SaHil OS: Our Little Princess (feat. SeHan)

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This is utter fluff, so stay away if you don't like fluff :) I am hating QH at the moment so this is my version of the future, do lemme know what you think! :) 

Our Little Princess

"Are you guys sure about this?" Sanam asked looking around the room, cringing at its state.

"Don't worry, we got it." Aahil replied with a smile on his face and Rehan nodded affirmatively.
"The only thing you two got is paint on your face jeej." Seher laughed looking at Aahil and Rehan, the two of them were covered in pink paint. 
"How about we call in professional painters?" Sanam suggested again. 
"Sanam, I will paint my daughter's room myself." Aahil said holding up his hand, the one with the paintbrush. Sanam watched amused as a blob of light pink paint landed on his shoulder with a splat
"There is more paint on you than on the walls." Sanam murmured.
"Seher, can you take her from here? The paint fumes aren't good for her." Aahil said to his sister-in-law while looking at his wife.
"But I have to supervise them!" Sanam said to Seher who was lightly pushing her out of the room.
"You take care of the little princess, and I'll keep those two in line." Seher said.
"Don't let them go through with the painting clouds on one wall idea." Sanam begged causing Seher to laugh.
"But Jeeju will be so disappointed." Seher teased
"Aahil has great plans, as does Rehan, but they suck at painting." Sanam said to Seher. "Don't you worry baby, mommy is going to make sure that your room is beautiful." She cooed rubbing her protruding stomach.
"Eh, we got time. She isn't due for four months still! We can paint the room ten times by then. But why did Jeeju decide to paint today?" Seher asked confused, she had come home from work only to find Sanam worrying while Aahil and Rehan opened paint cans.
"We were sitting around yesterday, you know how he always talks to her..." Sanam said and Seher nodded with a smile, she had lost count of how many times she had seen Aahil's head laying in Sanam's lap, his hand on her stomach as he spoke to the baby. "Her room suddenly came up and he started jumping around stating that his princess deserved the best, and the room couldn't be that ugly shade of green." 
"Awww, that's cute." 
"It is." Sanam beamed. "I love how excited he is for the baby."
"He was talking to Rehan earlier and he's already planning to give the little princess brothers and sisters."
"He might have mentioned that."
"Well seeing that you two can't keep your hands of each other it should be no problem to make that possible." Seher teased with a wink.
"Seher!" Sanam gasped slapping her sister's arm.
"I'll go show them how it's done. You take a nap, the little princess needs rest." Seher said walking out of the room and back towards the nursery.
"Wouldn't it be faster if the strokes were horizontal?" Rehan asked Aahil as they looked at the wall.
"Maybe I should get a skateboard, it'll make the process faster." Aahil said. "And more fun."
"Good idea Bhai!" Rehan said sounding like an excited kid. 
"NO!" Seher yelled walking into the room with paint rollers. "First of all, you two suck at painting. Secondly, why the hell do pretty rich boys not know anything other than business?! Thirdly, these are paint rollers, they will make your life easier. Lastly, DO NOT MAKE THE STROKES IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS!" 
Seher watched amused as both Aahil and Rehan nodded, their eyes wide. And thus, under the supervision of aunt extordinaire, the ugly green room became a beautiful shade of light pink.
Aahil walked into his room a while later, freshly showered and clean of pink paint, to find his wife sleeping peacefully. Her hands were resting gently on her protruding stomach as they usually did. He smiled and walked over to his side of the bed before laying down and cuddling up next to her and placing a kiss on her forehead. He then moved down the bed until his face was in line with her stomach. 
"Hi princess." He whispered. "Guess who painted your room today? Me and Chachu, if Maasi tells you that she did it then she is lying. You'll love it, it's a pretty shade of pink, and once we get your furniture and toys in there it'll be perfect. I hope you like it my little princess, we can change it if you don't like that I know how to paint." 
"She'll love it." Sanam cried, she had awoken as soon as she felt him kiss her forehead. She didn't say anything because she was thoroughly enjoying listening to the conversation.
"Sanam why are you crying?" Aahil whispered wiping away her tears and kissing her forehead.
"I am just happy and pregnancy hormones." Sanam sniffled causing Aahil to smile. 
"I love you." He whispered pecking her lips.
"I love you too Aahil." She whispered back running her fingers through his hair. 
"The room is done!" 
"I heard." Sanam smiled.
"Wanna go shopping for furniture?" He asked.
"Aahil, we still have four months." She smiled as he lay back down, she put her left arm across him and rested her head on his chest, right over his heart. 
"I am just excited." 
"I noticed." Sanam smiled.
"I just want to be a good father, nothing like him." He whispered and Sanam's heart broke a little for the man she loved. 
"You're nothing like him Aahil, you'll be the best dad in the world."
"You think so?"
"I know so." Sanam replied firmly, because she absolutely believed it. She noticed how excited he was from the moment she told him that she was pregnant, he went with her to every appointment no matter what, he talked to his daughter all the time and he was so eager to meet her. 
