MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 57)

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nice update..
continue soon..
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WOW!! amazing update dear...loved it a lot

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Such an emotional update
Geet remember a time when she confessed her feelings to him and Maan distanced himself but now she couldn't hold onto her pain and asked him why he hates why he cannot trust her and Maan sees the pain and hurt that she is going through and finally tells her he can never hate her he trust her .
Maan speaking to his bhabhi was so sad and heartwrenching
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hello all,
hope you all are doing fine ..
me super good had a lovely bday .thank you to all my dear friends for your lovely wishes Embarrassed

here i am with another update ...Big smile
but before that here is the link to a another story that i have posted MG OS His Angel give it a chance if you have time

thank you for all your love n appreciation mean a lot

luv ya
buhaaattt saaaraaa Hug

enjoy reading

MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Hi geet ma'am ..

Hi anushka ...maan sir aagaye ..??

Yup bas abhi...waise aap kahan reh gyi thi Monday morning late ...maan sir pouch rahe thay aapka ..

Really shit mar gyi ...arre yeh stupid scooty khraab hugayi aur ..aaj late bhi uthi thi ..

Koi baat nahi relax ...jaakar mil lijeye 15 minute mien 3 baar pouch chuke hain aap ke bare mien ...

Abb tu mien gyi ..chalo bye mien jaati hoon ..

Araam se geet ma'am ..
Kitna darti hain yeh bhi maan sir se ...


Geet entered maan's cabin holding her breath ready to get blasted for coming late ...

Good ..good morning sir ...

Maan turned back almost ready to shout where the hell you have been ..but swallowed back his words n huffed in relief seeing her fine in front of him instead he greeted her back ..

N geet get me the Darla project's file ...

Geet kept looking at him wondering if that's all he is going to say ..not at all believing he is so calm even after her being late ...while maan shook his head at her lost state ..

Geet ...Geet ..

She snapped out of her trance n straightened herself ..

Gi... gi... sir ...

Kuch baat hai wanna say something ..?

Umm nahi ..mera matlab hai han ..wohh project system ...(geet closed her eyes trying to calm herself) ..prem ka project (she sighed finally able to form a proper sentence) hugaya tha theek se wohh kal mami aur mama gi k saath jaana  para mujhe iss hi liye aa nahi paayi mien ...

Maan smiled seeing her flustered nervous self n that innocent guilty expressions making her look too cute ..

Han with ur instructions hugaya n aniee ne bhi help ki ...(geet smiled finally relieved while maan grabbed his phone from the table)..

Actually dekhlo kuch galat tu nahi hua ...

You have a picture ...really dekhaiye ..

Geet excitedly walked towards him n smiled wholeheartedly seeing the project pictures ...

Waoo maan sir yeh tu exactly waise hi bana hai jaise mene aur prem ne decide kiya tha ...

Maan smiled seeing her excitement for this small project ...n shook his head remembering the exact same words being said by prem this morning ...geet looked up to him smiling only to get lost in the captivating eyes looking at her with so much love n respect ...they probably would have slipped into their endless staring session if the intercom hadn't rung ...snapping out of their moment they both stepped back looking away smiling n hiding the same from each other ...while maan answered the call geet left the cabin with a huge smile ...n went to hers'

Uff babaji aaj kal tu aap bare hi meherbaan hu rahe hu ...bas aaj inka mood aise hi happy happy rakhna ...actually humesha aise hi rakhna ...


Geet was busy discussing the darla project with maan n other team members when her mobile vibrated ..both maaneet noticed the vibration but ignored the discussion went onn n next it was maan's mobile ..he was about to disconnect the call but then seeing it from KM he excused himself n turned to attend the call geet noticed him smiling n then he handed over the mobile to her ..

He wants to talk to you ...

Geet smiled n went at some distance to talk to the little angel ..

Hi congrats baby ...

Geet aunty aapko kaise pata ...i got A+

Arre bhool gye I have magic ..

