MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 65)

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Archana Di you are love .. :*

Aww love u to sweety Heart
Hi  Sobia  Baby
First of all, Am so sorry to left this story in mid  ... I have nothing to say about my sudden disappearance being inactive and infact completely off from GF  Its just my personal life is a little bit tough n busy these days ...  
Hope you don't mind !!!

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Originally posted by ArchanaRoy

Originally posted by sobia4maaneet

Archana Di you are love .. :*

Aww love u to sweety Heart
Hi  Sobia  Baby
First of all, Am so sorry to left this story in mid  ... I have nothing to say about my sudden disappearance being inactive and infact completely off from GF  Its just my personal life is a little bit tough n busy these days ...  
Hope you don't mind !!!

Hi Di ..welcome back ..I missed you here really ..!! 
But you don't need to apologize ..its okie 
Everyone has their own problem to deal with ..even I had been really busy with my studies n then job too can't concentrate on anything that's why didn't updated for so long ...
Thank you so much for your reviews ..means a lot 
Really ...

Luv you buhaaattt saaaraaa
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hello all,
kaise hu sab ..?? i hope fine 
okie so here is your next update ...i hope iss baar i am gonna get some real nice comments rather than summaries ..Cry 
c'mon silent readers its more than 5000 words ..

thank you for your love, support, appreciation n jhilofying my latelateefi ...LOL i love you all Hug buhaaataattt saaraaa

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hello all,
kaise hu sab ..?? i hope fine 
okie so here is your next update ...i hope iss baar i am gonna get some real nice comments rather than summaries ..Cry 
c'mon silent readers its more than 5000 words ..

thank you for your love, support, appreciation n jhilofying my latelateefi ...LOL i love you all Hug buhaaataattt saaraaa

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oh n meet Anushka Sharma ..maan's new secretary ..

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MG SS Salaam e Ishq

Part 30

Maan woke up in the morning bathed in the early morning sunlight only to see himself still seated beside geet holding her hand in his hold while she slept calmly ... 

he couldn't help but to admire the serene beauty in the early morning hues her skin glowing in the soft sunlight no one would believe behind those close lids this girl hides a myriad of emotions ...feelings that can flood him in their warmth that make him feel alive every second of this life ...n pain that makes him realize how unworthy he is of that love forbidden it is for him to really go close to this angel of God ...
Slowly he released her hold on his hand n stood up covering her properly with the duvet ...smiling at the way she clutched it closed cuddling in... crunching her nose at the sudden loss of his warmth... for a moment he stood their gazing at her lovingly a smile adorned his face seeing the soft smile on her sleeping face ..n he left not being able to stay there so close to her felt sinful felt so wrong somehow to be able to have been so close to her when all he did was hurt her ever since can she love him so much despite all his rudeness all his arrogance made him feel so low of him n he walked away closing the door to her room but not before placing a glass of juice, painkillers and a letter for her by the side table ...


Bhai ...bhai roko na bhai ...

What veer ..!!

I am sorry bhai kal raat I know mujhe careful rehna chahiye tha ...

Exactly ...tum geet ko jaante hu veer ...aur uske baad bhi tum ne usko akele chor diya could you ..??

I am sorry bhai ...

You should be ...(veer stood hanging his head low while maan huffed in agitation n then turned to ask him) tum itni subha yahan kya kar rahe hu ..?? 

Wohh mien kal raat ko aapse milne aaya but aap aaye hi nahi aur mein phir yahin rokk gaya ...

Han wohh mien outhouse mien hi rokk gaya tha ...

Out house ...?? Par kyun ..??

Tu tum kya chahte hu k mien nashe ki halat mien geet ko uske ghar chorta aur kya jawaab deta uske mamaji ko ...iss hi liye mien usko outhouse leaaya tha ...

Ohh wohh abhi wahin hai ..??

Han ...abhi tu kaafi early hai thori dair mien hosh mien aajayegi ...but listen dadi maa ya aniee kisi ko isske bare mien pata nahi chalna chahiye ...samghe tum ?? geet is going to be embarrassed un-necessarily ...

