SW Symphonies-Silk Pouches and Horned Helmets on 147 - Page 126

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Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by Ranu1234

PHEW I KNEW but still ... thanks Nisha!!! now i can go to bed in peace though the thought of work GRRR.
Hugluv u buss see we are now used to watching serials where seriously anything happens kya dekhna padtha hai for that one scene /one smile and then kill your soul to watch the most ridiculous scenes around it.. so there is a reason why some of us are so addicted to this story.. everything the tv serial doesnt provide this one does..
leads working.. working hard, showing actual chemistry,showing a family that cares and no sacrifice in the name of TRP.
Take care see u tomorrow

You have NO IDEA how bitter and angry I had become AnuCry
ALL I WANTED was a working woman, a businessman/CEO, their multi cultural love .. ... with two kids in the picture.

SEX with EX is OK because he ONLY LOVES his wife?
No sex with EX but every other attachment is OK because he loves his wife?

I am too old and too conservative to buy in to such ideas... to top it off married with kids, and don't live in India... .maybe its today's India... who knows... left the country over '15 years ago..may be  they don't make television for people like me.Confused
It was like waking up to to the worst most sick nightmare of having my  fantasy destroyed mercilessly.

 I quit over a week ago, I dont even step out of this topic anymore...Big smile

This story gives me a creative outlet and I have met the COOLEST GROUP of people here...
And have been compared to Arundhati Roy ... How can a person be unhappy after hearing THATEmbarrassed

word for that!!! I came to this country 15 years back too and no they dont make television for the likes of us. they make it for the woman who watch tv from 6-11 everyday from the hindi heartland and they have to churn out sacrifice and loads and loads and loads of crying. I started watching Hindi TV serials about 2 years back after my friend suggested 2 pakistani serials - humsafar and zindagi gulzar hai - i fell in love just 25 episodes each i really loved them. If you haven't watched it please do and let me know your thoughts.
Post that another friend suggested some ( I cant name them) they were all hindi serials all have by far followed the same pattern:
6  months of perfect story,execution and amazing chemistry
more time for villians
then they run out of ideas and have to prolong it since the serial has to run longer.. then the villians become the leads and the leads suffer and suffer and suffer for 2 months then in 1 -2 episodes the thing gets resolved and again they suffer and suffer u still watch cause u love the chemistry but then u loose patience and then stop watching.
In this one i am hoping its the track cause i do like Ishra/Divan will see.
Yes i cant connect to 2 wives in the same house when next door is a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 free one's LOL so right now nothing makes sense only ur story does ..

Posted: 7 years ago
ahh II is a goner!
and OK after this update, you better don't keep us waiting for long. pls pls pretty pls
Posted: 7 years ago
You are awesome..enough said..
I have given up on the show..This is not the YHM i fell in love with and no matter how much I love KP, even he cannot redeem this crap that they are trying to pass off as a storyline on this show..
I did not sign up for this..(Sorry ignore my rant)..And until we get a logical storyline back, I am not watching..no matter how much chemistry the leads might have!
But what you are doing here!! omg..I can't stop thinking about r&B..I recheck the updates on my phone or computer whatever chance I get..I even tried looking for another story that could sort of take my through the waiting time for your updates. (did'nt work :-( ) 
so maybe I am suckin up because I swear the way cliffhangers you leave! I can't help but come back and keep checking about what's next! But a request again, Lets not make R&B sappy!! Please! i CANNOT stand a man who is too mushy..ughh

Awaiting what's next :)

Posted: 7 years ago
YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME (yelling on top of my voice!!!). Please you have to have to give another one. You can't take away my night's sleep please I have to go to work tomorrow. Please don't do this.
Posted: 7 years ago
How did I miss this story? Glad i came across it as I lazily drifted through the topics. It had me hooked from the word 'go'.
Can't wait to catch up with all the updates. . Smile
Posted: 7 years ago
Wil u give one more update plz...??
nt able 2 concentrate in anything... jst refreshing n refreshing
i abandoned the show last week.. nt able to stand with the illogical drama going on
i cant sleep too, jst re-reading all the chapters
Posted: 7 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

Originally posted by arshi21

How to say no and still get to yes ??

Hahahhahahahahahah! Cant stop laughing! One hell of a witty guy he is. I love him. Loveee this R&B.

No wonder girls have gine crazy for him. Want for myself too.


The love for R&B is NOTHING short of SPECTACULAR

I didnt  go about to create him to COMPETE with the TV guy

I didnt care for the show anymore and so crafted a guy that "I WOULD LIKE"

We all saw heard, the TV guy, we WATCHED him romance the lady... and YET we CHOOSE A MAN THATS EXISTS ONLY IN WORDS? 

I think I have a mixed up version of R&B in my head. I took few traits from yours and few from the actor himself.

In my head it goes like this--- The smirk, the glint in the eye, the face is all the same. He is just taller, witty in a different way, speaks less, but is STILL the sarcastic one with dry humour.

How can anyone NOT love him? Its hotness galore when 2 versions are put togetherEmbarrassed

Thanks for creating this one ;)
Posted: 7 years ago
I am dead...I need the update...

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