prem yeh aapka selfie game ziada nahi hu raha aaj kal ..

Please chahu last ..pakka 

Geet aunty aaona ..idhar 

Chachu aapka mobile do na mien click karunga ..

Prem mera phone mere room m hai beta ..

Baad m le lena ..

Nahi abhi ...geet aunty aap yahan aao mien abhi lekar aata hoon chachu ka phone ..

Are prem ...sunu ...//

He almost dragged her and left her hand and ran past her out of the room to get his mobile ... she lost her balance in those heavy heals ..maan supported her ...placing his hand on her waist ..while she clutched his shoulder ...

excuse the dressing in the picture below LOLEmbarrassed

her shocked scared eyes looked into his panicked ones ...instantly setting a calm in each others mind and heart ..having each other close and protected ...nothing else mattered ...and the world faded away in the depth of their eyes ...

her breath falling on his face .. his touch sending currents down her body making her breath labored ...his closeness affecting her in a way she could never hide ...blood rushing to her cheeks ...turning them red ...his mind was screaming to get his hands off her but his body stopped responding ...its been three days she hasn't talked to him ...he was dying to be with her and having her so close that even their hearts were beating in sync he wanted to freeze this moment and hold her in his embrace forever ...kiss her soft lips ..erase all those complaints ...and fill her with his love ...she looked at him with so much love filled in her eyes he couldn't keep a hold on his emotions nor his actions ... every second close to her taking him away from his sanity his body reacting to her closeness those hot breath fanning his lips making him hard this one moment she forgot all the complication of their relationship ...which didn't even existed ...the complaints .. the fights..arguments everything forgotten was just his beating heart under her palm now giving her heart the strength ...he was the force of gravity holding her in this world meaning to her breaths ...those eyes depicting something so deep intense she couldn't look away ...immune to the whole world she was standing their at his mercy to do what he wanted ...

In this second she would do anything he told her to was this complete surrender from her that took away maan's sense of balance ...that took away every rational from him as to why he shouldn't be holding her with such authority ..why he shouldn't be looking at her like this ...why he should step away ...maan eyes traveled down to her red blushing cheek to those trembling plum lips ...his heated gaze giving goose bumps to all over her body making her shiver in his embrace ...her legs jelly barely able to stand under those intensely passionate eyes ... she closed her eyes and gave him complete control over her was just his hold on her waist keeping her in place ... they probably would have slipped away in that moment if prem didn't had yelped in happiness running in the room...

Yeh I got your phone ...

Maaneet stepped away instantly .horrified with what happened ...each of their breaths labored if they had run a marathon and geet looked away everywhere than him ..realizing what she was doing ..she had practically given him a go ahead to ...she couldn't even think along those lines without turning beetroot red .../// 

Geet(st): what will he think of me ...

Prem: Geet aunty ..chachu aaona ..mirror ke saamne picture lenge ..

Geet exhaled ..while maan ran a hand in his hair trying to calm his raging emotions cursing himself to have lost his mind seeing her ..

Maan(st): idiot ..hosh hi nahi rehta uske saamne tu ..mana ke she is looking gorgeus but ...urgg maan get a grip ...

Prem held his hand and tried to pull him forward ..

Aao na chachu ..

Maaneet looked away while prem was struggling to hold the mobile in one hand trying to imitate veer but couldn't ...wanting to get over this awkwardness maan took the phone from his hand ..

Prem aaj mien kar deta hoon aap baad mien karlena ..

Maan held the phone at arms length when prem stopped him ..

Ek min chachu ..geet aunty aap paas aaona ..dekho picture achi nahi aarahi ..

Geet looked at him confused still trying to over the moment ...maan saw the awkwardness on her face and stepped back not wanting prem to question more or to prolong this selfie bit ..

Chalo prem ajao ...

He held him in his arms and clicked the picture even though geet was looking completely shocked in the click ...

Yes ...chalo mien neeche jaata hoon n dadi maa ko milta hoon ..

Maan: Dhayaan se jaana prem ..

They stood there for a moment and then geet started walking away ...still feeling his hot breath on her skin and the touch of his strong arms around her ...maan knew she would continue to think about this for the whole event and won't enjoy it ...he didn't knew what he can do to make her normal again regardless he stopped her calling her name

Geet roko ..

