TaaRey 3S : Lust Found Love (Completed)

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-Lust Found Love-

-Part One-

"Dad! Why you chose her to come with me. Have you ever seen how she dress up, those down market suits. She is going to ruin our reputation infront of foreign delegates" Rey told his father who was hell bent on sending that middle class girl with him on business trip. 

"Why you hate her so much?" His dad asked him a simple question. Rey raised his one eye brow at him, His father shrugged in response and waited for his answer but his son didn't had any answer, He himself don't know why he hate that girl so much.

"You hate her because she wear traditional outfits..In your language downmarket salwar suits Or because she didnt throw herself on you and denied to warm your bed" Ranvijay spoke throwing disgust filled glares at his son s direction. He felt anger rising within him everytime he saw his son first trying hard to put her in his bed then insulting the poor innocent girl after she rejected to become his toy. 

"Oh please dad! You really think that chit of a girl hold so much importance in my life. I can get anyone" Rey retorted back in anger, Hating her more for turning his own father against him.

"But you cant get her and thats a big blow on your male ego and this is the reason you everytime find one or other excuse to put her down, Am i right son?" Ranvijay spoke in anger. Rey clenched his fist, All he wanted to do was destroy her. 

"You are going to regret the day stepped in my compony, Very soon i will get you, You will pay the price for turning my own family against me" Rey thought to himself, He left the room of his father without giving him second glance. Leaving a worried father behind who was worried for the innocent girl, his son's lust toward taani was something that shook him with fear. Rey's lust will destroy her life and he dont want that not even in wildest dream thats why he tried his best to keep taani away from rey but this business trip was important and taani is the only one in the office who had full information about the project, He had to send her with rey on business trip, keeping stone on his heart that felt fatherly love toward taani. 

Here with rey, He entered his room. He packed his stuff for the trip while his mind was somewhere else, he was thinking about the incident that took place three months before. 

It was a grand party organized by Ranvijay Singhania on his Sons success of achieving the best young business man award of the year. Rey became very successful in business man with in just 2 years of his entry in business world. 

As all his friends & clients approached him, congratulating him his eyes were at the entrance door. Then entered a lady clad in beautiful black sari with red border she is looking breath taking. He watched her ignoring everyone. Feeling his intense gaze on her, She lifted her eyelashes and found him staring at her with raw desire hooded eyes. She gulped down in nervousness, feeling conscious under his penetrating gaze peeking through her soul.

"Hi Alya" Taani waved at her friend alya, spotting her standing few steps away with her boyfriend dhruv. Rey saw her walking toward her friends ignoring his presence. Rey went to bar with his friends but his eyes didnt left her sight. He just wanted to pushed her against the wall and f**k her till she passed out, his mind flooded with images of her in him arms, loving her. With those wild thought floating in his mind he gulped down the tequila short. 

"Rey who's that chick? She is damn hot man" Rey turn his head toward his friend vicky then turn his gaze where vicky was pointing toward taani who was busy in talking to her friend.

"She is mine & when i say mine, She is only mine" Rey spoke in possessive tone. Vicky was surprised to see rey getting possessive over a girl, he had never done that before. He was the guy who use & throw girls like tissue paper.

"Woah! Chill dude." Vicky surrender infront of him, Rey let out a chuckle, his gaze was fixed on prey & when he saw her standing alone in corner, watching her friends dancing with their partner, Rey without thinking walked toward her, Vicky knew what he is upto, asked the DJ to dim the light. 

Taani was standing in darkness, She let out a gasp when a hand yank toward her and pulled her, She came crashing to his hard chest, Fear gripped her heart. Rey hold her hand & drag her from there in backside of party hall, No one was there, it was kind an isolated area. Her eyes widen in shock when she saw the person who dragged her was none other than her arrogant boss, Rey singhania. Rey smirked seeing her reaction. Sliding his one arm around her waist he bring her close to him, a loud gasp escaped from her lips as his hand came in contact with her bare waist. She felt tingles all over her body. 

"Sir, What are you doing? Leave me" Taani spoke after gaining some courage, she tried to pushed him away but he was too strong for her. Rey laughed at her attempts, pulling her more close, he held her tight in his arms, Not even air could through between their bodies. Her breath hitched feeling his manly yet soft finger caressing her waist, she left weird sensation ran down her spine, It was first time she was close to any man. His gaze was fixed on her lips, the way there moving, it was tempting sight to see which aroused him to no extent. 

"Leav..." Her words died down her throat when he smacked his lips hard against her soft one, Kissing her hard. Taani was too shock to react on anything. Rey pushed her against the wall, kissing her with all the passion he had, Smooching her lips hard, biting them occasionally. When taani came back in her sense she tried to push him but rey wounded his both arms around her securely & tightly. Rey caressed her lower lip with tip of his tongue, seeking for entry which she didnt give. Taani gasp loudly feeling his hand caressing her breast over the material of her blouse, Taking it as a chance he entered her mouth, tasting every corner of her mouth. Taani begun to lose herself in his taste but regain her sense when reallity hit her hard, made her realize who she was and what she is doing with her boss. With all her strenght she pushed him away and next moment he felt burning sensation on his left cheek, his eyes widen in shock realizing she had actually slapped him, the reyaansh singhania.

