MG SS:Salaam e Ishq#2 *|| Part 56 @ Page 136 ||* 7-June-2020(Page 15)

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MG SS : Salaam e Ishq


Geet ke babaji ..please aaj kuch galat mat hone dena is a big day ...buhat time aur himmat lagi hai mujhe yahan tk puhanchne mien ...geet ko apni dil ki baat kehne ki himmat kar pane mien ..just don't let anything spoil it ... aaj tak ...aaj tak jisko bhi mene pyaar kiya sab ko aapne apne paas bola liya ... it has taken a lot to fell in love again dare to love someone again ..please mere darr ko sach mat sabit hone dena ..iss baar mere pyaar ko mjh se door mat karna ...please please ..



With a band the door opened and geet turned starled with the sudden intruder's entry but stood shell shocked seeing maan in front of her ...even maan was ...
when he entered in KM he was surprised to see no one present in the hall ..the house was in a strange silence n to inquire about the dinner plan he went in aniee's room ...but now seeing geet in such a messed up state is a shocker for him ...what the hell is happening over here ...geet is here standing with a tear stained face ..her eyes are red puffy with crying n she is literally shaking under his gaze ..wait what is she wearing ...Saari ..
n finally he managed to look away from her face down to her toes seeing her in a breath taking red saari with a sleeveless blouse but thr ...maan saw the mark of that scar still there ..n in a snap of a second reality dawn upon him ..un voluntarily almost naturally his eyes met with hers n they both regretted that moment ...the panic n the dead cold look in his eyes were enough to tell her that he is remembering the same awful memories of past ...geet closed her eyes n sighed n then turned her back towards maan ..she can't cry in front him ...not again ...not when she know it doesn't even matters to him ...she can't fall weak in front of him again ...she won't ..!! 

n just when she took a deep breath collecting herself to face him ..he was standing too close for her to move ...geet froze in her place feeling his hot breath fanning her skin ...burning her ..n her breath labored ... in sync with his ...geet closed her eyes clutched her fist to control the erupting moan ..but feeling him lifting her pallo she opened her eyes surprised n anticipatively looked at him sideways while he covered her shoulder n brought it in front to cover the scar with utmost delicacy ...

a tear trailed down her eyes but she kept looking at his face trying to understand his action n expression ...he never give away anything one can understand his heart least not she ...his actions are always the contrary of his words n his face blank as ever ...defeated n emotionally drained she looked away n closed her eyes to control the urge to cry n cry till she can to get rid of ths pain ...
a coldness suddenly hit her n when she opened her eyes he was gone ...leaving the door ajar he left her always ..she is here standing alone ...with her broken heart n tears ...


Maan entered his room n threw away his tie rid of his shirt n went in the washroom to change ... a cold shower was what he needed at this moment to calm down his burning heart ..but just as he entered the mirror made him stop in his track n he was looking at the man in front intently ...but all he could see was geet's face tear stained her eyes full of hurt ..n his words years back that changed everything between them ...the man in front of him loathed him for what he had done ...

all those moments mocked him to have brought them both to this level ...her tears ..her anguish ..that scare everything was a darn reminder of his deeds ..Clutching the end of the marbel top he closed his eyes only to hear his own voice ...

Ms. Handa ..aap meri client advisor hain aur iss se ziada koi aur zimedaari nibhane ki kushish mat kariye ...

With a snap he opened his eyes which now has turned blood red with anger n pain ...only to look at the mocking images of geet's smiling face n his first year when they shared such beautiful moments of togetherness .. not being able to take it anymore he smashed the mirror with his bare hand breaking into pieces ... n stood thr with his hand dripping with blood ...but he didn't cared ..the pain was nothing compared what he felt seeing geet in tears n that scar ... its been 4 long years since that accident n still seeing that scar he felt so much of pain he couldn't imagine what she must have been going through since last 4 years everyday seeing it ...remembering his words ..remembering that day ...maan slipped down the floor sitting thr n the tears made thr way out n trailed down his face while he leaned his head back on the wall ...remembering the day he lost it all ...


