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Posted: 7 years ago
Past... His & Hers

Raman was part of an angel investor group called Argent Graines, a French term transalated to Silver Seeds, 
they funded a range of start ups in the last 7 or so years their group had funded startups 
ranging from online gaming, medical devices, marketing image ideas... he had a French partner and two from Thailand... 
his longest relationship was around the time disaster struck his French girlfriend 6 years older than him... he didnt live by rules... any...he was not a "Daddy's business inheritor"
He went to Carnegie for undergrad and biz school and lived all over the world, until his mid 20s...
His first sexual encounter was at 18, he claims it was at 16 ... 

Mihir ordered a lemonade, he rolled his eyes... "Really?"
"Its 2 PM and I dont start drinking until 7"
"Do u have rules for sex too?" he asked unfazed...
"Kyon koi hai oopar room mein?" Mihir asked...
He knew his freind fully well... he wasnt the cheap hotel room hiring hooker types
"Nahi... bus pooch raha hoon" he said...

His eyes roamed Rick's... the tall "leggy lass" sat in a far corner, switching between her iMac and paper files as she talked to a pot bellied beer guzzling man in his 60s
Her co workers were at another table talking with 4 younger men... she laughed... the movement caused her solitaire to catch the light from the chandelier and reflect...
Mihir: Some one you like?
R&B: Nah!
He kept looking though... as he gulped his gin and tonic...

"You need to get over everything"
"Need for sex?" he smirked
"No D... Dad... I mean Uncle"
"I might be jet lagged I gotta go" R&B mumbled
"Stop it man!" Mihir warned

They both stared at their drink...

Almost 3 years and 6 months ago Senior Bhalla, Ranjan Bhalla to be precise was found in bed with his 30 something admin in Le Meridien in Connaught Circus
He was naked... no almost... in his boxers... and the woman... well... she wore a diamond necklace and a ruby ring...
The receipts for both traced back to Tribhovan Das to his Ranjans' black Amex...
Mom was in London with her best friends shopping... Savita Bhalla... the kindest most gentle loving soul... wouldnt hurt a fly... returned home to a media circus...
R&B has just moved into his office at a building in Gurgaon, a posh suburb of Delhi... his French girlfriend had designed the interiors... gave HER somethin to do, and in the process
got him a lot of sex...

They had an office in Hong Kong, this was his company's entry into India...
Every news channel played it until they could lay their hands on another scandal, strangely for R&B's and Samyukta and Savita and Manny's agony ANOTHER SCANDAL TOOK FOREVER
Panels were convened on morality and sexual harrassment at workplace, the admin played the victim card while Mom took off to Hong Kong, spent a week locked up in his apartment, in the penthouse of the bldg that housed his office
and one afternoon... jumped, pushed... he DID NOT KNOW
She was GONE!!!

He had heard every possible defense, every possible story implicating and exonerating his Dad... he didnt give a damn...
He left the country and the ignominy...

His phone beeped, it was his Dad's MALE admin's email... a meeting invite ...Rajiv dua @ Excelsior Automobiles.com


Mr Gupta pored through the simulation she showed him on screen... "I am not in SALES Appa" she had reassured him... technically ,Mr AK Gupta was sold, he had "bought" the SW
Her job was to talk logistics...
The word Sales made her stomach churn...
Subbu worked in Sales, his MBA at IIM was in Sales & Marketing, his parents lived in Pune..
He worked for a Japanese Auto manufacturer based in Faridabad, a big name car manufacturer, his job was to "sell" to dealerships across North India

They dated since IIM days... Vandu Akka "knows"... the first fumbling uncomfortable sexual encounter at Subbu's Vasant Kunj flat...
Vandu Akka was horrified Ishita would do that "Ishu I dont want u to "Save urself for the hubby"
 but are you sure about Subbu? He doesnt SOUND right... he is a Mamma's boy kanna"

Ishita was sure... she was... "Its LOVE Akka... kadalukku kanne illai, love is blind she said"

YOURS IS Akka rolled her eyes
"Will u get pregnant?" Akka asked the cliched question
Ishita smacked her drawing a big OUCHH!!
"Ya and I will beg you to take me for a termination... it wasnt... shemumbled"
"Enna di" Akka prodded
"Well it wasnt... all"
"He was TERRIBLE I KNOW I KNOW... YESS... THANK YOU GOD... Seriyana Amma kondu, Mamma's boy...I dont like anything about him sorry da"
"What does him being Amma's boy have to do with him not being good in bed?" Ishita asked LOGICALLY... an accountant..so she was quite boring many times
They talked and giggled and cried together

The second encounter was "OK-ish" but they couldnt "finish"
There was NO third encounter, the horoscopes didnt match and Subbu's family discovered Appa's older never married mentally retarded brother lived with them
Subbu behaved like an ass, didnt stand up... Akka was right... bloody wimp
"There are chances Ishita could have a mentally retarded child da" Subbu's Amma convinced Subbu
Shravan didnt help, Bala's chat with Subbu didnt help
"ennala mudiyadu Ishu, I cant do it" he mumbled in their Sector 12 balcony

Her phone beeped it was her boss Mr Goyal "We can meet them tomorrow at Noon, they are right here in Spectrum Bldg in Gurgaon on the 20th floor" he ended with a smiley face.. 
tomorrow's appointment was with the CEO Ranjan Bhalla...of the leading auto dealership in the country...Excelsior Automobiles...

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Posted: 7 years ago
Wow. You have changed few things while keeping few things same and voila! The result is so drastic. I just came acroas this story and i am loving it :)
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by arshi21

Wow. You have changed few things while keeping few things same and voila! The result is so drastic. I just came acroas this story and i am loving it :)

Ha ha

I wanted to write a racy, sexy, urban story
I switched things around added some spice and whipped it up

Thanks for reading

Yep, I know its COMPLETELY different style of narration yet the story is ISHRABig smile

Posted: 7 years ago
I am here and I want the next part NOW!!!! 
Please please I beg and plead!!!!

Sorry was hoping to read last night, but cousins came over and loads of fun ensued. But as promised I slept dreaming of R&B and Kanna taking a Swiss air flight

More soon 
Posted: 7 years ago
Haila Part 3 bhi aa gaya ...
Main kaha thi??? God!! so much work to do now..
Posted: 7 years ago
Ha ha u are insane and FLATTER me at the same time

I am doing daftar ka kaam on the side... will whip up the 
FIRST WORK MEETING in the next hour or so

I am happy you love it SO SO MUCH


Posted: 7 years ago
I love their pasts one is so much more checkered than the other's
I love that none of them are pure virgins oh thank god!!! That would be so blah!!! 

Mujhe bahut pasand jab dono ki takrar, ikraar aur pyaar equal ho!!! 

Your girl and boy are just waiting to be made for each other 
You know what I mean??? 

His heart is like a close fist and her mind is a set jelly!!!

Posted: 7 years ago
Daftar ka Kaam ko goli maariye yahaa pe R&B aur Kanna ka Milan ka sawal hai!!! 
LOVING it is an understatement!! 

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