MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 87)

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Hello Everyone,

hope you are fine, i am still stuck with my job yeah updates are slow i acknowledge but its difficult to come online though I've been typing offline... so here is the thing Eid is coming so ill posting an update of this story every 2 days ...EmbarrassedLOL (hopefully) I've banked a lot and would be typing for ishaqzaade i could so the same for that as well. PMs would be for this one and then the next pm you would get would be at the end of this banked quota ..not that it matter as people who come here via PM hardly comment ..any ways ...

to the following people hitting like button thank you so much and the to those who commented a very big hug you people are the reason i keep coming back ..luv you all  Hug

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i am off to editing the update 

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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


While maan left from there the girls continued wrapping the gifts ..
Acha sun aanie photographer ka kya hua ? tum ne kaha tha tumhara koi friend aayega ..
Yup ..don't worry vishal is great at it ..infact uska message aaya tha he'll be here in few hours ..
Maan sir ko bataya tha ..
U think unko pouche bina yeh kar sakti thi mien ...(they both shared a smile while geet put the tape to the last gift) ...he's gonna meet him when he arrives first thing before he takes a single click ..
Typical ...//
They probably would have continued but someone interrupted them coming in and immediately made aniee to frown ..
Hi aniee ..
Hello reeta Di ..(aniee gave her a tight smile while geet glared her asking her to behave) ..
Oh please aniee stop calling me di ..I am just 2 years elder to you ...
Abb dadi maa se dant thorai khani hai mujhe reeta ...anyways how are you ...
Great usual ..tum batao ..kuch help karaon ..
Oh no thanks infact geet ke hote huye tu mujhe bhi kuch nahi parta ...
Ah wohh tu geet ki poorani adat hai ...sab kaam khud karna ...sab k praises lena year passed since I last came and she is still the same ...
Geet busied herself with clearing away the extra papers and tapes while aniee was almost at the edge of snapping at the irritating smirk and that insulting tone of reeta a result to which came her cutting reply ..
And your point is reeta ...
Nothing ..merely an observation though ...infact she should take it as a compliment aniee ..i am saying she is a very hardworking "Employee ...
Reeta ...//
Umm ..aniee I remember dadi maa ne kaha tha gifts hujayen tu unn se milne ko ..its done here hum chalte hain dadi maa ke paas ...
And before aniee could reply to the way reeta emphasized on the word "Employee geet dragged her away ...
Aniee: geet why didn't you answered her ..that bitch ..
Aniee shush ...she was trying to provoke us and that's what you were about to do ... 
Geet don't act as if you didn't got what she was saying about you ..
Wohh kuch bhi kahe aniee it doesn't mater ..she doesn't matter ...and besides mien hoon maan sir ki employee ...that's a fact ...
No you're not ...(aniee raised her hands in frustration) .. geet you know bhai are not just an employee (aniee was almost in tears don't know because she was so angry at reeta and couldn't express it or because she couldn't just tell geet how much her idiot stubborn brother loves her) are not ..
Geet smiled and hugged her sideways ..
Well you know that well as I do ..we have a bond ..and that's what matters 
Dobara uss ne aisa kuch kiya na I won't leave her hell with these relatives and this function nobody messes with my family ...
Geet stood numb for a second... aniee looked a total replica of maan..fiercely protective and temper flying high... she walked away while geet stood there tensed ...n exhaled realizing she was holding her breath..

Khuranas ..!!

