MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 29)

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Emotional and painful update
want to see jealous maan
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lovely update geet was fed up with ziddi khuranas koi jhukne ko tayyar hi nahi hai par maan ne ana liya prem ko both were finally smiling toawrds eachother annie ka doosra plan she sent the driver away so maan will drop geet she wasnt talking so janab ka office talk shuru ye maan bhi na aur koi topic nahi mila isse nayi secreetary ka naam sunke janab ko dhakka aur get ki shaamat he was helping her or enjoying the proximity both were  lost cops caught them they decided to take advantage not knowing who msk is the cop tried to hit on geet jo usse bhari pada possesive singh khurana woke up from his sleep loved how geetbthinks maans car will win over cops car jhalli queen but maan loved her face when the cops thought they were romancing but man ka drivers licence pad ke hish hi ud gaye
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lovely update geet was shy with red to see him again she didnt how will she handle her heart she went to meet him he was in study she was surprised as no one talked abt him maan was avoiding her coz of him she got shot she could see hatred in his eyes but couldnt deciper pain in  his voice maan ka boss employee ka jaap kahatm hi nahi hota hai bechari geet kitna sahegi maan realised what he said too late geet gone how much will he make her suffer geet was waiting for maan preparing herself maan saw her condition knew he was responsible blamed himself maan was observing her she saw his hands were swollen wanted to heal but didnt coz of his boss employee tag line maan was lost in his sleeping beauty but came back thanks to the guy finally geet couldnt takke it and forcefully made him eat medi
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hello everyone,
long time now since i ve posted anything ..
kaise hu sab ..?? hopefully fine ..
meri tu and baji pari hai ...literally job+studies is so tough to manage
but khair ..i ve managed to type a LONGgg update

thank you everyone for ur love n support

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MG SS : Salaam e Ishq


Morning showed marking the start of a new day ...for geet it brought a new light of hope giving her life a new path while for maan it was still a gloomy start with so many confusions ...last few days have been so difficult every time he tried making things normal again he failed ...n failed miserably ... n now he didn't even knew what he could do to make geet happy again see that same enchanting smile on her face that use to illuminate his days make it worst he knew he will be having a secretary from today ...which meant geet had every way of avoiding him if she wanted to ...he won't be getting his coffee by her ...n well the list of the things goes endless ...he didn't even want to think of it ...

Morning at KC ...

Hi adi sir ...kya baat hai aaj subha subha mood off ...abhi tak tou MK bhi nahi aaye ...

Kuch nahi romeo huna kya hai ...yeh humare office ke paas mien jo government ne road construction start karwai hai na uss ke chakar mien subha ghar se jaldi nikalna par rha hai already itna stress hai aaj kal aur upar se yeh sab bhi ...

Oh ho chill karo tussi ...think of it positively ...

Construction ki waja se road par traffic block hai ..which means ke abb MK bhi late aayenge u don't worry sir ji ...

Romeo tum bhi na ...

Adi sir apna tu ek hi usool hai tension lene ka nahi dene ka ..

Khutte ..ullo ke patte ...ghadde kahin ke ...sach mien haath aajata tu jaan se maar deti ussko ...babaji aapko bhi na subha subha mien hi mili ...kyun bachi ki nokri se khel rahe hu ..

Lo dekho ek aur aagayi ...

Adi n romeo smiled seeing geet entering in the office unsually pissed n cursing to god knows who ..

Arre geet maam ek poora din MK ke saath akele rehne ka itna asar ...humara kya huga abb ...

Romeo dekh aaj mera dimag buhat garam hai ..tang mat kar warna aaj MK nahi mien tumhain fire kardungi ..

Ehehehee hehee ...kya baat hai geet ...itna ghussa ...

Dekho na adi sir pata nahi log car mien beth kar apne aap ko samajhte kya hain ...traffic jam tha mene scooty park kardi aage wale office mien n walk karte waqt ek car wala itni speed se aage gaya mera poora dress kharaab kardiya stupid idiot ...khutta na hu tou ...

Arre yaar abb tu yeh problem poore week chalegi ..

Iss hi liye tu keh rha hoon choro yeh sab kuch interesting discuss karte hain ...wohh MK ki new secretary kab aarahi hai ..??

Adi : Abb tak tu aajana chahiye tha ...pata nahi 

Geet : Well I guess then wohh joining se pehle hi fire hone wali hai MK ki car neeche traffic mien stuck hai ...n he'll be here anytime soon ...

