MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 26)

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hmm want a j Maan! update soon
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Hey having a new secretary at office might just make things more spiced up
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hi all..
hope u r all r fine ..

as promised i m here with double update

thanks for all ur likes n comments on the previous one

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@preeti.1  dearo what u r saying is ur opinion n i m glad u shared it but i am gonna take things differently here ..maan being J n confessing is really monotonous plus he has to understand his baseless fear ..confessing is not problem ..his fear is we have to get him over with it first to get things better ...i hope u r gonna like the upcoming track ..n i can ask u all to trust me Embarrassed

enjoy the updates its gonna be the last one from the past ..Smile Wink no more roona dhona here Big smile

luv ya
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MG SS Salaam e Ishq


Geet didn't knew what she could do to meet him ...every day was getting more n more difficult and that's when she got a call from her colleagues in KC during thr lunch hours between the routine talks and gossips which geet was least interested in they told her that maan is back from london his morning .. all her attention was this one piece of information ...her face suddenly got the color back with blood rushing through her body at higher speed ...just a little hope of her being able to meet him ...
It took her hours to get ready that evening...god she was so nervous almost shivering ...meeting him after so long ..n the fact that he knows her feelings ...the redness of her face only increased while te smile never left her face ...may be the sudden change in her gloomy self was what it took for her chachi to allow her to step out of the house alone ...
It was evening n geet was in KM ..dadi maa ..aniee were surprised to see her though but happy that she is so much better ...prem was on top of the world ..smiling jumping around ...
Yeappieee ...geet aunty aapko pata hai mene aapko kitna missy kiya ...
Aww mera baby mne bhi buht missy kiya aapko ...
So geet r u n yeh cast kb tk ..
Mat pocho aniee thak gyi mien tu ...n bow finally 3 din bd yeh cast hatega mere haath se ...
Chalo koi baat nahi bete 3 din ki hi tu baat hai ...
N the usual chatter continued ...she was surprised aniee or dadi never mentioned maan even once but she managed to get prem tell her ..
Chachu tou jab se aaye hain tab se study mien hain ...mere saath khela bhi nahi ...n office bhi nahi gye ..adi uncle aaye thay files dene phir who bhi chale gye ..
Umm ..geet bete choriye na yeh sab ..maan ka tu bs office ki kisi bt pr mood off hai n subha hi aaye thay tu office nahi gaye ...jaane dijeye
Han geet tu yeh sab chor ...mere saath chal ...mene new movie download ki hai ..hum who dekhte hain warna phir tumhare jaane ka time hujayega ...
Geet was feeling something was wrong but she didn't knew what ...n dadi n aniee's weird behaviors only confirmed her thoughts ..her restless heart got worst n she decided she have to see maan ...what is it that they all r avoiding any talk related to him ..
Geet somehow managed to get to his study avoiding getting caught by anybody ..but it was empty she didn't knew where maan will be ..this was a completely different section of the 2 floor ..away from the guest rooms in an extreme corner ..disappointed she came ou when she heard someone grunting in the last room n then thr were sounds of something breaking ... geet heart beat was running at an exceptional rate when she entered the room was maan's personal gym ...he was sweating like he had been here since long there were ice slabs some broken ..some still in line to be broken ..n a few hard wooden sticks in a corner already in pieces ...geet didn't knew what to make out of it ..her eyes were watery ..legs jammed at the entrence ...heart pacing high n face sweating when maan aimed another ice slab 

