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I am writing this piece assuming Shagun-Ashok wedding all went well and they are off from the life of IshRa for the good, along with Adi Clap.


NOTE: Please do not copy this to any other website or blog without prior permission.


PS: just thought of writing this out of frustration for the current track. Please do not bash if certain Medical scenarios doesn't seem practical enough as this is Purely Fiction and I like to read happy fairy tales... so... just wanted to write this...

Do let me know if this should be continued or I should just wrap it up as an OS.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. BUDDY ME FOR PMsSmile

PSS: this is my first attempt at writing an OS/SS.

Index for the next parts is at the end of Part1. Smile


It was a usual morning in the Bhalla house... Breakfast time

Ishita was getting Roohi ready for the school...but her face was missing her usual smile...and she looked tired too... Roohi asked her "kya hua Ishimaa... Aap itne tired kyu lagg rhe ho?" Ishita smiled at her, thinking daughters are so sensitive. She replied "kuch nahi bachaa, just a little tummy pain but abhi Ishimaa breakfast kr k medicine legi and she will be fine" Roohi looked satisfied with her answer, although someone else was not. Raman was standing at the door and listening to this mother-daughter convo. He looked worried but instantly changed his expression when Roohi and Ishita saw him. He came into the room and took Roohi and her school bag saying "let's go Roohi...aaj Daadi aapko breakfast krvayenge and Daadu aapko school drop krenge..." Roohi got all excited and left the room.

Raman came to Ishita and asked her "Ishita... are you OK?" to which she replied "ya ya I am fine, mujhe kya hona hai, aur aapne papaji ko kyu bola Roohi ko dorp krne ko, I was going to drop her to school" and then Raman replied with his usual one liner but with a loving dimpled smile "haa haa tumhe ho bhi kya sakta hai..dheeth madraasan. Anyways, kuch halka khaana breakfast mein,   Varna tummy pain jyada ho gya to mujhe he problem hogi. Madam ko doctor k pass le k jao phirr. Take care" Ishita smiled but replied sarcastically "thanks Ravan Kumar. Abhi jao, varna aap office k liye late ho jaoge and vaise bhi aise lectures dena aapko suit nahi krta." Raman smiled at her once again and said "jaa rha hoon. Take care."

After everyone was done with their breakfast and Raman, Roohi and Mr. Bhalla left, Ishita grabbed the hot water bottle and went to her room. After a while Mrs. Bhalla came to Ishita's room and saw she is lying on the bed eyes close and a painful expression on her face. She asked, "Ishita puttar, kya hua tune aaj kaam pe ni jana? Teri tabiyat to theek hai na?" Ishita tried to get up and sit saying, "pta ni mummy ji, iss baar mere periods late ho gye hai but last 1-2 din se ye periods ka pain nahi hatt rhe. Pata nhi kyu. Aur aaj subah se to bht jyada ho rha hai." Mrs. Bhalla got more worried and said, "oh fitteh muh, tu svere kyu ni dasseya, subah se kaam krne lagi hui thi. Chal abhi uth tu, main tujhe doctore k paas le kar chalti hu." Ishita panicked a little and said "nhi nhi mummyji main theek hu, itna jyada bhi nahi ho rha pain. Main thoda rest krungi to apne aap theek ho jaungi, aap please tension mat lo." Mrs. Bhalla tried to convince her again, "dekh puttar, aise period miss hone k baad pain hona, mujhe kuch theek ni lagg rha, tu chal uth ek baar doctor ki slaah le lete hai puttar."

Someone was standing outside the room listening all this.

Raman had come back home halfway from his office, on the pretext of forgetting an important file, but in reality he wanted to check on Ishita as he was worried for her. He know her quite well now, that she always helps everyone but when she is in pain, she choose to ignore that, so someone has to take care of her too and that someone would be her husband.

After listening to the conversation between Ishita and his Mom, he quickly dialed a number and barked some orders to his secretary. Then he entered the room and Ishita was surprised by Raman's sudden appearance at home because she thought that he had already left for his office. Mrs. Bhalla was about to tell him that Ishita is not feeling well and needs to be taken to a doctor bit Ishita grabbed her arm and gestured her not to say anything. Seeing the expressions on the faces of both the ladies, Raman blurted that he came back to get one of his file that he forgot this morning. Mrs. Bhalla left the room leaving IshRa alone.

Ishita asked Raman, "kya hua Raman, kaunsi file chahiye, main help krvaati hu?" and she started getting up from the bed and Raman right at this moment Raman ran to her and pushed her to make her sit back on the bed. Ishita - "kya hua Raman, let me get up and help you". Raman said, holding Ishita's hand - "main file lene nahi, tumhe check krne aaya tha, and its good I came back. Maine... tumhaari aur Mummy ki...baatein...suni..., tumne subhe kuch kyu nahi bataya Ishita." Ishita was speechless for a moment and she couldn't find words to reply back to Raman. She was a bit embarrassed as they have never talked about such personal girly things and she was feeling happy too seeing her husband's care and unspoken love. She didn't realized that she was giving a dumb expression to Raman and was constantly looking at him, which made him a little embarrassed as well. He got up from the bed beside her and told her "maine ek lady specialist ki appointment book krvai hai, tum ready ho jao. I am waiting outside." And Ishita finally came out of her thoughts and blushed a little. She told Raman while not looking at him "Raman I think ye meri uss problem ki wajah se hai, do you think we should go to my own doctor who knows my history?" After thinking for a minute Raman agreed and went out.



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wow...promising start...caring Ravan kumar...i loved Mrs Bhalla as well..plz update soon dear
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Posted: 2014-11-19T12:20:59Z
Its really awesome
Raman's care towards her was so sweet 
Please continue and update soon 

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Nice start...continue soon and pls PM me
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aww!!! raman soo caring!!! n embarassed! LOLLOL
waiting for ur next update!!
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absolutelyy brilliant!! loved ittt!! loved raman's care and concern!
cont sooonn.. n plsss PM me ! thankuuu so much in advance!
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nice yaar plz pm me the next part
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So beautiful...
Raman ka caring side dekhke bohut accha laga..
Loved the rappo Mrs.Bhalla and Ishita shares.
Continue sooonish.
Do pm me.
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