She stopped but never turned ...she couldn't face him ...not after what happened ..not at least today ...but he walked upto her ...n without thinking he started saying 

Aise neeche jaogi na tu sab ko lage ga ke bhoot dekha tum ne ...


Han tu ...just look at yourself in the mirror ...horror movie dekhne k baad logoon ke aise expressions hute hain ...

They standing a few steps away and turned look at the mirror ...the reflection they saw ...was her dream ...standing beside him like his equal partner ...the heal made her height equal to him ...he was dressed in a grey three piece while she was wearing a purple full length frock ...rather than looking at her expression she was lost looking at their reflection and found maan looking in the same direction how she wished he would also think in the same way least did she knew he was ...!! 

Their gaze collided in the mirror and she turned away ...clutching her fabric tightly... trying to calm her erratic heart beats ..

Don't worry geet ..girls tend to loose their focus seeing me ...nothing new ..relax

Geet made a O-shaped face ...and glared at him 

Haww ..u know what ...agar kisi ko lagta k mene bhoot dekha hai tu galat nahi lagta waise bhi aap kisi ravan se kam hain kya ... ek number ke kharoos ...Ravan Singh Khurana ...

Mien tumhain ravan lagta hoon ..??

Aur nahi tu kya ..aap apne aap ko kya Mughal e Azam ke Saleem samajhte hain .. dusht... danav ...

Really tab hi ghor rahi thi mujhe ...

Ghor tu aap bhi rahe thay ...

Oh please anarkali jitni khubsoorat tum bhi nahi ho ...mien tub a ...//

Mien tu bas kya ha ...aaj aap bata hi dejeye ...

Peh'chan raha tha ...itna make up kiya hai tum ne ...mene ek minute ke liye tumhain peh'chana hi nahi

Maan sir aap ...aapka kuch nahi hu sakta ...

She was soo furious and yet at loss of words to express ...n then stepped back agitated ...left scowling at him ..

Mujhe aap se koi baat hi nahi karni ..

Geet ...//

Lo mood acha karna tha ...tu mien uss se lar para ...phir lar para ...sach mien mera kuch nahi hu sakta ...yeh larki humeha mujh se kuch aisa karwa deti hai jo mene socha bhi na ho ...why do I always loose control around her ...


Geet hid behind a pillar before going downstairs ...trying to normalize herself ...she saw her reflection in the mirror and noticed the heated cheeks and labored breathing ...

Geet ...kuch nahi hua ...relax ...breath in ...(she inhaled).. Breath out ...(exhaling) ...

While she was at this someone tapped her on the shoulder ..making her yelp in shock ..

Ahh ...

Relax beautiful ...its me 

Babaji ...rohan ...dara diya mujhe ..

He smiled ...taking a step back ..

I am sorry I didn't realized ...par aap yahan kya kar rahi hain ...neeche sab aapko bola rahe hain ...Aparna aunty ...maa ..savitri dadi ..everyone ..

Mien ...bas ...woh ... jaa hi rahi thi ..

Acha aniee ko dekh aapne ...mujhe uss se dance performance ke baare mien confirm karna tha ...pata nahi kahan chali gayi ..

Wohh pari ke saath hai ..usko call karlo probably she won't allow u inside

That kiddo ..

With that he made his way towards aniee's room and geet after taking a deep breath made her way towards the stairs ...looking down careful with her long frock this time ...only to notice two male steps joining her ...she looked up standing at the top newel post of the staircase ...and saw him standing beside her ... they walked down the staircase together ...geet averted her gaze looking down ...the whole gathering were stairing at them some openly with admiration some from the corner of their eye pretending to not notice still envying the beauty she looked and the aura he casted with his presence ...and many burned seeing them together already assuming them together ...while dadi maa and anjana kept looking at them silently praying them to be together and blessing them both ...geet walked towards dadi maa inquiring if she was satisfied with the preparation while she had simply nothing to object on while maan went towards the entrance ...geet's eyes followed him and got a sweet shock seeing her mama and mami standing there ..while maan was welcoming them ...dadi followed her gaze and smiled ...

Aap tu guest list mien apne mama ; mami ka naam dalna hi bhool gayi thi ...

Dadi maa ...(she looked really overwhelmed and ackward at the same time) mujhe laga family function hai ...waise bhi they only ever come here for Diwali pooja ...

Bete ..i am surprised u think like that ..

Nahi dadi wohh ...//

Acha abb jaaye mil tu lejeye unse ..

