MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 76)

Posted: 2 years ago
its now two months since u updated 
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by khwaishfan

its now two months since u updated 

really sorry dear was stuck with my final year masteers' projects and reports ..will be updating this evening Embarrassed
Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by karamjeet

Superbbb update...
loved Geet plan to make pari confessed her feelings to Veer...
and Maan also helped her...
totally loved It...
looking forward for twist...
continue soon...

thanks for the review though ull have to wait bit longer for the twist
Posted: 2 years ago

Waiting dear...
Posted: 2 years ago
Great part. I loved it. So geet implemented her plan and showed in front of pari that veer is leaving for London forever and then she included Maan in her plan. Pari was shocked hearing about the plane crash. She was so broken that she started to blame herself. But then when she saw veer, she hugged him and confessed her feelings. Maan suggested veer to make pari believe about his love. Waiting for next dear 
Posted: 2 years ago
Happy New Year! waiting for Part 33 
Posted: 2 years ago

hello every one,

a very Happy New Year .. Party Party Party 

sorry for disappearing yet again after the updating status, got stuck again couldn't even send pm for ishaqzaade ...khair here is your update hope u enjoy ...i couldn't get the story till the point i wanted as mentioned in the precap of last update in the flow of writing some scenes got added ...

Thank you for all your support and appreciation 

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MG SS Ishaqzaade has also been updated

luv ya


Posted: 2 years ago

MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Yeh lijeye adi sir hugayi aapki project file complete abb aap maan sir se isske financials par baat kar sakte hain ..

Thank you so much geet farnendez site is in a real mess we need to have maan sir's attention on this ...

Well you have the file.. you have my teams finding you just have to show it to him ...waise bhi all of a sudden he hasn't asked for it for no reason I am sure he himself has observed something ..

Hmm ..acha ma'am yeh veer kahan ghayab hai ..??

Uss din k drama k baad tu janaab office m dekhe hi nahi ..

Oh c'mon romeo office m nahi dekha but office k bahar tu dekha hi huga ..

Iska kya matlab hai pinky ..??

Mene kal dekha tha pari ...veer sir ke saath office se gayi thi ...mujhe lagta hai unn dono ki baat ban jayegi ...

OHKiieee tu matlab things are good ...chalo abb hum bhi apna apna kaam kar lete hain ...

Geet ma'am aapko pata hai kabhi kabhi aap bilkul maan sir ka sugar coated version lagte ho ..

Really romeo ... ek kaam karte hain na tumhain maan sir ke original version ke baas bhejte hain ...kyun pinky tumhain annual leave chahiye thay na ..

Nai nahi nahi please geet ma'am aisa na kariyo ...please 

Geet smile sarcastically ...

Mien jata hoon na ...abhi abhi yeh file hujayegi ..pakka hujayegi ..

Arre romeo gaye nahi tum abhi tak ..

Geet chuckled while romeo glared adi ..

Adi sir aap bhi ...//

mien bas chala gya ...

he left they all laughed at his scared face ...


Woh aaye humare ghar p khuda ke kudrat ...

Oh shut up aniee ..

What shut up 10 din se delhi mien ho ghar kitni dafa aaye ho aap ?? 

Aniee please yaar maa aur dadi maa ki tarha baat karna band kar ..aur yeh kya phone p lagi v hai ..??

Arre wohh get ko msg kar rahi hoon dekho na kab se reply hi nahi kar rahi and phone bhi nahi pick kiya ...

Par aisa kya hua hai jo geet ko itni shid'dat se yaad kiya jaa raha hai ??

Nahi wohh mera assignment hai na event management ka and geet ne tu kitni parties organize karai hain KC kit u uski thori si help chahiye thi ...

Aniee are you insane ??

Tum iss kaam k liye geet ko phone par rahi ho ??

Han tu ?? mere har project m geet help karti hai meri ..

Anniee do u have a slightest bit of idea geet ke work load ka ..

Aniee shook her head in negative complete confused as to why veer was reacting like this wondering if she was really troubling geet like this ..

Meri pyaari behna it won't be wrong to say that even if maan bhai leave the business forever geet is going to be able to handle it all quite well as she is involved in almost every project KC is doing right whether in India or outside ..

But geet tou KC ki research head hai na ..??

Han but she is also the project incharge of many major projects ...

Matlab ..

Veer smiled at the obliviousness of his sister and answered 

Matlab yeh ke every project KC does needs to be approved by R&D and Finance ..