While she was listening to all the glory details of prem's science project anushka whispered to romeo ...

Who is this calling geet ma'am on maan sir's phone ..??

Aur kuan unka boyfriend hi huga ..Shocked

What ..!!

Relax anushka we call maan's sir's son Prem her BF ...

Oh maan sir ka beta as in his late brother's son right ??

Yup ..

Pari gi anushka gi ..maan sir dekh rahe hain

Opps thnxx adi gi ..

They all giggled n resumed the discussion just as geet joined them back ..grinning ear to ear ...


Geet was knelt down by the cabnets in her cabin when somebody came from the back n covered her eyes ..

Guess who ..

She smiled placing her hand on the ones over her eyes ..

Iss office ek hi bacha hai joy eh kar sakta hai ...
Veer Khurana ...

Seriously geet ma'am aap humesha pehchaan lete hu ...

Geet turned n smiled seeing the guy she trained for 2 years now standing in front of her ...veer hugged her tight ..

Welcome back ..waise 2 saal baad humari yaad kaise aagayi ..??

C'mon geet ma'am aapko kaise bhool sakta hoon ...aap hi tu meri one n only mentor dost guide sab hu ...graduation college mien itna nahi seekha jitna iss office mien aapke aur maan bhaiya k saath seekha hai ..

Han aur sab seekhne k baad London office puhanch kar humien hi bhool gye ...

Aapko bhi tu yaad nahi aayi meri ...

Aapke bhaiya kisi cheez k liye time den tu kuch yaad aaye na humien ..

True pata nahi aap aur bhaiya itna kaam kaise kar lete hu ...mien tu bore hugaya 2 saal mien hi here I am vacations for 3 days ..

Waoo approve kardi maan sir ne ...

I am here now ...

Great to see you back veer ...come have a seat ..

Sure aap bataiye how is life ..??

Life is just the same ...KC back home ..

What about prem his work ..n ofcourse your match maker maami ..

Ahh ..don't even ask me its all just the same ...
Tum btao how was London ...kaisa laga wahan kaam kar k ...

Boring ...aapki baatien nahi hai wahan romeo ke jokes nahi hai wahan aur adi sir hi unique haasi bhi nahi top it all pari jaise sexy bhi nahi huti wahan tu ...

Geet laughed at his expression sitting with the files she needed ...

Seriously veer ...u still hooked on pari ...humien tu laga tha veer khurana abb tak tu wahan ki goori larkiyoon k Mr. Charming hu chuke hunge ...

Honestly geet ma'am ..goori larkiyoon se tu abb flirt karne mien bhi maza nahi aata ..wohh thorai pari ki tarha irritate huti hain ...aur wohh cute ka expression bhi dekhne ko nahi milta ...

Veer ..!! pari ne suna na buhat ghussa hugi ...

He laughed n shook hi head remembering the old time 2 years back when he had came here to work under his cousin brother MSK n got to learn so much with all these people over here ...

Waise hain kahan sab ..??

Busy working ...KC mien aur kya hu sakta hai ...ek kaam karti hon ill leave them all a msg hute hi sab canteen mien aajayenge ...waise bhi its 5:30 abhi ..

Great tu aap bhi sab wind up kijeye n ill wait in the canteen ..

Okiee ..

He stood up to leave while geet started sending few mail draft for today when he turned standing at the door ..just before leaving ...

N geet ma'am ...

Hmm ..

Its good to see you smiling ..

Geet smiled ...

Its good to see you back veer ...

He left leaving geet remembering the days 4 years back when he had joined KC as an assistant to her ...he was maan's cousin brother but a total oppositeto him ..freshly graduated he was fun to be around ...geet always saw the little brother in this guy ...those were the toughest days of her life after coming back from her medical leave after that accident ...he was the sole reason she could get herself out of that misery seeing life for what it was ...smiling again ..believing that being near him was enough ...may be that's why this boy holds a special place in her heart ...woh kuch log hute hai na jo jahan jaate hain khushiyan saath lekar jaate hain jahan se jaate hain khushiyan chor kar jaate hain ...