Romeo : Lo lagta hai iss baar pechle saare records totne waale hain ..
Kya lagta hai adi sir kitne hours tak rok paayegi yeh new girl ...

I don't know romeo lets see ...if she even gets to join or not ...

Geet smiled n shook her head ...

Aap log bhi na ...chalo u guys continue mien dekhti hoon if I have a spear dress in my locker ...


Good morning aditya sir ...sorry I m late but wohh traffic jam ..anyways I hope boss hasn't arrived yet ...

Well u r lucky Ms. Anushka Mehta.. he hasn't ..but u won't be every day so try to come on time coz MK koi excuse nahi sunte ...

I ...I will remember that ..

Good now welcome to KC ...n umm ...ek kaam karo aage jaake left turn karo n second last cabin is MK ki personal assistant's cabin she was the temporary secretary as well .. tum wahan wait karlo ..her name is Geet Handa she'll be thr in a few minutes n she'll guide to about ur work ..

Okie thanks ...

Have a nice day ..

Just as anushka left ...romeo came from back n patted on his shoulder ..

Not bad adi sir ...tou yeh hai MK ki new secretary ..finally office mien kuch excitement aayi ..

Romeo tum aur tumhari baatien ...filhal I have work n I need to leave ..

Arre rokku tou adi sir ...1st day late aayi hai ..kitne kitne ki bet MK issko 2 din mien fire kardenge ..

ROMEO ...!!

Arre bolo na ...

1000 ...she'll stay atleast a week ...

Pari !!! 

Good morning guys ...romeo I m inn ...

Great ...2000 2 days not more than that ...

5000 ...(they all turned thr heads towards geet who was now changed into a fresh dress n was walking towards them) she is not going anywhere till atleast a month ...

WHAT !!!

How can u say that geet ..

Exactly MK ki secretary aur 1 month ...Impossible ..

Geet smiled ...well I just ...pata nahi ..but she seems different ...professional lag rahi hai ...n don't know call it a gut feeling but I think she is here to stay ...

So 5000 it is geet maam ..

Certainly romeo ...

Geet u should think again ...last 10 secretaries didn't even entered thr 3rd week ..

Hmm ...I know pari but ...I saw her ...n I guess she'll survive ..

Good if u so wanna loose ...adi sir ..??

Sorry ..u all enjoy this childish act of urs ..i m not in MK ko pata chala na tou ...

Okie listen mien pantery jaa rhi hoon ...aaj last time MK ko morning coffee serve karne ke liye ...aate hi hunge abb who ...its almost 9am now ...


As expected the moment the clock stuck 9 the buzzer went on indicating that MK was now in the building ...geet sighed looking at the boiling water ...

Last cup for next few days atleast ...I hope unko pasand aajaye ..

While she was busy trying to nail the coffee which actually she has been making since last 5 years ...Maan entered the office looking around to see if geet was here yet ...some how last days events have set an uncertainity in him ...the fear he had experienced every day for so many months 4 years before after breaking her heart was now back again ...every day he entered the office with a question if she would be thr or not n today again he is experiencing the same uncertainity ..with a hope he stopped a few steps before geet's cabin ...adi saw maan's movement n thought to introduce anushka n went towards geet's cabin as well ...

Holding a breath in anticipation maan entered in geet's cabin only to loose all his cool seeing a random girl dressed in fitted jeans n cotton full sleeves shirt sitting in geet's chair looking into her diary dare she !! he stromed in the cabin making anushka jump onto her feets in fear seeing the great MSK standing in front of her with red eyes spitting fire ..

Who the bloody hell r u ..?? aur yahan kar kya rahi hu tum ..??

Wohh ...wohh mien sir aapki ...aapki new secretary ..

Kis ne permission si hai tumhain iss chair par bethne ki ...kis ne !!

Maan was actually shaking with fear seeing someone else in geet's place ...that chair was geets' n no one one ever dared to sit thr since last 5 years ...the current state of mind he was in seeing someone else in thr just made his mind blew off n he was roaring like a mad man out of control ..adi who was till now walking slowly rushed to geet's cabin hearing the high pitched voice of MK even romeo n pari came thr confused but never stepped in fearing maan's anger ...

Sir ...sir wohh yeh ...