Geet smiled and went towards them ...

Geet(st): meri family ko itni respect de sakte hain ..par mujh se ...mujh se seedhe mou baat tak nahi karte ...dusht ..danav kahin ke ...(after walking a few steps she stopped seeing her mamaji talking with him) .. nahi geet itne bhi bore nahi hain ..dekh mama gi aur mami ko apne ghar ke function m invite kiya ..itni respect di ...babajji saari bad mouthing na wapis ...dusht hain par itne bhi bure nahi hain ...Embarrassed

Mr. Khurana thank you so much for inviting us ...we are really honored 

Sir ...mien geet ka boss hoon aapka nahi ..and umar mien aapse kaafi choota b ...I really won't want u calling me with my sir name ...please maan is very fine ..waise bhi I guess we established this 5 years back ...

He smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder in gratitude ...while geet's mami was lost in the grandieur of the mansion ...

Are maan yehh tu budhe hugaye hain ...bhool jaate hain ...waise aapka ghar tu aaj Diwali se bhi ziada chamak raha hai ...ek dam mahal jaisa ...buhat sundar lag raha hai ...Dead

Thank you ...yeh arrangements geet ne hi karwayii hain ...aap log Please andar aaye n enjoy your self ...

Mama ji ..mami

Geet bete ..

She hugged them both sideways while maan left from there ...

Aap dono ko invite kab aaya ...mujhe bataya bhi nahi

Are kal ...maan Khurana khud aaye thay humaare ghar card lekar ..

Maan sir ..??

Kab ..?

Tere office jaane k baad ..tu raat ko itni late aayi subha bhi itni jaldi chali gayi mujhe time hi nahi mila batane ka ..

Koi baat nahi aaye mien aapko dadi maa se milwaati hoon ..


Maan was busy typing off on his phone when reeta walked upto him ...with a glass of juice in her hand ..

Maan juice pee lo ...kitni dair se dekh rahi hoon u r running around ..

Maan kept the juice on the counter without even looking at her ..

Thanks ...

Reeta felt insulted but brushed it off ...trying to gain his attention while he was still furiously typing some email ..completely engrossed didn't even notice who it was in front of him ...

Kaafi achi party arrange ki aap ne ...buhat mehnat ki hugi na ...

Han wohh geet ne sab karlia warna tu pata nahi kya huta ...anyways excuse me please I have to make a call ...

He left from there leaving her fuming hot in anger ...while geet walked upto the stage grabing everyone's attention ...but what made her burn in jealousy was the fact that maan instantly stopped to listen to what she had to say ..

Hello ..and namaste everyone ...thank you all for making it here tonight jin do logoon ke liye hum sab yahan aaye hain unn dono ko yahan bolaane ka waqt aagaya hai boys and girls ...and my preety ladies please welcome the bride and groom ...Pari and Veer Khurana ...

They didn't opted for the spot light entry infact ...veer entered the hall with rohan from the main entrance ...the whole crowd parted making way for him while pari walked down from the stairs along with aniee ...a soft music played in the back ground ..while vishal and his crew clicked their pictures and made a video ...instead of showering rose petals on them ..there were crew waking along side both of them spreading white rose petals on the way ...before every step forwards there were hundereds of rose petals spread infront of them as a pathway ...they stood infront of each other just before where the stage was ...everyone cheered ..clapped and the youngsters hooted ...veer smiled seeing his usual smart ass girl friend blushing furiously as his bride ...trying to hold her smile ..

He bent down whispering in her ears ..

U know u can smile ..its free

Pari chuckled ...and looked up at him for the first time this evening dressed in his casual still the most handsome guy for her in this world ...not because of his designers cloths but because of the sincerity and the love he carried for her in his eyes that she could clearly see now...while prem lost his breath just as he looked into those big koal speared eyes ...she looked ethereal ..not that she ever looked any less but dressed for him his fiance his' ...the feeling was out of this world ...he felt his heart would explode with happiness ...the ear splitting grin on each of their faces told the other the tale of their hearts ..the words weren't needed any more ...veer held out his hand and pari gave hers' into his and they walked towards the stage amid lots of cheers ...while aniee and rohan stepped back and geet already standing by the DJ smiling ...praying all the happiness was them both  and Anisha aunty gave them a flying kiss already in tears along with apana aunty ..


