MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 23)

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lovely update maan was seeing geet she was trying to be cheerful but failing miserably he wants to keep her happy but his life is messed up and he don't want to drag geet in between maan had a dream to see geet in his family looking after prem with him but now that dream is impossible geet was trying to pacify prem but he was angry at maans behavior geet cant understand why maan scolded her though she can understand his pain but prem cant but dadi makes her understand that prem knows and understand his nature he trusts maan and listen to his words even geet does but she dosent know why she trusts him so much but she promised dadi she will trust him no matter what and called him opps dd in front of dd thus starts their world war maan did it deliberately to distract her mood
Posted: 5 years ago

Posted: 5 years ago

Hi all,
hopefully u all r doing fine ..
my exams r still not over my last paper n final presentation for business plan is still left but since i had 5 days to prepare for that thought i might drop in an update but typing after so long is such a task ..pheww my hands r paining ...

n now i really expect some nice long comments from u all ..Embarrassed
likes decreased ..sob sobCryCry

but still thank u all lovely ones who hit the like button n commented ..Hug

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luv ya all
Posted: 5 years ago

MG SS : Salaam e Ishq


Prem was grumpy n dadi maa had took him to the aquarium aniee just told her ..they were having a casual talk about her management project when aniee got a call n geet got a chance to have a self talk ..n all she did was to curse herself ..n smile stupidly to herself remembering maan's words .."Niharti rahogi" n a smile adorned her face ..

Kitni aasani se maan sir ne ek pal mien sab pehle jaisa kar diya ...mien sochti hi rehi k unka saamna kaise karoongi aur woh ek baar phir mere chehre par muskaan chor gaye ..

Prem was back smiling ..though he still didn't talked to maan if maan did ..geet shook her head at the stubborn Khurana boys ..gosh whats gonna happen when prem would be young impulsive teenager maan would deal with him with such a big fat ego at both ends ...the mere thought scared her .. n she moved towards him ..the little boy looked so cute struggling with the napkin ..but he won't take maan's help ...geet had a urge to kiss him ..but she knew better than that ..the little khurana would flame in anger ...silently geet offered her help n prem let her do it ..prem sat back in chair totally withdrawn from the whole dinner plan when he was so enthu about it ..didn't even looked at the dishes wich were being served ..but geet did n smiled widely n looked at maan ...who had a wicked smirk on his face ...n she shook her head with amusement sure as hell maan singh khurana knows how to deal with his little boy ...n that what she admire the most about him ..he is the strickt father but he also knows how to pamper his child's ego ...smiling geet bent on prem n asked him softly ...she knew he hasn't looked up at the dishes or he would have squeled in delight ..

Prem kya khaoge baby ...

Aap khao geet aunty mien leta hoon ...

Geet felt like cuddling him in her lap ..he was difenately low with maan scolding him in public ...

Ek baar dekho tu sahi kya order kiya hai chahu ne ...

Prem looked away from maan ..n said distastely ..

Abhi bhook nahi hai ...mien kha lunga ..

Maan knew he over did it n now it was his turn to manofy his stubborn little replica ...n he bent down towards his ears n whispered slightly ..

Even if its ur favorite Baked Ziti (it's a pasta dish) 
Prem's eyes popped up while geet bent from the other side 
N tiramisu bhi hai ...

Really ...waoo chahu u ordered it for me ..yummiieee ..(as expected prem was squeling in delight while everyone else were laughing at his excitement unaware n oblivious to all prem hugged maan tight just for a second n sat back in his chair turning towards geet).. geet aunty aap na pehle mujhe pasta dena fir wohh ...

N he started his usual ordering ..geet was serving him ...n just glanced at maan ..n saw him admiring the little wonder ..with a contended smile ...n then looked up at her ..while she kept looking at him in awe ...nobody would believe the great MSK has such a soft side to himself as well ...feeling uneasy under her admiring eyes maan eyed her to serve prem with his eyes which she just nodded with a slight smile while the little conversation didn't went unnoticed by the 2 ladies sitting across them ...n smiled at each other ...Mission Accomplished ..!!


What ..!!
Driver chala gaya ..?? aniee yeh kab hua aur kyun ..??

Wohh bhai actually Mahesh ko na uski wife ka call aaya tha kuch problem thi tou he asked me n actually mien buhat tension mien tha tu mene usko bola k who chala jaye ..