They were driving in silence ..the sound of her earings n her hands fidgeting with the ends of her pallo was enough a distraction for him could someone expect him to concentrate on road with a breath taking beauty sitting beside him dressed in such an elegant saari ..gosh this girl would be the death of him someday ...he isn't able to say a single word ever since she stepped out of her house ..n to make it worse she wasn't even blabbering like her usual self ..but instead she sat thr blushing bitting her lower lip torturing him to no end for once he wanted to stop n tell her to not hurt urself but then he sighed trying to control his heart that was beating at an abnormal pace first he was planning to propose her n now she is dressed to beautifully to tease his senses ..n to top it all this silence between them ...but what possibly she could say after seeing his heated gaze fixed over her just as she stepped out her house ..her heart was already beating at an exceptional pace having thinking about spending the whole evening with him by his side ..n then she couldn't help but to wear her latest shopped saari ..the white net shaffon with silver embriodered blouse it looked so alluring ..n honestly bit bold too ... 
geet's saari ...Wink

she had that wicked blushing smile on her face when she saw herself dressed in it ...she left her hair open with slight curls covering her back n kept the makeup minimal but now she was cursing herself for her selection ..the admiration in his eyes was so evident that she couldn't help but feel the fluttering butterflies in her stomach ..the blood rushed to her cheek making her go tomato red ...her legs were quivering standing under his heated gaze with the anticipation of whats gonna happen next in the evening n it was a bit too much for her to handle ..sitting inches away from him she couldn't manage to look up at him ..she was sure her eyes would stuck at him dressed in black he looked rather casual ...but then he is MSK n who would dare to question his dressing in a party n anyways he looked more than handsome in his casuals as well ...those sexy abs prominent throught his fitted cotton shirt n damn the geek god he had to leave his top three buttons open for girls to drool on as if he is going for a private party ...she pouted thinking about all those despo girls who would be present in the party throwing themselves at him .. but then she glanced at him from the corner of her eyes carefully not to get caught n to her bad luck he choose to look at her at the very same time ...

Thr eyes met n they forgot to look away ...maan could see the love ozzing out from her hazel almonds eyes n she so innocently continued to drool at him ..he couldn't manage to look away lost in the depth of them he wished somehow she would read his eyes n his love just as he is able to ...a moment passed n they both couldn't understand how n when another car zoomed siding thrs maan lost control on the wheel n thr car bumped into the tree by the highway ...

Over coming the initial shock they both looked at each other with scared eyes n held each other's hands worried ..

Tum theek hu ...aap theek hain na ...

Their heart were beating at exceptionally high pace n they both could feel the panic in the other one's eyes but before they could answer or even understand what happened thr were men dressed in black around their car shoving them out ...geet shrieked n maan was almost about to punch the hell out of the guy holding him but stopped seeing the gun pointed on geet at the other end ..

Geet couldn't understand any of it ..she was in too much of a shock seeing a 9mm ..feeling the tip of it on her skin was damn scary ..she could hear her heart beats in her ears ..her eyes watered with fear but not a single voice came out ..she looked around scared they were in a deserted area now was almost sun set n maan's body guards were no where to be seen ..the guy sweared on maan n she could feel his temper going sky high his hands forming the fist trying to control his temper n his eyes fixed on her .. she couldn't look away she was too scared tear slipped out but she never blinked n having no response from maan the guy punched him right on the face ..

Maan sir ...Ouch

Maan didn't even flinched but geet's heart stopped seeing that ..she struggled to let go but they guy holding her tightened his grip on her ...she couldn't help but to cry n plead but non heard ..apparently maan had refused to pay the bribe money to the minister and managed to bring him down from his position n now they were here to kill him ..geet's eyes widened seeing the guy pointing his gun at maan ..but he was so calm as if all this happening around them doesn't even affect him a bit ..n with the same calmness maan stated in front of the guy ..

Tumhara kaam mujh se hai ...larki ko jaane do ..

