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Hello! This story does not follow the story line of the show at all, I've just borrowed the characters and some of their traits. Qubool Hai continues to frustrate me with the obscene story lines and this is my way of coping with the disaster. Part 1 will be up here, I will be posting the next few parts over the course of the next week. 

Part 1

"Allah Miyah, what's wrong with these people?" I groaned lamenting the people I worked with.
"You sound exactly like mom." Seher laughed from the other end of the phone, I could imagine her lying down on the comfy couch with a bag of chips in her hand, and I wanted to do that right now, I wanted to be home and lounge around with Seher and the rest of the family.
"I miss mom. And dad." I sighed as I walked towards my apartment, the cold frigid air making me shiver due to my thin jacket, it was only October, you would think that it would be nice and warm but I felt like it was time to pull out the winter jacket already.
"Aw, they miss you too sissy! You are the one that wanted to go to NYU Med." Seher laughed.
"You should have slapped me out of it when I said I wanted to be a doctor." I sighed breathing in the cold air. People always said that medical school was hard, but no one ever said that the residency period would be this bad. 48 hour shifts, no sleep, always on call, stupid people and older doctors. Ughhh!
"You are meant to be a doctor Sanam, or a cook...Ya Allah I miss your food!" Seher whined. "Ammi made some weird soup the other day and I cried. Abbu just ate it and smiled though, he even told her it was good." She said, I could imagine her rolling her eyes right about now being the drama queen she was.
"Ammi has trained abbu well." I giggled. "They are so cute together." I sighed, and they were. The two of them were currently on vacation, in Milan, for their 25th wedding anniversary.
"Yeah, sometimes I think that it's impossible for anyone else to have what they have." Seher sighed, and I didn't blame her for thinking that. Our parents were polar opposites yet they completed each other- they were eerily perfect together.
"Awww, don't you worry. We'll find you your Mr. Perfect." I reassured her.
"Hmmm, he should look like Prem from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun but be like Pandey from Dabaang when provoked!" Seher crooned dreamily. Our mother's Salman Khan obsession had rubbed off on Seher big time, and I mean big time.
"I will be on the lookout for Salman Khan's characters." I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah, and I'll find you a headstrong guy that's a total sweetheart when you get to know him. You know those Wall Street types you love, the arrogant air, the perfect black suit and poised look."
"There is just something about a guy that's driven. And men in suits, don't even get me started." I laughed agreeing with her when I heard a loud groan in the relative silence of my neighborhood. I stopped short on the sidewalk just to make sure that it wasn't a figment of my imagination and then I heard it again. It sounded like someone was in pain, a lot of pain.
"I hear someone groaning." I whispered into the phone trying to locate the source of the sounds, it was dark out and kind of hard to see.
"Someone is probably having loud sex." Seher giggled.
"No, it's someone groaning in pain."
"Oooh, loud kinky sex."
"Shut up Seher." I said looking around the building and then I saw it, to the right of my apartment building, in the alley. There was a heap on the floor, a body! I could see that the person was trying to move. "Seher! There is someone lying in the alley between the two buildings, they look hurt!"
"Sanam! I know you want to help but you can't, it's dangerous-" Seher started to say but I was already halfway to the person, my instincts kicking in.
