MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 80)

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Nice update dear 
Liked it!! 
Pari and Veer's alliance is fixed and are blessed by elders.
Thanks for the pm!
Looking forward to the next update
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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Maan was hurriedly making way downstairs in the early morning adjusting his watch when he heard the sound of anklets surprised he looked up only to get collided with the ultimate disaster queen of his life at the edge of the stair case ..

Ohh ...ahh

Her heart stopped just as she fell back from the top most stair until she felt a hand pulling her back up ...maan secured her in his embrace while she balanced herself holding his vest tight in fear ...geet opened her eyes slowly registering the fact that she has been saved and looked up only to meet the paniced concerned chocolate brown eyes looking back at her ...holding her arms in his firm grip while one of her palm now pressed against his heart letting her feel the fast pace of his heart beat ...

Maan sir ..

She gasp overcoming her state of shock ..breaking his spell ..

Dekh k nahi chal sakti tum ...gir jaati abhi tu ..

Wohh m ...actually ..

Geet tumhain na Oscar milna chahiye ..logoon ke paas musibat aati h but tum ..tum tu khud musibat ke paas chal k jaati ho ...yahan s girti na tu pata hai kitn haddiyan tootti ...

Sir I am sorry wohh dadi maa ne itni subha call kr k bolaya ...mien tension m thi.. but aap bhi tu ...//

Maan sighed part in relief part in frustration ...

Geet tumhara kya huga ...

Geet made a baby face looking back at the long stair case and then down ..

Mene jaan k nahi kiya na ...

Ya right ...

Aur aap bhi tu dekh sakte thay na ...TongueTongue

What .. yeh acha h pehle galti karo aur phir ilzaam dosre p daal do ..

Acha tu agar mene nahi dekha tu aapne bhi nahi dekha ..aapne dekha tha tu aap rok jaate ...

Geet tum ...///

Maan ...Geet bas kijeye aap dono ...kya subha subha choro hugaye aap log ...

Dadi maa yehh tu aap apni iss ladli s hi boliye ...

Hawww ...maan sir galti sirf meri nahi thi ...
geet tum apni galti chupane k liye mujhe ilzaam nahi de sakti ...

Oh ho bas kijeye ...ek dum chup dono ...

The both made a angry face at each other and turned away ..

Acha yeh choriye na dadi maa ...aapne mujhe itni subha bolaya sab theek h na ..??

Kahan theek hai 4 din mien sagai h veer aur pari ki aur aap sab ko kuch fiqar hi nahi hai ...anisha apne ghar ki renovation mien phasi hai ...aur aap bache office se hi fursat nahi kisi ko ...kaise huga sab kuch ..

Dadi maa appko tension kyun hai ...dekhiye venue tou pari ki mother hi decide kar rahi hain ..humin tu sirf shagun lekar jaana hai na ..

Acha maan aur apko kya lagta hai shagun tyaar karna kitna asaan h ..

Dadi maa kal aapke paas yahan delhi ke top designers hunge and jewelers hunge aap khud sab select kijeyega anisha aunty ko bhi yahin bola leheyega ..ill fix it all ..abhi ek buhat important meeting hai mujhe jaana hai okie bye ...

Maan aap ...// (but he had already left leaving the two ladies standing there)

Geet: Dadi maa suniye na ...mien hoon na sab sambhaalungi aur ek tarha se maan sir theek hi keh rahe hain aparna aunty ne hi kaha tha k engagement ki preparation wohh hi karna chahti hain tu humien tu sirf shagun ki hi tyaari karni hai na ..and maan sir ne kaha h k kal sab ajayenge tu wohh hujayega and engagement ring ke leye unn dono romeo Juliet ko mien aaj bhejti hoon okie ..

Humien tu nahi samajh aaraha kaise huga sab ..

Hujayega ..sab hujayega don't worry chaliye abhi aap mere saath neeeche chaliye breakfast kijeye and medicine lejeye mien sab dekh leti hoon okie ..waise bhi engagement mien aap logoon ne hi kaha n sirf close family friends ...nobody else hujayega aap tension mat lijeye ..


Geet entered the office at around 10am ...maan had still not returned from his meeting so she went to search pari only to find her sitting in her cabin pale in worry ...and veer standing there thinking deeply

O hello tum dono itne pareshaan kyun ho ...?? 
Pari kya hua hai ...

Geet thank god tu aagyi ...geet buhat baari garbar hugayi hai yaar ..mujhe tu samajh nahi aaraha mien kya karoon ...