Khurana sahib aapko kya lagta hai hum iss ko zinda chorenge humare khilaf gawahi (statement) dene ko ...

Maan eyes were blood red ..n he looked around geet didn't knew what he was thinking ..all she was seeing was the gun pointed at him ..but actually he was calculating his move ..till now he didn't resisted to keep her safe but now he knows he has to get away from here ...be4 he could think of something to save them both the guy pull the trigger without waiting a second more ..n Neither did geet hitting the guy holding her in the stomach hard she ran towards maan ..all present thr panicked n the head pulled the trigger to shoot man except the bullet never hit maan infact maan was lying down on the ground with the effect of geet's push n turned only to see geet falling down having hit by the bullet ..DeadDead

Everything else was a blur for geet ..her teary eyes could only see the black clouds infront now ..but she could hear the groans n grunts of people around ..maan managed to take the gun from the goon's hand in a moment of confusion n shot him dead at the spot n the others tried to take him down but maan's anger was his strength at that moment n he fought with all his might ...thr were only 4 of them ...the head shot dead already n the merciless fight began among the 4 men ...while she laid thr ..her breath was labored ..she couldn't hold onto anymore n she knew she was going to be unconscious soon ..her whole life flashed infront of her ..her childhood in the farms of hoshyarpur with her father ..his funeral when she left her birth place ..her happy days with preetie arohi suhana ridhima n sid bhaiya ...she tried harder to breath ...a tear slipped from the corner of eyes remembering preetie's funeral ...n then her days in KC ...last whole year everytime she was with prem dadi maa ..aniee n maan ...she tried to open her eyes ...she couldn't ...she wanted to see maan ...she wanted to see him for the last time ...she held on to herself trying to come back ...she wanted to tell him she loved him ...all the time she was with him flashed infront of her ..n she regretted not ever confessing her love to him at this moment she wanted to ..if this was her last breath she wanted to be in his arms ..she wanted him to know she loved him ...but he was no where ... n just then she was lifted ...maan was back knocking the hell out of those goon ..bruised himself he was back to get her into the safety of his arms ...

She knew the smell ..the feeling ..she didn't needed to see him to know it was him was the very person she wanted to be with ..maan held her face in his palms n tried to wake her up ...that one moment when she didn't responded felt like thousand deaths to him ...he was literally holding his breath to have some response from her ...she could hear him calling her ...she could hear his panic striken voice ...she wanted to open her eyes ..she wanted to see him ..even if its for the last time she wanted to desperately as he wanted her to ...

With all her will she opened her eyes n his face was a blur she remembered his bruised face bleeding from everywhere... n the slight smile that came just as she opened her eyes ...n she felt the pain coming back with pang ...she couldn't survive she was sure ...this was her last time her vision was again bluring while maan held her in his embrace holding on to her as if she will disappear as if its his last chance ... n she held onto his arms ...tight he was slipping away n whispered the last words to die in peace ...

Maan sir ...

Geet don't ..kuch nahi huga tumhain alright ..mien ..mien kuch nahi hone dunga ..chalo bas ..hum ... hum abhi hospital jayenge ...

He was about to get up but stopped feeling her tightened grip on his arm ..n he looked at her ..her face depicted how much pain she is in ..but her teary eyes only expressed the love she had for him ..her labored breaths indicated her worsing health n her eyes were closing ...she held his face in her shivering arms ..her skin was going cold but she had a warm smile on her face ...n then it slipped falling on her side lifelessly ...maan panicked calling her name but she never replied nor she opened her eyes ..maan sat up n slid his arms to move her in the car but just as he bent down to lift her a whisper froze him ...n he looked at her face ..