n when his hand hitting the slab left a scream from her mouth ..
Maan sir ...
It was so involuntary she couldn't help n now seeing the red shot eyes glaring at her had her shaking with fear ...she never thought she would be meeting him in such a way this ..what is he doing ..she know he is short tempered but what has happened ..if any other day seeing him naked from top sweating with his muscles buldging n his sweaty perfect six pack abs would have had her drooling over him but today ... he teriffied her ..thr was so uch anger in him ..she didn't had any idea what would have caused it ...least did she knew it was the cast on her hand the bruise on her head ...n most importantly the fact he is the reason for all of it ..
Maan looked away not able to bear her scrutening glaze looking straight in his eyes ..he was about to ask her to get out when her frightened voice snapped the last thread of his sanity ..
Yeh sab ...kyu..kyun ..itna ..itna ghussa kyun hain aab ...(geet was so scared seeing all the distruction in the room her tears spilled n she finally managed to take a few steps ahead in his direction)..
Stop ...wahin rok jao ..(geet looked at him confused but stopped her eyes quesioning him while he never looked at her).. mere paas mat aana geet ..jao yahan se ..mujhe koi baat nahi karni tum se ..
Par kyun ...(her heart was pleading him to look at her once confused as to what she has ever done to deserve this berukhi ...akhir kiya kya hai mene ...her heart cried but she stood thr shedding tears of helplessness)
Maan couldn't have been more frustrated with himself ..with his ill fate ...with her ..with everything around them ...y she has to be so innocent ...can't she understand he has been avoiding her all the while .. n all his anger on self was now out on her in the next second wit one question he has been wanting to ask her ever since that day ..
Kyun ...yeh tum mujhe btao ..y did u ..?? kyun kiya tum ne who ..agar kuch hujata tumhain tu ..
Maan sir woh log aap par goli chalane wale thay ...
Tu mar jaane deti mujhe ..
Geet gasped n stepped back in shock ..she saw so much of hatred in his eyes ..she couldn't believe herself ..except she mistook that hatred in his eyes for herself when infact every bit of it was for his own self ..
Maan sir mien ...
Her tears didn't seem to stop niether her heart paced slow ..while he continued blasting all his anger on her ..
Bas ..ek lafz aur nahi bologi tum ...Ms. Geet Handa ..tum wahan meri responsibility thi ...agar tumhain kuch hujata tu kya jawaab deta mien yahan sabko ..khud apne aapko ...ek baar nahi socha tumne ke mien ...(maan paused feeling the excruciating pain in his heart again ..all these hours of martial arts activitied could never give him as much pain as this one memory can) u know what just ...//
Maan turned away from her not being able to hold himself ...If geet could have looked away from those anger filled eyes she would have noticed the pain ..the fear in his voice ...she would have understood ..all of this has been so difficult for him ...
She stood thr facing his back n said in a trance ..not realizing how much it would annoy him ..
Mien sirf aapko bachana chahti thi ..
Geet U  ... (if she would have been a guy ..maan would have punched him hard till now .. but he stopped turning to face her almost towering her n said in the most frustrated arrogant tone) .. u should never forget that I m the boss here ..n u r JUST an employee not my personal bodyguard to protect me ..
Geet looked at his eyes that were spitting fire with her teary eyes she didn't understand why he was being so bitter ...even after knowing her feelings was it so difficult to understand why she did that ..or he is so insensitive towards her ...did she read it wrong all the while ...?? Does he really hate her ...but ...
While her heart was questioning him of all this her mind mocked her ownself .. what r u hoping for ..!! he himself declared u JUST HIS EMPLOYEE ...what else u want get rejected directly ...he is being modest by not mentioning any of it ...n indeed u read it all wrong all the while ...
Geet said looking at him straight in the eyes ..while her tears still making away out ..
I m sorry sir ...mien apna designation bhool gayi thi ..bholl gayi thi k mien sirf aapki ek employee hoon ..