She turned towards the way reeta went past her ...n murmured under her breath...
I am not gonna let you ruin this reeta ..last year tum ne iss family ki diwali kharaab ki thi ..i won't let you spoil this ..
She took out her phone and dialed to KC ..
Hello romeo ...sab ko lekar KM aajao jaldi ..
It was almost time for high tea KM was buzzing with staff and relatives while geet was running around the mansion checking every corner and speeding up the workers ..
Nakul Mr. Mehta wohh catering manager kahan hai woh ..
Wohh tu madam back yard ki taraf gaye thay ..
Bolao unko jaldi ..dekho high tea ka time hugaya and snacks bhi serve nahi hu rahe abhi tak ...aur maan sir kahan hain ..?
Wohh tu study mien hain ..
Lo ..yahan inke bhai ki shadi hai aur yeh ..dadi maa n inko office nahi jaane diya tu ghar mien hi start hugaye yeh ...babaji mien keh rahi hoon ...2 din se I have done everything to not fight with him but abb na mere sabar ki seema paar hugayi hai ...had huti hai yaar 
Geet ...geet sun na
Han aniee kya hua ...
Bhai kahan hian ..?? Vishal is here mujhe usko bhai se milana hai ..
Study room mien ..okie thanks mien jaati hoon ..(before she could walk away geet held her hand holding her back)
Suno ..aniee lunch kiya ..?
Han wohh karlia ..
Tum ne kiya ..??
Han prem ko khilana tha tu uske saath hi kar liya tha ..
Great ...acha aati hoon mien 
A wooden frame was set and decorated with lights to make a temporary marquee while a row of long table was set under it  and a bar in the corner with several table out side scattered in the whole of the lawn for the bachelors ...and a marble look-a-like dance floor set on the other side of the dinner marquee with check patterns and lights set around its edges ...

The lilac and white tulips decorated the whole of khurana mansion ...unlike what maan had expected the purples were just the flower rest of the whole setup was white in accordance with veer's taste ...the fairy light adorned the branches of the trees and the walls of the mansion the cool breeze of the evening the scent of the flowers were just enough to make you feel pleasant not overwhelming the senses ...when maan looked down from the window of his study seeing the preparation while talking on call a smile adorned his face seeing his mishty running around commanding the managers and pointing out the empty spaces ...for anyone else she would have looked like a women so angry but he knew it was just her anxiousness ...a smile came on his face almost unconsciously and the tiredness of last 3 days seems have lessened a bit ..after that stupid argument she wasn't talking to him ...not at least directly ..and he was stuck in a mid of the London deals' issues couldn't really give enough time to manofy her was his responsibility but he could barely get himself off the call since morning and thus even that was being taken care of by the great Ms. Handa ..his heart skipped a beat just as he saw geet trip over a drape of a table unpinned ...but someone saved her and then all he could see was the green of jealousy seeing his cousin holding her hand while she got over the shock ..if he could he would have directly jumped in the garden and took that bloody hands of that guy off of his mishty and moments after she did the same may be thanking the guy ...he was trying to recognize that guy while a knock on the door disturbed him and he turned ...
Bhai ...Vishal is here ...
Maan gave her a confused look ..and she shook her head
Bhool gaye ..?? photographer for the event .. ??
Right I ..I remember ...yaad hai mujhe ...

tum jao neeche see if geet needs help ..while I clear my requirements to your friend ..
Aniee didn't really wanted to go but the hard stare and clear business like face of her brother told her he is not to be argued with ..and she left without a word more
Umm ..okiee and by the way dadi maa was asking for you
I'll be down stairs after this ..
Mean while in the garden ...
Hi geet ..its been such a long time ..
Yup ..2 years now ..
I guess almost are you ..
Great is aunty and uncle ..
Superb is busy in NY for his deal so I am here with mum ..
Aap andar chaliye na marquee is still under preparation ..
Well how about we swap the places aap andar sambhaal lo and ill look over these fellas ...
That's really kind of ronak but its okie are guest and I am the host here ..go and enjoy 
Rubish ..when a gentlemen like me in the house than a beauty like you shouldn't be scorching in the heat just for these pity task ...aap jao ill take care ..
Hi there Mr. Handsome
Wohoo ...fatty tum tu bilkul change hugayi yaar ..
Shut up okie and don't call me fatty ..
Bachpan mien tu thi na
Bachpan guzar gaya ...knock knock ...look who I am now 
Mere liye tu you'll always remain that fatty ...
Whatever RONAK re late ..i told you to be earlier and where is MAASI ?
Sorry yaar mum wanted to buy a gift and everything ..she is inside with dadi maa ..
Okie fine now lets go I have a plan for the evening and you are part of it c'mon

Aniee dragged her cousin inside while geet continued instructing the workers ...