Tu abb geet aunty ko kuan drop karega ...??

Care to explain aniee ...

Bhai wohh ..

Maan sir aap kyun usko dant rahe hain ...mien chali jaongi khud se koi problem nahi hai ..

Geet itni raat ko aap akele kaise ...

Dadi maa aap log gopal ke saath ghar jaye mien dosri car se geet ko drop kar k ghar aata hoon ..

But aap drive kaise ...(maan glared at her with his dead cold eyes n she murmured the last words).. chot lagi hai ..

Humare khayal se it's the only option ..but maan bte pls take care of ur hand ...

G dadi maa ..aap log nikalye ..


The drive was silent n the night was getting darker the dim lights of stars geet's face was shinning except for her silence that irked maan ...he wasn't used to it ..while on the other hand geet was still conscious of not saying something stupid ..but this silence was even more intimidating feeling his hands so close to her skin rested on the gear made her all senses hyper alert n her heart beats racing .. n just when she thought she should start some talking he asked her in his most professional tone ..

Geet kal koi important meeting hai kya ..??

N she was the secratery again ..!! geet sighed her workaholic boss ..

G umm waise tu aapko kal subha hi site visit par jana hai but uske ilawa 4 bje aapki Mr. Sinha se meeting hai n then London office video con scheduled hai around 8 ..n yes in between HODs ki meeting hugi regarding some project which are nearing thr deadlines ..

Hmm ..tou iska matlab prem ko kisi aur din ka bolna parega ..

Kis liye sir ..

Umm ..woh geet prem kafi time se keh rha tha abut going to zoo ..i thought kal challenge but its so tight a schedule ...

Hmm ...acha sir who kal kitne baje nikalna hai ..

I think we should leave by 7am ...jaldi ja kar wapis aajayenge waise bhi 4 bje meeting hai tou time par wapis bhi office hona hai ..

Theek hai mien office ajaongi ..

Aur ek kaam karna adii ko bhi boldena time par ajaye wahan ke office ke accounts bhi dekh lega who saath saath ..

But sir kal tou aapki secretary ke interviews hain na adi sir tou wahan busy hunge how can he come ..

What the hell ...(n he pressed the brakes so hard geet's earing rings got stuck in her hairs) ..

Ouch ...ahh ..sir kya kar rahe hain aap ..

I m sorry geet wohh ...kya hua tumhain lagi kya ..??

Ahh mere kaan ...ouch yeh atak gya mera jhumka ...

While geet was trying to untangle her hairs maan opened his seat belt n bent on her 
Ek minute mien help karta hoon ...

It was her left side n so he practically had to fully bend on her to help her ...just as his hot breaths fanned her face all the pain was forgotten n it was his smell his touch covering her thoughts ...his fingers on the sensitive ear lobe were doing all kind of things to her stomach ...the butterflies were dancing making her feel mushy ...she was sure her face was red with all her blood rushing to only one part of her body ..her heart racing as if running in a marathon n her hands clutched her dupatta tight to stop herself from holding him in her embrace ..her gasps to control her moans of pleasure from his nearness made him think as if she was in pain n he tried to concentrate on helping her which was so difficult being so near her ..

feeling her skin under his hand hot n rosy it was so difficult for him to not kiss her ear n take away all her pain damn patience testing to not feel her marble like skin ..n place his lips where his hands were ...his heart was doing summersolt with desires ...he deliberately didn't looked at her for he feared his eyes would give away his desires ..though he knew she could hear his heart beats if only he knew she was trying to control hers' ...both of them were entangled in the desire to love each other still bounded by the resistance of the other one ..for the first time in thr life they craved to feel someone so badly much so that it hurts much so that it crushed thr hearts to part ..but they had too !! 

maan knew he has to step back  done with his work ..he enhaled her fragrances n she all rosses n geet ...the special fragrance of her body that he can never forget ...he closed his eyes n blowed softly on her now red ears ..while she gasped ...n she left her breath that she didn't knew she was holding till now in surprise ...she could feel he was about to part n tears clouded her eyes ..but she enhaled to hold back n before both of them could manage to part away thr was a sharp knock on the door ...n maan snaped back ..

They both were startled with an ugly looking man standing outside the car with a nasty smile ..geet was scared maan could see that ...he lowered his window n looked at the man standing thr n it seemed he was a police man .. 

