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Posted: 7 years ago
Part 7
They met on Monday at 4 ish... she wore a pink chikan ensemble...

Rakshasan was missing ... Ranjan apologized to Baldev and her sincerely

"Jet lagged" "He is usually extremely charming"

"I can see that he must be very popular among women" Baldev said shocking Ishita and making her doubt his sexual orientation she made a mental note to check back on that with him later

The Project IS lead was with them... first Baldev discussed the time line of when they would begin which showroom would be pilot for it... they all agreed on Gurgaon, with its close promixity to both offices...

There was a knock on the door, the attendant wheeled in chai in fine china, she told Akka about it "THE royal albert pattern" she had bought a serving tray for Amma from Chicago...on her last and final trip for her IS degree...words like enterprise architecture and alignment and strategy flew around the room when a tall unshaven man wearing khakhi cargos and a moss green crushed tee showed up for the meeting... the attendant went of to get a pot of coffee for Ashwini Rao the IS lead

Ishita brushed off the strange sensation of hairs standing on the back of her slender neck as the draft caused by the door being opened...

She only saw his feet... FLIP FLOPS!!!

"Mandu(Idiot)" she cursed at the lack of work ethics or etiquette

Ranjan: Oh! Raman is here... we were waiting for you beta.. (kind)

Raman didnt give the man a second look just seated himself in the far corner by Baldev, stood up to shake hands with Baldev and waited for Ishita to walk up to him, she did not... he didnt either...

"I was just telling your Dad about how his flowers became the talk of the town on Wednesday" Baldev made small talk trying to fold Raman into the meeting..

The IS head was a woman in her 40s... sharp as a tak no nonsense, didnt care to make small talk or waste time... Ishita but older...

Raman looked impassively as if he didnt know... "I sent flowers because she helped me buy pastries within my budget" Ranjan gushed Ishita squirmed

"Some things are the same" R&B hissed to himself

"Do we have benchmarks from North India?" he asked Ishita bluntly

"No Mr Bhalla we wanted a week remember? Tomorrow makes a week... we are here today on invitation to talk about deployment go live, pilot site etc" (THERE! YOU MORON! YOUR DAD HAS BOUGHT THE SW take your questions and shove it up ur beep" tone)

"I would still like to see it before we have your teamcome in to Gurgaon

He wasnt even there HOW did he know they picked Gurgaon she wondered

"He lives in Paris" Ranjan began offering more unnecessary detail about his son

"Is there a showroom in Paris ?" she asked meekly...

He shot her a look from across the room "Nope! ALL HERE, ALL OF IT" he said softly biting on every word... whether he spoke of the scandal or of the showroom only he knows

Baldev and Ashwini talked about changes in timeline due to a new product release from the M company  a new SUV that was rolling out late March... that would delay the testing and go live...

Ranjan shared brochures from the M car company

The attendant brought coffee and poured it out along with the chai... she left the cookies alone, he observed that...

He picked up a tablet computer and ran some numbers on it... "It says on going maintenance is until 2019... but uve priced it out until 2022... why is that?"

Ishita looked up from her laptop


"U are charging the company one half in maintenance? Rocket ships are less expensive" he said bluntly

"Oh! Raman thats because I spoke with Bansal about a parts management tool"

"Are they are accounting firm or a software company?" R&B asked as if he was looking at crazed individuals

"You will pay for something that you dont know whether u will buy or not?" he continued...

Baldev and Ashwini talked amongst themselves about begin date...

"Can I have a cost break down of everything, every key stroke?" R&B asked Ishita

"You bet...I can have that arranged"

"TWO things then? Bench marking data and pricing structure"

Ishita wondered why Ranjan did not share already

"sir I was told Mr Bansal sent those to you"

"He did he did I will Ms Iyer..."

"Its a huge model Mr Bhalla 18 tera bytes I think... " condescending "Tumhe SAMAJH to aayega nahi WHY DO U WANT TO LOOK AT IT"

"Excuse me?" R&B asked incredulously... " What does the size of the data got to do anything with"

"Its an extremely detailed break out of every cost every service that will be provided for the next three years, the hourly rates the fixed charges, the allowances all of it... each showroom is priced differently" Ishita gave it back the resentment she held for 4 days pouring out confidently she ended with "Its complex" (u wont get it" tone)

"I will TRY to "get it" Ms Iyer. he said coldly

They were given all the phone numbers and took all the relevant ones... they talked about halting it for a week during the new SUV launch in March... Ranjan talked about their partnership with M company.. and how he LOVED the Sales Director they had assigned for North India

KMPG was aware of the suite of software M company forced all their dealers to use... they talked about that...

Ranjan talked about how much he loved South India, and asked if Ishita visited frequently... she agreed she did... to R&B it was difficult to say if it was sheer curiosity or something worse... but he witnessed it play out...

R&B left the meeting... almost towards the end...

