MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 17)

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Originally posted by khwaishfan

hi u updated! Y no pm? Sad painful update! Feeling 4 Geet! Maan is hurting himself n her! His fear prevents him frm being happy! he loves her bt wil nt confess as he fears he will lose her! the past well incorporated! she gt shot saving him! Geet thins he rejected her! she confessed! Maan will never forgive himself! Hope he decides 2 move ahead n confess! well written! update soon

sorry if u didn't get the pm ..coz i did pm-ed may be i missed ur id marking it Ouch
my apologies

thanks for all ur appreciation n likes
always a motivation 

luv ya
Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome part
such a sad update 
maan is not able to move from his past 
he is not ready to show his love to geet as he think to whomever he loves the person leaves him 
Posted: 5 years ago
WOW!! fantastic update dear...loved it...
Posted: 5 years ago
nice update
Posted: 5 years ago
emotional part...
feeling bad poor maaneet...
plsss update soon,...
Posted: 5 years ago
Awesome but sad...everything was going fine n then bang this incident. ..
Bahut ho gaya rona its time to knock some sense n confidence into maans brain...

Waiting for maaneet love story to kick start ...n not this one sided from both
Posted: 5 years ago
hi all,
kaise hu sab
hopefully fine

updates would be Super Late till June ..Ouch however i am trying to fix some in between typing on my phone while travelling ...LOL Embarrassed

anyways here is ur next one Big smile

thanks a lot to all u lovely people for liking n commenting on the last update ..
ur words are my motivation ..please continue showering me with ur likes ..Hug

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enjoy reading ...n do leave ur reviews n responses 

luv ya


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MG SS : Salaam e Ishq

PART 13 

Maan walked down dressed in black casuals ...looking handsome as usual but no one saw the dead look in his eyes ..his pain within ..his struggle with self would they after all he was busy texting ...

Chalien aniee ...sab tyaar hain ..??

Han chachu chalo ...buhat maza aayega ..aaj na mien apni favorite ice cream bhi khaonga ...

Maan looked up to the little angel of his life n smiled at him ..then bent down n kissed his forehead ..

Chachu bhi khayenge aapke saath ...

Yeppiieee ...

Bhai 9:30 ki reservation hai ...dadi maa change kar rhi hain ..phir nikalte hain ..

Hmm ..aur baqi sab bhi tyaar hain ..

Aniee had a mischievous smile ..n asked 

Kuan baqi sab bhai ...Tongue

Maan looked away ..if she knew he had met geet she wouldn't have been so happy n he had no intensions of spoiling his little sisters evening ...n so answered in his usual rude tone ...

Mere employee jinko tum ne invite kiya hai ..

Oh geet ...bhai woh ...

Geet aunty tou chali gayi ...

Whattt ...I mean wohh (maan realized his reaction wasn't of any help n he inhaled sharply trying to get his equilibrium back)...achanak ...kyun ..she ..she was part of the plan right ..??

Han bhai but wohh ...(aniee didn't wanted maan to know about her scar unaware of thr confrontation).. who geet ka dress kharaab hugaya that u wohh change karne gyi hai n directly hotel puhanchegi ...she has the car

Maan relaxed n aniee had a smile on her face shaking her head thinking how stubborn his brother can be worried for her n still won't accept his feelings ..on any other day she would have teased him till he scolds her but today geet's scar has just put her off the track ...even she is wondering what will the end to this complicated situation ...will maan ever confess his love to geet ever ...?? Aniee sighed seeing prem n maan discussing his day at school ...maan was smiling but she knew his brother has lost his smile years back with that attack ...she knew him enough to know his insecurities everyone who knew him knew his nature as well ...but they couldn't share it with geet unless maan wants to ..they can't go n tell her about thr complicated hurtful life history ...n now the way things have been since so long she strongly fears that his bhai would loose the only happiness of his life ...the reason why she has been trying so hard to get them together ... but will maan ever let geet enter his life ...??

Prem was busy having chats with his chachu while maan smiled n laughed with him listening to his stories ...n dadi maa entered ...

Chalo bachoon chalien ...