Don't worry bhai I won't tell them anything ..
Veer(st) : matlab maan bhai raat bhar geet k saath thay ..kuch tu baat aage barhi hugi ..i hope maan bhai now realized how much that girl loves him ..
(me: Stupid he knows how much she loves him shold have gotten maan drunk

Maan saw him smirking n he shook his head ..

Hugaya tumhara investigation tu abb mien jogging continue kar sakta hoon ...

Gi bhai ...sorry 


Geet woke up hazy ...dis-oriented n with a hell of a headache took good 2 monutes for her to realize she wasn't in her bedroom n before she could panic she saw the letter placed beneath the glass of juice n she picked it hurriedly wondering where is she ...n just as she held the letter in her hand she realized the writing was familiar n then before reading the letter she jumped to end to see who has written n relaxed seeing it from maan n then saw the lime juice ...n started reading the letter 

Ghabrao mat tum KM k outhouse mien ho ...kal raat ko mien hi tumhain yahan laaya tha Sab se pehle tu juice peelo aur painkiller khalo tumhara headache kam hujayega ..tumhara mobile switched off hai par mene kal raat ko tumhare mamaji ko call kar diya tha k tum KM mien meri help karne aaye ho ek important presentation k liye and don't worry dadi maa aur aniee ko tumhare yahan hone k bare mien nahi pata ..driver bahar hi hai wohh tumhain ghar drop kardega ..but uske pehle neeche fridge mien cereal rakha hai please wohh khalena ...aur yeh juice peelo will help reduce your headache ..
Take care

Geet bit her lips n then looked around n kissed the letter ...smiling 
But before she could cherish the moment the throbbing of her head made her turn n gulp the juice in one go ...


Maan glanced at his watch wondering if he should call geet ...she must be awake now it was almost 10 in the morning ...if could he wouldn't have left her side but then he couldn't make her stand in front of dadi maa n aniee's in-numerable questions n so only he left the outhouse in the early hour not wanting anybody to suspect ...
But most of all he couldn't face her ...for one she would be hell embarrassed that is if she remember all her blabbering of last night which he hoped she doesn't ...coz then she will also remember his confession ...n he really wasn't ready to face her knowing how much his anger n rudeness nhurt her deep down ... but he has resolved not to do that to her anymore body deserve to be treated well by him more than she does n he will from now that is for sure ...

But now with every passing minute his anxiousness was making him restless ...where is she ..?? is she okie ..?? is she coming to office ..??

Maan sighed closing the file not being able to concentrate n opened the drawer only to take out their picture with prem ...a moment he remember so well ...geet n maan hugging prem at his 6th bday ...smiling laughing even ...
(I don't know if I have ever described the scenario in this picture in the previous update so if I have let me know coz I can't search right now apologies)

Maan : call me will you please ,...I m loosing my mind over here ...Embarrassed


Geet was carefully walking towards the parking lot of KM when she heard veer ..n stopped ...

Geet ...geet ...

She stopped glancing back n turned again in anger ..

Uff why you both are in ignorance mood this morning god ...marathon mien bhaga rahe ho mujhe dono ..

Shut up ...just shut up veer ...(she turned pointing her finger at him taking indimidating steps towards him).. sab tumhaari galti hai ..

Par mene kya kiya ..

Kiya kara ...wohh drink tum ne bheeji thi na ..

C'mon partner aapko lagta hai mien aisa karunga ...wohh tu hu sakta hai kisi admirer ne aapko bheji ho ..

Whatever ...mien tu phas gyi na ...maan sir kya sochte hunge mere bare mien ..

Veer chuckled seeing her cry baby face ..

Wohh kya sochte hoonge wohh pata nahi par aap unke bare mien kya sochti hain wohh unko zaror pata chal gaya kal raat ...

What ...!! Veer sach sach batao kya kaha mene kal raat ko ...

Aapko kuch yaad nahi hai ..

Tumhain kya lagta hai mien kya habitual alcoholic hoon ...(geet looked away embarrassed) thora buhat yaad hai but ziada nahi ...

Thora buhat matlab (she nodded looking down embarrassed) ...fight in the parking lot ..hmm aur bro ko john abrahim aur david beckhem bola ..

What mene aisa bola ..?? (veer nodded smiling) 
Aur kya bola mene kal ..??

Yahi k bro k naak par humesha ghussa rehta hai ...n that he is a dusht danav ..

