The Bad Boy's Girl : TR OS

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- The Bad Boy's Girl -

"How dare she! Bloody newbee." Said an angry Kria , She was frustrated. A new girl had come to college and had the guts to fight with her and insult her in front of whole college.

"Chill K! we will show her, her real place" says Swayum, Kria's best friend.

"Yeah! He is right, Lets go and show that newbee, Who we are" Said Rey, Another best friend of Kria. Sharon, swayum's girlfriend and kria & Rey's best friend, too agreed with them.

"Lets go guys, She must be in canteen" Kria told them, Smirking evily thinking what they are going to do with that newbee but little did she knew that, the newbee is not someone who would take shit from anyone.

Four of them, left the rehearsal hall to go and deal with the newbee.

When reached there, Kria pointed toward a girl, who was sitting on corner table, was busy in her cell phone. Her back was facing them.

"Whats her name?" Asked sharon, Kria just shrug in response as she dont know new girls name.

Rey look at where new girl was sitting then at his surrounding, he notice that all the boys present there were staring at one place where new girl was sitting, he could tell she was beautiful attractive girl.

Rey took calculative steps toward her, leaving his confuse friends behind, They just stare at him, Seeing him walking toward new girl in daze.

Rey look at her appearance, She was wearing a white simple dress, Still looking beyond beautiful, his gaze became hot with brewing desires in them and sexily lingered on her every inch, taking in her beauty and thinking that how can a girl be so damn gorgeous even in her simplicity. No wonder whole college was talking about this beauty, His eyes travalled upward, Examining her sharp features, her hazel brown eyes in which he could stare whole day, her cute nose, her supple rosy lips, he couldnt wait to taste them. She was breathtaking and he couldnt deny the fact.

"What do you want?" Asked new girl in little harsh tone when she saw him standing infront of her and gazing at her with intensity. Rey gave her amused look, till now none had dare to talk to him in this tone.

"Thats not a way to talk, pretty lady. You seems to be sweet as vanilla ice cream so be it in that way only, sweet & soft" Rey said to her, Smirking at her irritated exoression. He pulled out a chair and sat opossite to her, She gave him What the hell look.

"Didnt your parent told you, Its rude to stare" Rey commented, finding her staring at him.

"Nah but didnt your parents told you, talking to strangers can be dangerous" Her reply surprised him, if he says that he was impress by her attitude then it wont be a lie.

"Now state the business, What do you want?" Girl said in no nonsense tone.

"I was just being friendly" Rey said making an innocent face.

"Thats a news" girl reply, Obviously she knows the bad boy of college, and deffinately it would surprise her if he act friendly with her. And as now this little act of his, Is only screaming, Trouble.

Girl winked at his direction before she stood up from her place and left the canteen with smirk playing on her lips.

"Whats her name?" Rey asked one of the student who was sitting next to his table.

"Taani shekhawat, She is VP sir's daughter" student answered him, Rey smiled knowing the tigress's name who had dare to pissed him off on her very first day of collge.

"This year is going to be fun" Rey thought to himself, His brain was making plans to tame this wild kitty.

"Dude, what the hell was that?" Kria questioned him, who was fuming since she saw the whole scene between rey and the newbee

"K! Havent you heard, you should know every detail about you enemy before attacking" Rey said half lie and half truth, Surely he want every detail about her but not for revenge.

"But we have to admit, that new chick is hot" Swayum comment earning a smack from sharon, Rey chuckled seeing his best friends scared face.

"By the way guys, she is VP's daughter" said Rey making their eyes widen in shock.

"But that doesn't mean, we wont do anything" Rey added futher, Smirking at the plan that was forming in his mind.


"Hello Dad" Taani entered in his cabin in chirpy mood.

Her father look at her with smiling, Taani went and sat on chair opposite to his

"How was your college?" Her dad asked her as he continue checking some files.

"It was okay, Students in your college are really weird" Taani answered him remembering the fight she had with a girl about car parking and second her meet with the bad boy of college.

"Weird?" her dad was surprised.

"Yeah weird! First that chick fight with me because I parked my car on her favorite spot then that Rey guy..." She was telling him but her father cutt off in between when she told him about rey.

"Taani, I told you to stay away from Rey and His group" Her dad wraned her again. Obiviously he dont want his baby to get in any trouble thats why he dont want his daughter to talk to group of rich spoilt brats who dont know anything but how to break rules.

"I know Dad, I know. He himself come to me but I ignored him. Even i am not interested in talking to him or his group" Taani said truthfully. Her father smiled knowing his daughter would not go against him.

