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-Chapter One-

Taani and sharon entered the canteen area, they both were best friend since their high school days.

 They both sat on their table and ordered their food. 

"Tannu why dont you move in with me ine  my house instead of living in that hell" Sharon said to taani, she knew how cruel her mother and sister is. They never left any stone unturned when its comes to make taani's life hell. 

"I'm happy with my life shar! How much pain i get in that house, they are my only family and also i promised dad that i will not leave them" Taani replied her. Her mother and sister Kriya they both are evil and after her father's death they had done nothing but give her pain. 

"Now eat! I am hungry" Taani said changing the topic, their food arrived. Taani grabbed her sandwich and start munching it avoiding her gaze

Sharon shook her head, this girl will never change. She always think about others before herself and most of the times thats the cause of her own pain. 

Before sharon could say anything taani's cell phone beeped. Taani read the msg she had just received. 

Meet me at my office in half an hour.

"Sorry shar! I have to leave" Taani told her, sharon understood who messaged her. Taani put her belongings in her bag.

"Taani are you really happy with what kind of relation you share with him?" Sharon asked, taani turned toward her. 

"Sharon this is the only relation that make me happy. I know the kind of relation we share is not acceptable by society but i dont care. Being with him give me happiness and thats all matter to me" taani replied truthfully. Like others he never judged her, treat her with respect and most important he never hurt her like most other people in her life do. 

"So you are happy being his mistress?" Sharon questioned her, her tone was low so that only taani could hear. Sharon hates it when her best friend go to that man who was just using her for his sexual pleasure. 

"Yes Shar! I am very happy." Taani answered her, Sharon is the only one who know her deepest & darkest secret that she is india's biggest business man Reyaansh Singhania's mistress, taani trust sharon with her life and shared everything with her. 

"Bye shar! He will get angry if i didn't reach there on time" Taani said before she left from there in hurry. 


"I have an appointment with Mr. Reyaansh Singhania" She told the receptionist who smiled at her in response. 

"Your name ma'am?" 

"Taani Shekhawat" After checking receptionist told her directions where RS's cabin is located. The girls passing by looked at taani, wondering what a college girl is doing there in RS. Taani was in dressed in navy blue white knee length dress, looking no less than a royal princess. 

Ignoring the attention she was getting taani walked toward his cabin. Finally reaching there she knocked on the door. 

"Come In" Came a husky reply, slightly opening the door she went inside, locking the door behind her. Reyaansh was busy in his laptop but he kept it away when he felt her there, gazing back at her. His intense gaze traveled all over her body, taking in her simple yet elegant beauty. Taani felt naked under his intense gaze, pushing away her nervousness she was feeling that moment, She stand before him with small smile playing on her lips.

"Why you called me here, in your office? Is everything alright?" Taani asked him, it was first time he asked her to come to meet him in his office. Instead of answering her he signaled her to come close to him. Taani did as she was told do. In spur moment reyaansh pulled her and made her sit on his lap. 

"Cancel all my appointments for today" Reyaansh said to his assistant over the phone. Taani sat there not knowing what is going on his devilish mind. 

"We are going at my house" He answered her seeing confusion written all over her face. Taani gave him small nod. Silence fell between them, not knowing what to say to her, he never knew how to start a conversation with her nor he tried once. She was just 19 & He was 27 and that sometimes made it difficult to have a frank conversation.

Taani could feel his intense gaze on her, all she wanted was hide herself. She shivered slightly feeling his hand on her back. Reyaansh pulled down the zipper of her dress in a spur moment, feeling his bare skin under the tip of his finger, their intimacy spoke louder than words. 

Taani let out a sigh of pleasure when she felt him pull down the dress, giving him clear view of her bare back. He bend down little and place wet kisses on her bare back while his arms clutched her waist tightly. taani clutched the material of her dress, feeling his lips against her skin. 

"Lets go before i lose my control and take you on my desk" Reyaansh whispered in her ear as he adjusted her dress properly and close the zipper of her dress. They both got up and set their clothes in proper way. 

"Why you canceled your appointments? As far as i know Mr. Workaholic-Singhania never cancel his work for anything or anyone" Taani teased him little, enlightening the atmosphere. Reyaansh chuckled its very rare when taani tease him so he just let her tease him. 

"Lets go!" Reyaansh said, taani rolled her eyes at his never ending oh-so serious behavior. Taking her hand in his they come out from his cabin. The staff glance at them with wide eyes seeing their arrogant boss with taani that too hand in hand but Reyaansh's one glare was enough for them to avert their gaze from taani and concentrate on work. Taani notice how people lowered their gaze as he passed by them, she dont know if its because they respect him or feared him.. urnm may be both. 

Reyaansh opened the door of his car for her when they reached the parking lot where his car was parked. Taani loved the gentleman behavior of his. And knowing what she is to him, he never disrespected her or judge her that itself gave her enough reasons to increase the respect she has for him. 