Geet made a crying face ..biting her lower lip ..

Mien tu gyi kaam se ...

Arre relax yaar partner bro ko koi farq nahi parega ...

Acha khud tu 2 din mien wapis London bhaag jaoge juwala mokhi k aage tu mujhe rehna hai na ...

Acha chalo ill drop you home isske pehlee dadi maa dekhle ..

Rehne do koi zarorat nahi hai ...mien khud chali jaongi ...jitni help ki hai na utni kaafi hai ...

Sorry na partner maaf kardo waise hi bro ghussa hain ...

Geet twisted her lips looking away n stepped back in next minute seeing verr on his knees holding her ears ..

Sorry ...sorry ...sorry ..

Veer kya kar rahe hu utho ..koi dekh lega ...

Nahi pehle aap bolo ...maaf kiya ..?

Geet shook her head smiling ..

Acha baba maaf kiya abb utho ..

Veer smiled standing up hugging her tight ..

Oh partner you're the best ..

Iss hi baat ka faida uthate ho na humesha ..

Abb bare hi tu chotoon ki galti ko maaf karte hain ...hai na

G bilkul ..but abb mujhe jaane do warna mere mamaji aur mamaji mujhe nahi maaf karenge ...

They both smiled heading towards the car ..

Ill drop you ...

Arre usski zarorat nahi hai maan sir ne driver ko bola hai ..

Aapka partner hai yahan tu driver ki kya zarorat ...

Geet smiled n went with him hoping she hasn't blurted anything stupid to maan ..but then the other part of brain mocked her even if she have what difference does it make didn't had any effect 4 years back on him won't have any effect on him now as well ...sighing she sat in the car n went home with veer ..


It took some convincing on her part when she reached home to manofy her mamaji that the presentation was indeed important ...n then she slept hoping when she will wake up her head would stop throbbing so badly ...
Unaware to the restlessness of the person sitting in the A/C office thinking about her even in his important merger meetings ...glancing at his watch ..his mobile for any call the time it was 2pm he had reached the end of his patience n dialed her number after hours of contemplation ..only to listen to her sleepy voice on the other end of the call n he sighed resting his head on the back of chair finally at peace hearing her fine ...

Hello ...who is there ..??

Geet had picked up the call in half sleep not bothering to see the id ..n kept mumbling ..

Listen if you don't want to talk please leave me alone aaj bilkul mood nahi hai wrong numbers bardaasht karne ka ...good bye  Tongue

N she disconnected turning to sleep again ...leaving a contended smile on his face .. he kept seeing his mobile screen for moments even after she disconnected the call ...

Pagal larki ...

Just then a knock on the door made him straighten only to see adi step in ..the hesitation was clear on his face n maan knew the reason all through the day nobody except anushka stepped into his cabin ..all files were brought in by her ..all the members of gang safely kept their distance from him as they should have been n he heard no one gossiping around the office n obviously they kept their mouths shut about last nights event ...wise of them maan thought or he would have fired them all ...

Maan exhaled sharply not wanting to blast on adi ...not coz he shouldn't but coz he knows they all are sincere friends of geet n didn't did all that knowingly ..

Yes Adi ..

Si ...sir wohh we have a meeting with Mr. Malhotra regarding the old age housing society ..

Hmm I remember what about it ..

Si ..sir wohh I can't find the file of the project ..

Maan looked at him narrowing his eyes but then remember it is a new project n geet was making a research report on the feasibility of that project ...

It must be with geet ...she was suppose to give it to me today but ajj tu wohh aayi nahi hai ...umm ek kaam karo ussko call karo n ask her where the file is ..we'll read it before the meeting ..we still have 3 hours before the meeting ...

Acha roko adi ek kaam karo tum rehne do ill call her myself ..

Sure sir ...

Maan picked up his mobile to dial her number but saw adi still waiting there ..

Kuch aur b kehna hai ..

Nahi ..nahi sir wohh fi ...//

Then leave ...

Adi rushed outside scared of getting blasted while maan shook his head dialing her number ..

Pick it up ... pick it up geet ..