Having said that she could no longer stand thr in front of him n made a run out of the house ..trying to mufle her sobs ...n only after she left maan realized what he has done ..with the realization he lost all strength n fell down on the ground ... tears that were held for so long made way ..with a earth shattering scream wasn't easy or him ..ever since the accident ..only he knew how he survived all this chaos .. Those criminals have been behind him ever since ..he had to be under cover ..the police commissioner adviced his family to keep low ..n him to leave the country ...n he obliged only too willingly knowing him being away from her would keep her alive ...protecting her from both those goons and his ill fate ...everything was perfect ..he didn't had the courage to face her n the police gave him an easy escape to avoid her ...every day he kept a tab on her health keeping in touch with her doctor ...every day he made sure prem had called her n he gets to know how is she ...but now being back n still not being able to meet her had been eating him ...every fiber of his existance wanted to rush to her n embrace her the minute he landed in delhi ...but his fear never let him ...dadi maa n aniee had seen his irritable mood since morning ..he had been blasting on everyone except for prem thankfully ...n here as always geet became the target of his all bolted emotions ...nothing new ..his every emotion started with her n has to end at her ..nobody could give him the peace she can .. but today she has left him with a life long agony .. a pain to have hurt her ..a self loath to have made the most innocent angel on earth cry ..
Everything changed from thr onn took her a month to recover ...n she extended her sick leave weren't the physical bruise that needed rest but she needed to prepare herself to face him because no matter what she can't get herself to hate him ...she tried ...tried so hard that she failed only to realize how deep she has fallen ...things had been difficult I the beinning ...being the same room n have a discussion on the project were unbearable but time is a magic in its own way ...soon it all became like it wa s.. except nothing is ever the way it had been once ...geet knew it ...maan knew it ..even dadi n aniee could feel it ...their relation ..everything would have been eneded that day only if not for dadi maa indulging prem n geet closer n closer ..she knew if once attantched to prem geet won't have an option to leave maan's life neither will he be able to avoid her n that's exactly what happened ...even if they couldn't have a proper discussion on any project ..geet would never neglect prem's study for her own self neither will maan ...prem was week in hindi n geography n geet worked hard with him n even maan did al followed so well breaking the invisible wall of hatred in geet n the barrier maan was trying to create around himself to keep geet away has taken years of effort for dadi n aniee to get them to this point ...but even now it only takes a few words for geet to again fall in the darkness of reality ...

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Morning at KC ... 

As planned geet was thr in the parking lot at time waiting for maan ...maan did reached thr n saw her standing by her scooty with her head dipped down ..clutching the end of her dupatta .. maan stood thr by the pillar for a while ..he couldn't sleep the whole night n as usual was in his gym when his mobile buzzed with the daily alarm ..he couldn't face dadi ..she would have guessed the wrong in him so he left early n now here he was in the office before anyone else having a glance at her to his hearts content ...she was looking at her watch after a while employees has started coming in greeting her inquiring about her waiting here n she answered them politely about the site visit she was to go on with him as his personal assistant ...maan observed her closely her eyes were red swollen n face pale with tiredness ...he was sure she hasn't slept last night ...he clenched his fist hard in anger ...the pain from thw worsening bruise never hurt him as much as the hollowness of her searching eyes did ...what has he done to her ...!! He didn't deserve even her hatred let alone her love after all he has said n done ...even then she doesn't let go of the feelings hurting herself ...maan closed his eyes in pain when someone greeted him from the back n geet saw him ... with a cold nod maan went ahead as if nothing happened n greeted her morning ...she replied with a nod while maan guided her to the car ...n to her surprise he was driving himself ...

She was almost about to ask him not to drive with his bruised hand but then feared his boss-employee lecture so kept mum ...the 3 hours drive to the outskits of delhi was quite except for few minor details maan was needed to be aware of ...geet never lacked professionalism in her n he knew it matter what she would never neglect her work but he could see the hesitence in her while talking ..she didn't even looked at him once ..his heart pained with her in difference but his brain mocked him ...indeed he deserved every bit of it ...when he had been subjecting her to this very same attitude he has no right to complain ...neither did he the hit the highway ..away from the loud horns n noises of traffic the calm embraced them ..a deadly calm that irked them both ...geet could see his hand swelling ...every second her heart pained seeing him hurting himself ...n a kind of anger rising in her for his negligence ...but she couldn't say anything to him ..after all he is her BOSS ...she looked away not able to bear the sight of his bandaged hand ...n closed her eyes n the tiredness n crying of whole night took a toll on her n she slept for next hour ...maan stopped at the gas station ..n glanced at her ..she looked so divine yet troubled ..the worry lines on her forehead urged him to carese her face n kiss them away ...he lowered his side of window to ask the guy to fill the tank also to look into the engine the meter showed it over heated ...just as he turned opening the bonet for the guy to look at ..fresh air entered the car making him enhale her frangrance n a few strandsof her hair that were set lose from her braid fall on her face ...they obstructed his view ...he looked at her ..n the hair strand that had fallen on her face touching her lips at the corner disturbing her sleep ...