"Sir, I am sorry for interrupting you, but your wife is here." Aahil's receptionist said to him causing his eyes to widen in alarm.
"Send her in." He said just as Sanam walked in the door. The receptionist nodded at Aahil and left but he didn't notice. He was too preoccupied looking at his wife trying to see if anything was wrong. "Sanam, are you feeling okay? Is anything wrong?" He asked stepping in front of her and holding a hand to her forehead to check if she had a fever. "Are you nauseous? Cramps? What's wrong?"
"I am fine Aahil, I just missed you." She said wrapping her arms around him. 
"You should have called me then, and I would have appeared." He smiled kissing her nose. 
"I wanted to come here." She said playing with the buttons of his shirt.
"You know how women get really hormonal when they are pregnant?" She asked and Aahil nodded, still confused as she started unbuttoning his shirt. "They also get really horny." She explained causing Aahil's eyes to widen. "And I keep thinking about you and me, right here." She said pointing to the couch in the office, the one that they had spent a night on all that time ago, with an unconscious Sanam. 
Aahil groaned and grabbed a remote off his desk and pressed a few buttons, suddenly the blinds were going down on all the windows and the glass wall of his office.  
"AAHIL!" Sanam yelled waddling into their room. 
"What happened?" Aahil asked alarmed as Sanam almost ran to him. She didn't say anything but grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach.
"Sanam, wha-" He stopped short when he felt it. His eyes grew wide and met Sanam's wide and happy ones.
"She is kicking!" Sanam said excitedly. 
"Hi princess." Aahil crooned to her stomach and the baby kicked again causing both Sanam and Aahil to laugh. Aahil kissed Sanam's stomach and smiled up at her. "I find it so amazing that she can move in there." He laughed. 
"No." Sanam said shaking her head at Aahil, who's head was resting on her lap as she sat on the bed against the headboard. 
"Why?" Aahil asked as she played with his hair. 
"Ananya Raza Ibrahim doesn't sound right." Sanam said. 
"Aisha?" Aahil asked.
"Aisha Raza Ibrahim." Sanam said aloud. "Not really feeling it." 
"You're so picky." 
"That's funny coming from you." Sanam said poking him.
"True, your turn to pick a name." He said. 
"What about Aaliyah? Aaliyah Raza Ibrahim." 
"Aaliyah Raza Ibrahim." Aahil murmured and then they both felt a kick.
"I think she likes Aaliyah." Sanam giggled.
"Aaliyah it is then." Aahil whispered kissing Sanam's stomach. 
"Our next baby's name is going to start with a S." Sanam said. "I'll be so sad if all of you are ARI and I am not." She pouted.
"You're Mrs. ARI." Aahil pointed out. 
"It's not the same thing Aahil." Sanam said as his hands trailed up her thighs. "What are you doing?" 
"Things you like." He grinned. 
"I am so fat." Sanam cried standing in front of the mirror. Aahil had come home to her standing in front of the mirror as she cried. After many attempts of figuring out what was wrong, she finally told him the reason behind her tears. 
"Baby, you're not fat. Aaliyah is just getting big." Aahil reassured her, placing his hands on her stomach. 
"But I gained so much weight." She cried.
"Sanam, you need to gain weight to support Aaliyah." Aahil murmured having learnt how to deal with her mood swings pretty well. 
"So I am not fat?"
"No, just pregnant." He said. 
"But I am not beautiful anymore." 
"We need to get your eyesight checked, you are the most beautiful woman in the world." Aahil said meaning every word.
"You don't have to lie."
"I am not, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." 
"CALM DOWN JEEJU!" Seher yelled at Aahil who was scrambling around the driveway just murmuring stuff to himself, his eyes wide.
"We're not ready yet, we still need to get the toys and the-"
"Aahil, calm down. Everything is going to be fine." Sanam said calmly from her place beside the car.
"But what about-"
"I swear it seems as if Aahil Bhai is the one in labor." Rehan murmured putting what Seher deemed the baby bag in the trunk as Aahil walked over and helped Sanam into the car.
"Are you feeling okay?" He asked pushing her hair behind her ear.
"I am fine Aahil, this is normal, this has to happen." She said, her water had broke exactly ten minutes ago, in the middle of the movie they were watching, Seher and Rehan were calm about it but Aahil had started freaking out when Sanam groaned in pain.
"I am just scared." He mumbled.
"I know, but we'll be okay." She said as he sat beside her and grabbed her hand. "I love you." She mumbled as Rehan pulled the car out of the driveway and towards the hospital.
"I love you too." He whispered and then placed his hand on her stomach. "And I love you little princess."
"She's so small." Aahil whispered in awe as the nurse handed Aaliyah to Sanam, wrapped up in a pink blanket. Sanam looked at her daughter and a smile broke out on her face, she was absolutely beautiful.
"She has your nose." Sanam whispered looking up at Aahil who looked like he was going to cry. "Want to hold her?" Sanam asked.
"But she's so small...what if I drop her?" He whispered.
"You'll be fine Aahil. Come sit." She said patting the spot next to her. Aahil sat down next to her and Sanam carefully placed Aaliyah in his arms. "Hold her neck." She whispered.
