MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 89)

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Hello everyone,

A Very Happy Eid Mubarak ...

thank you everyone for all the likes and comments promised back after 2 days Embarrassed

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Posted: 1 years ago

Everyone's Dresses ..








Posted: 1 years ago

MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Maan: Adi I don't want any media in the house ..this is a private function ..official statement hum de chuke hain ..

Don't worry none of them are going to enter the main gate ...everyone is parked outside reporting but none inside ..

Right ..ill just go and check the whole place once ..guest have already started arriving ...before veer gets here everything should be ready ...


While upstairs geet was busy sorting things for aniee ...

Geet yeh earings ache nahi lag rahe ..

Aniee mene tumhaare liye dosre waale nikale thay ...ab jaldi idhar aao I have to do your hairs as well ..

God dadi maa buhat dante gi ...

Relax kuch nahi huga ...

Geet did her hair in waves ...n there she was dressed in a sleeveless gown ...intricately embroided body and plain drapes ...she looked every bit the bubbly girl she is ...her bouncing curls around her hair and that dazzling smile ...

hayee ...i love my hair ...thank you geet u r the best ...(she turned from the mirror and hugged her tight) ... tum ne huti tu mera kya huta ..

kuch nahi huta ..tum mere bina bhi itni hi sundar lagti abb jao n help dadi maa ..ill be down stairs in a bit ...


Maan walked around the grand hall of KM which usually use to be in shades of whites and gold now had a another color ...Lavender he sighed seeing the whole house decorated with purple flowers ...and remembered his argument with geet 

Despite what he thought he was impressed with the dcor ..there were just enough flower pillers light purple and white drapes on the wall and of course the fairy lights was almost evening ...the whites shinning with the dim sunlight and the hall oozing with elegance and purity rather the usual aura of grandeur it had but today it looked celebratory ...the softness of the color theme made it look so decent and a feel of love instantly setting in ...jaise kisi ne buhat pyar se sajaya ho ..

He smiled moving towards the lawn where the marquee was now completely set and the lights were on already looked ethereal ...he was stuck at his place seeing the way the large family table was arranged under the shades of thousands of fairy lights ..not disturbing to the eye ...while there were individual tables set in the whole lawn with a bar in a corner ...not to forget the dance floor in one corner ...

this is the table decor for the above table ...the mirrored one ...Embarrassed

below are the individual table decor set in the whole lawn

3 days back he expected to see purple every where but now seeing the arrangements he regretted arguing with geet more than ever was all so perfect with just the flower bunches placed on the table that were lavender and the mirrored table top the lights on each table ...he was so proud of her efforts being shown in such a beautiful manner and all hard work being paid off... the lights were fading away and with each passing moments the soothing lavender and dark chairs together with candles and fairy lights made it all looked so grand as well as love filled... standing in the middle of the checkered dance floor he looked around wondering how will he make it up to her .. 

Just then veer walked upto him placing a hand on his shoulder and he turned towards him ..

Hi bhai ...

Hello dulhe raja ..

Bhai ..

Maan smiled hugging him ..

Aap ne tu mujhe jaldi aane se bilkul mana kardiya tha ...I was wondering how will you all manage everything today ...even ronak was suppose to arrive late ...but look at this ...its beautiful bhai ...

Mene kuch nahi kiya veer .. its all geet's effort ..

Han aap tu geet ko hi credit denge ..i know

Veer smirked mischievously while maan glared at him ...

Sagai waale din bhi maar khayega mujh se ...I was stuck with London deal ...abhi 1 hour hua hai neeche aaya hoon 

Yeah I saw the emails ..nasty stuff and such a wrong timing ... geet ko pata hai ?

NO ...and she doesn't need to know until tomorrow at least ...

veer smirked while maan kept walking around checking things if all the lights are working and tables are set 

and why is that bhai ..

C"mon veer itni excited hai wohh ...pareshan hujayegi ...i have done what we could today ...baaqi kal dekha jayega ...

maan walked a few step forward and realized veer wasn't along with him anymore and turned to notice him standing back looking at him with an expression saying ...what-can-do-about-you ...

WHAT ..??

veer smiled and shook his head ...

Nothing bhai ...chaliye ..  

Don't worry ill handle it ..waise bhi its your day ...

Hmm ..acha bhai ...pari aayi kya ..??

Agar aa bhi gayi hai tu fiqar mat kar aniee aur geet tumhain uss se milne nahi denge ...

Yaar yeh aap log kya suddenly pyar k dushman bane ho ...

Koi baat nahi sabar ka phal meetha huta hai

Yeah right ...aapki shadi hugi na tab btaonga apko

Maan looked away avoiding the whole topic and then said ..

Acha ba chal mujhe prem ko uthana hai geet had made him sleep in the afternoon ... usko ready karna hai ,,,waise bhi abhi time hai ceremony mien ,...

Okiee bhai chalo ...


Aniee walked down all dressed typing in her phone when somebody whistled and she turned shocked by the guts ready to give whoever it would be a good lecture but stopped seeing the person ..