Hum tu kab ke tyaar hain badi dadi ..aap hi late hu ..

Maan smiled n shook his head ...prem n his eagerness but he can't be blamed its not like they go out every week so he is bound to be over excited ...

Oho sorry Mr. Prem Khurana humari waja se aap late hugaye ...

Its okie badi dadi ..but abhi jaldi chalo warna geet aunty puhanch jayegi aur humaa wait karti rahegi ..

Oh hello ...tumhari geet aunty ko hum se bhi ziada time lagne wala hai hotel puhanchne mien so chill .. hum time pr puhanch jayege ..itni tension mat le warna height 2 feet aur chooti hujayegi ..

Chachu dekho na aniee bua ko ..

Aniee kya tum bache se larti hu ho ..chalo gari mien bethte hain ...

Ek min maan bte ...(dadi maa held his hand).. yeh kya hua aapko ..??

Aniee noticed his hand bandaged ..n came closer ..

Bhai yeh tu buhat gehri chot lagti hai ...

Nahi ..umm ..kuch nahi hua ...dadi maa aniee relax ..woh bas 

Kya relax maan ..itni mooti patti bandhi hai ...Kaise lagi aapko yeh chot..

Bolo na chachu kya hua ...

Kuch nahi hua beta ..bas who jaldi jaldi mien washroom mien slip hugaya tha tu balance karne k liye mirror pr haath gaya n it broke ..nothing serious mene bandage karli hai ..

Bhai aapko batana tu chahiye tha na ..mien kar deti ..

Aniee ..//

Haw aniee bua aap chachu ko nangu putangu dekhti washroom mien ...ooO shame shame ..girls boys to change karte ve nahi dekhti ...

Maan couldn't help but to chuckle ..

U ...prem bachoon ko na baron ke beech mien nahi bolna chahiye ..

Acha bas aab aap dono choro mat hujayega ...aur maan aap drive nahi kar rhe hain iss halat mien ...
Driver se kahiye ..


Aniee was checking for thr reservation with the hotel manager while maan was busy with a mail at some distance when prem asked dadi maa ..

Geet aunty nahi aayi abhi tak ...

Aa jayegi beta ...she must be on her way ...

Maan looked up n glanced around ..he couldn't see her yet ..n sighed wishing for her to come soon ...n thr his wish was fulfilled ...geet came in like a fresh air dressed in white ..she looked beautiful every eye that fell on her got stuck on her for a moment ...she really did looked damn gorgeous in her formal white churidar ...

Lo dekho aagayi aapki aunty ...

geet's dress ...

Prem n maan both looked at the entrance n smiled ..but she didn't 
She couldn't took hell a lot of courage to come here n face him ...if not for the little angel that prem is ..she wouldn't have been standing here in front of him ..but now that she is ..she doesn't intend to spoil the evening for them ...she smiled her best n walked up to them ..dadi maa n aniee welcomed her with warmth while prem squealed in delight ..

Maan saw the little exchange of pleasantries from some distance ..he knew that smile is fake ..he knew those eye now adorned with kohl has cried a lot seeing the puffiness but he was determined to make her feel good by the end of this evening ...he has spoiled it for her n he would make it up to her as well ...

Aaj ki yeh sham khatam hone se pehle ..mien iss jhooti muskurahat ko asli muskan mien badal kar hi rahunga ...aur yeh wada hai maan singh khurana ka tum se mishty ...Embarrassed

He stepped towards them with a determination n inquired about the delay ...n the manager informed them it's a musical night n so they have aren't able to accommodate all of thr reservation ..

What rubbish ...u shouldn't have booked so many at first place ...what kind of management u guys have here ..

The manager was shivering in fear ...this was The MSK ...angry n this wasn't good for him or his hotel ...he shuttering apologized to him n vanished to make some arrangement ..

While they all held thr breath expecting maan to burst in anger but he didn't ..while his mobile buzzed he left murmuring ...

Useless people ..i m so gonna close this damn place ...idiots ..

He stomped away while geet n aniee looked at each other ..n geet murmured ..

