SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147 - Page 60

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hey nisha. Please please please give one more update as a new year gift. This is driving me crazy.  They need to talk this time please.  Btw you can call me sudhiSmile
Posted: 7 years ago
Part 21
Abhang & Serpent

They approached him... or so it seemed likeWink

He had a "Do you want to greet me?" look on his faceBig smile
She had a "Sure when I am the usher at the gates of hell" lookEvil Smile
Appa commented "Avaroda paiyyan nikkaran, RAJA MADIRI IRUKKAN" (Oh! his son is standing right there looks SO HANDSOME)
Looks like you had the time to get that shave" Ishita's eyes checked him out...
Amma: Yes he is extremely handsome...Angry
Appa NAMBA PASANGA they lack self confidence (OUR IYER BOYS)
Amma nodded reluctantlyAngry

ALL THIS in the 15 feet until they reached the guy...Shocked
Ranjan was mingling milling whatever with the guests

He turned and greeted them warmly, Appa eagerly went off to shake hands

Sam walked out by then, the HUUUGE French doors wide open, guests walking in and out, little fire torches burning everywhere in the lawn to ward off the cold
"Oh! HIII!" she smiled, perfect teeth like her brother

He was still on the phone, not even looking at them... or so Ishita thought until he turned when she had her back to him...

He saw her bare back... a bra strap like strip at the bottom, and a string on top... something she wore on her neck had a silk cord, 
it sliced her back in half... he thought of what he could do with the two halves... flawless smooth as butter... the longgg braid dangled enticingly... he guessed the open hair would enevelop his pillow
He releaseds his half smile in celebration of that...

Two strings of jasmine... one along the braid and one over her shoudler

Amma nodded sheepishly
Sam:Let me find my husband... Tanmay... Tanmay (yelling)

Amma congratulated her and gave her the paaladai...
Sam:iski kya zaroorat thi aunty, thanks so very much,
Amma explained what it was and Sam listened patiently (A skill the Rakshasan sorely lacks she thought)
Tanmay walked over, incredibly handsome tall and heavier tho... with a goatee...
Sam:She is the math whiz R&B and Dad and I met near Moti Bagh
Ishita laughed...
Tanmay: Finally we meet...
They shook hands, Tanmay's older sister and Mom start talking with Amma...
R&B slowly approached that group

Tanmay:The only south Indian, and WHAT A SHOW! (impressed)
Sam: You probably get told that all the time dont u? I mean look at you, the jhumkas and the hair... your eyes... tum log KYA KHAATE HO YAAR?
Ishita: Lots of curry leaves I guess
Sam:You will make BEAUTIFUL BABIES

The bottle of color she thought she ran out broke out like champagne and spread from a few inches below her collar bones and rushed up to her face...
She didnt even have to look at him to know where he was looking...
I" Umm... I... I... (mumbled)
Sam: Dekho she is blushing...
Tanmay: Arey YOU JUST MET HER Sam, Sorry... BTW Sam, she is a no nonsense accountant.. no time for shaadi
Ishita thought I had all the time in the world until Subbu dumped me...
She looked down at her flowing folds...

Ranjan brought Mr Bansal
(NO its not a Hindi movie where THE CEO WILL PRAISE)

Ranjan: This is Ishita Iyer
Bansal: Good to meet u
R:Seamless deployment
Ishita burst out laughing
I:I like your sense of humor Mr Bhalla
R: I trust u to do the job well
B: Do u report to Baldev?
I:Yep... 5 ish years...
B: have u been with the company that long?
" Ya started as a public accountant and slowly moved to this combination role... I got myself an IS degree a year almost two years ago"
THERE! I AM NOT AN IDIOT... she looked at R&B
"I loved college and love the job" she said extra loudly (U cant get me fired, even if u tried" a jab at R&B)

He looked up from texting, unfazed...
She had a "Get Lost!" look

R&B stared at his Dad talk to II
She responded eagerly, pleasantly and cheerfully

They talked about life in public accounting the drawbacks ... 20 hour work days etc...

"She is a fabulous singer her mother tells me" Ranjan gushed
Amma HAD TO HEAR THAT... and she did

"she has learnt music for 20 years (AYYYO!)

Sam returned from another group
BEES SAAL? Did u start learning when u were born? (Sam was on a plan "Embarrass II")

II: Niiice, I love that... but later actually (I AM NOT TELLING UR BROTHER HOW OLD I am... as if he cant look it up in that fact sheet)
Her mother in law invited people over for the ceremony
II: Absolutely NOT!! I wont 
"Btw tumhaare maathe par kya hai teeka did u guys go to a temple?" Sam asked
"No one of our friends turned 70 so we visited for the celebration, offering haldi and kumkum is an Iyer tradition"
Ishita gently felt her fore head... "Ayyo! Amma I must look like a gawar" she cursed mentally
She walked with the crowd at the very end... Amma and Appa somewhere in the group... turning towards the living room, there were fewer than 50 people...
II: Appa did u bring my phone? I have to text Akka
Appa: I dont think so.. (forgotten its in his pocket)
I am going to go get it" she said turned and walked out, 
It was 8:45 already, II was FURIOUS about her cancelled plans she texted Akka on Amma's phone from the back seat...as she walked in... careening into R&B
The smear/speck on her forehead smudging his shirt, and her hand automatically going to his left and holding on to the watch... his held her waist...