Maan leaned forward n blew air on her face lightly to get the hair away from obstructing his view while she smiled in her smile making his lips curve into one ...he lowered his head almost in a trance n dropped a feather light kiss at the corner of her lips jealous from the hair that touched her soft rose petal like lips ...a touch so light still the hot breath that fanned her face n the strong masculine fragrance that filled her nostriles had her open her eyes n look at him an inch away from her that even taking a breath would diminish the distance between them ...thr eyes locked n she kept looking at him ..didn't knew what to do to react ..if she is still dreaming or this is some other world coz in no life this can be reality ...while was still lost in the depth of her eyes burnig with the slight touch ..aching to feel her all over again ..take her pain away ..make her aware of his love for once ...captivated by her hazel almond eyes that stared at him so many questions n he had only one way to answer them all ...he lowered his head n touched her lips with his looking straight in her eyes asking her permission ...n she subbmitted herself in this intoxicating feeling ..closing her eyes leaving herself at his mercy ...before he could claim her as his the guy left the bonet close with a thud making her jump up with a shock n getting him out of his trance ...(all jootis accepted)  geet glanced at him immediately n saw him as shock as she was ...but didn't understand why ..she looked around n saw that they were at a gas station n knew probably he was here to get the tank full ...but why is he so shocked ..

Babaji kahin yeh bhi tu so nahi gye thay gas bharwate bhartwate ...LOL

But then how stupid it was to think ..

Tu bhi kuch bhi sochti hai ..aisa thorai huta hai ...

If only she knew about the sinful thoughts he was having just a minute ago ...maan was shocked beyond words to have thought like that for geet ...being alone with her has always been a test to his self-control n today is going to be another worst of such days ..h sighed n got out of the car frustrated ..talked with the guy about the engine n bought some water from the shop ..geet observed him ...he looked quite irritated ..don't know y ...then looked at his hand that just collided with the metal body of his car ...she didn't understand what was going on with him ...y was he hurting himself ...she saw him getting into the tuck shop n went behind him with a determined expression having enough of his stubbornness ...while he was ordering a water bottle she ordered for a pain killer ...maan glanced at her worried y she needed it but was awarded by her deadly glaring anger filled eyes ...not he didn't deserved it ...well he was the person she should be hating her anger wasn't surprising but y the painkiller ..just as they stepped out of the shop maan turned to ask her when she extended her hand with a painkiller towards him ..surprising him ...not that his hand wasn't pain but it was nothing when he looked at her the physical pain seemed nothing ..n he replied trying to be polite with her for once ..

Geet ..mujhe ...mujhe iski zarorat nahi hai ..i ..i am perfectly fine ..

Geet was trying so hard to keep a check on her words but he was testing her patience ..she turned towards him n said in a clipped tone : Maan sir ..dekhiye aapke haath mien chot lagi hai aur aap buhat dair se drive kar rhe hain ..kha lijeye dard kam hujayega ..

Maan looked away hating himself all the more seeing her concern for him ...n said rudely 

I said I m fine Ms. Handa ..

Uff ...again ..Ms.Handa ...that was the last hit to the volcano n she snapped at him ..taking 2 steps at once coming towards him glaring at him hard with her angry big duo shaped eyes ...kind of scaring him ...

Aap khate hain k nahi ..

Maan looked at her ...the sherni was unleashed n didn't wanted to face her anger a it would only mean complete silence from her side ...n he accepted fearing any more reactions from the Geet Handa ...her silent treatments are worst then anything in the world he stepped back saving his life ..

Han mien ...woh .. theek hai mien le leta hoon ..(n then with attitude) if u insist ..

Geet shook her head at his arrogance ...while Maan took the painkiller n she stood crossing her arms until he gulped it down with water ..

Pata nahi kis baat par itna akarte hain ...dhusht danav ..Kharoos khurana ..

Maan looked at her n said ..

Abb khush ..