Dadi Maa: Anjana thank god aap aagayen ..humien laga tha aap nahi ayengi ..

Anjana: maa gi ...bas kaam rok deta hai warna mien tu kabhi na jaati ...

Hmm hum samajhte hain ...but its good to have you here ...aniee buhat khush thi aapko dekh kar ...

Maan nahi dekh rahe ..??

Aap tu jaanti hain ghar mien kuch bhi huta rahe ...maan ke liye unka kaam sab se pehle hai mien hain ...aur geet ke hute huye maan ko waise bhi kya tension  hai ..

The two ladies smiled ...involuntarily looking around searching geet ..

Maa g ...geet hai kahan ... its been 2 years since I met her last...

Hum bola dete hain aap yahin rukiye ...

Geet was in the corner instructing the catering incharge when dadi maa walked upto her ...

Dekhiye mujhe dinner ke time p koi mis-management nahi chahiye ...

Ma'am everything is planned ...koi problem nahi hugi ..

Geet ...suniye 

G dadi maa ...

Ek minute Mr. Manager please aap apna kaam resume kijeye ...thank you

Kya hua dadi maa sab theek h na ..

Bilkul theek nahi hai ..

Kya hua ..?? lawn set nahi hua abhi tak ..?? mene bola hi tha in logoon ko k jaldi karen dekhiye na guest aana bhi shoro hugaye ..

Exactly geet bete guest aana shoro hugaye aura aap ready nahi hain ...

Geet sighed ...

Dadi maa aapne tu dara diya ...mien hujaati hoon na ready bas ek baar ...//

Nothing doing haal dikheye apna bete ...aur saare guest aane lage hain n anjana tu aapko bola bhi rahi hain ...

Anjana ...

Maan ki maasi ...kaafi time baad india aayi hain wohh bhi jab aniee ne 1000 calls kiye tab ...

Oh han I remember her now ...ronak ki mother right ..?? jo phychologist bhi hain ?

G... wohh wahan corner waale couch p hain aap jaake mil lijeye n please yeh sab abb chor k tyaar hujaye ...

Dadi maa mien ek baar catering ka dekh loon phir pakka ...//

Mien dekh lunga ...

N they both turned surprised to see maan walking down the stairs fully dressed  ...dadi maa smiled while geet stood lost in his aura transfixed by his captivating gaze set upon her ...he walked towards them looking at her not moving his gaze for a second ...his heart swelling in proud seeing the admiration in her eyes ...he knew the world praise him for his look but her approval mattered the most ...dadi maa addressed with her authoritative motherly tone bringing them both out of there revere ...making geet conscious of her doing 

Time mil gaya aapko apne bhai ki engagement mien aane ka ...?

I am sorry dadi maa ...important nahi huta tu aaj ke din kabhi con call nahi arrange karta mien ...but abb tu I am here ..ill take care of everything ..

Geet anajana se mil lejeye ..

She left leaving the two of them standing there in awkward silence ...while maan was busy thinking of a single topic to start a conversation geet was still cursing herself ..

Geet (St): jhaali kahin ki ...unko dekhte hi hosh kahan jaate hain tere ...kya sochenge sab ...kisi ne notice kiya huta tu ...geet sambhalja warna sab sawaal karenge aur tu jawaab nahi de payegi ...

Tum yahin khari rahogi ...(geet looked at him confused) .. engagement iss hi haal mien attend karne ka irada hai ...

geet was to answer him back but then closed her mouth as if gulping her words back ...n then looked away twisting her lips ..

Geet(St): yahan ke kaam khatam hun tab tu mien jaon na ..khud tu meeting busy thay ...aur mujhe bol rahe hain ...mien na in se baat hi nahi karungi ...jab b bolte taunt hi karte hain ...

Maan was already loosing his cool with her silent treatment getting on his nerve and on top it her self talk habit irritating him he was so desperately waiting to listen to her voice at least have one single conversation with her since last 2 days now and instead of replying him she was murmuring something inaudibly ...