Ronak smiled and walked towards her scanning her from head to toe ...

Bekhudi be'sabab nahi Ghalib
Yeh husn cheez hi aisi hai

Yukk ronak ...shi ...never expected a America returned person to quote road side shayari ..

Kyun bhae dil se tu pake dilli waale hain ...

Typical cheap guy then ...

With proud ..

Aniee looked at him shocked and they both laughed standing there ...

Buhat sundar lag rahi ho ..

Aniee looked him momentarily blushing ..and the awkward moment got disturbed just as vishal entered with his camera ..

Aniee yaar kahan hai tu ..?? at least mujhe apne close family member t bata de or else I will be clicking pictures of all random people ..

Oh sorry mien batata hoon ...btw this ronak ..ronak this is vishal he is my senior in college and is here to shoot the event ...

Ronak mien abhi aayi ..

She left while ronak stood there noticing the duo talking ...

Aniee: acha sun baaqi sab tu mene bata diya but make sure ke agar geet aur maan bhai kahin bhi saath hoon u have to click it for sure ...they will never get their picture clicked but I want their picture at any cost ...

Sun tere bhai aur geet ma'am ka kuch scene hai kya 

NAHI ...aur agar hai bhi tu its not your concern bola hai na wohh hi karna n dare u show them to bhai ...

Okie sherni ...chill ..

Good ..chal mien aati hoon I have to prepare for the dance as well ...


Prem bilkul seedhe raho otherwise bilkul acha hair style nahi bane'ga
Veer chahu seedha hi tu hoon mien

Prem hurry up ...its almost time now ...waise hi aapne uthne mien kitna time laga diya ...

While maan took out his shoes veer gelled his hair slightly though maan opposed it but didn't wanted to upset veer so he let him but warning that its just for this function ...

Chalo jaldi se shoes pehno then we'll go down stairs

Prem jumped down the dresser n wore his shoes ...

Bhai ek selfie tu banti hai 

Yeah ...selfie ...aao na chachu please ..

Maan looked at them both with a weird expression while veer pulled him towards him ..

C'mon bhai please aaj tu aap mujhe mana nhi kar sakte ..

Maan took veer in his arms and the three of them stood in front of the foot long mirror taking a mirror selfie ...prem looked dashing dressed in grey suit and a lavender coloured shirt ...maan admired his child and wondered how fast is he growing ...

Acha abb chalo neeche chalte hain ..


Pari: OH MY GOD ... Aniee look at that ..

They all turned towards the washroom from where geet emerged dressed beautifully in a full length frock with elegant golden floral embroidery slit from the front and her sleek legs hidden behind the perfectly fitted straight pants was simple enough yet formal for the occasion ...with her brown hair let loose ...straightened. The soft makeup just made her look perfect ...

Aniee whistled and hugged her side ways ...

Aaj tu koi na koi ghayal zaror huga ...

Geet smiled patting her face lovingly ..and pecked her cheeks in affection ...

I can almost say the same for you ...

They parted and geet saw pinky standing there ..

Pinky what are you doing here ..tumhain tu neeche sab dekhna tha na ?

Oh ho geet mien neeche hi thi wohh pari ko upar tak lekar aana tha iss liye ..

Yeah we had to stand guards making sure veer bhaiya doesn't see her ..

Geet shook her head and walked upto to pari ..

Buhat pyaari lag rhi ho ..

Pari blushed and stood up ..

Buhat ziada tu nahi hugaya na ...I mean sleek look for this function ..theek hai na ..

Pari ..!! relax sab theek hai n u look perfect ..

Aniee: Pata hai veer bhaiya has already asked me at least 3 time what are you wearing ..

The girls giggled ..

Bechara kitna pareshan kar rahe ho tum log usko ...

Aniee: Oh pls geet ...itna tu chalta hai ...

Pari (carefully ...actually bit shy and nervous totally opposite her super confident self): Waise veer ne kiya pehna hai ...

Pinky: ooo ..

Geet: Ahaa ...yeh dekho aniee ...aag bara bar ki lagi hai ...

Pari: Ae...Aesa kuch ..kuch nahi hai mien tu bas bye the way ...just ...//

They all giggled ...

Geet: tu bata ...what do you think he must be opting for ?

Pari: Mujhe kya pata ...

Pinky: Phir bhi kuch tu guess tu kar 

Pari: Well exactly tu nahi keh sakti ...but I can't imagine him in 3 piece suit ..tu may be something semi formal ..

Geet smiled and slipped her sandles 

Acha suno aniee tum pari ke saath roko ...pinky pls neeche jaake dekhlo welcomes drinks sahi se serve ho rahi hain na ...aur mien prem ke paas jaa rahi hoon usko mene sola diya tha ...pata nahi maan sir ne usko ready kiya k nahi ..

Alright mdam ..