Hua kya araam  s batao ..

Actually mom ne humare society ka community hall book kiya tha for the engagement and it was really amazing wahan ki apni event management team bhi hai and mene aur veer n mil ke sab theme set karwai thi 2 din pehle ..

Han wohh tu bataya tum  logoon ne mujhe ..tu problem kya hai ..

Problem yeh hai geet ma'am ke uss hall p kisi n case kardiya h and court orders k accordingly wahan case finish hone tak koi event nahi hu sakta ..

WHAT ...!!!

Exactly aur hum ne saare ache venues p check kiya dates k liye not available hai aur koi event manager bhi available nahi hai ...

Geet we are so screwed abhi tu mom ko nahi bataya mene ..agar unko bata chala tu pata nahi kiya huga ...kitni tension hujayegi unko ...

Nahi abhi mat batana hum sochte hain na kuch ...sochte hain kuch ..

Mujhe tu lagta hai mien kunwara hi marjaonga ..

Shut up veer yeh koi mazaak karne ka waqt hai ..

Adi: hi guys veer sir aap yahan ..??

Adi sir wohh ...and he repeated the whole thing while pari sat there holding her head and geet paced right and left ...

Oh god ...itni jaldi venue and event planner kaise arrange huga ..?

Pari ma'am yeh blue prints aagaye hain ...kya hua koi mar gaya kya ..??

Pari: Han mien 

Whoa ...adi sir kya hua ..??

Now adi repeated the whole case ..

Ohkiee phir u pareshaan hona banta hai ...

Geet: ROMEO ...!!!

Sorry ..

Veer: pari pareshan na ho yaar karlenge hum log kuch ..

Veer 4 din hain sirf 4 din ..kaise huga ...


Everyone at once: Kuch nahi ..

Maan: really ..!!!!!!!!

Pari: sir wohh ..actually hum ..

Romeo: maan sir wohh blueprints aagaye na tu mien woh hi lekar aaya tha ..

Pari: han aur mien geet aur adi sir ke saath ek baar design discuss kar rahi thi

Maan: Design discuss kar rahi thi ...good ...veer tum yahan kya kar rahe ho ..?? tum design bana rahe huge hai na ..

Veer: han bhai wohh ...

Geet: nahi sir wohh yehh pari ko lene aaya tha ring select karne jana hai na jeweler ke han ...iss liye ..

Maan glanced at each one of them once and left shaking his head knowing the gang is upto something 

whatever  ..but once you are done here geet come to my cabin ..

G ...

They all sighed in relief while geet cursed her luck under her breath

Mar gayi ..inko bhi abhi aana tha kya ...OuchLOL

Pari: geet ..

Geet: han ... pari mien .. mien karti hoon kuch ...abhi tum dono jao jeweler ke paas rings select karo ...mien sochti hoon tab tak ..


Maan sir ..aap...aapne bolaya mujhe ..

Han bolaya tu mene tumhain 1 ghante pehle tha ..

Wohh mien ...sorry bhool gayi ..

Hmm ...tu kya chal raha tha pari ki cabin mien ..

Kuch ...kuch nahi ...kuch bhi nahi ...bataya tou tha mene aapko veer pari ko ring select karne lejaane aaya tha ..

Acha aur tum kya kar rahi thi wahan ..

Mien ...mien pari ko bolne gayi thi k jaldi chali jaye dadi ...dadi maa kitni tensed hain na ...

Acha uss waqt tu tum design dekh rahi thi ...

Han wohh  ..mien ...///

Geet pls kuch hua nahi huta na tu ek ghante se left right nahi ghoom rahi huti tum aur phone p phone nahi kar rahi huti ...

Geet looked down not knowing what could she say now ...she couldn't disclose this to him ...pari wouldn't want that ..aparna more than her wouldn't want that ..

Geet bologi kuch tum abb ..

Kya boloon mien venue aparna aunty ne book kiya tha us p case huagya n now its sealed by the court ...

What the ...///

Geets' eyes widen n he held his words turning around exhaling sharply .,.

So what are they going to do now ..??

I don't know  mene pari ko bhej to diya ring leene yehh keh k ill do something but all good locations are already booked and event managers jinko bhi mien janti thi r also not available ...kya karoon kuch  samajh nahi aaraha ...

Geet mien ..//

Nahi pls sir aparna aunty is a very conscious of all these things wohh kisi se help nahi lengi ...