Rey pulled her close to him by grabbing back of her neck, In painful grip. His eyes were red in rage, feeling insulted by the rejection & slap. 

"How dare you?" He roared scaring her, she felt used, used by him. Tears were falling down from her beautiful eyes. While on the other hand he was shaking in anger.

"I am not your sex toy, stay away from" She spoke between her sobs, he was unaffected by her tears but deep down he was feeling guilty but like always his ego was big enough to hide all his emotions somewhere deep down in corner of his heart. Taani freed herself from his grip & ran away from there, crying bitterly over what just happened. Rey stood there in rage, he wanted to destroy everything. First time in life he wished for something and that couldnt be his, that fact had effected him badly, It had bruised his male ego. 

"I will make you pay for this taani" Rey said gritting his teeth in anger, He left from there & went home unaware about the fact that his father had witnessed everything. 

Rey come out of his thought when maid knocked on his door and told him taani had arrived and its time for them to leave. He come out of his room & went downstairs and saw her busy in conversation with his mom, his family really like her since she had joined RS. Rey look at her attire, like always she was dressed in her churidaar suit but he couldnt deny the fact, She was looking ravishing. Coming out from his reverie, he walked toward her.

"Lets go" He said to in blunt tone, Taani nodded positively. Rey rolled his eyes when he saw his mother embracing her and asking her to take care of herself. Dont know what magic she had done on his family that infront of her they dont even look at him. 


Next day they reached london but they got a big shock that there is only one room is booked for them in hotel & when rey asked the receptionist to gave them another room, She refused as all rooms were already booked.

"We have to share the room" Rey told her, engrossed in his cell phone. Taani nodded her head, feeling nervous. Now she is going to stay in Lions den. They both went in their room, Taani was relieved that rey hadnt try to talk to her & maintaining his distance. 

"You can take the couch" Rey said to her before he entered the washroom and shut the door hard, making her jump on her place. 

"Hey krishnaji, Kaha mujhe is heartless Rakshash ke saath phasa diya" Taani muttered under her breath, She sat on bed, after her journey she was hell tired, It didnt took her minutes to fall asleep in sitting position only. After few minutes rey come out, his gaze fall over her sleeping figure on couch. Unconciously he starts walking toward her, he stopped when he was just a step away from her. The pure innocense her face was reflecting was pulling him toward her. If he say he never admired anyone but her wouldnt be a lie. She was the first girl he needed, Craved for her to touch him not other way around. She was a challenge for him, which he wants to win at any cost.

"Dude stop staring at her, She is the reason, your dad had started hating you" Rey reminded himself, he torn his gaze away from her and sat on bed, opening his files

"This girl is driving me crazzy" rey muttered under his breath, he was having hard time in concentrating on his work, knowing she is here, just few steps away from him. He felt like grabbing her in his arms and kiss her senselessly, Only she could make him feel this way and that sometime make him angry at himself for giving so much importance to a mere girl. He sighed in irritation, standing up from his place he walked toward the couch where she was sleeping. He scopped her in his arms and made her laid down on bed comfortably & covered her with quilt. He smile at her sleeping form, It was strange feeling he feel about her, He himself told her to sleep on couch but he couldn't see her sleeping on couch uncomfortably and made her sleep on his bed and covered her with his blanket. For him when its comes to taani, he is complete mess. He wants to hurt her but seeing her tear his heart bleed. Brushing his thoughts aside he settled on couch with his files & laptop.



Part One - Page 1
Part Two - Page 13
Part Three - Page 24

- Completed -


Hello Guys! Happy New Year to all.

First of all sorry for not updating anything, I was busy with my exams & projects. Now I'm free. I will start updating from tomorrow. For PMs send me a buddy request but only send me requests for PM if you really want to read. I will be not accepting buddy request from silent readers.

If you want me to send you PM then you have to comment on my works frequently. I delete those who never comment on my any work.

This 3S is small gift from my side on new year. Enjoy reading & do leave your feedback. Next part tomorrow.

Credits :-

Banner : Starry.Phoenix
Concept : Taani.priya1997

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yehhh!!!!!!!! m ist wow!!!!!! this is really happy new year to u too, nice concept m sure per plzzz m requesting u wth my hand folds plzzz update it fast as its three short plzzz don't makes us wait 4 it this is tooo, intreasting plzzz dear
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Posted: 2015-01-02T08:29:29Z
awesomeSmile update Smile
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Posted: 2015-01-02T08:31:52Z
yup, another awesome concept :)
its beautiful written :)
one side Rey lust for TAANI and another side is unsaid deep feeling for her.
it look too interesting how table going to turn around.
thanks for pm pooja.
hope soon u update others too.
loved it :)Edited by Jasmine_ash - 2015-01-02T08:44:00Z
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Posted: 2015-01-02T08:42:56Z
aww new concept ts nice next part update soon awsm ..
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Posted: 2015-01-02T08:44:20Z
awsome update
loved it
cont soon
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Posted: 2015-01-02T08:51:00Z
Awesome start!
Really nicely written
He made her sleep on the bed when at first he told her to sleep on the couch
Can't wait to know what happens next
Continue soon!!
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Posted: 2015-01-02T08:58:13Z
Awesome story..!!!
It's really nice.. Rey is so mean ..:(
Taani is suffering..
Update asap
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