Aahil looked at his daughter's slightly red face and the tuft of brown hair at the top of her head, and at that moment he fell in love with the little girl. "She's so tiny." Aahil said touching her hands and then his eyes widened when she wrapped her whole little hand around his finger causing him to laugh.
"Aaliyah Raza Ibrahim." Sanam murmured and then smiled when she saw the tears roll down his cheeks.
"We're parents." He said sounding almost shocked.
"Yes we are."
"WHERE IS THE LITTLE PRINCESS?" Seher yelled throwing the door open and then all of a sudden the room was filled with a piercing cry and two pairs of angry eyes looked towards Seher.
Sanam rolled around in the bed and then paused because she couldn't feel Aahil's arms around her. She blinked a few times and looked around the room but he was nowhere to be found. She got off the bed and walked over to the adjoining room, the door of which was open.
She stopped short at the sight in front of her, a huge smile appearing on her face. There in the middle of the room sat Aahil on a rocking chair, Aaliyah was laying across his chest, her head against his shoulder and the two of them were both peacefully sleeping. Sanam tiptoed back into her bedroom and grabbed Aahil's phone before going back into Aaliyah's room and snapping a picture of the two of them.
She leaned over the chair and ran her hands through Aahil's hair, he automatically looked at her, his eyes sleepy. "Your neck is going to start hurting if you sleep here again." She whispered to him running her hands through his hair.
Aahil nodded and got up, Sanam took Aaliyah from him and kissed her tiny forehead before placing her back in the crib, she was peacefully asleep. She went after her mother in some ways, she was a calm and quiet child, even at the age of four months. She usually slept through the night and wasn't fussy, but when she was hungry or annoyed she took after Sanam's Jalad Jinn.
"She was whimpering in her sleep, so I just wanted to make sure she way okay." Aahil mumbled laying down on the bed and Sanam nodded smiling before curling up into him.
"Baby, say dada." Aahil cooed at Aaliyah who just cooed happily as she sat on her father's stomach, her back against his thighs since his legs were bent.
"Say mama Aaliyah." Sanam said running her hands over her hair, she was sitting beside Aahil on their bed.
"No princess, say dada." Aahil said.
"Mama" Sanam said tickling her daughter causing her to laugh her beautiful tinkling laughter.
"Aaliyah, say dada." Aahil said picking her up and holding her in the air above him causing her giggles to get louder and louder.
"Sehhh." She giggled.
"Sehhh?" Sanam and Aahil said confused.
"Sehhh!" She giggled even louder.
"I KNEW IT! SHE WOULD SAY MY NAME FIRST." Seher said running into the room having heard Aaliyah screams. "I have been teaching her for months!"
"Sehhh!" Aaliya screamed happily.
"This is so not fair." Aahil mumbled causing Sanam to laugh.
"Daaa?" Aalyah said cocking her head and hitting Aahil's stomach because he wasn't looking at her. Aahil eyes grew wide as he turned towards Aaliyah.
"Say that again baby, say dada." He said animatedly.
"Mama." She said giggling causing Sanam and Seher to let out a laugh.
"Tell her to say mama." Sanam whispered.
"Aaliyah, say mama." Aahil said.
"DADA!" She said laughing.
"We clearly need to work on this." Aahil said with a huge smile on his face as he tickled his princess.
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This is so adorable! I love it! Thank yu for posting a delight to read!
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Posted: 2014-12-25T16:46:55Z
What a cute story! Clap I want to see some of these happy, carefree times on the show. 
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Posted: 2014-12-25T16:50:02Z
One word : adorable !!! LOL
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Posted: 2014-12-25T16:59:55Z
This made me laugh, cry and smile! Your such an amazing writer! I agree the showing is really testing my patience so I am also writing an SS lol But this was just too perfect! Hopefully we get something like this on the show but I know its too much to wish for! I love fluff as much as I love angst lol So plz if u have any ideas, don't hesitate just write! Its too good! Im going to reread this again :) :) :) 
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Posted: 2014-12-25T17:43:40Z
This. Is. So. Cute. And. So. Damn. Perfect. !!

I have tears at my eyes of how perfect this is. You are something, dear.

The Love, The Humor was spot on! I totally loved Seher! "Secondly, why the hell do pretty rich boys not know anything other than business?!" - Epic!! LOL

I'm such a fan of your work that it always brings a smile on my face. God, I could just read this over and over again - and I swear I'll never get tired of it. I mesn how could I? When it's written by you.. Heart

Thanks for writing this beautiful piece. Everything was so well described. Wow! Hats of to ypu, Darling! Smile
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Posted: 2014-12-25T19:01:40Z
This was sooo beautiful.. thanks for posting it.. I enjoyed it a lot.. why don't you write a long story on it?
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Posted: 2014-12-25T19:22:44Z

Awesome write up...Thumbs Up

Wish we could have SaHil as parents in the future, but that will never happen Unhappy.
Aahil in convo with his princess in her mother's belly was so beautiful.
Don't worry Aahil, you will never be like your dad. Sanam will make sure of that.
So beautiful.
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