Forceful Stranger ISHRA MATURE SS Part 8 (Story complete) pg36

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Hi friends
I am back with another short story!

Your amazing response and appreciation on my first 

SS Ramans/Ishitas Frustraions 

have encouraged me to write a NEW short story on our AMAZING couple ISHRA!

If you havent already please do read my first SS

The characters are the same however the situation and context is a litter different to the show. 

All your likes and comments will be greatly appreciated and fuel my creative out pour so please be generousSmile

Please try to forgive me for any errors or typos!

Just a warning! It is a more darker take on Ishra's love and will be slightly mature so kids please stay away!

OK here goes!


PART 1 below
PART 2 pg 3
PART 3 pg 7
PART 4 pg 10
PART 5 pg 14
PART 6 pg 19
PART 7 pg 23
PART 8a pg 28
PART 8b pg 33

Forceful stranger Part 1


Haan I'm coming mikku bas yea denture Mr Singh ko deliver kar rahi hoon!' 

No no delivery boy ko emergency thi iss liyay main aa gai. It was on my way! Don't worry I'll be thereon time!' 

Ok bye'

Ishita ended her frantic cousins call and put her phone in her bag. It was dark now and she knew she was getting a little late. She had taken a slight detour on the way to Mahika's fianc Mahir's birthday party, to deliver a client's dentures as her delivery boy's mum had fallen sick so Ishita had given him the afternoon off. Being the generous person that she was she didn't want the polite and elderly Mr Singh to be left suffering for the weekend and so had decided to drop them off on her way to the party. She had done her hair and was already dressed, in a rather daring yet alluring red saree which Mahika had insisted she wear at the party, even though she had personally though it a rather risqu choice compared to her usual, conservative sarees. But as it was Mahika's event she had succumbed to her request. Ishita felt sure that she would get to the party on time! Taking out the denture box she read the address label again to make sure she was in the right building. 

Kon sa office number tha? Ishita looked at the box in her hand and checked the address. 

Hmmm yea hai! 

She stopped at the door of a swanky office and read the name plate.

Singh Associates & Co

Haan yehi hai!

She knocked and waited. No reply. 
She knocked again. She was puzzled. Ishita had phoned earlier and talked to Mr Singh's secretary to inform her that she would be coming by and had been assured he would be in the office. She decided to try the door and leave the dentures with the secretary and get out of here as soon as possible. 
Tentatively she held the doorknob and on turning, it opened to a dimly lit but large office.

As Ishita stepped in she called out 'Hello, Mr Singh?'

The office was dark and all Ishita's instincts screamed for her to leave as an unknown fear gripped her heart. 

Just then she felt someone brutally grab both her hands, twist them behind her back and push her against the door, closing it. Everything happened in such a flash that it knocked the breath out of Ishita and she was still in shock when she registered the fragrant smell of male aftershave and a man stealthily come extremely close to her and whisper in a menacing voice 

'So you thought you could milk my brother for money through blackmail? Did you really think that a common tart like you would get away with it before I RKB would deal with you?'

Ishita was too stunned and confused as well as a little scared to retort back with any reply immediately.

The stranger took her silence as an admission of guilt and continued 'So you admit you came here for the money? Well you will have to deal with me before you can succeed in your ploy!'

At this Ishita regained her voice and stuttered 

'I...I don't know what you mean, I'm looking for Mr Singh! Let go of me you batameez man!

She tried to get out of his grip but he only tightened his iron hold  over her so that they were now plastered to each other in an indecent manner and their lips were dangerously close.

'Well, well, well! He told me you were fiery, but I wasn't expecting this! You dress like a wanton seductress, blackmail people after sleeping with them and then have the audacity to call me batameez?? If I wanted I could show you here... WHAT batameezi really is!

Saying this he roughly pulled Ishita's pallu off, letting it drop to the floor and grabbing hold of the bun at the back of her head, brought her head millimeters from his lips and threatened 

'Give me the negatives and disappear never showing your face again and I will let you go. Otherwise' he continued mincing his words there will be consequences!'

Ishita's cheeks started to burn with indignation at the implication of his words. She felt a mounting anger rise within her which she had never experienced in her calm and serene life before. How dare he speak to her like that and manhandle her like he was doing. She was livid at the liberties he was taking and in that moment her anger gave her the strength to lift her leg and kick him in his manhood with all her strength. As he groaned and fell back in shock and pain, she freed her arms, turned and tried to open the door to get away. However he was soon behind her again, trapping her once more as he caught her wrist and pulled her to him, bringing her crashing to his chest, again.

This intolerable man, who she could hardly see in the dim light, was beginning to stir some unknown feelings within her. She wasn't sure if it was fear or anger or...was it lust? She struggled with these new sensations and the inner turmoil he had created through their encounter. No one had ever treated her in this rough manner, let alone any man! So how could she feel like this towards him! She gave herself a mental shake and tried to clear her confused brain. But the insistent stirring she was experiencing in the pit of her stomach refused to go away! She looked up towards his face and as she met his eyes and looked into the molten orbs she register a raw lust and desire in them! It sent a shudder down her spine. 

As she felt the shiver run through her whole body her brain registered the state she was in. Her pallu was lying at her feet and the irregularly daring blouse she was wearing revealed more skin than necessary. She felt extremely exposed and embarrassed at the situation as her breasts stuck to his chest.No wonder he thought she was some tart or other. She needed to put things straight right away and opened her mouth to do so when suddenly she felt crushed by the slamming of his lips on hers in a rough yet passionate kiss. 

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Posted: 5 years ago
Aww nice continue soon. Pm me.
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Posted: 5 years ago
My god! That was fantastic!
Why did you stop there?(I have to say this :D)
No but really I wish I could read it all in one go.
Seems veryy interesting and arousing ;)
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Posted: 5 years ago
Iam gonna love this story
totally different and matureWink
please pm me when u nxt update
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Posted: 5 years ago
cmptly diffrnt...
very senseous nd promisng...
pm me fr nxt...
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Posted: 5 years ago
awesome.. plz update soon..!!
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Posted: 5 years ago
OK when are u updating the next part? This was awesome. 
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Posted: 5 years ago
It was an awsumm start indeed..!!Plz continue soon...!!! 
And plz pmme whenever u update..:) 
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