Oppss dusht danav is in full form ...

Chachu ghussa hain ..

Koi baat nahi bte ...

But dadi maa literally ..mene khud reservation karai thi n yeh manager uhh ..if maan bhai do something he deserve it ..!!

Aniee ..!!

What yaar geet ..poora plan spoil hujayega ..

Abb hum dinner nahi kar payege ..

Geet smiled n bent on to prem's level ..

Bilkul karenge n yahin karenge ...aap dadi n bua ke saath roku mien abhi aayi ..

Aap kahan jaa rahe hu ..??

Hmm well ...jis witch ne humari table ghayab ki hai ..usko wizard se bol kar paqar wane so we dine in here ...
(hope u all remember the story wali witch ..Wink)

Prem smiled mischieviously while dadi maa shook her head these two n thr witch ...while aniee was busy worrying about her plan to make maaneet together would fail ...n geet left to talk with the manager ..

Here maan was literally exasperated ...his HR manager was calling him for such pity matter ..his new secretary's appointment letter was not signed he forgot to bring it to maan's desk ..

Really Mr.Kapoor ..i cant believe u are calling for this ...just keep the damn letter with u n ill sign it tomorrow n u can hand it over to whoever the new girl is ...

He disconnected the call ..n decided to call in to another hotel to check if they have any reservations left for tonight so they can leave from this good for nothing place ..

Here dadi maa just saw a old friend n went to meet her ..

Aniee prem ka dhyaan rakhna  ..hum aate hain ..

But she was lost in her own worries didn't saw prem going in the direction geet went worried for his geet aunty ..

Agar wohh witch ne geet aunty ko pakar liya huga tu ...I must go to help her !!


Geet returned 5 min later smiling ..

Chalo aniee table arrange hugaya ..

Really great ...mien abhi bhai ko batati hoon ..n she went away towards maan

Yeh prem kahan hai ..?? zaror maan sir ke saath huga ..

She stood thr waiting for them smiling ..n just the dadi maa koined her ...n after a few min.s they saw aniee coming with maan arguing ..

I m still saying lets go thr ..they still have reservations open ..

No ways bhai ..its my fav singers musical night here n besides geet ne sab theek kar diya na ..chalo ..

Just as they stood together geet n maan glanced around ..n behind each other n asked together ..

Prem kahan hai ..?? n the panic arose in both of them ..n they again asked each other ..

Wohh aapke saath nahi gaya tha  ..? who tumhare saath nahi hai ??

Dadi maa prem kahan hai ..?? it was maan's anxious voice ..while geet looked at her for an answer desperately ...

Wohh humien aoni ek friend dekhi tu hum un se milne chale gaye ..but Prem ko tu hum ne aniee ke  saath hi chora tha ..

Aniee ..?? geet asked her expectantly ..but she looked so nervous n scared sweaty in the A/C lobby ..

bhai wohh ...yahin ...yahin tha ...pata nahi kab ...//

How could u aniee ..??itni careless kaise hu sakti hut um ..

Maan exhaled sharply n raked a hand back in his hair in fear n anxiety ..while geet looked around ..

Maan sir please yeh sab baad mien bhi hu sakta hai pehle prem ko dekhte hain ..

N they all scattered around to look for him ..maan was going mad with anger n fear at the same time ..the whole hotel was at red alert was maan singh khurana shaking it in his anger searching for his son ...while geet's eyes almost watered in worry ..her heart beat was so high seeing maan so hassled n worried ..she continued to search for prem along with aniee and dadi maa ..

It was aniee who found him wandering around n stopped him ..

Prem ...thank god tu mil gaya ..

Prem walked to her worried immune to all the disturbance around him ..

Wohh mien geet aunty ko dhundh raha tha ..

Aniee was in tears n she hugged him thanking heaven n earth ..n whispered in his ear worried softly 

Prem koi aise bina bataye ghayab huta hai kya ...