Adi ...kis ne issko iss cabin mien bheja hai ...n how dare she sit in geet's place ..?? 

Sir wohh ..wohh ...wohh me ..mene hi wohh issko wait karne ...

Yeh cabin geet ka hai na ..??

Gi sir lekin yeh ...

Tou kisne ..kisne isse yahan aane ki permission di hai ...who the hell asked her to check her files n diaries adi ...

Sir wohh yehh yahan sirf ..sirf geet ka wait ..wait kar rahi hai ...nothing nothing else ..

Maan looked around saw romeo n pari standing outside n few other staff members peeping in ...he exhaled sharply trying to control his temper ...n said in an ice cold voice ..

Make this thing very clear to every body ...I don't want to see anyone sitting in others' cabin or peeping in files not concerned to them ...

Maan left the cabin while everyone resumed thr work not bothering why this was such a big deal coz they knew thr boss wants everyone n everything at thr correct place ...n ofcourse she was the new girl ...most importantly his secretary the person who gets most beaten up by him ...but Anushka was still confused as to what was such a big thing if she sat in a wrong place or if she was checking his appointment diary ..this is what she is hired for ...n on her part she was being pro-active ...the person who was suppose to brief her wasn't still here n she thought she should atleast know her boss today's schedule ...n here she was so royally insulted on the very first day at her new job ..

What a start anushka ...

U shouldn't have sat thr ...n what were u even thinking peeping in those files without permission ... 

Adi sir that was Maan Sir's appointment diary I was checking ...mene kuch nahi kiya ..

Listen just ...just be here till geet comes n for heaven sakes kuch chuna mat ..

Anushka sighed n sat on the couch by the coffee table while adi left to his cabin to take the files he wanted to hand over to maan while maan entered his cabin only to feel a fresh wave of peace entering him ...he leaned on the glass door with his eyes closed ...his cabin was soud proof giving him a chance to calm his senses being isolated from the chaos of outside ...n then with his heart beat getting normal he smelled the aroma of fresh coffee hitting him ...he opened his eyes only to see his table nicely arranged ...a cup of hot coffee on the table ...a smiled adorned his face n almost naturally he called her name ..

Geet ...

Gi sir ...ouch ...

Maan peeped from right side n saw her sitting down by his table rubbing her head ..apparently she had hit her head with the corner while getting up was so hard to hold the laughter ...her cute face whose wrinkle on her forehead closed eyes ...n cursing lips ...she looked like an innocent child sitting thr maan went towards her n knelt infront of her ...looked at her from inches away ...finally geet opened her eyes getting over the pain n got stuck by the intensity of his eyes looking at her if drowning her in his depths ...Embarrassed she was again about to get up when maan put a hand over her head n made her bend her head ...he never looked away n neither could she while he made her head tilt outward n helped her get up without getting hurt ...geet was so lost in the calm features of his face totally unaware of the havoc he had faced since this morning ...maan couldn't have had enough of her but a knock on the door made them both snap out of thr trance n step away from each other ...they both looked away embarrassed confused happy ..shy yet hiding a smile from each other 

Maan asked who ever was outside to come in n made his way towards his chair while geet collected the scattered papers off the floor which she was actually doing before he came n distracted her ..

Good ..good morning sir ..

Seeing adi instantly switched maan's mood as he remembered the girl in geet's cabin ..

I don't think it's a good morning adi given the fact that KC is now a joger's park where anybody can roam around peep in confidential files n do whatever they want to ...

Geet was confused as to what happened ..but kept quite n continued arranging the papers in a file while adi answered n she understood it was something to do with his new secretary ..

I ..i am sorry sir aaj jo hua ...actually Ms. Mehta was thr waiting for geet to brief her about her work ..

Par tum ne aaj usko joining ke liye bulaya hi kyun ..?? u know its such a busy day for me ...kitni meetings hai n I have told u all million times ke meri secretary ki joining day par hi usko meri meetings mien place mat kiya karo ...I can't handle someone again spoiling a million dollar deal with her stupidity ..

Geet (st) : uff pata nahi kiya kara hai iss larki ne ...yeh tou pakka mere 5000 ka nuksaan (Lose) karwaayegi ...geet kuch kar ..

Sorry sir but wohh iss month mien kitne projects close hurahe hain n so many new projects are in the pipeline ..geet will be so busy so I thought the sooner the better ..

