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-Chapter Fifteen-

Next day was very tiring for taani, it was NDC finals, from morning she was running here n there doing all the last moment things. Rey  was busy with team, he didn't get time to meet taani but inside he was restless, he hadn't seen her at all whole day. In evening team reached the venue where NDC final were held, Taani was coming in other car as she didn't wanted to come with gang.

"Guys there are your IDs, your performance is after 15 minutes" He heard taani saying as she entered the green room of st. loius, looking exhausted, her face was pale which clearly tell how tired she was at that moment. Taani handed them ID card, in last she stopped before him, instead of taking the ID card from her hand, he pulled her in bone crashing hug, surprising her and others as well.

"Did you eat anything? or medicines li?" He asked her as they broke the hug, Taani nodded positively bringing smile on his faces. All other get busy in their own discussion, Nil tried to pull rey away from taani in their boy's talk but rey politely refused and stay back with taani. Rey pulled taani in corner and made her sit on couch comfortably, taani smiled at his care.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, you have to do my share of work too" Rey apologize feeling guilty that in this condition she had to do so much work, along with her GS duties she had to do his AGS duties too.

"Its okay rey! wese bhi from tomorrow you will be doing my work too so chalta hai" Taani said with chuckle, rey smile and sat beside her. Rey wrapped his arm around her and rested his palm on her stomach, caressing her belly over the material of her top. Taani felt a shiver ran down her spine as he continue caressing her belly.

"Rey what are you doing? someone will see us" Taani said trying to remove his hand but he tighten his grip around her.

"I'm just loving my baby and you can't stop me from doing that" Rey said smirking at her flushed face, naughtily he slide his hand inside her t-shirt making her jump a little. Rey caress her belly, feeling her soft skin under his finger tips. Crimson red spread across her cheek, the glow she lost because of tiredness was now back making her look more beautiful. Rey lifted up his hand and stroke her cheek, making her look at him with love in her eyes.

"You are so beautiful" Rey whispered in husky tone, taani who was already feeling shy hide her face in his chest, enable to hide her blush. Rey chuckled at his shy princess.

"Rey its time for performance" They pulled apart when they heard sharon's irritated voice, taani blushed realizing all the eyes were on them. Swayum gave rey fake angry look for romancing with his sister in front of him.  

Taani wished rey all the best by kissing him on cheeks after everyone left the room leaving them alone for a moment.

Team went on stage while taani stand behind the stage, watching her prince charming dancing on stage. After the performance was over rey come toward taani, He pick her up by holding her waist and twirled her around in happiness.

"You were awesome. I'm sure st.loius is gonna win the trophy" Taani said in excited tone, Rey smiled seeing her child like bright smile.


She stare at him as he celebrate their victory with his team, standing away in corner she felt left out but put a force smile for others. Even her brother didn't come to her. Call it her pregnancy mood swings or anything, she felt hurt at that moment, She knew it was selfish to expect him to stay with her, share his happiness with her but how can she forget she came in his life after his dance & friends.  

Rey enjoyed their NDC victory totally forgetting about the person because of whom they are here, Taani who fight for them when judges gave them low arks in semis because of rift between a judge and nil, she was the one who fight against authority and bring st.louis back in NDC with respect.
Taani wiped the alone tears that had escaped, A while ago they were so happy and now. Can't they stay like this in every step of life where he don't have to chose between her & his friends.

Turning around she left the green room without getting notice by anyone as they were busy in their own world. Taani caught an auto and went home. Her work as GS was finished, now no one want her. 


Boys lifted rey up on their shoulders as he won the best dancer award and hooted in happiness, they were laughing enjoying themselves. Soon after enjoying alot it was time for them to go back. Rey look here n there to get a glimpse of her but didn't found her. He look around, then he realize he hadn't seen her all while when they were celebrating.

"Kaha ho tum taani?" He thought as he come out of green room, he look around for her. A guy was passing by, he was from their college who was helping taani on behalf of rey as an AGS.

"Have you seen taani anywhere?" Rey stopped the guy and asked him.

"She left for home, half an hour ago" The guy told him and left from there, leaving a worried rey behind.

"Why she left without telling anyone? Hope her health was alright" Rey said to himself with worry but failed to realize that once again his ignorance had pushed her away even if it was unintentional.

"What happened rey? Why are you standing here, ghar nahi chalna kya?" Sharon's voice bring him back from his reverie. 

"Nothing sharon, lets go" He replied, Rey wanted to go her home and see her but that moment it was not possible as he had to drop his friends their respective homes.

They all adjust themselves in his car, swayum sat beside rey on passenger seat.

"Where is taani?" Swayum asked suddenly remembering she is not with them.

"She went home" Rey answered him in plain tone. 

"Damn how can i forget about my own sister in celebration" Swayum muttered under his breath, cursing himself. Only rey could hear him, hearing swayum realization dawned on him that he had done the same, he also forget about her in his happiness. That made him feel ashamed of himself. He started the engine with guilt ridden heart.

"So guys, Its decided we are partying at rey's place tomorrow." Vicky's words caught his attention.  He was surprise for a moment then realized he was the who suggested to keep party at his place when they were in green room.

"Taani ko bulana jaruri hai kya?" Simmi's voice boomed in car, The equation between simmi and taani had got worse since past 2-3 months. Simmi never stopped taunting taani where as taani too had started answering her back which simmi didn't take in good way.

"Since She is Rey's GF, we have to invite her" Nil said, rey tighten his grip on steering wheel.

"She is not coming" Rey told them, he had realize its better if taani don't come in party where she will get nothing but pain. Doctor had already warned him to keep her away from stress and keep her happy.