After they sat inside the car, Reyaansh started the engine. 

"Taani call your mom and tell her you are not coming home tonight. We are going out for a dinner then spending night at my place." Reyaansh told her, making her eyes go wide in surprise. 

"Why? I mean you never go out with me in public" She stuttered when she felt him getting angry. Though he does not get angry with her unless she had done a really big blunder but still his anger scared her. 

"I'll tell you later" that came his short reply, knowing he won't tell her untill he wants to. Taani nodded and sat in silence. After the drive of half an hour they reached his house, he parked his car outside the mansion. 

"You could have told me I would have came here directly instead of going to your office. I wasted my time and money" She said in cute low tone, Reyaansh shook his head. 

"When you are with me you don't have to be worried about money" Rey said walked inside the mansion. By looking at the silence taani knew no one was in house, by no one she means servants as reyaansh live here alone while his family stay in delhi. 

"Yeah right" Taani mummbled. Its true when he is in her life she dont have to worry about money. He pay for her education and all other expenses, its a prize she get by being his mistress. Not that she chose this life by herself but fate had made her live this way only. Her destiny had chose this for her and she dont have any complains now.

Taani came out from her reverie when he scooped her in his arms and take her upstairs in his room. 


Reyaansh threw her on his bed. Taani stare at the man stand before her as he undress himself. He smirk seeing her staring at his body with lust flicker through her hazel orbs. Leaving himself in just boxers reyaansh came on top of her. Reyaansh kissed her on her nose tip before moving down trailing kisses on her jaw line to her throat. His hold tightened on her waist as he felt her tiny hand move between them and run against his chest, he smooched her lower lips, occasionally biting her lips. He was demanding and rough yet passionate, Reyaansh broke the kiss leaving her breathless.

She gripped into his hairs as he moved his hand to remove her dress leaving her only in her lacy blue inner wear. Running her fingers through his hairs, she fisted them into her small hands as Reyaansh bite her skin giving her a hickey, making her moan louder. Reyaansh unclasped her bra, taking her peak in his mouth.  His other hand caress the curves of her chest. then he moved downward, removing the last piece of clothing from her body. Taani arched backward as his tongue work on her most sensitive part, making insides of her stomach clenched as chill sensation ran through her body. Getting rid of his boxers, he settled himself between her legs and in a one sleek moment he entered her and immediately started thrusting deep inside her, setting up his pace. Taani gripped his shoulder for support, her eyes bore into his. Reyaansh look at her, she look so innocent yet so tempting, in her birth suit, her waist length silk like hair scattered on his pillow. 

It all gave tingle seeing her so close to him in such intimate way, and happy that he is and will be the only man who had seen her like this. They reached their earth shattering climax, Reyaansh rested his body on hers with his arms around her.

"Sleep Little Kitty" He whispered in her, pulling the blanket over their naked bodies he watched her as she dozed off because of tiredness. Making her comfortable in her sleep, he sat on bed taking support of bedpost. His one hand was caressing her hair lovingly.



Chapter One - Page 1
Chapter Two - Page 11
Chapter Three - Page 20
Chapter Four - Page 30
Chapter Five - Page 40
Chapter Six - Page 55
Chapter Seven - Page 64
Chapter Eight - Page 74
Chapter Nine : Page 84
Chapter Ten : Page 94
Chapter Eleven : Page 104
Chapter Twelve : Page 114
Chapter Thirteen : Page 127

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awsome update
loved it
plz cont soon
dont make us wait long
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Interesting concept...
Loved the update..
Update soon...Edited by TR_lovebirds - 2014-12-17T11:02:37Z
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interesting new concept.
Taani and sharon bonding was nice one.
Taani and rey relationship tag of mistress.
Poor taani with her so called mom and sis.
Little kitty fallen for love and respect towards her from rey.
Obviously something is cooking in his mind.
Taarey romance as usual u killed in your own way.
Pls yaar i request you to update never too late plsEdited by Jasmine_ash - 2014-12-17T09:49:08Z
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Mind blowing
just mind blowing
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Hiii Pooja
Interesting new concept.
Taani and sharon bonding was nice one.
Taani and Rey relationship tag of mistress.
But when u have started with a concept
I am sure u will do justice with It.

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Want DD update
Hmm ohk new stry wow different
Concept Luv shani convo but some
How I didn't like taarey relation I mean
No problem with thr relation name but
Something is thr that I don't like Abt thr
Relation I don't like that how thr live :v
together Have sex only For sexual pleasure
Anyways taarey romance was diff for a change
It was sexy but... Edited by raddhi - 2014-12-17T12:50:50Z
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it was amazing
kahan sai lati ho itne fabulous concepts
tmhari soch ko salam hai yar
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