Adi just keep that girl away from the conference hall ...u hear me ..

But sir aise tu wohh kuch seekhegi kaise ..

Geet tu tum chahti hu ke wohh Garewaal's project meeting mien aaye n handle ur part on the very first day ...

Sir ..mene uska profile parha hai she has been doing this since last 3 years ...tou mujhe nahi lagta kuch garbar karegi ...besides ill brief her ..aur waise bhi aaj ki uss meeting mien romeo was going to fill in for me coz that new project of darla unse meri meeting bhi uss hi time par hai its good na that she will be thr so u won't have to face any problems ..

Maan could see geet was trying to save that girl's position ...she do this often for his secretaries which pisses him the most y can't she understand he doesn't want anybody else than her in that place but then its good for him ...she will mess up in the meeting n he will fire her today itself ..

Fine ..!! but agar kuch galat hua ..u r going to face it geet ..remember that !!

Geet took a deep breath looking at the confident ice cold stare of her boss ...for once she thought she is in trouble but abb sher ke mau mien haath daal hi diya hai tu darna kya ..

Kuch ...kuch galat nahi huga ..

Fine !! u r taking the chances Ms. Handa ...Tongue

Maan smirked coz he could see geet getting nervous ...Garewal's project is important the team worked so hard to get it n its under progress since last 6 months this meeting today is to brief them on the progress n they have to be convinced that its all going smooth nothing can go wrong here ...but geet has taken the chance ..


Outside maan's cabin ..

Geet u think garewals' ki meeting mien anushka ka hona would be good ..

Adi sir I can't be thr in the meeting Darlas' will be here on the exact time aur this is the first time KC is working with them ...we need to know thr project n they should get a good impression ...being the client advisor mujhe darlas ki meeting attend karni hi hugi we don't have much of an option coz placing romeo thr won't be a big difference risk is actually the same ...

Adi smiled knowing how romeo fumbles with the gadgets ...

Yeah right ...maan sir ke presentation slides sync mien move karna is a big thing ...I don't know how u do it ...he never has to stop or guide u ..

Well for now I have to guide the new girl ..

Geet maam ...geet maam ...

Wohoaa romeo relax wheres the fire ..??

Fire tu subha lagi thi ...wah kiya scene tha ...abhi bhi waqt hai bet wapis lejeye ..warna aap pakka haar jaayengi ..

Very funny ...BTW hua kya hai ...adi sir mien tu puchna hi bhool gyi ...

N they narrated the whole episode ...!!

Oh my god ...I can't believe this ...Maan sir ko itni si baat par itna ghussa aagaya ..

Mat poucho geet mujhe tu laga MK anushka ko abhi fire kardenge ..

But aapke 5000 bach gaye geet maam ..

Hmm ..romeo tum tension matlo ...mein bet nahi haroongi ,..

Chalo u guys carry on with ur work ill go meet the new victim ...


Posted: 4 years ago


Chalo u guys carry on with ur work ill go meet the new victim ...


Umm ...hello ..

Oh ..good ..good morning maam ...mien ..I ..I am Anushka Mehta ..woh ..

Relax I know who u r n why u r here ...
Itna nervous mat hu ..i don't bite 

Well geet's smile had to do its magic ..anushka was calmed ...the earlier tension about whom she is going to be briefed by n how that girl will be ...everything vanished with the calm geet brought in with her ...

Sorry wohh mujhe laga aap bhi MK ke tarha strict hungi n aapko bhi pata chal gaya huga subha jo hua ...

Firstly iss office mien Maan Singh Khurana ek hi hain ...aur dosre ki koi zarorat nahi hai so relax ...secondly yes I know subha kya hua ..n I m sorry for the terrible start u got ..usually I brief the new entries before they meet Maan sir but unfortunately I couldn't but never mind lets start again ..

Hi, I am Geet Handa, KC's Client Advisor + Assistant to MD KC and part time secretary as well ..welcome to KC n I hoep u r here to stay ..

Oh god such a heavy designation ...but how come u r a client advisor n assistant both ..?