Geet gave him a cold shoulder n went towards the car without even sparing him a glance ...while maan stood thr amazed ... its rare to see her this much angry but always a treat ..if nothing atleast now she has some color to her face n her eyes are not hollow anymore ...maan looked up n thanked heaven for sending this angel to his life ...he stepped ahead n saw her smiling at the call with someone ...for a moment jealousy burned him until he heard her say prem's name it was prem on the other end ...he was so glad to hear her usual talk with prem n aniee wishing them both good luck for their respective tests n then handed over the cell phone to maan to do the same ...prem was so confident about his test while aniee was nervous ..maan wished them luck n turned to give her phone back when he saw her praying for them both ...a smile touched his lips n he drove to his site ...

The day went so fast with all the work at the site n near its office ...files ...files n more files were all hey got ...n finally it was evening when maan decided to leave for today ...geet made sure she has made all the progress report for the client ...n just when she was clearing the files close he got a call from dadi maa ...

On their way back it was now dark on the highway but good for them they managed to leave the site in time n were now by the end of the highway ...geet was super tired ..first it takes so much of her energy to avoid maan when all her heart wants is to be with him ...then she hadn't slept last night or for last few nights for that matter ..last but nt the least the drive had taken even last bit of energy ...she was almost about to doze off in the car but opened her eyes whn maan stopped the car n stepped down ...she wasn't getting any clue on whats going on in his mind ...

Babaji seriously yeh maan sir na ..ek tou mien itni tired hoon abb inko yahan kya kaam hai ..

Maan saw her still sitting in the car ..already he was pissed with dadi maa's order to visit this dargah on the way n this girl was testing his temper ..he walked back n opened her door ..

Invitation dena parega tumhain utarne ke liye ...

Gi ..

Chalo geet ...

Par kahan ..??

Maan closed his eyes nexhaled sharply to control his temper n answered her ..

Tumhain saamne kya dekh rha hai ..

Geet moved ahead n looked behind him was a dargah ..a very small n solitary one she wondered what is he doing he doesn't even pray that often then paying visit to dargah ..her confusion was crystal clear on her face ..n maan answered ...

Dadi ne kaha hai ...

Geet nodded n stepped down ...even though it was almost night but thr were vehicles on the highway ..while crossing the road almost naturally maan held her hand in his firm grip n geet didn't even realized it ...everything seems to real until they stood at the entrance of dargah n saw two separate entrances for men/women she turned to her left while maan was taking off his shows still unconsciously holding her hand that geet realized his grip on her hand ..she turned n saw his hand holding her hand ..thr eyes met n for a moment the softness in thr eyes had them stand still n maan got startled with the depth of her ocean deep eyes it was so unerving to stand in front of her love filled eyes n not respond to them ...he left her hand abruptly n said fumbling with his words ...

Wohh ...wohh traffic tha ..tu mene ...tumhain kuch hujata tu wohh iss hi liye .. ( n then masked his tone with a cold voice) ...aur waise bhi u r my responsibility here ...

Geet kept looking at him while he looked everywhere else then her ...n she smiled sadly ..

Ofcourse ...thanks sir 

She left covering her head with her dupatta while maan stood thr cursing his heart n went in ..

Maan entered thr nsat by the shrine.. beside him was a man in a very bad state ..dirty cloths long beard gave him the thread to tie on the pillar ..

Baandh du yeh dhagah aur maanglo apne dil ka sukoon uss zaat-e-paak se ..yeh jo bechane tumhare dil ko ghere hai sab door hujayegi ...

Maan looked at the thread skeptically ..he really don't believe in all this but people around him seemed to to the person behind him commented ..

Arre janaab buhat khushkismat hain aap ..yeh baba har kisi ko aise dhaga (thread) bandhne ko nahi kehte ...par yeh jo kehte hain who sach huta hai ...

Kyun kuan hain yeh ..peer faqeer ...bhagwaan ..kuan hain ..??

Bas ek deewana ...

Sorry what ..