I love u ... I love u maan sir ..Embarrassed OuchOuch Embarrassed CryCry

These were the words he was dying to hear since last 6 months ...never in his wildest dream he imagined it to be like this was suppose to be magical ..a special evening for her make her feel special let her know how much she matters ...a tear slipped his eyes n he hugged her tight in his arms ...what his dark fate has brought on her was all his mistake ..he developed the grudge with that asshole minister ..n here she is paying the price ..y wouldn't she ...this is the consequences of being associated with him... Dead


With a shrieking sound the car stopped in front of geet's house n she gasped n looked around panicked ...even she was remembering the same ride 4 years back n what happened thr ...her confession n maan's silent rejection ...tears blured her eyes n she closed them to let out a sob of anguish while on the other hand in KM maan opened his now dried eyes ...remembering the worst day of his life ...that bullet did hit the target after all ..since that day he is a dead man living on this earth ...breathing coz she is still around ...alive coz she still doesn't hate him ...but whats the point he hates himself ...for hurting her so much ...for making her go through all this ...for being the insecure selfish bas***d ...

A knock on the door made him come back to reality was prem shouting from the other side ...

Chachu ..jaldi karo na hum late hujayenge ...

Aaraha hoon prem 5 min ...


pheww its done ..took me 2 days to type edit type edit n finally post ..LOL
i hope u all liked it ...*Fingers Crossed* ...really nervous ..Confused
please do leave ur reviews ...please i wanna know how it went ...bit emotional for me to write this i hope i could convey the emotions through my words please let me know ..Embarrassed

waiting ...waiting ...Day Dreaming

Maan : so i m the Dusht danav ..uhhh ...right Ms. Handa

Geet : umm ..wohh sir ...mien ..galati se ...i mean woh ...

ehehe ..geet trapped ..Wink

enjoy reading n do leave ur likes n reviews ..Embarrassed

luv ya

Posted: 5 years ago
CryCryemotional part..maan is not only hurting him self but giving emense pain by rejection geet by thinking she wont be safe if he show his love...grrr feel like knocking him yaarAngryAngry...due his earlier lost of his bro & bhabi he think that whom ever he love so much will leave him..hope he change his mind soon..precap interesting..pls cont soon.
Posted: 5 years ago
It was really very saddy part. So finally that mark's truth is out. In past , maan is going to propose geet. They were going to express their feelings. Somewhere Maan was sared about destiny which always snatched someone very special from him but still he wanted to give himself a chance.. But now that same fear is coming for geet in maan's mind. N his fear came true  but maan had to understand that it was not his mistake. Geet expressed her feelings even in that critical situation but still maan doesn't want to overcome his fear. Waiting for next dear
Posted: 5 years ago

Amazing update
Posted: 5 years ago
Omg such a painful update

maaneet moments are lovely ...

gosh my heart went out for maaneet helplessness all destiny game n both are suffering a lot
finally truth revealed aww she got shot saving him n she confesd her love but maan's baslesss fear
of losing his loved ones n he rejected geet love...
maan is hurting himself n her n plss some one knock some sens grrr...n maan punishing himself for being such a jerk...
but still feel bad for they both love each other so much still cant voice out very painful n emotional...

beautifully written update sweet the way you write it amazing ...
Edited by brandgurti - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
emotional update..finally mark's truth revealed..
maan hurted geet with his baseless fear of losing his loved ones..Unhappy
waiting 4 next
Posted: 5 years ago
awesome update
it was like watching a film before ur eyes
the way u wrote made the scenes come alive
maan saw geets scar n he was lost in his guilt
the day which he thought to propose her
end on a wrong  note
geet took the bullet to save him
she confessed her love
but maan remained quiet thinking its all bcoz she is linked with him
she feels rejected
maan punishing himself for being such a jerk
superb part
Posted: 5 years ago
Poor maaneet both are hurt. But what could maan have done that day. When when was so eagerly to hear her and then what happened scared him so he was being rude. He was not right but he was from his pov. Geet too could have ignored his rudeness after all she would have realized that maan too cares for her till that point she confessed he acted like a caring person. Then the sudden reversal she should have realized something else is the matter. But for her to be hurt was not wrong either. It was just the timing was bad
At least now maan can reverse it right. Can he not should he not. She is still here means she still cares for him. Please take the first step maan 

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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