He was so full of life breathing new hopes in her shattered self as well making her live her life again ...may be that's why she can never say no to him ...alright well even she will say no he would never listen to it ..always coming up with some way or other make her agree to his demands ...


Geet entered the canteen only to see veer sitting on the table laughing with everyone sitting around him always the guy was the centre of the everyones attention ..the jaan of the gathering ...she smiled n entered the area ..

So finally the lady herself is here ...

Well veer sahib maan sir ne aap sab ko yahan dekh liya na tu pata hai na kya huga ..

Arre chill geet ma'am ..bhai is busy in a meeting hi tu hum sab yahan hain ..

Geet shook her head at him while he winked at her ..

Acha abb aap idhar aao ...jaldi se ..(he grabbed her hand n made her sit on the chair near by)...

Aree kya hua ..veer ...
Uff abb batao kya hua ...

Geet ma'am plan is all set aap btao aaj koi dinner meetin tu nahi hai ...coz aaj raat ko hum log ..i mean mien adi sir ..romeo ..pari aur aap disco jaa rahe hain ..

Disco ..?? 

Nahi geet ma'am party karne mandir chalet hain ..

They all laughed aloud while geet twistedher lips ..

Very funny ..aaj hi aaye hu aur aaj se hi paty choro k saath kuan rahega ..??

Ohoo poora din subha se sham tak that u ghar par ...n honestly agar mien aur maa k saamne raha na tu wohh 3 din mien mujhe khela khela kar gol gappa bana degi .. par wohh sab choriye ...hum sab ready hain so aap bhai se baat karlo bhi meeting hai apki ..

What way veer aur aaj tu maan sir ki dinner meeting bhi hai ..aj nhi jaa sakti

C'mon geet meeting mien tu anushka jayegi na maan k saath ...remember she is the secretary now not you ..

Great so no bahanas geet ma'am chalna parega ...

Par veer mien disco ...maan sir early off nahi denge ..aaj ki meetin mujhe attend karni hi hugi ...

Kya geet ma'am mien poore 2 saal baad aaya hoon aur aap aise kar rahe hu ..dekh liya mene bilkul fiqr nahi hai aapko meri ..

He sat on the table in front of her pouting folding his arms looking away makin geet smile ..

Maan jao geet warna baby abhi roo dega ...

Veer glared her while they all chuckled ..

Well pari abb tum ne mujhe baby bula h I diya hai tu I sure as hell  can consider you as my babes right ...

Haw ..veer !!

Geet stood up b/w them ...

Acha abb larna mat choro karna ...mien pouchti hoon maan sir se if he can excuse me from todays meeting ..

Yeppieee ...veer hugged her in excitement n geet smiled at his childishness ...

They parted n geet shook her head ..

Kabhi bare nahi huge na tum veer ...

He winked n shook his head smiling at her victoriously ..

Never ..!!


Geet knocked on maan's cabin crossing her finger n glanced back only to see veer pari n romeo giving her thumbs up ..n she smiled praying for him to be in good mood ..

Come in ...

Geet exhaled sharply before entering his cabin n stood by the door so she could run if he gets mad at her ...

Kya hua geet kuch kaam tha ..

Nahi ..kaam nahi tha ..

Tu phir yahan walk karne ka mann kiya tumhara ..??

Gi ..

Maan glanced up at her n saw her holding her hands back sweating in the AC as well n he knew she was here to talk ..knowing veer is here in the office either there is something wrong already or something is going to happen coz whenever geet n veer are together disaster is bound to happen ...he shook his head seeing her still standing there murmuring something ..

Geet bologi bhi ya babaji se hi baat karne ka irada hai ..??

Nahi wohh ...wohh aaj meeting hai na raat ko ..