"I am sorry" she muttered... quickly letting go of his watch... (Rakshasan he will think I am robbing him and send me a bill tomorrow)
"You should be" he said softlyTongue... NOT A SMILE ON HIS FACE...
"Shouldnt you be inside? With ur sister?" she demanded angrly
"Why?" he asked patientlyBlushing
II didnt have a response...Pffttt! Whatever... she fumed

RAKSHASAN! she muttered angrily pushing the jasmine string to the back... walking way... he turned to watch her go... 
letting his mind wander to the delightful predicament of WHAT HE WOULD DO with the two halves of the back...Embarrassed

She sulked in a corner until Amma ordered her to cheer up, Sam found her and dragged her to the center, some people went off to get food...

"attention please, we have a LOVELY... SORRY GORGEOUS LOOKING IYER here that sings LOVELY I AM TOLD"


Her eyes scanning the room for R&B
"Rakshasan!! bumping into some unsuspecting texting  female probably" she cursed
Appa: You should sing kanna
"Its OK kanna do u know every body at the recitals u do?" Amma argued
"Sing an Abhang" Appa offered

Mr BANSAL and Mr Bhalla walked over to where II was hissing... "She must sing"

THANKS! II smiled... Ayyyo! WHY DID I COME HERE she ranted mentally

"I will sing one Hindi film song thats it" she said almost in tearsCry

Amma sing Abhang first kanna, u can do two... not more (making peace?)

Sam she should just sing for the next half hour
"I am a public accountant I charge by the hour remember? It may get a bit excessive u know?" she said and found R&B behind his sis in the far corner by the wall..
"we still have a bunch of unpaid things between us" he said SHE THOUGHT by that look...
She cleared her throat looked away.. and began... with her notes first...

Her face on fire with all the attention, in particular the attention of one man across the room... Blushing
he chatted with Mihir occasionally but whenever she looked at him she found him looking at her

She sang a Abhang -Chala Mandirat first... ... as she sat on the divan criss cross, tapping the beats on her knee...
"OH MY GOODNESS Sam shrieked... Manya had enetered too... kinda suprised by all the attention being given to a Southie looking girl
He was nowhere in sight when she finished... she sang a lataji song from Angoor, Roz roz daali daali kya likh jaaye"
"Beete hue mausam ki koi nishaani hogi; Dard pouraana hoga yaad purani hogi, koi to baat jo hogi na" she sang...Blushing

Inadvertently meeting his gaze... something unspoken exchanged in those three fleeting seconds... his eyes on her flushed... shining face... 
the lips moving mellifluously... silvery... silky smoothBlushing

She loked down as soon as she finished and stood up in a  second
"No more Amma" she shrieked
drawing laughter, people complimented her personally, and her parents...
She missed PK and mourned that deeply the next hour

He returned home past midnight with Manny after dropping off Mihir

He didnt know when his Dad returned... he went to his favorite hideout his balcony with a drink and sat on the swing...
He bent to check his phone and found the haldi and vermillion smudge... he felt it with his finger, powdery... cold..
He went in changed into his sweats.. went to bed... finished his drink... in bed flipping TV channels

Powered it off... closed his eyes... her honeyed rich singing rang in his ears...

She writhed beneath him wearing only kohl in the eyes... the braid across his pillow like a serpent...and that burnished coppery gold jhumkas resting like half spherical domes on each side of her face tired of bobbing from all the intense activity he inflicted upon herBlushing... ..her eyes stormy and passionate begging him to stopBlushing
He savored that thought for a while until he found himself intensely aroused..BlushingBlushing

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Neha07

*hit *hit *hit y did u have to stop at that point Nisha?!!! Y o Y...???
This cliffhanger finally compelled me to post on this thread.
Lady I am in LOVEEE with your writing.
In just 1 night u dished out four updates!! Ohh meri rajdhani express...
Firstly I just love the titles that u gv to ur chapters.
Secondly I am smitten with ur RKB kash I ws nt married!chalo koi ni married hui to kya I cn still njoy ur RKB Embarrassed
Thirdly I love the how Kanna keeps cursing Rhythm n Blue in Tamil
Fourthly I love d convo dat goes before and after evry update - U, C and Ashu
Fifth I am impressed that u work and hv kids and u still gv such quick updates. U need standing ovation for that.
Lastly waiting for the next update Kanna and R&B's encounter ;)


Thanks so much for gushing so generously on this tale

Posted: 7 years ago
Okay, so I really like Tanmay.. He's like an equal to Raman.. unlike Mihir, who, though a close friend, is more like a kid brother.. Plus he adores his wife.. Really cuteSmile
R&B shaved! Good for IILOL

Posted: 7 years ago
BTW, you stopped watching the show??Shocked
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by nrn1486

BTW, you stopped watching the show??Shocked


COULD NOT TAKE the ex wife in the houseAngry

Nobody is horrified?Shocked

I found the spark missing too especially after the sofa scene u know... ALL OVER EACH OTHER PHYSICALLYDead  TOUCHING PULLING, HOLDING HAND... HUGGING FROM BACK FRONT FALLING OVER EACH OTHER...

He would just LOOK at her from across the side walk in her apartment, or across the balcony... or leaning on the car and say "Haldi ka dabba" or say things by the  closet...

My chest would explode... I wud feel like I was having a heart attack, so intense

Wonder where it wentCry

If friends tell me its back I will check it out not until then
TIRED of justifying WHY she has to be so NOBLEBig smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Neha07

BTW u seem a pakki Dilliwali. M I correct?

Ekdum sahi
Posted: 7 years ago
Sad but True Nisha.. the tracks are unbearable, Ishita is too preachy and boring. But I still find myself watching each episode in the hope of a better track, a better scene even. Cry
Rest assured, whenever the spark's back, I'll let you knowWink

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