Kya sahab koi aur jaga nahi mili kya poore delhi mien ... 

Excuse me ...kehna kya chahte hain aap .. 

Jo dekha uske baad humien kya kehna hai ...kehenge tu aap ..bade sahab k saamne ...wohh wahan jeep mien humare inspector sahab bola rhe hain aapko chaliye ... 

Dekhiye hum aisa kuch nahi kar rhe jis ke liye humien apke inspector ko koi justification deni pare pls behtar huga aap humien jaanien den ... 

Tu kya itni raat ko beech road aap car mie antakshari khel rahe thay larki ke saath .. 

You bloody .. 

Maan sir please nahi ..// 

geet stay out of this jaise officers ko ache se jaanta hoon mien guilty hote hain unko tou paise lekar chor dete hain aur hum jaisoon ko rok kr preeshan karte rehte hain .. 

Oyee sir ji kehna kya chahte hain .. 

Kuch ...kuch nahi sir woh meri na apne pati se larai hugayi thi tu bs wahi ghussa hu rhe thay ...i m sorry ..hum ...hum abhi chale jaate hain ... 

Geet yeh tum ...// 

dekhiye aapko mujhe jitna dantna hai na ghar pr dant lijeyega abhi yahan se chaliye ..

the officer eyed her lustfully which burned maan's insides ...

theek keh rahi hain madam gi sahib ...baat maan lete hain kbhi kabhi biwi ki ..aur wohh bhi jab biwi itni khubsoorat ...//

n be4 he could complete it maan was standing out holding his neck almost chocking him ...shocking geet n she loosened her seat belt n stepped out trying make maan leave him ..

maan sir choriye unhe ..kya kar rahe hain aap plzz ..

geet step away ..iin jaise logoon ko yehi language samajh aati hai ..(n a tight punch landed on his face making him bleed)

sorry sir ji ...maaf kardo choro mujhe ...// another punch ..

maan sir plzz choriye unko ...

oyee saale rayeeszaade chor usko ...(n finally the other officers from the jeep came n maan left that man not be4 kicking him in the stomach which knocked his senses ...

geet was so scared she clutched his arms when the other officers stepped closer ..they were 3 n maan was alone ..she looked so frightened n whispered in his ears ..

maan sir meri maaniye bhag jaate hain ...inki jeep aapki car ko follow nahi kar payegi ...

maan closed his eyes in frustration n glared back her ..

geet will u plz just shut up now ...

mien tu bs ..//

kya samajh rakha tu ne bari gaari mien aayega tu police waale par haath othane ka license bhi mil gaya ..

agar aapke department  ke logoon ko thore si tameez aajaye tu mujh jaise amerzaadoon se maar nahi khate pherenge ..

tu mere baap kis ne kaha tha beech road pr ishq larao ..ghar jao aur jo karna hai wahan karo ..

geet's eyes went wide hearing the person ..till now she was thinking its just to get some money but here they are saying that they were ...chi chi chi babaji ..(she looked up n murmured just enough that only maan could hear her words) hum aisa kuch nahi kar rahe thay ..LOL maan looked back hearing her words n shook his head ..when will she grow up ...he deliberately had commented about bribe earlier to make sure she doesn't get thr dirty talks but alas!! However her innocent talk n cute flushed face made him smile ..a little !! which was invisible by the time she looked back at him ..

chalo bhai sahib abb pehle tu gi aap gaari chala ne ka license dekhao ...

maan sighed in frustration ...n took out his license ..

chalo hum bhi tu dekhen kis khet ki mooli hai tu ..

naam parhlo khud samajh jao ge ..

parhte hain ..parhte hain ..kuan hai be tu ...Maan Singh Khu...(n with the change of his expression from nasty to petrified maan's expression changed from annoyed to arrogant n a smirked appeared on his face).. Khurana ..the name is Maan Singh Khurana ..

sir ..sirr ..sirr ji peh ..pehle bolte na aap ke aap wohh builder khurana gi hu ...hum ..hum itni ghustakhi karte kya aap se ...ROFLapp ..aap maaf kardo gi hum ko ..galti ...galti hugayi ...

maan turned back n loosened geet's grip on his arm ..n asked her to sit in while he drove away leaving the inspector saluting him ...just as they reached her house geet turned to him ...her fear  long gone ..the glint in her eyes told him that she was in full punjaban form now ready to fight ...but he was so pissed with that man so obviously ogling at her ...