"Hey! Are you okay? Do you need me to call an ambulance?" I asked as I got closer to the person. They stopped moving and looked up at me, I couldn't make out the face but I knew it was guy due to his hair and build. He didn't say anything though, he slumped into the ground as if he had no energy left, he was probably really cold too considering he wasn't wearing a jacket, just a perfectly fitting black suit that was now ripped in places. He looked really hurt and the doctor and human in me felt the need to help him. I kneeled down next to him. "Do you want me to help you up?" I asked.
"Y-yes." He groaned sounding like he was in a lot of pain; his deep voice was filled with exertion as if it physically pained him to say the words out loud. I grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed his body up, trying to lean him against the wall of the building. He groaned in pain but helped me move himself. I could make out his face in the faint light now and it was badly bruised, there was a deep gash in his forehead and purple bruises were forming around his beautiful eyes, his bottom lip was bleeding slightly and his nose looked crooked. But despite all of that he was still gorgeous, and clearly desi.
I pushed that all to the back of my mind and looked at him. "I am a doctor, I am just going to check your vitals, can you tell me your name?" I asked as I grabbed his wrist and pressed against the inside. His heartbeat was slow, but not excessively so, he'd stay conscious for a while. His skin was cold, so I knew he'd been out here for a while.
"Aahil." He whispered after a while, almost as if he had to think hard to come up with the answer.
"Aahil what?" I asked.
"I-I don't know." He said sounding almost shocked.
"Hey, it's okay. It happens." I said, he definitely had a concussion. "I am just going to feel the back of your head okay? I think we're going to have to go to the hospital." I said and he nodded slightly, I felt the back of his head and felt the warm and sticky liquid. He definitely hit his head hard somewhere, for his sake, I hoped that this was temporary memory loss.
I went to pick up my phone when I realized that I was still on the line with Seher.
"SANAM?" She was yelling.
"Hey! I am okay. Sorry about that, it's a guy, his name is Aahil, he has a concussion, I am going to call the hospital." I told her.
"Abbu is going to snap when he hears that you just walked into an alley." She said. "Take care, and call me later okay?"
"Don't tell abbu yet."
"I won't, I am trying not to disturb them on their trip." She said before hanging up.
I dialed 911 immediately. "Hello. I found a man in the alley behind my building; I need an ambulance.  I am a doctor, I have already checked his vital signs, he is conscious right now. The closest hospital is Langone and I am located on 35th street right around the corner." I said immediately. The operator ensured that an ambulance was on the way and I hung up.
"Aahil?" I asked shaking him a bit, I needed to keep him awake. He was a little dazed but he looked up and I stifled a gasped at how deep and beautiful his chocolate brown eyes were. "Do you remember how you got here?" I asked.
"Uh...I- no." He said sounding frustrated; I feared that he had some kind of brain injury with his lack of memory.
I decided to distract him since he looked so frustrated with himself and introduce myself. "I am Sanam by the way."
"Sanam." He repeated, my name rolling of his tongue in that deep rumbly voice of his. "Pretty name."
"Thank you." I said feeling myself blush, which was new to me. It was only a minute later when I heard the ambulance pull up in front of the building. "Over here!" I yelled and the paramedics rushed towards me. "I've checked his vitals, you may want to hook him up to oxygen. He has a concussion too, his first name is Aahil, he can't remember his last name." I explained as they pulled him onto the stretcher.
"M'am, you're going to have to come with us since we don't know who he is and you found him. A complaint will need to be lodged and the police is going to need to get involved because he's badly beaten."
"How about I give you my number? I am just going to go change and I'll be at the hospital within the hour." I said and the man nodded.
"Sanam." I heard his voice croak. "Thank you." He whispered and at that moment I knew that I couldn't leave him as he was, I needed to know that he was safe.