Maan sighed sitting on his chair thinking and then he glanced at a picture on his wall from the last year success party of KC ...

Geet as an individual call karogi tu available nahi milenge but agar uss company ki employee ban ke baat karungi jo unhe lakhon ka business har month dete hain I don't think they'll be able to refuse you ...

Aap kehna chahte hain k mien Shettys' se baat karoon ..

If u wanna help pari ...see mien call kar deta but since u don't want them knowing that I know ...u'll have to 

Geet beemed in delight ..and a smile spread on her face making maan delighted ..

That's a great idea maan sir ...mien abhi jaake unko call karti hoon ...

She stood up to leave then turned around just standing at the door ..

Maan sir ...thank u 

Mere bhai ki sagai h geet and khuranas ka name stake p hai I couldn't risk it ..u don't need to thank me ...

Geet smiled and left shaking her head ..

Kharoos ..but itne bhi nahi ...Embarrassed


Maan and geet walked in khurana house in the evening after office ..pari and veer were there along with aparna to show them all the rings they had selected ...among the buzz of family ..geet and pari took aparna to a corner and told her new arrangement for the wedding the change of plan ...

I don't believe this tum logoon n mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya ..

Mom batate tu apa pareshan hujaati na ..iss hi liye ..

Aur aunty meri baat hujayi h event manager s they'll arrangea venue and everything will be set by tonight ...bas manage hugaya hai ...n that too under budget ...

Geet bte thank you ..

Aunty mere friends ki shaadi hai ...aap please thanks mat boliye ..

Nahi ...mene itna insist kar ke and itne confidence se anisha g aur maa g se kaha tha that ill arrange the function ...woh tu willing thay help karne ko but mene hi mana kiya ... I realize k khuranas ki society mien reputation kya hai ..kuch bhi garbar hugayi tu ...

Aunty hum hian na ...kuch nahi huga ...aur aapne jitney confidence se kaha h na ..hum poora b karenge ...

Mom relax ...

Ek minute shetty sahib ka hi call h surely unhoon n venue arrange karliya huga ..ek minute ..

While pari n aparna waited for geet to finish her call they saw the worrisome look on her face and the panic and stepped ahead asking her in signs what happened ..

Ok shetty sahib ...aap dekhiye baaqi mien bhi try karti hoon ..

Kya hua ..??

Wohh ...who aunty venue ...humari engagement date p koi acha venue available nahi hai ...event managers b tab hi kuch kar sakte hain na jab koi venue final ho ..

Pari: geet abb kya karenge ..

Aparna: pari abhi mujhe bol rahi thi abb tum khud panic kar rahi ho ...mere khayaal s abhi humien jaakar sab k saath bethna chahiye baaqi yahan s nikal k sochte hain ..

Aunty theek keh rahi hain pari ...kaafi tim hugaya sab notice karenge that we are not there ..

Chalo abb theek karo apne expressions aur chalo ...

The trio walked towards the main hall only to witness everyone in a serious mode ..anisha n dadi maa standing in the middle ...

Kya hua ...anisha g ..maa g ..sab theek tu hai aap sab itne pareshaan kyun lag rahe hain ..

Pareshan nahi aparna g ...ghussa hain hum ..

Ghussa ...kya ...kya hua ??

Aniee n aap teeno ki bata sun li aap wahan chup kar kar rahe thay ...enagement venue k bare m ...

Geet gasped and instantly looked at maan for helpand pari glanced at veer but they stood there completely expressionless..while aparna stood thinking what to say in this situation ...anisha continued walking towards her ..

Buhat bora laga humien aparna g ...aapne rishtey jorne k liye han kaha tu humien laga shayad dil bhi jor jayenge ...but aapne tu humien apna samjha hi nahi ..

Umm ..nahi ..mujhe bhi abhi hi pata chala ..

Bachoon n mujhe kuch bataya hi nahi tha actually ...n aap log tension mat lijeye mien kuch na kuch manage karlongi ..

Kyun ..aap akele kyun manage karengi ...kya yeh sirf aapki beti ki engagement h ..

Anisha looked at dadi maa for her support while aparna wanted to intervene ...she really didn't wanted them to do any of it ..but before she could say anything in protest ...dadi maa held her hand and spoke with utmost affection ..