Hmm well I was appointed as a client advisor to analyze the new projects offered to KC but then later on I started assisting maan sir in his projects my own team to work on different projects ..then I was going on to trips with him coz as a client advisor I had to deal with all projects first n then with such a rapid changes in his secretary I even got to be his secretary but at this time of the year we have a lot of work pressure ...lots of projects coming in n lots of at the dead line so I can't do everything hence u r here ..
Pheww what a description of my work ...never actually did that ..LOL
Khair here is the diary to Maan sir's daily schedule whole month has been planned just check if he demands for some cancellation or some new appointment I hope u know how to adjust that all ...these r the files for current projects he is handling ...some r with me I am working on it ..if he asks for it tell me n I ll give it to u is on that table in the left corner ..for now u will have to share this cabin but hopefully in the next month u'll get ur own ..

That is if I survived ..

Geet chuckled ..well that too have a look at all this koi confusion hu tu batana n now is the most important info ..
Iss diary ke first page par maan sir ki coffee timing ..uski lunch timing n which restaurant he usually prefers n unke ghar ka number hain just incase if u need it someday u'll know bit by bit for now I have to go for a meeting with my team so make ur self confortable n yes that telephone set on left ..pick up the call n transfer it to who ever maan sir ask for ...extensions r mentioned on the paper stuck by the left corner ...okie

Alright I hope I can remember it all ..

Don't worry ill be back In about 30 min till then go through everything n ask me ...good luck 


While geet was busy with her team meeting planning how things r going to go from now on maan dailed her extension only to have anushka answer it ...just what he needed ...asking for the file he needed he kept the phone down with huff this is what he hates he most when he wants to talk to geet n some random girl answers ..but he knows geet has tons of work n its over burdening her ..he cant be pressurizing her all the time .

In the meeting room ..

Alright everybody all sorted then proj will be handled by me n romeo while projects' progress reports will be made by niati n rohan n old clients as usual will be handled by adi sir's team .. 

Niati : but maam now tht anushka has come so is she going to handle all the events n parties .. 

Yes niati she will be but we all know she is new and every one of us will help her ... Romeo u r going to help anushka in garewal's meeting n rohan n niati u 2 will be with me in darla's meeting ...


Geet made her way back to her cabin mentally counting on the details she has to tell anushka but everything went out of her head listening to maan shouting on the poor girl lucky for her his cabin's door was left partially open ..geet knew if she went in her cabin she will be left to see the picture without audio therefore she peeped in the cabin n saw maan throwing the file on the table ..

This is the third time Ms. Mehta ...I m asking u for the aaccounts file of garewaal's meeting ..

I m sorry sir wohh file ...wohh file sach mien geet maam ke cabin mien nahi hai ..

U know what Ms. Mehta ..U r Fir..//

Maan sir ...wohh sorry ..sorry to interrupt but wohh ...wohh garewaals ki file mere paas nahi adi sir ke paas hai ..

Pehli baat tu yeh Ms. Handa key eh answer mujhe aap ko nahi Ms. Mehta dena chahiye tha aur dosri baat agar aap permission lena bhool gyi hain tu yaad kar lijeye ..this is My Cabin ..joger's park nahi hai 

Haw ...mene kya kara ...maan sir pehli baat tu yeh ke permission band darwazoon ke saamne khare hukar lete hain ..(anushka gasped seeing geet argue with THE MSK like this ...n closed her eyes praying he shall not fire her ...after all geet just saved her job least did she knew that's how thy have been working together n geet handa even though is scared kitten infront of maan's anger but has this sherni side that tames the wild lion) agar door open hu tu kya  mien pagal hoon jo guard ki tarha bahar khare hu kar wait karoon ..TongueLOL

Geet tum ..//

Aur dosri baat aapke chelaane ki awaaz bahar tak aarahi thi aur jab isski galti nahi hai tu mien kyun bechari ko dant parne deti ..

Inki galti yeh hai Ms. Handa ke inki waja se mere 15 min waist hugaye hain u have only 1 minute.. mujhe ek minute ke andar andar file mere haath mien chahiye ...understood Ms. Handa ..

Geet looked at the closed blinds on glass wall that seperates both of thr cabin n sighed ..then cursed him under her breath knowing this is the reward of siding with anushka ..

Geet (st) : Dusht danav kahin ke ..TongueLOL

Ill get the file for u sir ...

N she rushed towards her cabin while here anushka was the silent spectator of this whole drama ...standing in the huge cabin where maan was literally watching his wrist watch ...n she lokked at the wall clock thr was only 20 second left now ...

10 ...

