New OS - BEST Birthday Gift

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HERE IS SMALL OS gift FOR  MY friend on Her Bday

happy Birthday 

"Everything's gunna be fine Ram" Vikram spoke down the phone reassuring his friend. Ram hadn't been this nervous for as long as he could remember. In fact the last time he remembered being this nervous was when he was trying to propose her in Party and eat 5 plates Jalebi 

"Ok well don't be late" Ram said for about the billionth time to him. Hearing laughter on the other end of the line Ram hung up. He read his msg from friend telling him everything was ready he just needed to get Priya to the right places at the right time.

He quickly checked over all the times once more before putting his phone back in his pocket and picking up the tray with a freshly made breakfast of it and a single rose with a small tag wrapped around it Saying "morning gudiya'.

He smiled proud of himself before carrying it up to the bedroom where Priya was still sleeping happily. His smile grew wider as he stopped in the bedroom doorway and watched Priya stretch out tiredly as a small tired squeaky groan escaped her before she flopped back into her pillow barely noticing Ram stood in the doorway. Ram walked towards her side of the bed placing the tray on the bedside table before perching himself on the edge of the bed. He brushed her hair out of her face before leaning down placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"Morning Ram" Priya said taking a deep breath her eyes still lightly shut.

"Morning Gudiya" Ram said happily as Priya finally let her eyes flicker open. "I made you breakfast" Ram smiled proudly standing up from the edge of the bed he carefully passed the tray over to Priya from the bedside table before going around to his side of the bed sliding back in next to her.

"Gm Gudiya" Priya giggled looking aside at Ram as she held the rose with the small tag wrapped around it between her fingers. "someone being romantic today?" Priya asked raising her eyebrows slightly.

"Baby you make it sound like I never pay attention to you now plz say gm in our style i m waitng" Ram said laughing a little rolling his eyes at Priya's question.

"Well its brilliant" Priya said leaning over to kiss Ram;s cheek softly before making a start on eating her breakfast.

"What are you eating anyway" Priya asked stopping as she noticed Ram only sat with a mug of coffee.

"I had a burnt slice of bread while I was making yours" Ram grinned placing his empty mug on the floor.

He let Priya finish her breakfast before reaching under the bed carefully grabbing hold of the wrapped presents under the bed putting them in front of Priya as she put the tray back on the bedside table. "Happy birthday by the way gorgeous" Ram said as Priya turned her attention to the presents on her lap.

"Thank you" Priya smiled leaning across and kissing Ram on the cheek.

WOW AAJ do baar gud morning in our style...

"You've not seen them yet "Ram winked wriggling his eyebrows. He watched as Priya carefully picked up the first present and un-wrapped it Ram said b4 u see gifts my return gift only one kiss( pointing to his cheeks) here she noded and start unwrapping and her smile grew wider as she un-wrapped the 1st box complete set of Madhushala Book with Amitabh Bachhan's sign..

Priya gushed in complete shock that Ram had actually bought her a unexpected book .She hugged Ram tightly thanking him as she left a lingering kiss on the side of his face before picking up the next present. This one was slightly bigger and round. She pulled the wrapping paper off revealing a box of celebrations. She laughed remembering back to the celebrations fights they had had in the past. Throwing celebrations at each other had always been a favourite way to pass the time when they were both bored.

"We can play a game later" Ram grinned as Priya laughed at the box of celebrations sat in front of her. Priya rolled her eyes before picking up the last gift on the bed. She pulled off the paper and sat looking at the box with the Ram and priya photos in heart shape on it. She open gift and flipped the lid seeing a custom made beaded necklace. The pendant bit looked a lot like something Ram had drawn for Priya when they had first met.

"Oh my god Ram this is amazing" Priya chocked feeling tears begin to form in her eyes hugging him. He placed a kiss against her forehead holding her tightly. He pulled Priya onto his lap so her back was leant against his chest. He picked up the necklace carefully and put it on Priya planting small kisses on her neck as he did.

"It's one of a kind only for you the only ever person to have this. this heart shape of necklace reminds me P and R always " He spoke softly in her ear letting his lips linger there for a moment. Priya felt chills run down her spine. She turned her head to face him.

"Thank you Ram I love you" Priya spoke softly feeling Ram's breath on her face. It wasn't much longer before Ram's lips landed on hers and began kissing her slowly.

"Mmm I love you too" Ram sighed happily as he pulled away passing Priya the card that still sat on her side of the bed. Priya smiled taking the card from him and opening it. A smile spread on her face as she read.

*Priya my gorgeous my Hitler I love you so much and wanted this birthday to be the best ever so before you let me get too carried away and we're late for everything we should really get dressed and it's all a surprise so no asking. Have a freaking awesome day love you lots gudiya*

Priya giggled reading the card. Feeling a pair of arms squeeze her Priya realised she must've been daydreaming longer than she thought.

"Thank you Ram you're so amazing to me" She said leaving a soft kiss on his cheeks once more before shuffling off his lap and out of bed to get herself dressed. Ram sat and watched Priya walking around the room picking up various clothes and her makeup bag before heading off into the bathroom.. He changed his clothes then sat himself on the edge of the bed and opened his sock draw picking out the small velvet box he smiled as he flipped it open staring at the ring inside. Hearing the bathroom lock click he flipped the lid shut and shoved it in his pocked before pulling a pair of socks out the draw shutting it behind him. "Hope im not over or under dressed" Priya laughed a little as she walked towards Ram looking fresh and more awake.