Geet kya khud se baat kiye jaa rahi ho ...?? Bolo gi kuch ...mene kaha hai abhi ill take of rest of the arrangements tum maasi se mil lo n ready hujao ...its almost time now ...pari n veer bhi aate hi hunge ...

Geet(st): bolt u aise rahe hain jaise subha se sab in hoon ne kiya ho ..babaji sach mien function start hone me 2 hours hain study se bahar aaye hain aur order tu aise de rahe hain jaise ...uff mujhe in se baat hi nahi karni ...

N without a word she left leaving a confused and angry maan behind ...

Yeh larki na ...theek hai nahi baat karni na tu mujhe bhi baat nahi karni iss se ...ziddi kahin ki ..


Anajana ma'am ...namaste 

Anjana turned to see geet and smiled ...

Well geet the last time we talked I remember you were calling me aunty ...waise I won't mind being addressed as anjana but chalo if that makes you comfortable but at least ma'am tu nahi chalega ..

Geet smiled and anjana extended her arms offering her a hug to which she reciprocated gracefully ...

How are you aunty ...its been so long   

Ah well it has been... unfortunately ...tum batao life mien kuch change hua ya abhi bhi wahi haal hai ..

Bilkul wahi haal hai ...KC k word load, aniee ke projects, prem ke tantrums aur maan sir ka ghussa kuch nahi badla ...

N the ladies shared a mutual laugh ...

But iss sab mien tum kahan ho ..??

Anjana's question suddenly made geet off balance ...she didn't knew what to answer to that abrupt revelation of sort that actually her life has been revolving arounf this family since last 5 years and nothing else ...anjana realized that her question has disturbed geet and she instantly changed the question asking about Savitri devi's health and her work ...then maan ..

Aap mili nahi maan sir se ..?

Anjana sighed and gave her a sad smile of sorts ...

Nahi ...tumhain pata tu hain ...maan would do everything to avoid me ...

Geet knew maan doesn't talk to her that much but then she has hardly seen him talking to any female of his extended family ...but didn't knew if she should be questioning that so instead she starting inquiring about her practice and counseling in NYC ...

Aniee ne bata tha mujhe that u were given an appreciation award to serve for the veteran fighters counseling by the US Government ...

Yeah that ...just a part of my profession ...I hardly expected that but its always good to be appreciated ...

Aunty you have such a pure soul and I know your success rate on bettering people's mental health is so good ofcourse you would have made a great difference to the war affected fighters ...

But I couldn't make a difference in him ...

Geet followed her gaze and noticed her looking at maan who was instructing the manager in his usual commanding manner with a look of disappointment ...her heart beat rose with curiosity and panic ...while anjana continued lost in her grief of failure ...

I succeeded in helping the war affected soldiers overcome their emotional fight but I couldn't get him to over come his grief ..geet pata hai when he was born I was the first person to hold him even before his parents ...itni zid karta tha na yeh bachpan mien ...humesha di isko danti thi aur phir roote huye mujhe call karta tha and today I am the person he Doesn't even want to meet ... u know after his brother n sister in law I saw him smiling at prem's 4th birthday ..the one you arranged ..remember ...(geet nodded remembering the old time that was the first time she had gotten t meet all of these Khurana family and saw maan in a completely different light ...he was so anxious if prem would like it or not and so emotional when prem laughed while playing in the jumping castle the first time she had seen tears in MSK's eyes she can never forget that) ..i could never get get him to express himself that way again geet ..and that's my failure ...

Nahi aunty aisa nahi hai ...waise bhi maan sir tu sab ke saath hi aise ...aap unka boora mat maaniye ...he doesn't do it purposefully ...wohh tu bas unki nature I thori ...reserve hai ...

Anjana smiled ...looking away 

Buhat ghussa karta hai na tum p ...abhi bhi jhagra kar raha tha na ...

Kab nahi karte woh tu ...ab tu aadat hugayi hai ...kuch bhi karlo he always end up finding flaws... actually he hates me 

No he doesn't ..