N bang she was in the cabin ..colliding with maan n loosing her balance geet was completely ready to feel the hard floor but seconds later when she gained her senses back from the panic all she could feel was the hot breaths fanning her exposed neck n a strong grip over her waist n head ...a metallic perfume she is all so familiar with ...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

she couldn't control her heart beats or the butterflies in her stomach ...slowly almost fearing that it is all a dream she opened her eyes n got captivated by those ocean deep brown eyes staring at her in panic ...thr eyes met n she kept looking at him ...her grip over his shoulder tightened involuntarily ...trying to assure him she is fine ...he straightened her but never left her out of his grip still not sure if she really ok ...but both of them snapped away just as anushka interrupted thr moment with her worried voice ..

Geet maam aap theek tu hain ...

Maaneet stepped back from each other embarrassed ...n geet looked at anushka clueless to what she was asking ...confused at what just happened while maan cursed himself ..but then justified ..

Maan (st) : meri kya galti hai ...yeh disaster queen apne aap ko problem mien dale bina reh hi nahi sakti ...LOLaur mien agar bachata nahi tu chot lag jaati usko ..

Anushka : geet maan boliye na ..aap theek hain ..??

Geet : han ...han mien tu theek hoon ..mujhe kya hu sakta hai ..

Maan looked at her flushed face still blushing ..she looked so cute innocently lost n still not realizing it ...he looked away hiding his smile when his eyes fell on anushka ...the mysterious smile on her face was clearly saying she was trying to read b/w the lines n geet's state was giving away her feelings ...n thr he was back in his MSK mood ...

So Ms. Handa ..u got the file ..??

Geet looked at him still feeling his hot breaths over her skin burning in the sensation of his closeness but his concealed eyes n that smirk washed it all away n she glared at him n turned picking up the file from the ground handing it over to him ...

Yeh lijeye aapki file ...

Maan smirked n walked towards her n offered her a glass of water which she looked sketically n anushka was surprised to see maan's change of behavior ...but what shocked her was geet's reply ..

Abb yeh kyun ..?? pehle khud hi yeh ulti phulti shart rakte hain aur abb yeh ...thank you mujhe aapki humdardi ki koi zarorat nahi hai ...anushka chalo mere saath ...

Well now shocked would be an understatement for anushka while geet stromed out of his cabin anushka kept standing thr still not sure of she should just leave or ask maan permi to leave or what is she suppose to do ...

Ms. Mehta koi kaam hai aapko ..??

Anushka shook her head in denial ..n then heard maan's high pitched voice 

Then stop standing over my head ..go find some work to do ...

Gi sir ...

N thr she was running towards geet's cabin ..n stood thr panting ...but then saw geet picking up some papers n files from the ground ..her table was a mess ..!!

Yeh sab kya hugaya geet maam ..

Arre kuch nahi wohh file jaldi jaldi lane ke chakar mien mera file holder gir gya n ..all this mess 

Matlab file yahin thi ..?? tu aapne maan sir se jhoot bola ..

Geet smiled n looked at her ...

cOz thts how v work here ...warna tu maan sir har kisi ko 2 din mien fire karden ...

mujhe nahi lagta who aapko fire karenge ..he really likes u ..

geet laughed listening to her ...

u know what anushka ..even if I am the last person left on the planet earth ..maan sir won't like me 

jis tarha he saved u n the way he was looking at u ...mujhe aisa nahi laga ...jaise aap dono baat kar rahe thay ...mien tu dar hi gayi thi maan sir itne ghusse mien thay aur aap tou unse argue kar rahe thay god mien tu soch bhi nahi sakti aisa kuch ...but then they way he ran to safe u from falling ...haayeee geet maam I m sure he likes u ..

geet kept looking at her listening to her words ...thr was nothing unusual that happened today ...she always falls into argument with maan sir ..he always comes up with some of his stupid bet to annoy her ...n that moment ...well it wasn't even a moment it was him being human !! by saving her ...

Geet (st) : geet tu itna mat soch ...yaad hai na kal dargah par kya decide karat ha expectations ..!! Ouch

Anushka tum new hu yahan iss hi liye tumhain laga huga but ...aisa kuch nahi hai ...maan sir apne employees aur family mien buhat clear line defined rakhte hain ...

I m sorry if I offended u ...mene bas jo dekha wohh keh diya ...I m sorry maam ..

Har baar jo dikhaiye de who sach nahi huta ..