"You look perfect" Ram smiled wrapping his arms around her. Priya let her head rest on Ram's shoulder as he held her.
He resting his head on hers letting his eyes close for a second as he took in her intoxicating scent.
 Ram's phone rang out in his pocket disturbing the moment he and Priya were sharing. He pulled it out his pocket seeing Vikram's name flash on the screen.

"Ready Ram" Vikram spoke quickly down the phone.

"Ok see you" Ram spoke hanging up the phone. He let go of Priya and put his jacket on before taking Priya's hand and guided her out the house where Vikram stood waiting dressed in a suit. Priya looked at him confused as she walked out the house with Ram.

"You'll see" Ram grinned greeting Vikram. "So are we going then?" Ram asked realising the three of them were just stood around like lemons.

"Yeah after the lovely lady" Vikram said letting Priya walk to his car first. Once at the car Vikram opened the door for Ram and Priya letting them get comfy before shutting the door and going around to the driver's seat and pulling off down the road.

"So where are we going Ram please tell me" Priya pleaded letting her hand slip into his.

"I just can't tell you it's way too secret" Ram laughed as he let his hand play a sweet game with Priya's

"Ohh. I knew this day was coming your gunna throw me off a cliff so you can be with Vikram" Priya joked receiving laughs from both Vikram and Ram.

"Ohh no i cant bear this Haathi" Vikram joked taking a quick glance at Ram and Priya in his rear view mirror.
"Well better put the blind fold on and go to plan B" Ram joked as he reached behind him grabbing a piece of dark material. He let go of Priya's hand and held the dark material before her. Priya shook her head in response to Ram's idea but soon began to laugh as Ram's lips formed into a false pout. "Please gudiya is the only for a little while" Ram grinned cheekily. Priya rolled her eyes and let Ram place the dark material around her head securely careful not to hurt her before pulling it down over her eyes so she couldn't see where they were going. Ram placed a soft kiss on her cheeks as he finished tying the bind fold on.

"stop it ram vikram is here" Priya said

"Not in the back of my car thanks" Vikram stated trying to make a point as he turned another corner. The car soon slowed to a stop. Ram got out of the car helping Priya out before guiding her in the direction he needed her to go carefully. He placed a small kiss on the side of her face before taking the blindfold off her. Priya stood in shock as she gazed at the scene in front of her. She looked around still not sure this was actually happening but she was suddenly reassured when her eyes met with the sight of

Steve Waugh, Sachin Tendulkar, Jackie Chain and Vikram now stood with Ram.

"Welcome to the Eden Garden " Ram spoke with a proud grin on his face as Priya looked around a very familiar setting she had always dreamed of being in many times before.  Tears filled Priya's eyes as a wide smile spread on her lips. She still couldn't this was actually real.her bday party in Eden garden with Steve waugh and Sachin Tendulkar and jackie Chain...

 Ram walked up to her taking her hand carefully in his. "You need to meet a few people" Ram spoke softly distracting her from the people walking in behind them. He turned her around so she was now facing some of her favourite celebrity and player...

"Oh my god" Was all Priya could manage to say as her right hand flew to her face her smile growing wider.
"You know we don't bite" The voice of Steve waugh sounded as he smiled happily towards Priya who was still stood completely speechless holding on to Ram's hand.

"Im just I can't beleive it" Priya spoke as she got individual hugs and a few photos with Jackie Chain,Steve waugh, Sachin Tendulkar, "So happy Birthday Again said this they bid bye to her...

Priya's favourite song started playing suddenly. Priya spun around again to see Vikram, Neha and Shruti playing her favourite song. She looked around noticing Ram had seemed to have disappeared but found herself in shock when she noticed him knelt down on one knee holding a little velvet box in his hands.

"So I thought I'd try and give you the best birthday ever" Ram said nervously letting his eyes meet with the shocked face of Priya.

"You already had" Priya managed to croak as she felt happy tears fill her eyes again.

"Im not finished yet gudiya" Ram let out a nervous laugh. "Any way here's the really soppy bit. I love you so much words can't explain it. In fact I don't even doing all this for you explains it and I know how much you love me  and I really hope your gunna say yes to this" Ram smiled up at Priya flipping the lid of the box to reveal a diamond ring. "Will you marry me again please?" Ram asked nervously his eyes meeting the teary ones of Priya.

"I love you too Ram yes I'll marry you thousand times Ram" Priya smiled letting a tear fall gently down her face. Ram stood up wiping it away before placing the ring on her finger. He kissed her softly allowing her to fall softly against his body as various claps and cheers around them.

I think this was the best birthday gift for Priya

The End

Happy Birhday

Hope u like it


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nice OS
thnks for pmSmile
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Posted: 2014-11-21T07:39:52Z
Wow wow so lovely cute n romantic tha no words to express kaash yeh show Mein dikhate keep writing
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Posted: 2014-11-21T07:51:30Z
Awesome OS!!!
Ram's surprises were soo cute!!!
Kash BALH main bhi Priya k birthday ka scene hota...
But koi baat nahi read this OS and it's awesome!!
Thanks 4 pm!!!
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Posted: 2014-11-21T09:54:45Z
Wonderful osTongue
Loved Ram's surprises...
Do write more...
Thanks for PMTongueTongue
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Posted: 2014-11-21T10:05:12Z
hey..that was very cute. sach me yaar i also think k instead of showing rams birthday in balh, cvs could have shown priyas birthday. aur ram showering her with gifts and lots of kisses.
do write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2014-11-21T10:58:51Z
nice os
thanks for pm
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Posted: 2014-11-21T11:37:30Z
very nice...
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