SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147 - Page 49

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Posted: 7 years ago
She's falling for him big time!!!!!!!!! Can you manage another update before you go to work? Please? 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Star Wars & Samyukta
Saturday morning
Part 18

Whats new on Friday enna news di?" Akka asked for the breaking Bhalla news..
"NOTHING KA... NOT A THING" she said glibly
"U spent one entire work day without having him traumatize you and send u to rehab?" "Wow" "He must not be so bad afterall" Akka mocked
II's belly churned...
Amma brought her second dose coffee, she watched the press waala wave from downstairs asking for laundry
She went in setting the coffee on the dining table, Appa was chanting prayers loudly, the pooja annexe was like a Star Wars movie incense smoke filled, Appa sat like Obi Wan in veshti criss cross apple sauce, with a greay shawl; wrapped around his bare shoulders... following customs religiously...
with vibhuti smeared on his armns and forehead
Periappa was usually seated by him in a "easy chair"
An "Easy chair is a reclining wood and dhurrie material chair NO IYER HOME IN THE PLANET goes without"
The morning nurse propped periappa's head with a pillow
Appa rang the brass bell, the cooker blew off steam in the kitchen and the maid clanked pots in the sink

She counted 33 and handed the clothes to the guy...
Akka returned from hold at that time
"What plans di?"

NOTHING... NOT A THING AKKA... I wanted to sleep in Amma said its Marghazhi (Margasirish or Dhanush) so woke me up early, Amma and her shastrams u know"
"Inge va di, come on over Bala and I were thinking of going to PK tu bhi chal na"

7 PM... Vasant Vihar PVR
The words Vasant Vihar made her have a seizure...
 She stood by the Monet, as his seeking face plundered... no smile... his piercing eyes and the raspy jaw
She sat in the cane pod swing in the balcony and placed a hand on her belly to calm it
"Enna di Irukeya? WHERE ARE U"
"Umm... I mean... here" she said huskily
"I will kill you" she had said RAKSHASAN! HE WAS KILLING HER BIT BY BIT
Wait a second, let me find Shravu's tennis racket... sorry kanna... just one more hold"
Akka left... II didnt complain... she shut her eyes and swung... gently... she inhaled hard... his scent was ALL GONE from memory
She stared at her extended feet... her bare toes... she LOVED toe rings insisted she would wear Amma would not allow it "CHEEE PODI, not until the muhurtham"
She wanted the rolled tuby ones like Iyer women wore... she wanted the south Indian paranda... the black velvet bulbs encased in cold crust
She wanted diamond nose rings like Amma's three stone with tiny dangling pearls... she wanted the red nine yards, not blue not hip purple or grey or some stupid new fashionAngryDead... ONLY ONLY A burgundy red sareeEmbarrassed
 with a wideee gold border...Embarrassed
She suddenly felt his fingers stroking the dangling pearls on her nose ring... his fingers curling around ..feeling her metti... her toe rings... as her toes curled around his fingers trapping them in bed... Blushing
and then that half smile appeared on the left cheek at her mischief...Blushing

ISHITA" someone screamedConfusedShocked
"Are u coming to PVR illenna should we pick u up?"
"I" she began

Amma appeared at the balcony door "Appa is insisting we must go kanna"
"WHERE?" she whispered covering the iphone with a palm
"ONNODA Samyukta Bhalla aathukku... YOUR SAMYUKTA BHALLA'S HOUSE"Blushing

@ Highligted BlushingBlushing Dead Dead Dead!!
Posted: 7 years ago
Lovely just lovely the way within all her life - the press wala, her Akka phone call, her coffee, the easy chair, her Amma, her Appa, Pooja room,,,within it all, 
She is falling for him 
Posted: 7 years ago
NishuuuI am ISHUUU.. God I was imagining all that was written happening to ME!!!! Lovely update di... Heartattack vara ppradu enakku.. Are u gonna give me alaipayudhe here?? Baby shower pe??? Give na... It ll be awesoem.. Wanna see what Ishu says.. Rofl
Posted: 7 years ago
I am no tam but I felt her really did 
All I had to do was imagine chudi and parandi 
Yes the kiss has officially. Overtaken ms accountant 
Cost break up Karna padega 
Posted: 7 years ago
That was mindblowing. BRILLIANT. Don't know how I missed it. Read it in a row and fell in love with this beautiful beautiful story. Your writing is so tight and crisp and all the emotions are so palpable. You're brilliant and funny. Although there is no similarity, but I felt like I'm reading Arundhati Roy's novel. Keep writing and do let me know if there are other stories that you've written on this forum and I've been blind enough to miss them.
Posted: 7 years ago
Next update kab hai ????
Posted: 7 years ago
Poor thing, One kiss and she's goneLOL
Loved her sinful fantasies, though!!Embarrassed

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