Mujhe yaad hai geet meeting k bare mien ..aur file anushka mujhe de chuki hai ..

Pata hai ...par agar mien meeting mien na aaon tu ...

Maan glanced at her while geet stepped back fearing to receive a full volume outburst but surprising her n himself both maan placed his pen down n leaned back in his chair ..

Tu jaanti ho na k iss clent se yeh pehli meeting hai aur last saari meetings tum ne aur adi ne ki hain ..?? 

Gi jaanti hoon ..koi baat nahi mien chalti hoon ..

Ek minute ..meri baat poori nahi huyi hai ..

Geet stood there gulping her saliva listening to his hard tone ...

Whats the reason ??

Reason ..??

Meeting skip karne ka ??

Geet looked down not knowing if she should tell him or not maan saw her hesitancy n for some reason it irked him to see that ..

Geet kuch poucha hai mene ..

She looked up the authority in his tone compelled her to speak the truth ..

Wohh hum sab ka plan tha party ka aaj raat ko ...

Hum sab kuan ..??

Adi sir ..romeo ..pari mien aur veer ...

Hmm ...fine jaasakti ho tum ..

Yahan se ya party mien ..??

Maan looked up at her innocent scared face ..n it was so hard not to smile at that cute expression ...but he looked away concentrating on the file in front of him ...answering her ..

Yahan se bhi aur raat ko party mien bhi ..


Maan glanced up at her surprised with her enthusiasm ..n couldn't help but smile at her this time ...

Yes Ms. Handa you are excused for the meeting ...

Geet looked at him smiling ..grining like a 5 years old ...

Thank you ..thank you so much maan sir ...

N with this she left the cabin leaving maan smiling at her reaction ..

Pagal larki ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Days like this were a blessing for him when he gets to see her this much happy smiling n knowing he played even a small tiny miny part in bringing that smile on her face gives him satisfaction like nothing else ..maan opened the blinds of his window from the remote only to see geet smiling telling those bunch of mad people out there about the good news most probably ...he couldn't help but get lost in that carefree smile ..that innocence on her face ...the happiness in that small thing ...who would get this much happy on just being able to go out with her friends ...what he failed to realize was it wasn't just about being able to go out with her friend it was about getting his approval on going out ...!! 


Geet : mana ke babaji ne aapko buhaaat handsome banaya hai but aap koi dunya k aakhiri insaan nahi hu jis se koi larki pyaar kare ..samajhte kya apne aap ko ..david beckham ho ..john ibrahim ho ..jamie dornon ho ..ho kya aap ...geek god ...itna attitude kyun hai aap mien ..nose dekhi hai aapne apni ...(maan actually looked at his nose as geet pointed at it n then stretched her hand towards the sky).. itni lambi huti jaarahi hai ..LOLLOLLOL

maan glared at her in anger while veer muffled his laughter standing at the back ..

stop it veer before i kill you n get in the damn car ...

keep waiting for the upcoming masti ...Tongue

do leave your reviews n likes waiting eagerly

luv ya

Posted: 3 years ago
haan loved the update

i guess geet is drunk... waiting to see how maan handles her
Posted: 3 years ago
Great part. Geet's all happiness lies on maan and his family. She got happy knowing prem got A+ in his project. Veer's entry is really refreshing for everyone in the kc. They planned to go for disco at night. At first geet denied as she has a meeting which she needed to attend with maan but when veer forced her she got ready. She took permisssion from maan . maan was happy seeing her happiness but what  he  doesn't know is  that her all happiness and her all world is depend on him only. Precap is amazing. Waiting for next dear
Posted: 3 years ago
Loved the update. Maan get happiness just seeing Geetsmiling. They have a beautiful relation, only if they confess.
Posted: 3 years ago
Geet is light of maan n his family life.. Hope maan realize it soon before he loose her... Prem was so happy getting a+fr his project.. I love veer yaar.. Such sweet guy... Precap interesting... Can't wait for update.

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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