TaaRey SS : Humsafar (Ch 10, Pg 135)

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The room was decorated with red and white flowers, well lit by candles. The smell of rose and lavender filled the room when he entered inside the room taking calculative steps. For the first time in life he don't how to react, though he got married few hours before but he was feeling nothing, neither he was sad nor happy. Closing the door behind him he made her aware of his presence. Taani, his bride was standing near the window turn around to face him. She had already changed her wedding attire into her night dress. Their marriage was just for Rihaan so this wedding night and all mean nothing to them. Rey look at her attire if it was some other day he would have laugh at her but he was too nervous to say anything.

"Taani" He started to say but taani hurriedly come toward him and asked her to keep quiet through her action. Rey gave her confuse look, raised one eyebrow at her asking what is wrong. Taani smiled and pointed toward bed where his four months old son was sleeping peacefully. Rey turn toward taani and smiled. Awkward silence fell between them.

"Its getting late, you can sleep on bed and I'll sleep on couch" Taani said not making it awkward for them as it already was.

"No! I mean you can sleep on bed with rihaan and I'll take the couch" Rey argued with her. Taani gave him nervous smile. Though tanya and taani are twins, their features are also same but they are complete opposite in nature. While tanya was bold, mature and confident, taani is shy, innocent and childish.

"Jij...Rey" Taani corrected herself before she could address him as her jiju. She is married to him now, taani reminded herself. Rey smiled when she corrected herself and looked nervously at him. His smile encouraged her to speak to her without hesitation.

"If you're okay with it we can share bed" Taani stuttered, her fingers were playing with the hem of her t shirt. Rey who was observing her every move took a step close to her.

"I know taani our marriage is for rihaan. But you can share everything with me without any hesitation. And we can share bed " Rey said to her while taking her hand in his. She look into his dark brown eyes, found herself introducing to some foreign emotion. Taani nodded still lost in his eyes.

Rey goes into the washroom to change his clothes while taani sat on bed beside Rihaan. She was caressing his head with love. She love him more than anything, can do anything for her little baby. Taani was too busy in looking at rihaan didn't notice Rey who was admiring them standing few steps away from bed. No body could say taani is not Rihaan's real mother, the way taani love him, took care of him it increased respect for taani in Rey's heart . She took care of rihaan's every need since his birth. He come out from his reverie when he heard her calling out for him in know tone, she shook his head at her shy nature.

"Rey! can you go and bring Rihaan's baby cardle from my home tomorrow?" Taani asked him, Rey walked toward her and sat on bed facing her.

"Okay and his most things are also there, I will bring them too" Rey answered her. After Rihaan's birth he was staying with taani at her place. As rey was not in state that time that he could take care of a baby alone. In those four months when rihaan was with taani, Rey used to go everday at her place to spend some time with his son.

Rey kissed Rihaan's forehead and laid down on his side of bed and taani on her. Rey covered themselves with blanket and switched off lights. Both were tired because of wedding, taani sleep into deep slumber with her hand placed on Rihaan's stomach. Rey's mind was wondering around him and taani. He never wanted to marry taani destroy her life as he know he can't give her love she deserve, his heart belong to his wife tanya.

"Taani, I don't know if i will ever be able to give you love but I promise to myself I will give you every happiness and place in my heart you deserve as a mother of my child" Rey thought to himself, looking at taani who was sleeping peacefully looking innocent like a child.

"Bhale hi tumne Rihaan ko janam na diya ho but tumne use zindgi di hai, uski ma banke. Aur iske liye main tumhare liye kuch bhi karu woh kam hai fir bhi main try karunga, duniya ki har khushi mein tumhe du" Rey spoke in low tone looking at her. For him none had more right on rihaan than taani, even he himself come after her. Rey slipped into sweet slumber admiring his little family with a hope for their better future.



Prologue - Scroll Up
Character Sketch - Scroll Down
Chapter 1
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-Character Sketch-

Reyaansh Singhaniya, 27 years old cold-blooded businessman who can go to any level to succeed. A disciplinarian and short tempered by nature but a family man who can do anything for his family. Shattered after his wife Tanya's death. Married to taani, tanya's twin sister just for his four months old son Rihaan.

Taani Singhaniya, 23 years old bubbly girl who can bring smile on anyone's face. Loves Rihaan more than her life and married to Rey just for rihaan. Miss her sister tanya alot. She is sweet and very shy in nature, she is naive and a child at heart. 

Tanya Singhaniya, Rey's wife died 4 moths back while giving birth to their son Rihaan. Loved her family and sister alot. After her death taani took care of Rihaan like a mother.

Rihaan Singhaniya, 4 months old baby boy of Rey. His mother died when she was giving him birth since then he is with her maasi, taani. Life of singhaniya family.


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Taani and Tanaya are twin sister
Taani loves her disters daughter so much
In true sence she is her mother
Even Rey admitts that too
Rey will take care of both of them his family
But waiting ti see when love takes birth between them.
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nice prolgue taarey are married and they married because rihaan intresting thankgod rey ka frist wife ka naam tanya hain koi aur naam nahi waiting for frist chapter and plz pm meEdited by R.sailaja - 2014-12-02T10:08:26Z
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awsm concept nice prologue part 1update soon.
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Posted: 2014-12-02T08:50:25Z
awesome concept awww rehaan has to suffer so much and taarey too ,update soon
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Posted: 2014-12-02T09:54:42Z
Lovely concept Dr..
Plz do continue regularly...
And plz plz plz update first chap soon with tr romance scene...
And update all ur other stories too...
Plz plz plz plz update waiting eagerly...
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Awsum concept...
Prologue and cs r amazing...
Plz update soon...Edited by TR_lovebirds - 2014-12-02T15:31:35Z
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