"Thank god. I thought we have to tolerate her there too. But its good you are not calling your GF in our dance group party" Simmi said giving hi-fi to vicky who agreed with him.

"Her name is taani, You guys don't have to address her as my GF all the time, she has her own identity and simmi i had already told you to stop you back bitching about her at least infront of me because friends or not, I'll not tolerate a single bad word about her" Rey snapped her, simmi made a face. Swayum smile at rey, thanking him.

After this whole journey went in silence, He dropped them of. Rey grinned when he saw sharon inviting swayum to stay over at her place, his grin get wider when he hear swayum accepting the offer happily.

Without wasting any moment rey drove to her house. Parking his car infront of her house, he come out hastily, knowing kaka must be in servant quarters, Rey took out spare key he had with him. 

Opening the door he went inside. There was darkness all around, he glance where her room was, her room's lights were off too.

Silently opening the door of her room, he went inside. Rey saw her standing near by the window, gazing at sky, lost in her own thoughts. Without making any sound he sneak behind her.

Taani gasp as he wrapped his arms around her petite figure from back, She titled her head to see him, he was standing there with charming smile on his face. Without waiting for another moment, he scooped her in his arms and take her to bed. He wanted to show her how much he love her but this time not in words.

Taani rested her body in his arms, she was hurt but at the same time want him near her, close to her heart. Rey placed her on bed gently, Taani look at him, she needed him more than anything. Her heart was craving for him one touch. Taani frowned at her own confusion, these pregnancy mood swings were taking toll over her.

"What happen taani?" Rey asked her seeing her frown. Taani shook her heard negatively. She opened her arms wide, rey smiled and embrace her, laying beside her on bed.

"I'm happy you guys won today" she whispered with small smile playing on her lips, Rey pulled her more into him and spoke.

"We won because you were with us, without you it was not possible."

Rey removed the strap of her tank top from her shoulder, placing light kisses on her soft skin. Taani sighed in pleasure and gripped back of his neck. Rey take her delicate body beneath his muscular one. They closed their eyes, His kisses were soft yet passionate. Rey moved little upward kissing her throat then reaching her face, he kissed her cheeks, nose then at last he captured her lips in his. Rey kissed her feverishly taking her lower lips between his teeth, biting her lips occasionally earning a moan from her. Rey entered his tongue inside her mouth, savoring her sweetness.

Taani pulled him close to her, her tiny fingers fisted his hair. Rey broke the kiss and lifted himself up a little to see if she is okay, he didn't wanted to force her. Taani opened her eyes, missing the feel his lips against her, She blushed under his intense gaze.

"Taani, may i?" He asked her, taani lowered her gaze understanding the meaning of his words.

"baby will get hurt"

She voiced out her fear, Rey nodded in no.

"I will not hurt you & baby" Rey whispered in gentle tone, tucking the strand of her hair behind her ear. The promise in his voice assured her. Taani shudder in his arms. Taani wrapped her arms around his neck, surrendering herself to him. Rey smiled seeing the trust in her eyes. 

He just stared at her angelic face when he saw her decreasing the distance between their lips. Bringing his face closer to her, she placed gentle kissed on his forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and finally pressed her lips with his. When her lips met his, they both felt a bolt of current pass their body and a rope of desire passed into his body. His hold on her waist tightened and pulling her more closer to him, he completed the kiss. Moving their lips in sync, they both kissed each other madly and their tongues danced and fought with each other. After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled out of the kiss for the much needed air.

Rey gently lifted himself up and removed her top, leaving her in her lacy white bra. he placed wet kisses on her nape and collar bone and bit her gently at places and Taani let out a moan which she was holding back. Rey let out a groan feeling her soft finger opening his shirt's button. Her finger caress his chest, sending electric shiver down his spine.

Discarding their remaining clothes, rey moved down. Rey kissed her belly. 

"Sorry baby, papa didn't talk to you whole day, It won't happen again, I promise"

Taani smile hearing his talk with baby, Rey placed gentle kisses on her stomach leaving her breathless. Her loud moans were driving him crazy. Rey kissed her whole body, claiming her his. After worshiping the goddess, his goddess laying in his arms in her birth suit with his kisses, he parted her legs and entered her, claiming her his again. After reaching the earth shattering climax, Rey pulled her tired body in his arms, pulling the blanket over their naked bodies, they both dozed off in each others arms.


Yeah! Thread 2! thank you so much guys for you love & support, love you guys! <3
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congratulations fr second thread ...yippieee i m firstLOL
awesomee updatee
simmi Angry
and rey nd taani Embarrassed awesomeee
i loved ittt
thnxx for updateee
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Love that rey was tense for taani
Aww rey hug taani when he saw her
Taarey that lil naughty movement in
Greenroom Was awsm gang still hav
Problem with taani -_- gang win but
Again reyam forget taani in thr Frds :/
But thank god rey release his mistake
Simmi is *** rey ans her good but I didn't
Like whn he said tht taani will not com to
Party I understood him but want that he stay
With taani :( taarey romance was gud but want sexy one Edited by raddhi - 2014-12-22T07:25:35Z
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congres for 2nd thread part 15 suerb update next part update soon..
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congo for 2 thread awsome update rey care for taani and their talk was nice d3 win the trophyphhrse bhulgaya rey taani kofeeling bad for taani thankgod rey realise his mistake early and next their romance was awsomeEdited by R.sailaja - 2014-12-22T06:02:10Z
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awesome yayyy yayyyParty partyyy second thread congratsss, awesome update once again ,u r too gud di ,taarey romance was as usual hot and gang as usual bad ,gande and every single bad thing i know,thank god rey supported her ,pls update soon ,
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I hope there is no misunderstanding between taarey for the party but a sweet and hot update
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