Suna hai inki biwi ki maut hugayi hai kafi saal pehle tab se yeh yahan hi rehte hain unke liye dua tilawat (prayer) karte hain aur apni maut ka intezaar karte hain ...itne saloon se yahan hain ke jo koi yahan aata hai inn se zaror milta hai ...magar yeh har kisi se baat nahi karte ..lekin jo kehte hain sach hota hai phir wohh kisi ke dil ka haal hu ya phir agar kisi ko dua den ..inka kaha kabhi khali nahi jaata ...

Maan shook his head n went away from thr ...he just couldn't understand what he was doing here ...when he doesn't even have an inch of believe in all this ...he was standing thr by the netted partition between men/women portion n saw geet on the opposite side ...praying guess she had just tied the thread ...she looked so serene ..masoom jaise koi dil se nikli dua ..n that's when that malang started singing his usual song ..

(its the title track of star plus's old drama TERE LIYE )

Jism Pak Aankho Mein Bhar Loon
Saans Saans Mein Shaamil Ker Loon
Is Duniya Mein Jaan Gawaa Tujhe!!!
Us Duniya Mein Haasil Ker Loon

Maan stood thr looking at her ...indeed all he wanted for himself was to have her in his life in some life when he won't have to bear the fear of loosing her ..

Zindagi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Zindagi Mile
Har Khushi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Ik Khushi Mile

He has hurt her so much many times but gods knows all he ever wanted for her was her happiness ...if he could he would trade his life for her happiness ...he loved her n he could do that for her without any regret ..


Zindagi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Zindagi Mile
Har Khushi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Ik Khushi Mile
Wo Maang Loon Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye, Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Geet on the other side was in a completely other dilemma ...she didn't knew what is happening around her ...even after all her attempts to avoid she isn't able to ...even after all his rude ness she can't hate him ...infact if anything she if falling for him everyday ...despite all her tries to make herself calm ..she wasn't able to until today matter how much she denies it ..this is what the truth is ...he is her sole happiness ...nobody n nothing can give her the happiness he brings in her life ..

Tu phir kyun mien inki baton par itna react kar rhi hoon ..
Yeh tu aise hi hain na ..kharoos ..dhusht ...danav 
Humesha se aise hi karte hain ...kuch bhi bolte hain ...mera dil dukhate hain ..but khayaal bhi tu rakhte hain na pyaar karne se pehle mene unse poucha tu tha nahi k wohh  bhi mujh se zaroor pyaar karenge ...tu phir kya faida unki baton pr sochne ka ...

Geet sighed getting confused ...she didn't knew what made her happy anymore n she went to sit by the wall ...pata nahi kismet ka khel hai ya kudrat ki sazish ...she saw him sitting by the shrine praying ..she saw him n kept looking at him ...

Jism Pak Ankhon Mein Bhar Loon
Saans Saans Mein Shamil Ker Loon
Is Duniya Mein Jaan Gawaa Tujhe

Us Duniya Mein Haasil Ker Loon

Tere Liye, Haan Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Haan Tere Liye

She never wished for anything more than his acceptance ...but not at the cost of his peace ...every time they fight leaves them both restless n irritated ..

Zindagi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Zindagi Mile
Har Khushi Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Ik Khushi Mile

if she could she would have given her every breath to buy his happiness but fate has choosen her as his distress only ...

Rooh Se Rooh Ke Darmiyaan

Ishq Ke Hazaaro Jahan
Ya Khuda Ya Khuda
Mujhko Dede Agar Ik Jahan

Usske bas mien huta tu sach mien poora jahan naam kar deta iske ..har saans ..har lamha zindagi ka uss par fanaa kar jaata kya kare wohh jab uski zindagi hi bad-dua (curse) hu iske liye ...

Tou Maang Loon Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Jism Pak Ankhon Mein Bhar Loon
Saans Saans Mein Shaamil Ker Loon
Is Duniya Mein Jaan Gawaa Tujhe

Us Duniya Mein Haasil Ker Loon

Tears slipped from her eyes but she kept looking at him ...her every pain ...every hurt was bearable just as long as he is with her ...chahe jitna bhi rootle ...jitna bhi daantle ...wohh paas hain yeh khayaalhi kaafi hai dil-e-nadaan ki taskeen ko ...