I know that ..

Which is why geet keeps a close check on all the projects and their progress and her teams pays regular visits on all sites to ensure we are working on the timeline ...

So practically speaking.. maan bhai only considers the project geet and adi bhaiya approves and once maan bhai gets a project for KC all follow ups are done by geet ..

Yes and if she finds any descrepency in the project she then meets the project incharge look if it can be solved by her or then maan bhai discusses it with the actual project incharge and work on it ...

Tu phir maan bhai kya karte hain ...??

That earned a laugh from him ...

Umm ..well ..he do all the finance things ...meeting with all the clients getting the designs and everything done from the architect teams and then on the basis what geet and adi bhai has suggested in their reports negotiate with the clients and take the right decisions about the project that are being completed and how to invest the earned profit ...

God ..but geet tu kabhi mujhe mana nahi karti ..she never told me all this ...mujhe tu laga she do all that boring thing to search about new things ...

That's because kiddo she loves us more than we can think n she will ever say ..

Par abb mien iska kya karon ...

Oh hoo meri pyari behna idar lao ill help you ...


Geet saw maan entering in his cabin with anushka with him having his file in her hand he was saying something to her and she noting it all down on her pad completely failing to notice the way maan was rubbing his forehead clearly he has a headache ...geet looked through the blinds for a few seconds while maan was busy with his emails and giving anushka the necessary dictation ...after a while she stood up leave her cabin and went to the pantry ...

Geet ma'am aap yahan ??

Han rohit bolo kya hua ..?

Actually wohh kuch reports discuss karni thi abhi abhi site se wapis aaye hain hum tu if you have time ...

Sure tum chalo mien bas abhi 2 min mien aayi ...

G ill get everyone to your cabin ..

Nahi ..actually tell everyone to meet me in the conference room ...

Okiee ...

Washing off her hands she asked for the most eldest nd old peon of the company to come ..

G betiya ..

Dheeraj kaka please yeh lime juice aap maan sir ko de dijeyega ...

Par beta mujhe tu abhi anushka madam ne coffee lane ko kaha chute sahab ke liye ..

Itni garmi me site visit ke baad coffee ...nahi nahi aap yeh hi lejaiye wohh yeh hi pilenge ..

Theek hai beta jaise ap kaho ...laiye ..

Thank you kaka ..

While she left for her group meeting the peon made way towards maans' cabin and gave the lime juice but immediately after having a sip maam looked up to him and asked ..

Kaka yeh aap se kis ne lane ko kaha ..?

Wohh chote sahib wohh ...

Geet ne kaha hai na ..??

He smiled slightly and looked down ..

Aapke bare mien itna tu unko hi pata hai ..

Maan looked sideway to see her chair empty while anushka working on her seat ...

Kahan hai yeh ..??

Research department ke sab hi log meeting me hain ..

Khana khaya geet ne ..??

Nahi gi abhi tak tu nahi ...

Maan shook his head and sighed ..

Theek hai aap jaiye ...(he turned to leave) ..sur suniye ..(but before he could say)

Jaanta hoon geet madam ko nahi bataonga aapne kuch pocha tha ...

Maan looked away and nodded dismissing him ..and he left with a slight smile ..while maan had the juice indeed the scorching heat was deadly on the site ..


Later in the day maan was leaving for yet another important meeting when he saw Rohit leaving from the meeting room while geet was also stepping out along with another important client smiling he stood by the end of the corridor burning in jealousy seeing Mr. vishal getting extra friendly with geet while she was also replying to him with humour..smiling laughing even and just as geets' eyes fell on him she straightened herself and Vishal Khanna walked towards him ..

Hello Mr. khurana are you ..??

Very well ..thank you

Actually I had a meeting with geet (maan looked at him with a stern expression noting his use of geets' first name only) to discuss the project progress as it has almost reached at the completion stage ...

I was aware of that ...we are finishing that project before the deadline isn't it 

Yes and all because geet kept a check on each and every step and before anything could go wrong she made sure it was handled before hand ..i must say I am impessed with her work ..

Please Vishal its not just me Rohit is the actual incharge of the project and he has done exceptionally well ...//

Under ur supervision I know ..

Geet smiled and looked down but her use of his first name didn't went unnoticed by maan ..

I am very well aware of my team's capability Mr. Khanna ...thank you now I have some important matters to discuss with Ms. Handa so we'll have to take your leave ..