Maan: veer I guess ab tumhain neeche jaana chahiye ...dadi ka mg aaya tha Aparna aunty bhi aagayi hain ...jaa k sab ko mil lo ...mien prem ko shoes pehna ar aata hoon neeche ..

Veer left only to meet geet on his way downstairs ..

Hey gorgeous lady ...kaisi hain aap ..??

Very well ...dulhe raja aap kaise hain ..??

Very bad aap log mujhe meri hi dulhan milne nahi de rahe ..

Oh ...sabr kijeye sabr ka phal meetha huta hai ...pehle apni mother in law se mileye ...kuch unko impress kijeye ...phir dulhan se bhi mil lejeyega ..

Fine geet ...karlo aap log jitna pareshan kar sakte ho ...

Geet smiled ...and patted his face ..

I am really happy for you both ...chalo but abb neeche jao sab guest aagaye hain its barely any time left ...

Okie but aap upar kya kar rahi hain ...

Wohh prem ko dekhne aayi thi ..

He's ready maan bhai already got him ready ..

Great ...mien dekh leti hoon ek baar kuch chahiye ho tu ..

Alright ..ill see you downstairs ..


She opened the door of prem's room only to see the business tycoon sitting on his knees by the little kid making him wear his shoes ...she could just stand there and admire this one moment her whole life ...the affection maan has for prem ..the way he plays the role of his father makes her proud n inclined towards this ruthless man every single time ...its this sincerity ...this soft side and this purity of soul she fell for matter how ruthless he is to the world how mean he acts in front of her ..he is by heart a pure soul that can happily give his life for his family ...lost in her thoughts she was still standing at the door step when prem squealed in delight jumping down the stool ..running towards her that broke her revere and she sat knelt down only to engulf him in her embrace ..

Geet aunty mien kaisa lag raha hoon ..

Buhat handsome ..ek dam prince charming jaise ..

Sachi ..

Geet smiled and kissed his cheeks lightly careful not to mark his royal highness with her lipstick ..

Muchi ..

Prem hugged her and she held him in her arms so happy ..suddenly all the tiredness of the day fading away with the infectious smile of this toddler ...she could do anything for his happiness ...because that's what makes her the most happiest person in the world ...seeing prem happy 

Pata hai chahu ne mujhe ready kiya and veer chachu setted my hairs ..

He narrated this small sentence in such an animated manner and geet looked at him with admiration standing behind them maan smiled and geet looked at him ...they both were sharing the same feelings ..they knew but probably wouldn't word it ever ...seeing the child you once held in your arm grow in front of you is such an overwhelming experience when you know that person from the time when he couldn't speak and now he is standing in front of you dressed in a three piece suit his hair flopping at his forehead narrating his small moments of joy ...non of your life's achievements could compete this ...

Geet aunty aap sun rahe ho na ..

Han ...han bache ..

She looked away and so did maan ...

Prem ab neeche chalien ..sab wait kar rahe hunge ...

Geet stood up and for the first time maan saw her ..dressed so beautifully with minimal makeup ...her simplicity took his breath away ..amid of so much glamour and flashy dresses she was a refreshing flower ...she stood a few steps away while maan stood lost in those duo hazels looking at him ...drowning him ...

Prem pulled his hands only then he looked away breaking away from his trance while geet bushed seeing the admiration and approval in his eyes ..

Mujhe geet aunty aur aapke saath bhi selfie leni hai ..

Prem yeh aapka selfie game ziada nahi hu raha aaj kal ..

Please chahu last ..pakka 

Geet aunty aaona ..idhar 

Chachu aapka mobile do na mien click karunga ..



Function abhi baaqi hai mere dost ...LOLWink

Chal pyar karegi   ..?
Han gi han gi 

oh mere saath chalegi ...?
Na gi Na gi ...Embarrassed


Luv Ya

Posted: 1 years ago
Nice part.  Everything is arranged so beautifully. Geet has made sure to  keep everything perfect. I loved the way maneet were showing their love and affection to prem. But I hope maneet love story also develop with time. Waiting for next dear 
Posted: 1 years ago
maan feel proud of geet seeing all arrangement done for function 
annie ask vishal to take photo if he found maan n geet together without their knowledge
Posted: 1 years ago
Lovely update. The whole set up looked beautiful and the pics made it more real. Even Veer is aware of Maan's love for Geet. Hope some miracle happens and Maan declares his love for her as his every thought and action conveys that. Prem is a cutie pie with his childish blabbering. He is one binding factor between Maan and Geet. waiting for next.
Posted: 1 years ago
Like button issue
Awesome update
Love the both updates.
Thanks for ypdate
Maan thoda chup rehna bhi sikho
Aur yeh masi k chakar Kiya hai
Reeta Kon hai
Geet did everything like a member of family
I don't understand what makes him to not to say his love for geet
Diwali par Kiya howa jos k wjha say geet pareshan hai
Ok so many questions
Love preem and maaneet scene
If maan cares as father geet care and love him like mother
Please update soon
Posted: 1 years ago
Loved it!!

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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