||Abhiya Joint FF- Lost..Three Tangled Lives|| Ch 5 Pg 29 [25/01]

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Hi everyone...welcome to a new joint Abhiya FF!!!!! Party

It will be written by myself and MohanaluvAbhiya aka Mohana di

We hope you all enjoy the FF and we get lots of likes and comments

Thanks everyone for the love and support we always get from or readers

Now onto the story...first chapter written by Mohana di

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Chapter 1- pg 1
Chapter 2- pg 10
Chapter 3- pg 17
Chapter 4- pg 21
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SmileHi guys, this is a joint ff by myself(Mohana) & my favourite writer & sweet sister, Meghna.Edited by MohanaLuvAbhiya - 5 years ago
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It has been 200 years that I haven't seen the outside world locked in this room with silver walls. Only Siddharth have the key of this room, more than thousand times I have tried to get out of this room but failed. So many times I have begged Siddharth to let me go but that mercyless creature never listened to me. Everything got changed from that night, the night when I lost my love & my life . I can never forget that night, it has been 200 years but still it seems a matter of yesterday.
       When I came back to sense that night, my eyes I couldn't see anything except dense clouds everwhere. I felt a sharp pain at my neck. My eyes were searching for him but I couldn't see him anywhere. Then I saw a male figure coming towards me, I assumed its Abhendra, my love but as he came closer I saw it was not Abhendra instead it was that traitor because of whom all these happened, it was Siddharth. Me and Abhendra were very happy with each other, we loved each other a lot but because of his social status our union was not possible in the eyes of this world. We couldn't live without each other so we had decided to ran away to a place where we could live together happily but my father caught us before we could get away. It was all because of Siddharth, he informed my father about me and Abhendra's relationship. My father put Abhendra in prison and order death sentence for him but I freed him from the prison so the death sentence falled upon me. My father had put his own daughter in fire for his social status. But my love came back for me, to save me he also came inside fire. I fainted and therefore I dont know what happened after that .       
"Where is Abhhendra? Have you done something to him? Where is he? Answer me now", I screamed demanding answer from Siddharth . "Relax Princess, my little brother is absolutely fine but you know he have got bored with you so therefore he did not came back for you," said Siddharth. "I dont believe a single word of you. I know my Abhendra can never leave me. Just tell me where is he", I said angryly. "If he couldn't live without you then he should have been over here in my place. He havent saved you, I saved you so you are mine now", he said with an evil smile. "Just stop your nonsense, do have any idea how much I hate you ?", I said getting irritated with his words."You have no option dear as your love Abhendra is not over here to protect you from me," he said. "He will come, I trust him", I said. "Princess, I forgot to tell you something that is you are dead", he said with an evil smirk. "What?", I said not understanding his words. "Not only you dear, me & Abhendra are also dead. All the three of us have died in the fire. The life we are living now is the life of a Vampire. Do you understand Vampires? They are dead person who feed on the blood of the living things. I gave you this life, so now thank me", he said. "I dont believe your nonsense," I replied. He laughed loudly showing his fangs, I got afraid seeing them. "Dont be afraid princess, you are also like this now", he said. All those things looked like a horrible dream for me. I tried to ran from there but he caught me and carried to a deserted place where he bound my hands with silver chains. My hands started to burn & I begged him to free my hands . After sometime he freed my hands. I was too weak to even move. He purposely didnt gave me anything to eat or drink so that I dont get strength to run from his clutches. After two days he took me to a house which was having a room whose walls are made up of silver. "I made this for you princess, do you like it? from now you are going to live over here & let me tell you one thing, if you ever try to get out of this room, you will only hurt yourself without any success because its made of silver which Vampires cant touch, Understand?" he said. I looked at the room, trying to find a gate-away from it. But it dose not even have a window. "Fine, if vampires cant touch sliver then you also wont be able to get out or come in this room", I said challenging him. "You dont have to worry about me princess, I have the key of this room & let me tell you the key is not made of silver," said he. From that time I have tried numerous times to get the key but I could never achieve sucess. Siddharth only bring blood for me, human blood. At first I used to refuse from taking it but my thirst had compeled me to accept human blood.
            I heard a sound at the door, when I looked I saw Siddharth entering from the door. I made no movement as his presence dose not matter for me. "Are you not happy to see me princess?" , he asked. "You know Siddharth, you have tried soo many things to make me forget Abhendra, to take Abhendra's place in my life but let me tell you after all your efforts you failed miserably . You can keep me over here forcefully but you can never get my love. My love is always for my Abhendra. I know one day he will come & free me from your clutchess & you have to pay for separating true love ," I said. "You are right, I have done a big crime by separating two lovers. Finally I have realised my mistake therefore I have come to free you now," he said opening the door widely.
I was puzzled at this behaviour of Siddharth."Is this some new plan of yours"? I asked. "No princess, I just want to see you happy & I know your happiness lies in Abhendra. Go back to your love princess", he said. Without wasting a single moment I ran from there. It was after 200 years that I had came out from that room . It was dark outside.    I remember my Abhendra's smell very nicely so i took a deep breath to trace Abhendra , as soon as I traced him i ran in that direction. I was soo happy, finally was going to see my love after 200 years. Through out these 200 years i have missed him in each & every moment. Finally i reached the place from where Abhendra's smell was coming. I saw him, my love, my Abhendra but he havent seen me yet. He was standing alone in the middle of the forest. I couldn't move from my place after seeing him. Then a strange thing happened. I saw myself hugging Abhendra from the back but i was wearing a different dress & my hair was curly instead of being straight. I thought maybe I am imagining. "Finally you came, from when I am waiting for you my love, PIA", said Abhendra. I couldn't understand what was happening. Is this some dream but why he called me Pia. "Princess you met your love? Oh, I am soo sorry I havent seen that your love is already making love to someone else right now", Said Siddharth standing at my back. " What nonsense is this? I am sure this is another plan of yours", I said.
" Princess, I forgot to tell you that my little brother is in love with a human look-alike of you. Her name is Pia", said Siddharth. " I dont believe you, my Abhendra can never give my place to any one else. He loves me only me", I said with anger. " Fine , you dont believe me but you believe your Abhendra right? Then see with your own eyes what he is doing", said Siddharth. I looked towards Abhendra, he was kissing that girl & he said," Pia, you are soo cute & soo romantic, I am very lucky to have you in my life. I love you Pia." Blood started flowing from my eyes. My Abhendra have forgotten me & have given my place to some else. I thought that nothing can ever destroy our love , that our love is for etarnity but a human look-alike of mine had snatched my love from me. Now Abhendra loves her not me. My pain started changing into anger. "I wont let them live happily ever. Abhendra, I had given my life for you, loved you even after death but you have given my place to some one else so easily . You have to pay for this Abhendra", I said to myself. Then I turned back to Siddharth & said,
" Siddharth, I want to became more powerful, I dont care how but I just want power. You will help me right"?
" Offcourse my princess", he replied. At that time the difference between right & wrong ceased to exist for me anymore. I just want my revenge, revenge for my lost love. I decided to kill that girl in the most horrible manner in front of Abhendra's eyes & this is going to be his punishment for betraying my love.
                            RAJKUMARI GAITRI     SINGHI SHIVRANJINI MAITHILI GAURIMA PANDHER. Edited by MohanaLuvAbhiya - 5 years ago
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Thanks for the PM. Nice Joint FF.
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Originally posted by Sum29

Thanks for the PM. Nice Joint FF.
Thanks for liking it dear.
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