Uff kya hai ..khote ulo ke phatte ...bola na call mat kar suna nahi tha ...dekh sar mien buhat dard hu raha hai tang mat kr ...chalo phone rakho ...Tongue


Geet sat up with a jerk seeing the caller id ..n gasped realizing what she has done ...

Mar gayi ..geet tu na ...

Geet are you there ,...

Nahi ..LOL

Helloo ...

Han han sir ...sorry ...sorry mene caller id ...//

Nahi dekhi usual Ms. Handa TongueTongue

Sorry sir ..

Geet Mr. Malhotra ki project file kahan hai ..??

Gi ...??

Old age housing society ..?? Mr. Malhotra ..ringing any bells geet ..

Ohh han ...han wohh mere paas hai ..

Jaanta hoon ..kahan hai ...I need that ..

Wohh wohh ...shit ...//

What ..?

Maan didn't knew if he should smile or get angry ..she was all over the place ...clearly still suffering from hangover ...

Nahi sorry wohh ...

Geet relax n think ...file kahan rakhi hai ..??

Ghar par hai ...mere

Maan closed his eyes sighing ..

Okiee ill send someone over ..

Nahi nahi mien office aati hoon file lekar ...

Uski zarorat nahi hai geet ..stay at home rest ...ill send the driver to collect the file ..

But sir ...///

Before she could say anything else he had hung up the call kowing she won't agree easily ...but she really needed to rest properly ..first hangover aren't easy to rid off ...

Geet saw the blank screen of her mobile n huffed ..

Dusht danav kahin k ...sirf apni baat maanwani aati hai ...kharoos 

Shit file pata nahi complete hai k nahi ...damn veer ill kill you...


An hour later ..

Anushka entered in geet's cabin with her sandwich  ...

Arre geet ma'am aap ..adi sir ne tou kaha tha aap aaj nahi aayengi ..

Geet acknowledged her with a smile resumed typing on her laptop while replying to her ..

Han wohh yeh file maan sir ko chahiye thi ..

Kuansi ..?? Mr. Malhotra waali ..??

Hmm ...wahi ..

Par aap yeh abhi kar rahi hain ...??

Han actually kal hi karni thi but yeh veer k plans k chakar mien sab late hugaya ...

Veer ...acha wohh hi na jo abhi maan sir k cabin mien hain ..

Hmm woh hi dekha mene usko aate waqt office mien ..
Acha hai maan sir busy rehenge aur mien jaldi se yeh report complete kar k unko update kardungi project k bare mien ...

Hmm ...kuch help kar sakti hoon ..??

Nahi nahi thank you bas maan sir ko pata na chale k mien yahin office mien hoon ..

Don't worry he is in some deep discussion with that guy ..

Geet stopped typing for a moment ...n glanced at the closed blinds of her cabins' glass wall separating from maans' ...n wondered if prem was being scolded for last night ...but then she doesn't have time ...n she resumed her work ..

Veer just left the cabin after discussing the new take over maan has done in auntralia ...which veer is going to handle from the next month ...when maan realized the time just 2 hours before his meeting n still no sign of the project file ...he sighed picking up the intercom n dialed pinky ..

Hello sir ..

Pinky driver geet k ghar se file lekar aagaya hai ..??

Umm sir driver ...geet b aagayi hai ..

What ...?? Geet office mien hai ..??

g.. gi sir ..

n the line went off n picky stared at the phone wondering what happened while on the other hand maan left the cabin to look for geet seeing the girl was definitely upto something seeing the closed blinds of her side of the cabin ..


Pheww finally done with the typing ..

Thank god abb tu kuch khaa liejeye  ...aapne lunch b nahi kiya ...aapka headache aur barh jayega ..

Han bas yeh maan sir se ek baar discuss karloon ...phir zaror ..

But aapko itna headache kaise ..?? raat ko sooyi nahi kiya aap theek se ..??

Arre mat pocho kal raat tu ...//

GEET ...

Geet stood up surprised seeing maan standing at the door of her cabin looking rather angry n she gulped her saliva ...

Hi ...hello maan sir ..good afternoon

In my cabin Ms. Handa

Gi sir ...///

But he had already left from there making geet glance up n pray ..

Madad karna babaji ...

Anushka print out hugaya ..??

Gi yeh hugaya ...


Maan paced back n forth in his cabin shaking his head ..