"Dad, I have to go for shopping, Bye." Taani said, she ran out of his room but not before hugging her dad.


Taani was walking in parking area toward her car when someone came from behind and pushed her inside the car, taking her by surprise. A loud shriek escaped from her mouth.

"Rey! What the hell is your problem?" Taani shouted at him but ignoring her he close the door of passenger side after she sat inside, after he hoped inside he starts the engine.

"You tell me? Why you were behaving as if you dont know me at all in morning? And why didnt you told me before that you are coming mumbai and joining my college?" Rey questioned her. Taani bite her lips.

"It was for dad! You know na Dad dont like you so to show him I also dont like you thats why i behaved like this in morning. The only option he would let me complete my final year in st.louis is i have to stay away from you and your group. He hates you because he think you are a bad boy" Taani justify her behavior in morning. Knowing her fathers hate toward rey she had to chose this way.

"Oh-kay but I am happy my girfriend is finally here. I can spend time with her as much as i want" Rey told her making her smile at his words. It had been two year they are in serious relationship sbut nobody knows about their relationship as taani's father have problem with rey.

They came out from the car once they reached his home. They entered the house together, closing the door behind rey scooped her in his arms and took her upstairs in his room. Rey made her stand on her feets. Taani smirked ans pulled him close to her by grabbing his collar.

"I have a surprise for you" Her husky whisper send electric shiver down his spine, in a spur of a moment he grabbed her towards him and wound his arms around her tiny waist, pressing her heaving bosoms on his chest, he held her close.


"Wait I'll show"

Taani took a step back, her fingers fisted the hem of her top, raising her top upward she removed her top making him gasp in shock, she blushed seeing his glued on her bossoms, she was standing there just in her short white shorts and bra, taking his breath away by her her beauty.

"My eyes are up here, big boy" Her voice broke his reverie, giving her sheepish smile he ran his hand through his well jelled hair. Taani's smile soften. In a swift moment she turn out, giving him clear view of her bare back. Rey took a step ahead and gripped tiny waist.

"On your knees boy and look what I've got for you" the naughtiness in her voice caused a friction inside him, making him groan in need. He made her turn toward him. Taani smiled at him. He sat on his knees. His eyes followed her every move as she opened the button of her shorts, she lowered her shorts little. Rey saw something that caught his breath. She had a beautiful heart shaped tattoo with his name imprint inside the heart on her lowerwaist.

"So You like it?" She asked him hoping he liked what he saw. Rey trace the tattoo with his manly fingers, her shorts hung low on her lower part. She sighed in pleasure as his fingers came in contact with her skin.

"I loved it but why? I mean there wasnt any need. Kitna pain hua hoga na" She smiled hearing his caring words.

"Oh offo rey! Stop this talks and gave me some reward. Itna mahaan kaam kiya hai meine" Taani spoke in dramatic tone, making him laugh.

"Oh so you want me to reward you" He stated smirking naughtily at her. Taani nodded smiling naughtily at him. He love how she knew when to stop being shy and open up to him, she was now a pro at conveying her needs to him, and he was glad she did, he always wanted her to be open about these things. It make their bond stronger and they enjoy this teasing time together.

Rey kissed her tattoo gently and stood up from his place. He so wanted her and so badly did he want to show her how much he was smitten by her. he lowered himself on to her lips and crashed his hard ones on hers, their lips touched and tingled as he sucked the sweet honey, she opened her mouth and let his tongue in, her arms that were on his shoulder made their way to his hair and she dug her fingers feeling his scalp, turning him on more.

He makes her closer and his hand unzipped her shorts, aggressively and in one go ripped her short. Finally they broke their kissing spell and looked into each others eyes. Rey scooped her in his arms and placed her on his bed. He came top of her pressing his body against her making sure that each and every part of her soft body touched his masculine physic. His entire face touched her soft bosoms then her neck then moving upward he claimed her lips once again. Her skin burnt with his touch.

She moaned in delight at his touch, after a whole minute she slowly broke out of the kiss to get some air and he too pulled away but didnt left her. He started planting wet kisses on her neck while with his other hand he unclasped her bra then threw it away on floor. He took that erect nipple in his mouth, while he cupped her other one, kneading her bossom. Rey left out a groan feeling her soft fingers opening his shirt buttons and threw his shirt away somewhere on floor.

His lips fondled every ounce of her skin, teasing and biting her. She reciprocated to every of his touch wildly. Her fingers were scratching his back and he didn't seem to object. His tongue worked on her core building up tension with in her. As he felt she was ready, he thrust himself inside her. He increased his tempo and soon they reached climaxed.

Rey pulled a quilt over their naked bodies and laid beside her on bed with His arms wrapped around her protectively.

