Diandra Soares Enters The Bigg Boss House Again

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Posted: 9 years ago

After grabbing the headlines, Diandra Soares enters the Bigg Boss 8 house again. The most popular contestant known for her kissing scenes with Gautam Gulati is going to make a re-entry.

Diandra was one of the strongest contestant in the show, where her eviction brought surprise for the viewers. The model, which slammed all rumours of her pregnancy, said that she was eliminated because she had major health issues.

Like every year Bigg Boss 8 brings task of freeze and release. Few family members of the contestants enter the house.

Puneet Issar's wife enters the house through confession room, where she meets her husband when he was freezed up.

While other person to enter the house was none other then Diandra Soares. She enters the house as a part of freeze and release task and not as a wild card entry.

Diandra confesses to Karishma Tanna that she is upset with her about something, which was not expected from her.

While we all know Diandra and Gautam's love story has hit the show. She enters the house when Bigg Boss asks the contestants to be in freeze mode.

The first thing she did was going in the corner of the living room where she kept two letters for Guatam in his luggage. Later Bigg Boss releases only Gautam from the task. Diandra and Gautam hug each other and both of them turned emotional.

The romantic couple spends some time in Garden area having coffee. Diandra wishes Gautam that she wants him to win the show. She also confesses that she is not upset with him for any matter in fact she likes the way he is playing his game in the house. She leaves the house later.

Before when Diandra was in the house as a contestant, she locked lips with Gautam Gulati in front of all the other inmates! she kissed Gautam many times. She even pulled him to the bathroom and there we all can know what must have happened


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Posted: 9 years ago
Neat !! Another doormat ! Thankfully she wont stick around for long ! Afterall the house already has Sonali to play that role 😆
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Posted: 9 years ago
People were using Diandra against gautam so that his chances of winnubg become less but now even diandra by his side hes deffo gonna win,.see noone can hate mr GG,hes lovable
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Posted: 9 years ago
Was it required that last paragraph to Add...
P.S: it's not for you sunny
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Posted: 9 years ago
Any idea about what she said to karishma?