An hour later I reached the hospital to find two policemen in the lobby, one of them was talking to the doctor and the other one seemed to be waiting for me. He was really old, his hair grey and his face wrinkly, but he seemed like he'd seen it all. He was really patient and kind as I explained the situation to him.
"He's obviously been beaten, whoever it was took his wallet. But the weird thing is that they left a $250 000 Rolex on him, so it wasn't money they were after." He said.
"A $250 000 Rolex?" I said my eyes wide, who the hell owns such an expensive watch? My father doesn't even own one and he has a mild obsession with watches.
"Yeah, boy seems like he is from a well off family, perhaps a business man himself."
"But why would someone..."
"Maybe they just wanted him dead, I don't quite understands why they took his wallet unless he never had it. I've already run a search on every hotel in New York but no one has reported an unresponsive or missing guest. And after I noticed the Rolex I sent out a search for all private estates that are rentable in the area, but nothing again. There are no flight records for anyone named Aahil either, unless the lad has got his own name wrong. I guess we're going to have to wait until he wakes up."
"He may not remember anything, he didn't even remember his last name when I asked him." I told him.
"We're going to do a drug check and cross-reference him in our criminal databases. But I've been in this world long enough to know that he's not a criminal, pretty boy doesn't look like one." He said. "I know you have nothing to do with him but you're going to be involved in this too now, that's just how it works."
"It's all right. Thank you." I said as he walked away. I sat on the bench outside his room and thought of the situation I was in the middle of.  Who would beat a man so brutally and leave him for the dead? He didn't seem like a criminal, his clothes indicated that he was well off, the Rolex, the expensive shoes and I knew an Armani suit when I saw one.
But what was he doing here? If he was from here they'd have his information pulled up already, he was probably not an American citizen, he could be travelling from another country or visiting from another state. There was just so much ambiguity, and the state he was found in just indicated that someone was after him but the question was why. I was usually a good judge of character, and somewhere in my heart I knew that he wasn't dangerous. His eyes were too earnest, and there was just something about him that seemed to draw me in.
"Is he all right?" I asked as I saw the doctor walk out of the room he was in.
"He's stable physically, but he had a severe concussion and I am afraid that he may not remember who he is." She said grimly.
"Post-traumatic dissociative amnesia, he didn't remember his last name but he remembered his first which I found weird since he should remember them as a unit." I said, it was rare but there were cases of people having an accident and not remembering anything from their lives, their names, address or their family. It was the brain's way of coping with a traumatic event or it could result from brain damage in a particular area in the brain. However, most people seemed to remember things with time, it ranged from a partial recall to a full recall of their memories.
"Doctor?" She smiled and I nodded.
"In training."
"Ah, I don't miss residency." She said.
"Ugh, how did you survive?"
"Barely." She laughed. "I am guessing you don't know the patient?"
"Not at all, I just found him in the alley behind my building."
"And you're sticking around and getting involved in a police investigation?"
"I thought he may remember me when he wakes up. I seem to be the only link to whatever happened back in that alley, maybe he'll remember something." I explained.
"Oh, I like you." She smiled. "Let's pray he remembers."
He didn't remember anything after he woke up. The doctors had kept him unconscious for days to bring his body out of shock. I was at the side of his bed when he woke up a few days ago, he recognized me immediately and expressed shock at my being there. He didn't say much at first but then he started talking to me and we fell into an easy camaraderie, he was really sweet and had an amazing sense of humor despite the situation he was in.
He retained that part of his personality I suppose, but he didn't retain much else. He knew his name was Aahil but he didn't know if he was an American citizen, there were probably hundreds of boys and men named Aahil in the USA alone and then you had to factor in the fact that he could be from India or Pakistan, or about any other country in the world. He had an Americanized accent to his English though, but then he also spoke Hindi really fluently without the accent most American kids had.
Finding his identity was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. NYPD was supposedly on it, but they were supposedly on a lot of things. I tried to do some digging of my own because I'd really come to like Aahil as a person. He was sweet, really polite and kind. And handsome, god, he was so gorgeous, the bruises were healing up now and you could actually see his face which seemed to be carved perfectly, the lines so defined that it was amazing. And his eyes, those beautiful brown eyes that mirrored the confusion he felt, just pulled you in like a fishing reel. He broke down sometimes, just trying to remember something but he couldn't, not even a whole month later and I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and comfort him, I wanted to erase that haunted sad look from his eyes but I couldn't.
"Why can't I remember anything Sanam?" He whispered to me as he ate the soup I brought him. "The only thing I remember is seeing you over me, trying to wake me. But nothing before that, it's just so hazy."
"It's your brain's way of coping, but the good news is that with time you'll start remembering things."
"But how much time? I don't know what I am doing here. Do I live here? Was I visiting, do I have a family, anything? Who am I? Is there someone looking for me?" He groaned.
"Shhh, Aahil. It's okay, we'll find out. And if someone is out looking for you we'll find them."
"Why are you helping me?" He whispered looking up at me.
"Because I found you and I feel like you are my responsibility now." I shrugged. "And you're kind of tolerable friend." I teased and he let out a little chuckle, but the truth was that I was falling for him and his cute laughter, badly. I felt that I was falling just like the leaves from the trees were as October came to an end.
"We can't keep him here any longer. We don't know when his memory is going to come back. I hate to do this, I f**king hate this country's medical policies, but he can't pay his bills so we have to let him go." Dr. Johnson, also known as Aahil's doctor, said.
"I get it, don't worry about it."
"You know he handed me his Rolex today and said that it was about $250,000, and a limited edition so it would sell for more." She said.
"He remembered!" I gasped, I hadn't shared that information with him and neither had NYPD.
"He did! And I tried to get him to remember more but he couldn't. But he said he remembers getting the watch, he can't pin point a time or place. He sees a person handing it to him but the face is a blur."
"If only we knew where he was from, I am sure he would start remembering more if he was surrounded by his things." I sighed.
"But where is he going to go now? This sucks."
"He'll come home with me." I said.
"Sanam, are you sure? I mean you hardly know him, he doesn't know himself, what if he's not a good person?"
"I am an excellent judge of character and my heart knows that he's a good person." I whispered because it did. Even though he didn't remember who he was, he retained the qualities that made him him, he had the same heart and feelings, he was a good person. I was sure of it. And a part of me was already attached to him, I wasn't going to leave him out there all alone in his current state. That was just not something an Ahmed Khan would do, that is what I told myself but I knew it was because I had feelings for the man. I never really knew what to say when someone asked me what my "type" was, but I was starting to think he'd be a lot like the brown-eyed man who made my heart skip a beat with a small smile.