Bewakoof ...ek number ki pagal larki hai ...akal tu naam ki bhi nahi hai ...poora office chup kar k beetha hai iski image bachane k liye aur yehh ..yeh madam khud uss kal ki aayi hui employee ko poori dastaan sunane chali hain ...pata nahi mene bhi kya dekha iss larki mien ...

N just then she knocked on the door n he exhaled sharply ..trying to calm himself ..

Come in ..

If only he could ever hide his anger from her ...!!

Si ...sir wohh wohh yeh fi ..file ..

Tum yahan kar kya rahi ho geet ..?? mana kiya than a mene ..phi bhi tum ..??

Wohh yeh file ...meri report hai ..sab mene kiya hai ..tu parhh kar aapko sab kaise samajh aajayega ...

Geet looked away while maan glanced at her irritated with her stubbornness but then sighed seeing her scared n worried ...n turned away to sit back on  his chair n sipped the water trying to calm himself reminding himself she is just being the innocent n sincere girl she has always been ...

Fine ..sit bolo kya bolna hai ...

Geet glanced up at him trying to see if he was still angry while he held her gaze ..n somehow just somehow all the irritation ..the restlessness of not seeing her ...the stress of the take over ...the mess the whole day has been without her around everything seem to fade away with her just being there in front of him ...n that faint smile on her face realizing he really isn't angry anymore ..

She sat in front of him presenting the report ...discussing all the pros n cons of the project the details n the client history as a project research head giving him the clear picture of the future scenarios the time she ended he had this mocking smile on his face remember what he was asking to himself just before she knocked ...the very reason was here ...this is what he saw in her ..behind the cheer innocence n childishness is this smart ass woman who can knock you off your ground with her sharp sense of business ..even though she doesn't make decisions over here but every major project Khurana Cons has taken up in last 5 years has been analyzed by her n with perfection ...

Maan kept reading the final bits of the project file when he realized geet was massaging her head ..probably her hangover still troubling her n on top of that she was here since noon which means she hasn't eaten anything for sure ..

Lunch kiya tum ne ..??

Gi ..??

Maan glanced up fromt hr file n saw her surprised rather shocked face ..

Hindi mien sawaal kiya hai geet Chinese mien nahi ...lunch kiya ..??

Umm nahi ...nahi ..nahi kiya ..??

While maan started collecting his stuff geet sat there wondering what just happened to him all of a sudden ...n since when he started caring if I have eaten anything or not ...that too in office ..?? but before she could understand anything maan got up from his seat n so did she ...

Chalo cafeteria se sandwiches lete hain then we'll leave for the meeting 1 hour hai 1 hour ka rasta hai traffic bhi buhat huga sham k waqt ...

Umm ...

Maan went ahead n saw geet still standing by the table then turned back ..

Soch kya rahi ho geet chalo ..isske pehle k tumhara hangover kal ki tarha phir se tum se meeting mien ulta seedha bolwana shoro kare you must eat something better feel karogi warna empty stomach headache jaayega nahi ..

Geet blushed realizing the last night's blabbering n left hurriedly murmuring ..

Ill get my bag n mobile ..


They were heading towards the cafeteria when they heard faint noises of shouting from afar n glanced at each other confused ralizign it was veer's voice with some lady ...

Yehh veer hai na geet ..??

Han aur shayad ...pari
Parr yeh dono larr kyun rahe hain ..wohh bhi itna zor zor se shout kar k ..

Abb wohh tu jaakar hi pata chalega ..chalo


Pari you are crossing your limits here ..

Really limits han .?? isska matlab bhi pata hai ...of course tum tu larke ho tumhain kya zarorat hai limits ka matlab pata hone ki ..

Pari you've got it all wrong ..

Then tell me whats right ..
Kyun tum uss hi water se baat kar rahe thay jisne geet ko drink di ..??
What were you saying to him ...
I saw you mere paas call aagaya tha but I saw you talking to him n then after few minutes that same guy was offering geet the hicked drink ..

Pari mien tum se keh chukka hoon you have misunderstood me ...aisa kuch nahi hai aur ..aur mien geet k saath aisa kyun karoonga ..??

