TR OS - Last Night

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Hello Guys! I'm back with an OS, a timepass OS so don't blame me if you guys find it boring because I myself don't what I have penned down.

-- | Last Night | --

I woke up after a peaceful sleep and my eyes immediately accustomed themselves to the light entering the room through the glass window. I look around at my surrounding, i was laying down king sized bed then realization drawned over me, I dont have a king sized bed at home. I finally came out of my sleepy state and took a moment to analyse the room I was in. To my dismay this wasn't my room at all. In fact i am in very luxurious room, with the theme of red and white. Where am I and how did I landed up here? I got off the bed only to fall back on it again. That's when I realized that I am not even in my clothes, i was wearing white shirt that covered my body till mid thigh and on top of that I can't even feels my legs, I feel so sore down there.

I clutched my head due to the unendurable pain. This was so damn frustrating, first i dont know where the hell i am? And Second i dont know what had happened with me last night but trust me I wasnt getting possitive vibes remembering last night. All I get was, flashes of last night when i was in pub then meeting my boss there, he offerred me drink, and me getting drunk and after that I dont remember a f**king thing.

"Shit" I curse under my breath when i fall back on bed again while trying to get up, I was sore down there and thats not a good sign, its freaking means I had sex with someone last night and i freaking dont know with whom, Oh god what kind of girl i am. I lost my virginity to a stranger. Urgh right now i feeling like killing someone.

My head snapped at the direction of door when i heard someone chuckled, I felt my throat went dry seeing the greek god himself standing there, I gasp at the realization, the look on his face told me clearly it was him, it was him, my boss with whom i spent night.

"Good morning, Taani" His husky voice broke my reverie, Ignoring the pain i was feeling down there, I stood up from my place which result a shriek escaped from my lips. Hearing which my sexy asshole of a boss smirk. God help me with my anger today. I so wanted to wipe of that smirk but i knew one wrong move might cost me my job which i cant afford so i kept quiet.

"Good morning, Sir" I emphasized on sir, earning a chuckle from him, leaving me in shock seeing my arrogant boss smiling that too at me.

"So how was the last night" His voice send shiver down my spine, His breath tickle over my ear lobe, my mind flooded with confusion. I had sex with my boss and he is behaving as if it was most normal thing he had ever done. God! You love so much na. I am great in trouble. I am sure now he is going to kick me out for behaving like a s**t last night. I mean who would want someone like me to let work in their office. I am such a s**t, i slept with my boss, about whom i dont know anything except his name.

"I dont know what are you talking about." I answered him, acting clueless about anything in which i guess i was failing badly. His close proximity was driving me crazy.

I look up at him, meeting with his chocolate brown hypnotiz eyes. The soft look on his face was something i had never seen before. The cold hearted business man reyaansh singhania was no where to be seen that moment. He was rey just rey, a normal guy.

"You cant even walk two steps without hissing in pain. And you are saying you dont know what i am talking about." Rey spoke while decreasing the gap between our bodies, My senses stop working, like a normal girl would do in this situation, I also did the same. I blushed furiously, surprising myself. Surprising? Why? Till now no one could make me blush even after trying so many cheesy things and here i was blushing only at his close proximity, so yeah it was surprising for me. I came out my thoughts feeling his hand on my thighs. His finger felt so soft yet manly, he was massaging my thighs, i didnt wanted him to stop but still i have to stop him. Gaining some courage i pushed his hands away.

"Mr. Reyaansh singhania. Just because we had sex last night it doesnt gave you right on me. Keep your hands to yourself" I could feel my own heart crushed under the weight of my own words but i didnt had any choice either. I dont want to be his sex toy and i know that too staying near him would only lead to a heart break because reyaansh sighania apart from his excellent business magement skills, is known for his play boy image. Every week he had different girl in his arms and i dont want to be one of them. So mainting distance from him is best for me.

I saw a flash of hurt in his brown orbs but he masked it next second with his as usual arrogant look.

"Really? You really want me to maintain distance?" He asked me in surprising tone. Taking one step toward me and pushed me in result i fall on bed correction his bed.

"Last night you were asking me not to leave you ever than what happen now? Was it really a night stand for you" Rey questioned me, his body was hovering over mine, making my breath get heavier because of our close proximty.

I didn't knew what to answer him, I wasn't that type of a girl who would be with someone just for night then after that forget everything. I turn my head sideways, not meet his intense gaze.

"I know taani you are not that type of girl who would spent a night with someone and forget that in click of a finger. Then why are you doing this? Why are you pushing me away from you when you don't want to"

He said to me, brushing the strand of my hair that was falling over my face. His soft voice send shiver down my spine. I wanted to accept the truth, I feel something for him but i couldn't bring myself to accept the truth and tell him that.

