SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147 - Page 82

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Posted: 7 years ago
Dunno ya.. Those sophisticated things abt R$B remind me of Rana.. Tgat half smile initially reminded me of Barun Sobti and/or Aejun Kapoor.. But the other details somehow brought me to the conclusion to arrive ad settle at Rana Confused
Posted: 7 years ago
Nisha this story just keeps getting better and better with each and every update that you post! I just LOVE the way you write.
I can literally see the scenes playing out in front of me. I have my own little imagination running wild, trying to fantasize about R&B (although II is most certainly not in the picture! Embarrassed Wink LOL)

Thank you so much for posting these updates so fast.
Posted: 7 years ago

I did not visualize ANY TV actor on him at least not Barun Sobti (after watching stills from Main aur Mrs Whatever its a complete BUZZ KILL), the guy didnt do a thing for me anyway  sorryShocked None from Bollywood either

R&B reminds ME of, Tarun Raghavan

He played one of the leads on a Sony show called Hubahu YEARS ago, opp Sandhya Mridul

He was quiet, brooding TALLL AND SEXY
AND A COPDay Dreaming she has no clue ofcourse until the end
He acted mediocre but was 100% EYE CANDYClapDay Dreaming


Feel free to imagine who you want though
Edited by Nisha0604 - 7 years ago
Posted: 7 years ago
HUBAHU WHOoo!????!!Confused
Sony pe at a thaa?? I think I was in school 
Was there a kissing scene 
My mom did not allow me to watch Cry

Rehne de! 
We have our arjun kapoor s and Rana 

Aap next part likho

Posted: 7 years ago
Rofl.. I imagined Barun cause I remembered Ipkknd.. Omg his new movie didnt cross my mimd only LOL LOL ..okay lets not complicate it.. Lets just give Mohit Raina a chance to become R$B for now.. Lol.. He also has dimples lotta hair full speaking eyes half smile ..and yes he is tall and kinda lean.. To suit this R$B.. LOL .
The hands n fingers.. Dude i am in love again.. I love how u exactly describe men how i wanna see/imagine..lol
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Hey C
Its that HUGE GRAND CANYON like divide between middle class and the ultra wealthy in India if u notice

II's parents WANT HER TO MARRY... they PRAY for it every minute

Manny on the other hand URGES R&B to have an affair...VERY CASUALLY without flinching one bit

That's is exactly what I meant by my comment Wink
Posted: 7 years ago
Next part nahi Milne walla so gayi hogi! 
Chal yaar ashu I need to run errands et. 
Main chali
Posted: 7 years ago
ONLY ON THE CONDITION THAT Ashu will not compare him to Barun SobtiBig smile

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