N before the little boy could even explain anything he was transferred to another man's embrace was maan who clutched him like his life dependened on him ..indeed it did ..he hugged him like his dear life while prem reciprocated confused ...while geet ran towards them stopped seeing the scene ..her long held tears slipped down n she smiled faintly at the two most important persons of her life ..onw is her love other is her life ..but all the lovey dovey atmosphere was ruined when maan made prem stand on his own n started his scolding session ..

Prem are u out of your senses ...kyun gaye bina kisi ko bole aise ..
U know hum sab kitna pareeshan hugaye thay ..
Dare u step away alone next time prem ..mujh se bora koi nahi huga samjhe tum ..Ouch

Geet heart stopped seeing the little boy so numb n scared all of a sudden ..she was here for his happiness not to see him cry ...everyone was gathered around n prem was difenately not happy about the whole scolding session being public after all ...uski bhi koi reputation hai ..the little girl he saw earlier almost of his age was smiling even laughing at him ...n he fumed but stood thr looking down not wanting anyone to see him cry over it ..hell he won't ..

N just then geet stepped in b.w the 2 hot headed khurana boys n hugged prem warmly taking away all his fear n he clutched her tight ..sniffing hiding himself in her embrace ..geet held him tight n lifted him in her arms n walked away glaring at maan ..for being so rough with the little child ...n made him sat on the table in thr restaurant ...

So here it is ur table ur highness ...

Prem sniffed n wiped his tear roughly from the corner of his eyes ..n asked so cutely ..

Woh witch ko hara diya aapne ...??

geet smiled with her mist eyes n answered him wiping her tears off ...

Han ...hara diya sit here n ill get ur chachu n everyone here so we can start our dinner ...

Mujhe chachu se baat nahi karni ..

Prem ...galat baat betu ...

But unhoon ne sab ke saamne daanta ...

Aap bhi tu bina bataye chale gaye ..aapko pata chachu kitna tensed hugaye thay ...aise nahi karte na beta ...

Sorry par mien aapko dhundhne gaya tha ...mujhe laga wohh witch ne aapko tough fight diya huga tu ..ill help u ...waise bhi mene kabhi sachi mien witch nahi dekhi ...

Geet wanted to smile n hug him so tightly for his cuteness ..but she maintained a straight face ..

But u should have told someone ..

Han tu ...doesn't mean he can scold me in front of everyone ...akele mien daant lete man-to-man but wohh sab girls ke saamne tu nahi ...

Geet smiled n looked at him wide eyed shocked ...really is this a 10 years old sayin ..?? geet stifled n muffled her laughter ...n said with a serious face ..

N now u r going to do the same with chachu ..han ..??

He looked confused ..n she smiled n side hugged him ..

Abb agar aap unko avoid karoge tu unn girls jaise yahan pr sab aapke chachu ko hasse ge ..u want that ..??

Prem nodded negatively ...

Good tu abhi no more ghussa on chachu okiee ..

Haw mien chachu par ghussa kaise hu sakta hoon wohh kitne big hain ..

Geet was literally confused with these khurana boys ...she can never get even one of them ..

Tu fir yeh app tak kya hu rha tha ..baat nahi karni chachu se n all ..umm ..??

Who tu mujhe bora lga unhoon ne unn girls ke saamne mujhe danta bas ..

Geet shook her head n gave up ..stood up to call aniee completely oblivious to the one person standing at the corner listening to thr  talks ..smiling with mist eyes ..

Mien tumhare bina prem ko kabhi nahi sambhaal pata geet ...I wish ...I ...///

N he left the unsaid words hanging thr ...even he don't wish it in words now can he he doesn't deserve it ...

Aniee dadi n geet were now sitted at the table with prem with the band announced the next song ...n it just felt so apt for maan ...


Hai Dil Ko Teri Aarzoo
Par Mein Tujhe Na Pa Sakun 

Hai Dil Ko Teri Justju
Par Mein Tujhe Na Pa Sakun

hope u enjoyed ...okie i know this is going a bit boring ...didn't planned it that way but now with the track it has landed it here ..
ill try to get it back to the happy mood in the next 2 updates woh jab bhi post hoon ..LOL

till then stay with me
keep liking and commenting
waiting for ur reviews n likes

luv ya all
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