Geet looked at her surprised at the conviction with which anjana said that ...after the last 3 days geet was already worn out not talking to him no matter how much she tell herself that its for good she doesn't talk to him kills her every time she walks away from him ...

Geet.. maan is a different person ,...he won't come up and tell you that he cares ..he never has and probably he never will ...but his actions shows his emotions .. 

Anjana aunty ...I've tried enough n failed every single time ...I don't think ill ever be able to understand him at a level you do ...after all aap tu maasi hain unki ..maa jaisi ...

Iss hi keh rahi hoon ...he doesn't hate you ...and please don't hate him 

I can never 

Geet looked at her shocked matter how much they fight ..she can never hate him ...that's way beyond her ..anajana smiled patting her face lovingly ..

God bless you bete ...god bless you 

She left leaving behind a confused geet wondering what was anjana trying to say ..and why was she discussing maan at such a personal level with her ...but amid so many arrangement she couldn't really st and think could she ...


On the other side of the mansion aniee and ronak were practicing for the dance ..

Bas hugaya yaar aniee ...I think we'll pull it off just fine ..i get your theme 

Aniee panted and at on the couch drinking water ..

Acha sun how is maasi ..??

She's fine ..kind off after the war fighters project ..their depression has rubbed on her ..sometimes she gets all philosophical on us and other times she is perfectly normal herself had a talk with a few doc.s they said it would take a bit of time and she will be fine it happens sometimes ...she has gotten to hear the worst from those soldiers and now she is remorsing over all her life's bad events and failures ...

Aniee looked down chewing her lips ..n ronak sat beside her hugging her side ways ..

Hey fatty ...relax yaar she'll be fine ...n thank you for inviting us here it be great for mum to be here ...

I hope so ...

Aniee placed her head on his shoulder praying to make everything good again ..anjana is the mother aniee never truly had ...she was very small when her parents died and she barely remember her bhabi she was not even in her teens when they left ...there was a constant hollow she has always faced in her life and she cannot afford to loose another mother ..


Geet was stuck with instructing the lighting staff to decorate the other side of the lawn when reeta entered ..

oh god ...just look at your self ...

Geet turned to look at her with an annoyed expression dismissing the staff to do their work while reeta continued ...

Aise aaogi party mien ..?? apni nahi tu khurana family ki reputation ka khayal karo saara media aagaya hai kya sochenge sab k itni classy party mien yeh kuan hai ...

Geet rolled her eyes and gave her a forced smile ..alread she was disturbed with the delays in preps and anjana's talk ...reeta's comment just made hr loose her calm ...

Sorry Ms. Reeta but yahan kuch kaam tha waise bhi mujhe ready hone mien 2 hours nahi lagte ... you know priorities ...mien 20 min mien bhi tyaar huyi na tub hi achi hi lagoon gi ...aap bilkul tension mat lejeye ...(reeta tried to answer back but geet continued not giving her a moment) and han appka make up buhat acha lag raha hai ...but I guess aapko touch up karna huga na ceremony se pehle ..ground floor p washroom hai just in case aap ko KM ka pata nahi ho you can use that ...warna pictures mien base ke cracks highlight hugaye tu ...

You ...!!

Hi reeta ..

She turned seeing aniee standing there with all KC staff and ronak ..

Kuch kaam tha were asking na how can you help in prep tu abb aap ready hu hi gayi hain tu u can look after these people ensure that they do the final setting properly ...hum abhi ready hu ke aate hai

And before she could reply ...romeo came forward ..

Hello geet ma'am ...please aap aaye na ..

And they left ...

Leaving a fuming reeta standing there ...

Serving Staff: Madam ..yeh kahan lagana hai ..

Oh you shut up karna hai karo ..

The guy left ...while reeta stomped her foot angrily before leaving the lawn ..

Geet how dare you'll have to pay for this ...


Just as the stepped out of reeta's ear shot geet stopped them all ..

Aniee yeh kya tum ne usko arrangements dekhne ka bol diya ...kuch mess up kardiya us ne tu ..