aapko unn officers se aise jhagra nahi karna chahiye tha ..

really geet ...tum tu kuch bolo hi mat ..jhot ke pahaar khare karna koi tum se seekhe ...

wohh ..mien sirf humien bacha rahi thi ..actually mien buhat maza aata adhi raat ko polce sation jaana ...

u know what Ms Handa ..behter huga agar aap yaad rakhen ke yahan boss kuan hai ..

n that hit the wrong spot ...this was the exact sentence he had thrown at her 4 years back in his gym ..OuchConfusedDead the memory came rushing back n she couldn't help her retort ..

maan sir mien apni zindagi mien yeh kabhi nahi bhool sakti ke aap sirf mere boss hain ..

the hurt in her eyes told him he has again said the most cruel thing to her ..but before he could make any amends she was out of the car opening her house's door to get in ..

damn ..(he slammed his hand on the steering wheel) why can't I just hold my tongue ..Angry

geet had stepped in n closed the door ..the hall was dark this meant everyone was asleep ...she support her body leaning on the door ...n silent tears made away from her eyes staining her face ..

apne dil ko sambhalna itna mushkil na hota maan sir agar aap mujhe apni nafrat ka yaqeen hone dete .. har baar ...har baar jab mujhe lagta hai k humare beech k faisle kabhi khatam nahi hunge aap mere itne kareeb aajate hain aur phir agle hi pal mujhe akela kar dete hain ...mien kya samjhoon ..kya sach hai aap kehte hain who ya jo ap karte hain woh ...Ouch

she clutched her dupatta to stop her sobs ..she couldn't wake chacha chachi ..she can't answer their questions ...

drained n broken she slid down the door n sat on the cold marble floor ...crying silently 

kyun meri mushkil barrha dete hain aap har baar ...kyun mujhe umeed dekar usko khud hi tor dete hain aap ...kyun ..

last bombardment from the past what maan said after the accident ...Wink

waiting for ur reviews n likes ...Big smile

Posted: 5 years ago
Beautiful update
i love the way maan  pacifying Jr Angry Khurana  by treating him to all his favourite dishes n geet droolinggg over her maan's pacifying way n prem is literally jumping out of joy, maaneet eye's conversation didn't go unnoticed by dadimaa n anni 
anni on mission to make her bro n geet togather and maan takes geet home but geet silence troubles maan hadd hai bolo toh bhi problem na bolo tab bhi aab bachee ki jaan lega ye grrr 
he star his sual office convo..  with her then in braking the car geet.s earing stucks  to her hair n maan try to help her both lost in eact othe but somehow they control themsselves n main time that moron policemen comes and spoil their moments ,that policemen were really cheap n the way he behave its disgusting n they wanted to take advantage but knowing maan's name , they started to shiver ...
everything went well but our maan toh maan their all sweet moments  all goes down the drain 
n maan's words again hurted geet ...
Waiting for next dear...
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Posted: 5 years ago
lovely updates...omg maan why are you feeling that geet coming into your life will hurt her..your not accepting her is what hurts her the most...your time and again throwing i am the boss hurts her the most...just when you guys start smiling and enjoying each other, you say the same stupid thing and hurt her again and you know that too...get out of the fear and accept her maan for your sake for her sake and for the sake of your prem annie and dadi...everyone will be happy...
waiting for that to happen...and also what he said after he said that to her four years ago...
Posted: 5 years ago
Prem is angry
N maan knew how to pamper him too
Ani n dadi noticed the eye language between maneet
Is ani behind driver leaving..
Maan dropping her to house
Police man ki cheap mentality
But they shut their mouth knowing its msk
Again maan hurt her saying he is the boss
Geet is hurt
Nice part
Posted: 5 years ago
Poor Maan. He starts on a good note pacifying Prem by treating him to all his favourite dishes but it all goes down the drain on the trip back home. 
He gets angry seeing the policeman ogling Geet and unable to take his insulting manner starts to beat him. The inspector comes out full of attitude until he realises who he is talking to.Big smile 
Then he is rude and hurtful to Geet once more and they are back to square one. Geet trying to keep her emotions at bay whilst Maan is fighting himself to try and stay away from her but failing.

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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