So Sitam Utha Ker Bhi Jo Ik Khushi Mile
So Jannate Gawaa Ker Bhi Jo Ik Zameen Mile

Tere Sajde Mein Sir Hai Jhukaa
Tu Ibadat Hai Tu Hi Dua
Maut Ke Baad Bhi 
Jo Mile Bandgi Ka Silla

Wo Maang Loon Tere Liye
Tere Liye Tere Liye Tere Liye Tere LIye

Maan only wished for her happiness ...n to find a way to make things better ...her selflessnature her concern her care ..her love was making him weak every day ... every time he hurts her ...he hurts himself hundred times more ...yet even after all of it he finds her there for him his side ..

Wohh samajh hi na pata usski masoomiyat par gumaan ..ya uski muhabbat par rashk ...jab bhi uski ankhoon mien dekhta tou apna aks pata ..aur uss dard ko jo issne usse diya hai ...uss dard ki chubhan se isska dil cheer jata ...aur phir kuch baqi rehta tu who khud se nafrat ..

Uss ki wafa ke aage isska sar jhukta ...magar phir yeh soch kar who mou pheer leta ke kahin khuda khafa hukar door na karde iss pari ko uski zindagi se ...

Jism Pak Ankhon Mein Bhar Loon 
Saans Saans Mein Shaamil Ker Loon
Is Duniya Se Jaan Gawaa Tujhe 
Us Duniya Mein Haasil Ker Loon

Tere Liye, Haan Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Jism-O-Jaan Lutta Ker Bhi
Jo Ik Hassi Mile
Dil Agar Jalla Ker Bhi
Jo Roshni Mile
Wo Maang Loon Tere Liye 
Tere Liye, Tere Liye, Tere Liye

Maan stood up ..praying for some peace for himself n worlds happiness for her when he finally felt those eyes staring at him ...he turned around n saw the slight space at the end of the netted partition where she was sitting looking at him ...didn't knew what it was in her eyes ...some very strong determination ...something that scared him ...something that made him feel he will loose himself this very moment n he looked away ...

N the last tear slipped from her eyes while a smiled touched her lips she knows for sure its his happiness that can give her peace even if it means shedding her heart into million peaces every day .. n if it is so then she is in for it for a lifetime ...!!

Janmoo Ka Pyaar Tere Liye
Khushiyan Hazaar Tere Liye
Jannat Dua Tere Liye
Ye Jaan Nisaar Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye, Tere Liye
Tere Liye Tere Liye
Tere Liye Haan Tere Liye
Tere Liye Haan Tere Liye

N they walked out of thr both praying for strength ..courage n a way to make things better no matter what the future holds for them ...all they want is to be able to be with each other ..but will the Almighty allow this course for this life ..??Wink

new secretary ...oppsss LOL everything is flying out of his cabin ..WinkTongueEmbarrassed

alright people ...if u r thinking i m gonna make geet Jealous with this new entry tou its not completely right though at some point yes ...but mostly its gonna let geet aware of how different maan has been treating her ...Embarrassed in short a hell more confusion in her mind before she actually gets to know the real feelings of MSK ...Wink n ofcourse the FUN IS GOING TO BE BACK Big smile

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Posted: 5 years ago
so painful update feel like crying for geet her love is beyond this world how much maan hurts her she wants only his happiness really want maan to stop punish both of them n want to see a jealous maan very emotional part thnx 4 update
Posted: 5 years ago
It's really very nice part. Geet was so much happy as she would have got to know about maan's feelings. But seeing his anger, and his all sourful words, she left her hopes but couldn't able to end her love for maan. N maan , he loves geet immensely but Hus fear is not allowing him to express his love. In present maaneet went out of city for office work. Geet decided to not to interfere in maan's matter but couldn't able to stop herself seeing maan's hand which was swelled after driving. I loved the way geet gave maan Madison one with having authority.dargah part was divine. It's really true that sometime we get to know all answers of question when we pray to god with heart. Same as geet got peace there and also a determination to love maan selflessely. Waiting for next dear

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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