Part 2 - Page 4
Part 3 - Page 8

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It was sooo cute...TongueTongue
Sanam is the doctor and Aahil patient! !LOL
Do pm me the next update Embarrassed
It was a cute and fabulous update...Big smile
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Posted: 2014-12-15T19:03:53Z
Well, hello there! :D 
YAAAYEAH! THIS IS JUST PERFFF. i love the casual start and then bam! off to such a powerful, gripping start that kept me glued to the end. Loveee how real this seems and Sanam already falling for Aahil, b/c well, you can't help fall for him, hehee. & what an amazing person she is- responsible, intellectual and just so ah-mazingg- she deff can't leave him alone. 
I miss QH too- ever since they butchered the story so darn bad- it hurts. It used to be my favourite and now they just ruined it completely.. I barely watch ever since Seher left rehan and all that jazz.. except just watched one- cauz Additi Gupta (my fav) entered the show and couldn't do it anymore.

I love this.. something to actually look frwd to and keep it comingg! This is reaaallly goood! <333x 

btw, your name? 

&& Love the title coverrr. 
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How do you write man?! I was all like "OMG this story is so light hearted and the two sisters are fangirling about their parents" and then BAM. Aahil's found left for dead in an alley and Sanam finds him. It's so interesting and cute!

I love how Sanam's character fills the doctor prototype, she's so selfless and kind - it seems like a good profession for her.

I am dying to know how Aahil got to where he was and how Sanam handles all of this. It's so cute that she is falling for him but then again anyone would, especially of Aahil isn't being an asshole. I am hooked already and I can't wait to see what you have in store for this story.

I stopped watching QH again, right when Billi told Aahil he'll be a bad hubby and he started ignoring her. I heard it's gotten a lot worse so I won't even bother.
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Posted: 2014-12-15T20:25:17Z
res 4 me

what a concept...
loved it...
sanam as doctor...
aahil her patient...
sanam falling for him...
seher is my darling...
thnxxx for pm...
continue soon...
do pm me...
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Posted: 2014-12-15T20:46:23Z
Oh goodness! You write with such amazing flair that it is almost impossible not to fall in love with the words and paragraphs, prose and nuances.

Such a heartfelt and comfortable read. Do I make sense? I feel so connected to the characters. And I LOVE THIS SANAM!

Oh you! Giving us brilliance after brilliance. Yet another masterstroke this one.

And on SaHil too. Just. LOVEEE! 


Thanks for writing and sharing this! 

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well written..good..Thumbs Up
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