Aparna bte ..hum samajhte hain k zindagi k safar m ek lamba arsa akele chalne k baad kisi k saath ki umeed aur zarorat dono khatam hujaati h ...but abb ..ab in dono bachoon k saath humare parivaar bhi jor rahe hain ...tu abb aap apne aapko kabhi akela mat samajhiyega ...hum sab log humesha aapke saath hain ...

Aparna looked down holding back her emotions ..the lady didn't knew when was the last time she was offered such affection last ..after leaving her home for a traitor ..she never got the affection of her mother let alone the support of a family and here a complete stranger was offering her help ..

Aap ne hume maa kaha h na ..tu ab maa ka faisla bhi maniye ...

Geet problem sirf venue ki hai ...?

G dadi maa ...event managers sab tyaari karlenge meri subha hi shetty sir KC hi event management firm ke owner unse baat hui h ..but venue ...

Humaari samajh nahi aati itna baara ghar h tu venue koi aur kyun huga ...

Veer: Matlab ... 

Matlab yeh veer bte k humaari beti pari ki sagai humare ghar s hugi ...khurana house s hugi ..

What ..!!

Yes ..we'll be hosting the function aur aap yahan aayenge ...

Aparna: maa g iski sach m zarorat nahi ...//

Hum kuch nahi sun'ne ge aparna bte ..

Anisha: maa theek keh rahi hai aparna g ...dekhiye pari ka sasural tu mera ghar aur wohh tu abhi renovate huraha h ... tu yahan sagai karne m koi problem nahi hugi ..

Geet: aunty maan jaiye na please ...

Dadi maa: geet aap kya inse pouch rahi hain ..hum ne keh diya na ...aap logoon even manager k saath theme dcor wagaira set kijeye sagai KM se hi hugi ..

Aniee: great pari phir tu na tum yahin rok jao ...hum n sab ek saath tyaar hunge ..n engagement s pehle ..girls party bhi yahin karlenge ...

Veer: not fair dadi ...aap sab ne tu 2 din m party change karli ...

Aniee(she walked towards pari and hugged her from back): aww too bad veer bhai yeh tu humien itni pyaari bhabi dene s pehle sochna tha na ..

Pari was still confused knowing the self respect of her mother ..she wasn't sure if she was ok with this decision ...

Maa kuch tu boliye ...

Aparna sighed and walked towards her ...aniee stepped a side while aparna hugged her daughter overwhelmed with all the commotion ..

I am glad tu iss family ka part ban'ne waali h ...aaj tumhaari waja se itne time baad kisi baare (elder) ke hone ka ehsaas huya h ...

They all smiled and geet and aniee hugged each other ...while maan patted veer on his back and he sighed in relief ...

there were so many emotions under the roof of khurana house this evening, so many people adding different shades of their own to the mix yet united under the umbrella of one family welcoming the new members ...truly a marriage doesn't just bind two people it united two families as one ...


Maan: geet iss family mien kya jaga rakhti hai yeh mujhe tumhain batane ki koi zarorat nahi hai ...aur aaj ke baad geet se agar tum iss tarha se baat ki tu tum maan singh khurana ka wohh andaaz dekho gi jo tum ne sapne mien bhi nahi socha huga iske pehle ke mien iss se ziada tumhain tumhaari auqaat batao ..get lost ..NOW 

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hello every one,
hope you are fine, but mien kaafi disappointed hoon. having 40+ people liking the most and barely even 10 commenting is so not fair. it only makes me feel as if i am not writing good enough, any ways if this is how you think even i shall cut down the story and finish writing as it makes no sense of posting updates of more than 2000 words every time and have people either giving me 2 words comments or not at all. best is when you have people quoting names that doesn't even exist in the story. i am not afraid of criticism but this is really disappointing. and after such a hectic week if i can write then i guess deserve to know your reviews good or bad. 

None the less thank you for putting up the effort and pressing the like button continue doing so for a few more time and then ill finish the story itself with a fast forward approach.

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luv ya
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chalo sab thik hai...

lovely update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...
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Nice update..
Continue soon..
Posted: 2 years ago
thanks 4 da pm!
marvelous update! 

well written 
Posted: 2 years ago
Great update
I read all update which I missed
Maan has feeling for geet but he hided from her
Geet love maan taking care of his family like her
Unknowingly or knowingly they care about each other
Veer pari getting engage soon
Kafi filmy idea tha geet ka lol dono ko milaney ka
Maaneet they only do one thing fighting or caring each other
Maan babu apney Dil ki bath bol do Khai deer na hojye
Well am old reader of this story fariya20 my first I'd
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Waiting for next please update soon

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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