Kuch nahi karegi woh ...make up ki dukaan ban ke u think she'll be running around ...geet yeh sirf aap kar sakti hain ...

Pande gi: geet mahodia ...aap shinta mat karen hum yahan sab dekh lenge ..

Aniee: acha guys  mien abhi upar jaa rahi hoon ready hone ...n geet please aap bhi aajayen ...dadi maa has asked me for you 3 times already ..

Mien aati hoon ..

She left and Romeo pounced on her ..
Geet ma'am ..aap ne humien yaha bolya tha to keep aniee away from that reeta aur aap ne khud hi usko suna diya ..

Pinky: Han tu Romeo wohh bhi tu churail ki tarha behave kar rahi thi ...geet tu ne bilkul theek kiya ...

Okiee guys thank you for your encouragement but I don't want anything spoiling todays events iss liye aniee aur reeta ka alag reh na zarori hai ...mien upar ready hone jaa rahi hoon ...please yahan sambhaal lena ..

Don't worry ma'am ...when Romeo is here have no fear ...

Geet smiled and shook her head and so did pinky ...

She was about to walk away but then turned ..

By the way adi sir kahan hain ..??

Pinky: Wohh maan sir ke saath hain ..

Oh ...

Geet abb jao ready huke aao ...pari bhi aane waali hai ..uska call aaya tha she is on the way ...

Acha baba jaa rahi hoon ...


Maan: Adi tum ne catering arrangements check kar li ..??

G sir everything is done ...bahar lawn ...marquee .. bar and photo booth sab kuch almost arranged hai ...

What about security 

Additional guards are placed since last 3 days ...right now CCTV team bhi monitoring p hai civil dress m b guards hain ..

Adi I don't want any media in the house ..this is a private function ..official statement hum de chuke hain ..

Don't worry none of them are going to enter the main gate ...everyone is parked outside reporting but none inside ..

Right ..ill just go and check the whole place once ..guest hve already started arriving ...before veer gets here everything should be ready ...


hope you all enjoyed ...for those who are waiting for MG Romantic moments wait for another update sweeties ...Wink and I'd be revealing all the pictures related to the event decore as described in the next update ...took me forever to finalize 

its 4000+ words of update i hope i can compel you at leave a few sentences for me to know who you Felt ...

waiting for your responses  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

luv ya
Posted: 1 years ago
Lovely part. Geet is an integral part of Khurana's life and its evident to all. Reeta is surely jealous of the importance Geet has but I'm glad to see both Annie and Geet ready to deal with her. I guess not only Annie and daadima but Anjana too is aware of the fact that Maan loves Geet but won't say it. Waiting for next to see how the party goes. 
Posted: 1 years ago
Geet is practically a Khurana and even Anjana knows it
Reeta too that is why she is jealous
Loved Annie's protective nature for Geet
Loved how Maan was admiring his mishty
Yeh dono kuch kehte kyu ni ek duje ko
Am hoping anjana could knock some sense into both
Hate Reeta
Nice one
Excited for regular updates thing around eid
Thanks for updating and pm
Continue soon
Posted: 1 years ago
Awesome update..
Continue soon ..
Posted: 1 years ago
nice part. loved it. so finally all preparation has started. Geet is making sure to have everything perfect. This Reeta is really annoying. Ainee just wanted to slap her for her behaviour but Geet stopped her. Ronak and his mother seems great people.  I guess they will be somewhere major part to bring maneet closer. Maan was jealous seeing Geet and rounak. He got more angry when Geet is giving him silent treatment. I guess anjana knows about Maan being in love with Geet.  Waiting for next dear 
Posted: 1 years ago
Reeta is anoyying hope she doesn't do any harm to get
When will maan confess his love for geet
Please update soon
Posted: 1 years ago
superb update
reeta is very much jealous of geet's position in khurana family , not leaving chance to humiliate her
anjana talk to geet very personal n private with geet knowing her place in maan's life n ask not to leave n hate him
geet very nicely  back answer to reeta

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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