Friends and family walked upto them chatting with them and congratulating them while geet was busy coordinating with the even management crew for the next act in line and then instructing the waiters to serve the appetizer ...and juice ...on the while maan was on call keeping an eye on her ...while reeta was continuously watching maan ...seething in anger at having been ignored by him ...and the way dadi maa kept asking geet for every small thing ...and Anisha made geet cheek the shagun she brought for pari ...suddenly a relative of Anisha walked towards Savitri devi and inquired ..

Yeh kya Savitri gi ...punjabiyon ki shadi aur na koi dhool na dhamaal ...kaisi pheeki sagaai hai yeh ...

But before dadi could reply aniee came from behind ..

Oh ho aunty gi aisa kaise hu sakta hai ...dhol bhi bajega aur dhamaal bhi huga aap thora sabr tu kijeye ...

Aisa hai ...tu theek hai hum bhi dekhte hain ...

They all smiled while veer called her ...

Oyee ...kya karne waali hai tu ..

Veer bhaiya ...chill ...bas 5 min roko phir dekhna anvesha Khurana kya dhamaal karti hai ...

And she walked upto the DJ only to see geet already there ...

Geet sound ready hai na ..

Han ...bas tum jaldi se change kar k aajao ..wohh tumhara Indian outfit neeche waale guest room mien hi hai ...

Haayee ...thanks u r darling ...mien bas 5 in aayi ..

Theek hai tab tak mien space clear karwaa deti hoon ...


Maan came back only to join the other male member of the family present there ...and saw geet requesting the elderly ladies to be seated and his cousins were suddenly in eastern dresses unlike what they were wearing ...and then he saw the lights dimmed and his little sister standing there in the spot light ...

Hi everyone ...(her brows frowned and she gave a over sweetened smile) namaste ...tu aaj mere veer bhaiya ki sagai hai ..frankly mene socha nahi tha ke yeh bhi shadi karenge kabhi but chalo ...achi kismet hai inki pari ne han keh di bhai ki shadi hai aur behn dance na kare aise kaise hu sakta hai ...tu veer bhaiya aur pari ke sweet se aur thora sour se relationship ki chooti si jhalak aap sab ke liye ...mere aur rohan ki taraf se ..hope u enjoy ..

The crowd encouraged them with lots of applauds ...and the music began ..setting the beat and the lights came blinding them all for nanosecond and then the whole group was standing in a formation ...

O Ladke Deewane
Kahan Se Aaya Tu
Dulhan Ko Le Jaane
Kahan Se Aaya Tu
O Ladke Deewane
Kahan Se Aaya Tu
Dulhan Ko Le Jaane
Kahan Se Aaya Tu

Rohan emerged from the back of the boys now dressed in kurta ..

Boy: Chal Pyaar Karegi

While aniee came forward from behind the girl dressed in lehnga ..

Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji
Boy: Mere Saath Chalegi
Girl: Naa Ji Naa Ji
Boy: Oh Chal Pyaar Karegi
Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji
Boy: O Mere Saath Chalegi

Rohan extended his hand while aniee turned away ...showing him her thumb ...

Girl: Naa Ji Naa Ji
Are Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar
Teri Marzi Soniyee
Hum Tujhko Utha Kar Le Jayenge
Doli Mein Bitha Kar Le Jayenge

They continued enacting on the lyrics through simple steps ...while the crowd smiled and the people who knew the proposal scene could very well relate to how pari first refused to except her feelings n then she did ...people from the office knew their knock jhok ...

Hum Ghar Mein Kahin Chup Jayenge
Sang Tere Nahin Hum Jayenge
Boy: Oh Chal Pyaar Karegi
Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji
Boy: Mere Saath Chalegi
Girl: Naa Ji Naa Ji
Are Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar
Teri Marzi Soniyee
Hum Tujhko Utha Kar Le Jayenge
Are Doli Mein Bitha Kar Le Jayenge
Hum Ghar Mein Kahin Chup Jayenge
Sang Tere Nahin Hum Jayenge
Boy: Chal Pyaar Karegi
Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji

The boys n girls performed the steps making all the crowd entertained ...while veer and pari remembered their fights and those meaningless arguments ...smiling looking at each other with a knowing look ...

Boy Chorus:
Oyee Oyee Oyee
Girl Chorus:
Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa

Rohan walked towards Anisha and Aparna and pointed at them on the following lyrics earning a playful slap from Anisha ..