Yeh hi tu pouch rahi hoon mien veer ...tum geet k saath yehh kyun karna chahte thay ..?? y did you wanted her drunk ..?? tum ne plan banaya ..geet aana bhi nahi chahti thi offered her a pick n drop n then tum ne uss waiter ko ...//

That's when geet n maa entered the cafeteria only to see veer standing close to pari almost invading her personal space both glaring at each other furiously ...

Stop it pari ..!! just stop right there could you even think of me like that ...soch bhi kaise sakti ho tum mere bare mien aisa ...??

Kyun nahi soch sakti mien tumhaare bare mien aisa ..?? aur tumhain kya farq parta hai k mien tumhaare bare mien kya sochti hoon ..tum jaise ho waise hi rahoge ..humesha

Veer grabbed her by her arms harshly bringing her closer looking straight into her eyes ..

Farq parta hai pari buhat farq parta ...farq parta hai coz I love you ..I. LOVE. YOU ...

Pari gasped n so did geet in shock ...the moment felt to have suspended while pari kept looking at the red brimming eyes that were staring back at her with so much intensity that scared her ..made her feel so intimidated ..n she started struggling in his hold trying to free her arms ..

Jhoot bol rahe ho tum ..leave me ...(tears pooled in her eyes while she kept struggling but veer never left her hoping that she will realize how true his confession was) leave me veer ..dard hu raha hai mujhe ...

Veer ..Leave Her NOW ...!!

That was the authoritative voice of maan that made them all snap out of that intense moment veer loosened his hold n she stepped back stumbled a bit while veer took a step ahead to hold but she held the chair n balanced herself holding out a hand to stop him ...n then left from there running outside pushing past geet .. n that's whe they all noticed many of the staff members standing there looking as shocked as they all were ..geet stood there confused not knowing if she should talk with veer or go after pari ..her wits were completely shattered ..veer loved pari ...loves ..!!

I don't pay you all to waste your time on gossip ...everyone back to work NOW ..

Geet glanced at maan barking orders n all the people standing there murmuring rushed out from the corridor while she glanced at him n then at veer ..who was now standing there with a mocking smile ..

Told you partner ...your friend hates me ..Ouch
See ...

Geet stood there seeing the pain of rejection on veer's face n remembered all the time he use to say that pari hates him n she use to tell him she doesn't in this moment she really don't know what to say to whom to say ..niether did veer allowed her to coz just like pari even he left the place without any more words as such but just as geet took a step ahead to speak to them maan stopped her ..

Not now geet ..we need to leave ...

Geet glanced back at him helplessly plead in her eyes hoping he would allow her to at least speak to them once though she wasn't sure what she will say to either of them but they were her friends she couldn't leave them alone like this ..

We need to leave now geet kaafi time waste hugaya hai ..traffic mil gaya tu hum late hujayenge ...chalo 

But ...//

Prakash ek sandwich dena ..veg

The cafeteria boy brought n handed it over to maan ...n he turned towards geet who was still looking at the way veer left to ...

Yeh lo ...chalo 

Maan sir ek baar ...///

Maan held her arms n dragged her along with him ...

Chalo geet meeting k baad dekhenge ..


Maan glanced up from his  mobile saw geet sitting at the other end of the car with a angry face n the sandwich still in her hand uneaten ..he was sure seeing the small moments of her lips that he was being awarded with new names n lots of lots of best wishes by this girl ...n true he was ..!!
sighing he kept the mobile aside n tunred to her ..

Geet ..

Boliye ..

Meri taraf dekhogi tu bologna na ..

Abb mien apni marzi se kahin dekh bhi nahi sakti ..

Mene aisa kab kaha ...(maan exhaled trying not to loose control here)

Maan (st) : relax maan you want to make her eat something n for that you will have manofy her not make her even more engry ...relax ...relax

Acha theek hai mat dekho ...but meri baat sun tu sakti ho ..

Sunn hi tu rahi hoon aapki baat ..5 saal se

Maan shook his head realizing she isn't going to let this go easily ..

Geet tumhain yaad hai 4 saal pehle jab aniee apne college k final year mien thi before her university ..aur uski class ka ek larka usko pareshaan kar raha tha ...

Geet shook her head n answered rather disinterestedly ..