Sure I understand ..good day Mr. Khurana bye geet 


He left and finally geet noticed maan's foul mood 

Geet (St): babaji inke sar mien abhi bhi dard hai kya jo itna ghusse mien hain ..??

Sir aapko kya baat karni thi ..

Yaad dilana tha aapko professionalism kya huta hai ..

G ..??

Since when did we started chit chatting with the clients geet ...since when did we started joking around with them ...Vishal is a client you aren't suppose to get casual with him in office premises ..

But sir mien ..//

Miene dekh liya ke yahan kya hu raha tha ...

Sir he was telling me about renu ...aap tu jaante hain Renu is my college mate aur ..

Personal relationship office ke bahar nibhaye jaate hain Miss Handa office ke andar nahi ,,

Par mene aisa kuch ...

Mujhe kuch nahi sunna geet are senior enough to know these things par nahi aaj bhi mujhe kabhi kabhi wohi 5 saal porani fresher ki tarha behave karti hui milti ho ...

Lekin sir mene nahi ...//

You know what just let it be ...jaa raha hoon mien 

Hawww ...

Maan left frm there in a haste not wanting to answer any more of her question and after reaching to his car he hit the roof hard in anger gaining the attention of his guards ...realizing his outburst was completely unjustified ..geet wasn't the one of those people who iniate casual talks with clients but why can't he ever tolerate anybody around her like this ...never has he been abel to be at the best of his behavior whenever he sees any guy getting along well with geet ...
Maan shook his head in anger and agitation realizing he has again hurt her for no fault of her ..

Maan(st): Why can't I hold my emotions around her ever ..damn that girl knows who to get the worst out of me ..shit 

Mana glanced back and contempilated going back and apologizing but just then anushka came out of the lift having his meeting files in her hand ..

Chalien sir ..??

Without even acknowledging her question maan opened the door to his car and left from the parking lot making all the guard rush in and follow him in their car ..


Dusht ... danav ..sadoo ..pata nahi samjhte kya hain apne aapko mann mien aayega bol ke rakh denge ...

Geet kept husling with the files in he cabnit throwing it on the ground one by one ..when par entered the cabin and saw her murmuring profanities to herself ..

Baap re itna ghussa ...?? Kis ki shamat aayi hai ..

MERI ...

Pari was shooked seeing her face red with anger ...and rounded the table to hug her sideways ..

Geet kya hua hai ...betho yahan ...choro yeh sab files and sit ...behto ab bolo kya hua ..?? maan sir ne kuch kaha ...?

Unke ke ilawa aur kuan hu sakta hai pari ..i mean mujhe tu na unki samajh hi nahi aati what does he want from me tum batao meri galti hai k agar unke kisi client ki girl friend college mien meri class mate thi ...ya mene usko bola tha ke mujhe bataiye what stupidity she did seeing him with another of his female client in the restaurant ..

I understand geet but tu maan sir ko jaanti hai na ...

Nahi ..wahi tu problem hai ke mien unko bilkul nahi jaanti ...

Han kya ..??

Pari rehne de ...mera dimag na abhi buhat garam hai ..mujh kisi se baat anhi karni ..

Acha mujhe chor diya tha tu ne jab mujhe akele rehan tha tu bari match maker bann kar phasa diya mujhe uss stupid veer ke saath aur abb mujhe bol rahi hai ke chali jao way geet madam ..

Pari ...//

Don't pari me ...n yeh tum dono ka na roz ka h ... 4 saal hugaye mujhe dekhte huye yeh ghusse ki basket yahan choriye and canteen chaliye kuch khaate hain ..

Mera mann nahi hai ..

Aise kaise mann nahi hai ..i know tum ne lunch nahi kiya hai ...chalo ..

Nahi sach mien ...//

Nothing doing chalooo ...(and she dragged her along with her) ..


Maan came back to office almost around 6:30pm and saw geet ferously typing on her laptop ..there were so many wrappers of chocolate on her table he was sure she must be Maha angry with him he waited for most of the staff to leave by 7pm and just as the majority left he called geet to his cabin asking him for the project report of the Khanna project ..

Project has been completed Vishal khanna is also satisfied with everything ..Rohit is going to work with the marketing team for the launch we are aiming for next month ..

No not next month it won't be the right time to launch the property we'll do the marketing till 2month and launch in next to next month ...

Geet looked at him for the first time in last 15 minutes but then didn't question him and looked down ..