O Gorey Gorey Mukhde Waali
O Kaale Kaale Nainoon Waali

And then turned to aniee performing his steps ...

Maan Mera Aihsaan
Ke Maine Haan Kar Di

The boys joined him and the grooved together ...

Tu Warna Kunwari Reh Jaati
Ye Shaadi Humari Reh Jaati
Boy/Boy Chorus:
Tu Warna Kunwari Reh Jaati
Ye Shaadi Humari Rehjaati

Boy: Chal Pyaar Karegi
Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji
Boy: Mere Saath Chalegi
Girl: Naa Ji Naa Ji

Boy Chorus:
Hoo Hoo Hoo
Girl Chorus:
Aa Ahaa Ahaa Aa Ahaa
Boy Chorus:
Hoo Hoo Hoo
Girl Chorus:
Aa Ahaa Ahaa Aa Ahaa

Aniee walked upto the stage and lipsync the lyrics while sitting beide pari showing a mocking thumb tu veer ...

Jaa Main Nahin Karti Shaadi Waadi
Mujhko Pyaari Hai Ye Aazaadi
Main To Apne Babul Ke Bahon Ki Bulbul Hoon

Veer saw the slight slip of smile on pari's face with the lyrics and just to lighten up the mood he tried hitting sniee on her head from the back while she escaped showing him her tongue ..and ran towards the girls gang ...dancing 

Bas Tujhse Mujhe Ye Kehna Hai
Pinjare Mein Mujhe Nahin Rehna Hai
Girl/Girl Chorus:
Bas Tujhse Mujhe Ye Kehna Hai
Pinjare Mein Mujhe Nahin Rehna Hai

Rohan joined aniee walking from back performing the signature salman khan step along with her ...

Boy: Chal Pyaar Karegi
Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji
Boy: Oh Mere Saath Chalegi
Naa Ji Naa Ji

Boy Chorus:
Oyee Oyee Oyee
Girl Chorus:
Ahaa Ahaa Ahaa

Veer saw pari suddenly lost in her thoughts and he stood up taking her hand in his making her stand ...performing on the lyrics ..

Aankhoon Se Kajal Le Jayenge
Zulfoon Ke Badal Le Jayenge

Pari looked at him controlling the tears that threatened to fall ...while he took her hand and swirled her around ...kneeling infront of her and then suddenly taking her amid the dancers ...

Are Hum Aaye Hain Door Se
Yoon Waapas Na Jayenge

Pari stood in the middle while veer along with his cousins danced around her ...

Hum Apni Sajaniya Le Jayenge
Are Hum Apni Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Boy/Boy Chorus:
Hum Apni Sajaniya Le Jayenge
Are Hum Apni Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Pari wiped her tear and smiled ...realizing that there is someone in her life now other than her mother who would always be there to share her pain with her ...while now veer inacted the lyrics with full expressions and pari couldn't help but smile ..n play along

Boy: Chal Pyaar Karegi
Girl: Haan Ji Haan Ji
Boy: Mere Saath Chalegi
Girl: Naa Ji Naa Ji

Veer held her arms and 
Are Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar
Teri Marzi Soniyee
Hum Tujhko Utha Kar Le Jayenge
Are Doli Mein Bitha Kar Le Jayenge
Tum Koi Khushboo Ho Koi Rang ho
Tumko Jo Dekhe Woh Kyoon Na Taang Ho

Pari jerked off her hand off him and walked away with all the girls dancing ...

Hum Ghar Mein Kahin Chup Jayenge
Sang Tere Nahin Hum Jayenge

The whole gathering were enjoying few even joined them ...while veer and pari were lost in their world ...aniee walked towards maan to drag him along and rohan went to get geet ...

Hum Apni Sajaniya Le Jayenge
Hum Apni Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Maan burned in jealousy seeing rohan holding geet's hand dragging her amid the crowd and dancing with her ...his eyes focused on her oblivious to his brothers' point of attention ...aniee kept pleading him over the loud music ..

Please bhai chalo na ..

Nahi aniee ...I am not interested tum jao ...

After the nth time aniee left and joined rohan and geet in crowd ...while reeta continued standing in a corner noticing maan's changing demeanor ...

Hum Apni Sajaniya Le Jayenge
Are Hum Apni Dulhaniya Le Jayenge...