"Sir please leave me" I pleaded to him, ingoring my plead he bend down and captured my lips in his. The feel of his lips sent me into world of bliss. He smooched my lower lip, i fight with my urge to kiss him back but alas,my heart won and I kissed him back, taking his upper lip between mine. I lived the moment by responded back to his kiss, dont know i will ever be able to get close to him, I live that moment.

I let out a loud moan as his fingers brushed against my dripping core. The tempreture of the room was increasing by each passing second so was the passion between us.

My hand reached out for his jeans to opened the button while he ripped away my oops his shirt leaving me naked underneanth his muscular body.

Pulling a blanket over our naked bodies, we lost ourselves in pleasurable ride to heaven, he was so gentle with me, knowing i was already sore he took every care not to hurt me in slightest way which somewhat increase my feelings and respect for him.

After our tiring love making session if that i can call it, he was laying with his head over my chest while his arms around me. Neither i nor he spoke any word, we were living the moment without caring about future.

"Last night I lost my virginity while taking yours"

Suddenly Rey spoke breaking my reverie. I got shock of my life hearing his words. Gripping his hair in gentle grip i made him look into my eyes and what i see was truth, pure truth.

"I know you weren't accepting me because you think I'm a playboy who sleep around like a desparate chimpanzee. I don't blame you for that, you believed what you saw on television and in newspapers, magzines."

"Then what about those girl, Every week there is a different girl in your arms?


Hearing my question he chuckled. I glared at him

"That was because its part of my job sweetheart, I own a fashion house that also not a small one. Our fashion house is world's second best, so to do everything with perfection i have to inspect everything personally and in between that i interract with models, designers and in parties i have to pose with him to show how great friends we are even if dont know each other. And media post them as if i had affair with every second on planet. Thats a thing come with success, unwanted rumours."

I listened to him, My happiness new no bound. I could feel honesty in his voice.

"Really? Then why you always act like a hitler" I bite my tongue, the words escaped without my constant and now I am going to pay the price. I was ready to face his wrath.

But i got shocked of my life when I heard his deep chuckle. Flipping us over bed, he came top of me. I admire his perfect body.

"Hitler? Really taani! I thought you wont say that on my face. Miss. Little-scared-kitten. Rey laughed hearing which my heart skipped a beat or two.

"But on a serious note. I'm not a hilter I just love being in control, I want everything perfect. You can say side effects of success"

He continued further, I can understood him after all he is the reyaansh singhania so throwing attitude is must.

"What you think about me?" I asked him in low tone scared for the rejection.

"I you, you are the sweetest person I've ever met and your presense make me feel special"

I was in aww when he confessed. Rey was playing with my hair but his eyes didn't left mine.

"I like you too, Even after how rough you were last night with me"

I pouted cutely remembering how sore i was down there. Rey chuckled and peck my lips.

"Sorry about last night, I could't control myself"

"Its okay"

We stayed in same position for some more time which he decided to broke with his sudden question that starlete for a moment.

"So are we in relation now?"

His excited tone made me chuckle at his childishness.

"I guess, Yes"

I laughed at him when he did that small step of victory dance.

"I Love you taani, Since the time you had joined my office I fell for you more n more. I really love you! Don't ever leave me"

"I won't and I love you too Mr. Reyaansh Singhania"

I confessed those feeling i buried deep inside me because i was afraid of rejection ans heart break.

Rey passed me one of his charming breath taking smile and captured my lips in his, Kissing me with passion and love that take in an another world of bliss. Last night changed everything, my decision of going pub for the very first time in my life turned out to be the best decision i have ever made. Last night had given me moments to cherished forever. I was happy, I was feeling content having a man like him to love me, in my arms.

So hows it? Worst..Or...Bad.
Do leave your feedback.
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Posted: 2014-11-19T20:10:56Z
once again a boss secretary
but he is different
he removed all rumours fro taanis heart and mind by saying 
he lost his virginity along with taani... 
loved rey's words passion and care
and obviously it was hot
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Posted: 2014-11-19T21:04:35Z
hot romantic os
luvd it
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Posted: 2014-11-19T22:16:12Z
amazing os
loved taareys talk

loved taareys romance

was way too hot to handel

and taarey confession was also too adorable and cute\

keep writting more of these timepass os
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Posted: 2014-11-19T22:47:52Z
hot romantic os
luvd it
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Posted: 2014-11-19T23:30:02Z
Awww tht was so cute & luvly os
Rey Luv taani & all tht news were
Fake & finally both confess thanks for PM Edited by raddhi - 2014-11-20T00:55:39Z
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Posted: 2014-11-19T23:38:52Z
Fantastic and very hot os...
Superb keep writing like this always...

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Posted: 2014-11-19T23:51:07Z
That was fantastic! 
Loved it 
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