"Thank you for the beautiful gift"

Rey spoke taking deep breath. He pulled her more close, scared to let her go.

"Taani can you help me to win hitler s heart?" Rey asked her earning a hard smack from her.

"Dare you call my dad hitler"

"Sorry! But i need some tips. I cant lose you just because your dad dont like me, I will make him like me"

Taani smiled at his words. The bad boy wants to change that too because he was scared to lose her.

"Rey you don't have to change yourself. I'm with you no matter what. And about dad, he don't like you his student but I'm sure when he will see how much you love me, he will like you and accept you as my life partner"

Taani kissed his chin making him smile at her assuring gesture. Rey nodded in response with cute smile.

"I love the bad boy who is only good to me, I love you baccha" Taani pecked his lips, Rey chuckled when he heard her addressing him as her baccha. Both brust into fits of laughter, Rey embraced her tightly, held his girl close to his heart.

"I love you so damn much! My wild kitty" he snuggle more in her embrace. Pulling her into another heated love make out session.

Once they got a break taani spoke remembering the incident happened in college.

"Rey, I had a fight with a bimbo in morning, She was threaten me by your name so care to explain me who is she to you"

"She was Kria, My best friend" Rey answered her question, Taani turn her head toward him, averting her gaze from TV screen.

"That little nosey bitch thinks she own you! I so gonna kill her. How dare she threaten me that too giving me threat that you will make my life hell in college, how dare she think she will turn my boyfriend against me" Taani said as she remembered how kria threaten her in morning taking Rey's name. Taani also know that Kria had proposed rey once and still have feelings for him as rey told her a month back when she was in delhi.

"Chill babes! Why you always forget that this bad boy is only yours" Rey said pulling her closer sliding her arms around her. Taani smiled widely but still cant help with her jeaolusy.

"Rightfully mine. So tell your friend to maintain distance"

Rey smiled when she claimed him as her the at her last line he rolled his eyes at her cute jealousy. But nonetheless he love his girl, who had introduce different shades of happiness in his life.


Hello Guys! I'm back with an OS please do leave your feedback.please avoid giving two words in comment, after spending hours in writing those two words in comment, they disscourage alot. And do tell me if you are not interested in reading One shots, I will stop posting them. And for silent readers in my buddy list. Start commenting or else please kindly unbuddy me if you no longer interested in reading my work.
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Tu mujhe aur bigaad rhi h pooja!!
Such an awesome wild hot passionate os!! 
Waiting for more... 
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Posted: 2014-12-07T09:29:55Z
Luvly os I Luv taani & Kriya fight
Rey convo taani was gud aww I Luv
Taani & vp convo taarey romance was
Gud but I can't feel thr romance hot or
Sexy coz of you... Ur behaver I mean no
Updating stry on time & no Rply to ur reader
This thing are not letting me feel ur stry
Anyways thank you for PM Edited by raddhi - 2014-12-08T02:19:22Z
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Posted: 2014-12-07T09:50:31Z
ohh god!!!! such a wild hot n damm romantic os , loved it thoroughly each n everything in os is sooo hawtt m loving it totally , plzzz write more
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Posted: 2014-12-07T09:50:49Z
Once again awsom update Dr...
Hot and wild wala...
Keep writing like this...
And plz plz plz update ur other stories also regularly...
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Posted: 2014-12-07T09:52:36Z
OMG! Kya tha ye *_*
Kitta hot be! Blushing
TaaRey canteen scene *whistles*
Oo lala! Papa ji doesn't like the damad!
Girlfriend? O.o
Uske baad Blushing
Lovely :*
Keep writing :)
Love : Ale Heart
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Posted: 2014-12-07T09:56:10Z
I love this Taani lol
First she put that witch in her place LOL
And then deal with bad boy Rey who was more than happy in drooling over her Tongue
Rey referring Taani to vanilla ice cream was funny lol
I like when he said for her to be like that only "soft&sweet" Tongue
Oh uh! Taarey are already in a serious relationship, that was a surprise treat
What superb acting skills both show
Damn... Taani having a tattoo of a heart with Rey name on her lower waist is very sexy and senual Embarrassed
I like that Taani is not shy when come to state what she want
Taarey lovemaking was sizzling hot Embarrassed
Love jealous Taani. She will definitely put that wiych in her place
Beautiful OS, I love it
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Posted: 2014-12-07T10:14:39Z
awsome os ilike this wild taani alot taarey canteen wala part to good taarey are in realationship its shocking and taani tattoandrey worried about her love making part was to hot and plz continue to writen osand plz pm me
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