The song ended veer turned towards aniee and hugged her in his brotherly embrance ..

You danced beautifully ...

Aniee beemed in delight ...

Sachi ...

Pari: Muchi ...thanks 

Oh please pari now u r my bhabi ...keep these formalities aside ..

Rohan: not fair yaar veer even I performed ..

Ah ...han bhai supporting cast ko bhi credit den chahiye ...LOL

They continued to bicker while geet slipped away to check on the dinner ...and saw maan already there ...she was to leave to see the guests in the lawn when maan called for her ...

What are you doing here ..
Geet turned and looked at him confused ...still replied casually ...

Wohh dinner preparation dekhne aayi thi ...aap hain yahan tu mien bahar ...//

Kyun dance karne se fursat mil gayi ...

She looked at him shocked for a moment not sure if he really said that ...and then exhaled ...n then not being able to hold back ...gave him the reply in the most jangli billi style of hers'

G mil gayi ..actually abb har koi aapki tarha sado nahi hu sakta na ...aapke bhai ki sagai hai aur aap hi dance nahi kar rahe ...

Wohh meri choice hai ..

Han tu yeh meri choice hai ...

Tu theek hai na karo jiske saath dance karna ..

Han tu theek hai mien karloongi ...

Geet tumhaari problem kya hai ...3 din se jab bhi baat kar rahi ho sirf jhagra kar rahi ho ...

Mien jhagra kar rahi hoon ...(she was almost at the verge of bursting with don't know how many emotions everything just overwhelme her ...closing her eyes she exhaled noisey) ...fine tu mien aap se baat hi nahi karti ..wohhi acha huga ...

And she left ...while maan almost naturally held his hand out to hold her 

Geet ...///

But before he could she had already stormed away ...

What the ...///

Fine ...yehh hi theek hai nahi baat karte ...waise bhi aaj ka din hi kharaab hai ...

The both went in opposite direction not knowing if they were fighting with each other or with their own emotions ..

Ilzaam hai hum p yeh galat
Hum aap se nahi
Apne dil se larte hain
In bekaabo jazbat se larte hain
Hai itna khubsoorat sanam
Uss se kisi aur ke saath dekh k jalte hain
Yeh baat zubaan p na aaye
Apne alfaazon se larte hain
Is talkh lehje se dhoka mat kha ae dil'nasheen
Yeh justuju hai har lamha ke hum
Kuch aisa jo nahi kehna hum keh na jayen
Bas iss bas se darte hain 
Yeh Nafrat hai jis ke dam se aaj tak 
Mohabbat ki parda daari hai
Kahin parda hat na jaye
Iss baat se darte hain ...Ouch


Hope you all enjoyed ..there is a reason why this engagement ceremony is so elaborated and there will a alot of things unfolding during this function so stick around as the game s going change here girls ...Wink


luv ya

Edited by sobia4maaneet - 2 years ago
Posted: 2 years ago
simply loved it..Clap
it is amazing...loved the first scene between geet and maan..hope Geet knows soon that Maan also likes her.. 
Posted: 2 years ago
fabulous part. Loved how  they are fighting with their emotions to hide their true feelings. One step from Maan can sort this out and hopefully it happens during this engagement ceremony. I'm sure Rita will do something to humiliate Geet. waiting for next.
Posted: 2 years ago
Nice update
Maan n geet niharofying each other...prem wants a selfie with them...seeing geet's flushed face maan wanted to make her normal as usual they fought againD'oh
Dadi happy seeing maaneet coming together with prem... hope her dream comes true soon
Ye reeta bhi na...what is she upto...kuch tho pakka karegi to show geet down
Maan invited geet's mama mami...
Annie n rohan performance nice
Maan jealous when rohan pulled her for dance... again he fought with her...inn dono ka kya hoga
Eagerly waiting for the next update
Posted: 2 years ago
Nice part.  Maneet were lost in each other. They were ready to do anything for each other but suddenly Prem came back. They love each other immensely but still they are separated. Ainee's performance was beautiful.  Maan was Jealous seeing Geet dancing with Rohan. Waiting for next dear 
Posted: 2 years ago
Awesome update..
Waiting for next update..
Posted: 2 years ago
Loved the whole update...maaneet moments were fabulous...reenas she going to do something to hurt geet?  Maan so jealous but will not do anything about it...poor geet 
Loved how he went and invited her family personally ..

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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