You have to meet with him to discuss it all now ...

Hmm ... ask anushka to schedule a meeting in the next week ...

Okie ..i guess that's all from this report ..if you don't have any work I'd like to leave ...

Yeah that's all ..u may leave ..

Thank you ...

Geet stood up collecting all the papers arranging them to leave while maan kept looking at her trying to get the right words to apologize to her ..and just as she turned to leave ...he stood up abruptly .. 

Geet ...

She turned with a blank expression only to see the panic on his face ..

G ..

Umm wohh I ...kuch kehna tha tum se ...

Geet(st): waise tu bolne se pehle sochte nahi hain yeh abb kya hugaya inko ...theek tu hain yeh 

Boliye ..

Wohh subha ...//

Maan sir subha meri koi galti nahi thi vishal ne khud hi Renu ki baatien choro ki and mujhe hassi aagayi ...I didn't ...//

I know ...

What ...///

I know how he is ...n ..i ...I am sorry for all for I told you ...mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha ...Khanna is a way too casual person ...I shouldn't scolded you so much ...

Maan looked away feeling really stupid to have messed up things so much while geet had a smile on her face seeing the awckwardness on his face so prominent ..

Its okie ..

Maan glanced at her realizing what she said ..

Its okei ..?? 

Hmm ...//

Tum kuch kahogi nahi ..mujh se jhagra bhi nahi karogi ..

Geet smiled shaking her head ,..

Wohh kya hai na maan sir aapki bewaja ki daant khaane ki abb adat hugayi hai ...tu its okie ..waise mien abb ghar jaa rahi hoon ...good night Maan Sir

Good night Ms. Handa 

Geet turned to leave and maan saw her going outside sitting at his desk through the blinds of his cabin and then turned to stand by the glass wall waiting to see her come outside of the parking gate and she did after almost 5-7 minutes finally he resumed his work after noticing the guard had left to follow her ..

A few days later ...

Veer stopped his car at the main gate of pari's house ..

Lo tumhara ghar bhi aagaya ...

Pari smiled ...

Kabhi kabhi dil chahta hai ke raasta khatam na ho ..

Prem glanced at her ..the girl who screamed to hate him 15 days back right now is sitting with him at the front seat of his car blushing ...for the first ever he is truly feeling the bliss of beign loved back ...he placed his head the bak of his seat and continued staring the beauty in the divine moonlight ...pari glanced up only to notice veer gazing her without even blinking ...his intense gaze only made her more conscious ...

What ...(he nodded negatively) .. stop staring veer ...

he smiled widely and nodded again negatively to which she only glared him not being able to hold her smile n looked away ...but veer never averted her gaze ..

fina I'm leaving ...good night ..

and before he could hold her back she was out of the car n he hurried outside to hold her back just by the main gate that was now open ...

acha sonu tou ...

what ...veer stop it now jaoo yahan se kisi neighbor ne dekh liya na tu mom ko bata denge ...n u know we can't afford that ...

fine stop panicing ...I just wanted to tell u something ..bhool gaya tha dinner p kehna ...

kya ..??

she was standing there all conscious of her surrounding when he came forward and engulfed her in his embrace ...

I love you ...

The sincerety in his tone and the warmth of his love melted her and she almost naturally embraced him with all the love ... the whole world forgotten it was just them in that moment ..thoguh she never said those 3 words again after that afternoon but veer knows it ...with all his heart ..he feels it in her gestures.. and the fact that she was in his embrace in his moment ..he didn't needed her to tell him in words anymore is there and the trust would come by time he was sure ...

PARI ...Ouch

The voice made pari snap out of his embrace scared ...and they both turned to see a lady in her 40s standing at the door glaring at them both ..

Maa ...

Inside the house now ...

With this she left ..making pari sigh a breath of relieave that she was holding 

Pari let me ..//

No ...not now veer please tum jao ill handle it ...

But ..//

Leave veer please ...

Veer clearly wasn't ready to leave her alone to face her mother but seeing the way her eyes were pleading him to go he didn't knew If it would be right to argue now ..he nodded ...

Fine tum ..tum jao andar ill leave ...

Pari nodded and left without a backward glance ...

N he left worried yet helpless ...


Hope u all liked it ..i am trying to pace up the story but it looks like i am failing at it miserably ..anyways just have a bit of patience n trust me pari and veers' relation will have a great impact on maaneets as well ..

please do leave ur responses and reviews

luv ya

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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