Par kabhi kabhi hum dekh kar bhi cheezon ko samajh nahi paate ...

Geet peeped back n saw pari standing thr with a smile ...

Yeh aaj subha subha tumhain philosophy kahan se sojhi hai pari ..

Bas tum dono ki baatien sun kar jo mann mien aaya keh diya ..

Hi I am pari ..head architect, KC

Hello I am ..//

Jaanti hoon Anushka ...maan sir ki new secretary ...tumhari tu entry ki baatien poora office kar rha hai ...

Aur hub hi kya sakta hai ...pehle files chune par dant khayi aur phir file na milne par ...god itna ghussa kyun karte hain yeh MK ..aaj tak sirf suna tha ke Maan Singh Khurana is a walking volcano ..aaj dekh bhi liya ...aur inko dekhiye ...MK ...I mean the MSK se argue kar rahi thi wohh bhi itna confidently ..inko dekh kar mujhe darr lg rha tha ..

Pari laughed n shook her head in amusement ..

Well aaj pehla din hai na ...dheere dheere aadat hujayegi ..geet aur MK ki fights dekhne ki ..inki unusual bets aur challenges ke bare mien sunne ki ...

Really ..!!

Trust me ..iss office ka saara fun ..aur poora entertainment pakage hai yeh madam ...

Waise aaj tu meri savior thi yeh ...warna MK ne tou mujhe fire kar hi diya tha samjho ..

Oh don't worry aise kaam yeh aksar karti rehti hain aur phir khud hi ko problem mien daal leti hain ..

Pari madam aap yahan chit chat karne aayi hain ya iss file mien kuch kaam ki baat hai jo mujhe pata huni chahiye ...

Oh sorry ...yeh garewaals ki meeting ki file hai I ve done my bit ..maan sir ko deni hai meeting se pehle he should go through it ..

Well she is the new secretary ..

Ofcourse ...anushka yeh file maan sir ko de do ..

Alright abhi jaati hoon ..

Anushka ..

Gi geet maam ..

Maan sir ki coffee ...time hugaya hai ..

Oppss bhool gyi thi ..

Pantary corridor ke end mien hai ..

Thanks ..yeh file abhi yahin rakhti hoon ..

So u n MK again got into an argument ...

Arre yaar bs wohi poorana maan sir ka problem bechari anushka ko file nahi mil rhi thi n he was blasting at her ...I just don't get it y he always have to be so hyper on hi secretaries for ..

Ah ha ...sab secretaries par nahi ...

Kya matlab ...tell one single person jis ko maan sir ne iss tarha treat na kiya hu ...

You ..

What ..!!

Yes you Ms. Handa haven't been treated like this ..

Yeah right coz I ve been subjected to worse ...

Pari shook her head ...

Tu kab sab kuch dekhna choro karegi geet ..

Pari y do u always say that ..

Kuch nahi ...chal I leave ...bye see u at lunch

Fine bye !!



Anushka ..tum yahan guards car mien kya kar rhi hu ..?? maan sir ke saath kyun nahi hu ..?

C'mon geet maam he is my boss ...agar koi kaam huta tab hi unke saath jaati na warna how can I sit with him ...anyways aapko koi file deni thi na ...

Han yeh lo ...good luck 

Geet (st) : But mien tu humesha se maan sir ke saath hi gayi hoon ...he never said anything ..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

pheww its done ...hopefully u all enjoyed it

Do hit the like button n leave me ur reviews n likes

luv ya

Posted: 4 years ago
kya geet buddhu...samajh ja...

awesome update...

loved it very much...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

Posted: 4 years ago
It's amazing. So maan's new secretary came and poor girl got a good lecture from maan on the very first day as he saw her sitting on Geet's  place. He warned her not to do this mistake again. N maan is angry as from anushka will be his secretary so he is going to miss that coffee ,her chatting , her blabbering everything.geet is busy in another project. Bit she made sure to help anuskha. Anushaka again exiled by maan when couldn't able to find a file. Her good luck geet saved her otherwise she would be fired on the first day itself. Anushka was amazed seeing geet who was arguing with maan. Even she guess that there is something special between them.even she told geet about her doubt but geet denied saying he can never like her.precap is interesting. Now geet can see that how maan is careful and protective for her. Anushka went with guards from another car and maan in another. Geet recalled that she used to travel with maan. Waiting form next dear. 

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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