She hated him even more today... unreasonably... illogically... she hated him even more


It was past 11 PM

They had parked miles from the event hall on Moti Bagh Road... Ishita had gone to a Carnatic concert December season as its a popular south Indian tradition...with her parents, since someone was already singing on stage Amma did not insist she sing

She wore a saree though... and upon much insistence a nose ring

Amma was heard lamenting to Appa earlier in the evening when she was in the shower... or they thought she was "Ivlav tall aa irukka, she is so tall, WHERE WILL BE FIND SOMEONE"

"Its not always about someone Madhu" Appa reassured her

"She cant be home forever Vishwa" "Kalyanam panna vendama, she should get her married"

They worried and talked and worried...

She wore a chiffon in lemon yellow and lime green... she wore sarees because she loved to wear them... she wore because she knew how good she looked in them...Luscious and slender at 5'9", string of jasmine though was irritating her today by sliding off her hair every few minutes... the pin was crooked...

They walked talking about all the kritis that were sung... almost bumping into a group of people...

It was Ranjan Bhalla, R&B and a tall very pregnant woman

Ranjan was very very pleased

II made the intros...

She assumed the pregnant woman was the daughter in law

Sam:Can u give me some math training? (giggling)

II: your Dad is too kind

Sam: and you are like a genius I am told

II squirmed

Amma asked her when she was due and put her foot in her mouth "Ur husband shudnt let u walk like this at night"

Sam:Hes my BROTHER" punching R&B

R&B's eyes were roving over Ishita's glittery nose ring... she lifted a finger to feel it... as if it was falling off... a string of jasmine stroked her left arm... she picked it up and pinned it back again as he watched how she did that... 

Ranjan and Appa talked "government" Amma talked about babies and Carnatic recitals

R&B and Ishita looked at their phones

Amma wanted to know if R&B had a real name Samyukta laughed and said "We call him R&B Rhythm & Blues"

Amma looked confused "Is that a band?" she asked... Sam explained

They were told they were returning from dinner at a friend's and the car was parked too far because of the wedding nearby...

Ranjan told her how much good the deployment plan is Appa was beaming... Ranjan hoped they could all meet again soon

Ishita thought "Sure! when u get rid of this good for nothing wannabe of a son"

They said their good byes quickly as they walked to II's car...

Excuse me was heard, she turned... he stood there with her string of jasmine... "Did u want this?" he asked expressionlessly

"GIMME THAT" she didnt say it but acted that way...

He still wore flip flops she noticed... AND A GLINT IN THE EYES WHEN HE HANDED THEM TO HER

That night two things will be Googled  by two individuals a few kilometers from each other in Delhi

BOTH in balconies...

First "Iyers"

Second, "Rhythm & Blues"...

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Posted: 7 years ago
I think I died reading their tennis match 
I mean it's so not love all

More soon 
Posted: 7 years ago

Is this going an arranged marriage route????????????????

Ya rabba meri tho jaaan nikalni hai
Posted: 7 years ago
Mujhe flip flops bilkul pasand nahi - hope it is not reflective of his nature when it comes to matters of the heart!!chichora kahi ka! 

When the parents exchanged nothings 
I was imagining them with their phones 

She watching his flip flops while she looked at hers
He watching the glint of her nose ring while he looked at his 

I could very well imagine Kanna pulling her gajra from him - 
Ike literal snatch - as tho she was thinking abey Saale flowers ka cost break down puchegaaa???? 
The above statement in Tamil of course 
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by columbia


Is this going an arranged marriage route????????????????

Ya rabba meri tho jaaan nikalni hai
Ekdum ISO 9000 certified Desi hai rey tu
Waise I was hoping to end it in a few more parts u know...
He is not the marrying kind
She is of the murdering kind
Do u see a wedding?Wink
Posted: 7 years ago
Can so imagine senior Bhalla googling 
And mrs Iyer googling 

Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by columbia


Is this going an arranged marriage route????????????????

Ya rabba meri tho jaaan nikalni hai
Ekdum ISO 9000 certified Desi hai rey tu
Waise I was hoping to end it in a few more parts u know...
He is not the marrying kind
She is of the murdering kind
Do u see a wedding?Wink

So tho hum hai Big smile 
Abb th raha nahi jaata!!! 
Jaldi 2-3 update daal hi dijiye 
Hum tho arse liye baithenge!!! 

I can see the puttar and Kanna googling ways to get out of arranged marriage in a few days in balconies some meters away from each other 
Posted: 7 years ago
OMG That was amazing! She is sooo feisty! I loved the "Gimme that look!" lol
I love your Ishita! And he acts so laid back but hes smitten! You are such an amazing writer!!  
The story is so interesting too. I love how Raman is noticing things about Ishita, almost making a mental list about her attributes that he likes and that are drawing him to her! But he is also getting jealous as he thinks his dad is interested in her! Amazing!

Please PM me too when you update!

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