Wohh larka aniee ko pareshaan nahi kar raha tha ...he had just proposed her n she had refused uske baad 2 - 3 dafa he happened to be in the same place as she was ...I had met him in one of her bday party ...he was really a nice guy but aniee obviously was ready some freaky novel n thought so much more about him being in all the placed she went when actually it was really nothing ...n you as usual heard our convo n made the conclusion by your ownself ...

Ohkiee as you say but that's not the point ..

Then what is ..??

Wohh jot um ne uss waqt kaha tha mujh se jab mene tumhain confront kiys tha about all this matter ..??

Geet glanced up at him confused ..

Mene ..?? mene kya kaha tha ..??

Yeh hi k mien life mien humesha aniee k saath nahi husakta ...n I have to let her fight her own battles ...warna wohh kabhi b situations ko khud face nahi kar payegi ...

Geet kept looking at him wondering where he is going with this ..??

Yeh sab aaj itne saal baad apko kyun yaad aagaya ..??

Iss liye k tum apni hi kahi huyi baat bhool gyi ho ..

Matlab ..??

Matlab yeh geet k yeh larai veer aur pari k bech hai can't fight that for them .. yeh situation unko akele hi face karni hugi coz only they can decide what they want to do ..
Mujhe pata hai tum unn dono ko akela chor kar nahi aana chahti thi but zara socho tum unn se kehti bhi kya ...

Kuch nahi kehti maan sir unke saath rehti ...aise koi apne dost ko akele chor kar aata hai kya ...aapne dekha tha un dono ka chehra jab wohh dono wahan se gaye ..??

Kis k saath rehti ..?? pari ya veer k ..??

Mien ...//

Ofcourse she didn't had any answer to that ..

Exactly geet ...meri baat mano give them some space let them decide ...iss waqt unko kisi aur se ziada apne aap se baat karne ki zarorat hai ..apne mann ko jaan'ne ki zarorat hai ..
Mien aur tum iss waqt chah kar bhi kuch nahi kar sakte unke liye ...

Geet kept thinking about what he said for a while n did sink in but then she turned to face him ..

Sab theek hujayega na maan sir ..?? 

Maan smiled n blinked his eyes assuring her to the best of his ability ...

Unke liye tu hujayega but agar tum ne abb bhi yehh sandwich nahi khayi tu tumhare sarr k dard ki theek hone ki koi guarantee nahi hai ..

Geet glanced at the sandwich in her hand n smiled that the thoughts cleared a bit from her mind she realized her head really does hurt a lot due to empty stomach ..n she tear opened the foil n bit her sandwich while maan busied himself with his file ...after finishing her sandwich she glanced at him realizing he hasn't scolded her at all the whole day despit the last nights' event her late lateefi with the report n how calmly he explained her his pov regarding veer n pari ...a smile spread across her face remembering his words from a moment back he really remembered such an old incident n what she said back then ...
After a moment or two maan glanced at her n saw her looking at him smiling ..a smile spread across his face..

Thank you ..

For the sandwich ..??

Geet shook her head ..

Phir ..??

She just shrugged her shoulder ..

Aise hi ..
Is adi sir going to join us for the meeting ..??

He was going to but then you came n asked if he could leave ..his father is due for his monthly checkup today ..

Oh ..


After the meeting maan dropped her to her house n she turned before opening the door ..

Thank you sir ..

Mention not Ms. Handa ..

Good night ..

Sham k 7 baje good night ..??

Geet smiled ..

Abb raat ko hum milne nahi waale tou iss hi liye ...aur jaate waqt koi good evening to kahega nahi na sir ..

Maan smiled thinking why did he even asked that ...knowing this girl has an answer for everything ..

Fine geet good night aur please dekh kar road cross karna ..

Yes Sir ..

She stepped out smiling ...while he asked the driver to wait till she gets in ..n just as she did he left seeing her waving bye from her door in the side mirror ...n he shook his head ..

Pagal larki ..Embarrassed


geet heard maan's car stop in front of her house n she hurried outside to go with him still dressed in the same old kurti n patyala she wears as her night dress now..

eheh ..well he is dropping her off at 7 then you  can guess it will late nite if she is wearing her sleeping suit ...guess guess whats happening ..WinkWink

me waiting for your reviews n likes Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

luv ya

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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