TaaRey 3S : The Diva -Completed-

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Hello guys! I'm back with 2 shots. This starts after TR break up. Banner is by Aichu. Enjoy Reading.

Chapter One

The soft moonlight falling over the window edge where she had dangerously hoisted herself. She furiously ran the charcoal pencil over the paper. Nothing eased her tension like sketching. Rotating the angle of paper she continued scratch its surface with her artistic strokes.

"Thak chuka hun mein taani se bas abb aur nahi reh sakta mein uske saath sharon.Tumhein pata hai mein uske saath bas isiliye tha kyunki woh swayum ki behen hai.mein kaha aur vo kahan, Mujhe toh hamesha se hi ek diva type ki ladki chaiye thi as my girlfriend . Taani jaise koi bechari nai, Mujhe tumhari jaise Sharon...tumhari jaisi..Stylish aur confident Diva chaiye thi as my girlfriend''

She took out all her anger, all her frustration on her sketch.

"Mission accomplished" She sighed, looking at the paper. Her all tension flew away in thin air.

"You wanted a diva as a girlfriend na then you will see my diva avatar and trust me Rey, you are gonna regret your words"

Taani thought with determination, She will prove him wrong. She isn't going to change herself for him but she will show him where he was wrong, he was wrong in expecting her to be like someone else, he was wrong in not respecting her real self, her real personallity.

She kept her sketch in her file and kept her file and other things in drawer and close it.

It was her little secret, no body knows she love paintings and sketching. It gave her immense happiness that no other work give.

Wiping her tears for the one last time, She slept with determination of starting her new life with her dreams which she forgot long ago because of her childishness thats what she call love now.


In morning, She woke up with bright smile, she had cried enough for those who don't even care for her, now she won't.

After getting ready, she prepared breakfast for herself, after having her breakfast, she left for college without waking swayum up and preparing breakast for him.

When she reached college every single person was surprised to see her new avatar, For the first time taani came college in car instead of aut riksha and second her attire shocked everyone, the girl who used to wear salwar suits and normal wear was now wearing a white knee length dress and no body could denied what true beauty she was looking.

Boys were staring at her with open mouth while girls gave her envy looks. Her new look pictures go viral on college sites. Taani smirk at the attention she was getting, it was making her bit nervous but she didn't show it on her face. With grace and attitude she went in VP sir's cabin.


"Guys did you see this" Nil and vicky entered in rehearsal hall with mobile phones in their hand.

"What are you both talking about?" Sharon questioned them, all were confused.

"This" Vicky handed her his cell phone in which college website was open.

Sharon played the video which some one uploaded with the tagline of 'St. Louis's new diva'. It was taani's video when she made an entry in morning.

"Taani" Sharon whispered in shock seeing the video, Rey who was least interested in their talks, his head snapped toward sharon.

Rey hadn't expected taani to come college after hearing his and sharon's conversation yesterday.

"Rey, you have to see this" Sharon as she handed him cell phone. With wide eyes Rey watched the video. He was feeling as if he was seeing someone else not his taani.

"She is not my taani" those word escape from his mouth as he turned off the mobile after watching ithe video.

Without giving any second glance to anyone he left the rehearsal hall in search of taani.


Taani come out of vp's cabin, taking his permission for a month leave and handling all her GS duties to rey for a while.

Rey saw her coming out from cabin, he went toward her. Taani gave him surprised look when rey hold her hand in his tight grip and drag her with him toward fire escape. All were looking at them, taani was shouting at him to leave her but he ignored all. Pulling her inside the F.E. with him, he locked the door.

"What happen? Are you angry big boy" She questioned him in casual tone, smirking at his amused expression.

"What the hell are you trying to prove by doing all this?" he questioned her back, she laughed at him question.

"You know my boy friend sorry...my ex boy friend was ashamed to call me his girl friend so I changed my self little. Now enough of this question answer, meri flight ka time ho raha hai I have to leave"

She said to him as if no big deal but from in side she was dying every second.

"Flight? Tum kahin jaa rahi ho?" he asked her, fear crept in his heart, the thought of her leaving him gripped his heart. He rubbed his sweaty palms together to ease her nervousness.

"Yeah! I am going london, There is a painting exibition in which I am taking part. Do you have any problem?"

Her voice was crisp and sharp, amused by her new attitude rey just stood there not knowing what to say.

"I never knew you are interested in paintings?"

She let out chuckle. Surprising him further with her sarcastic smile.

"There are so many things you dont know about me! I guess its enough now, why are wasting your time over an irritating girl like me."

Taani opened the door and ran away from there leaving a confuse and happy rey behind. Rey was happy that she was concentrating on her career but sad too that he dont know anything about her and she going away from her for a month.


Taani and ashi were sitting in an empty class room, they had come very close to each other and ashi is only friend of taani who support her in every decision and they share everything with each other.

"Aapka aur Rey ka break up ho gaya, aapko dard types nahi ho raha?"

Ashi asked her, their break up news had gone viral, now every single person in college is talking about it.

"Nah! Infact I am happy. Who would want to be with him. Everytime we meet he started chanting his rant about his dance, his friends. I was sick of that, main jaise unke liye kuch thi hi nahi so I am happy picha chutta unse, Like every girl i want some one who would love me, respect me with all his heart not hurt my self respect with his cruel actions and words like he did. Now i don't want waste my time by going after him. I going london where new beginning of my life is waiting for me"

Taani spoke with pain in her voice, her talks were half lie and half truth. She wasnt happy with their break up.

The D3 gang including rey who followed them and listening their talks hiding outside the room got shocked after hearing taani's words. Their heads turned to face rey who was looking broken. His moist eyes told them about their friend's condition.


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Chapter Two : Page 12
Chapter Three : Page 24


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I always love to read a strong Taani
her character is brilliant
loved taani's thoughts...
awesome begining 
this lines made me feel good
"Nah! Infact I am happy. Who would want to be with him. Everytime we meet he started chanting his rant about his dance, his friends. I was sick of that, main jaise unke liye kuch thi hi nahi so I am happy picha chutta unse, Like every girl i want some one who would love me, respect me with all his heart not hurt my self respect with his cruel actions and words like he did. Now i don't want waste my time by going after him. I going london where new beginning of my life is waiting for me" 
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Posted: 2014-11-19T05:23:13Z
Wow amazing I Luv tht taani is going
After career but rey is also hurt I Luv
Taani new attitude & Avatar rey never
Knew Abt taani hmm felt bad for taarey
Ashi & taani came close & share everything
Nice I hope taarey come back together soon
Thanks for PM Edited by raddhi - 2014-11-19T05:50:07Z
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Posted: 2014-11-19T05:48:21Z
nice update ilike this changed taani and her attitude and feeling sad also  taani intersting in painting taani aashi friends koi tho hain taani ko samjhtha hain abh rey ko patha chalega taani ka importace update soonEdited by R.sailaja - 2014-11-19T12:33:02Z
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Posted: 2014-11-19T05:57:54Z
awesome  chapter
taani changed herself to diva
liked her attitude
she's going away for 1 month
hope rey would regret his decision and stop her from going
waiting for nxt part
updt soon
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Posted: 2014-11-19T05:59:15Z
Rey I feel bad for you 
but cmon you deserve it!

Go taani 
I love this diva in you 

Interesting and refreshing! 

Thanks for the pm 
Continue soon 
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Posted: 2014-11-19T06:01:28Z
awww new concept phir sa aap ka mind mein aisa concept ata kha sa hain nice your mindblowing superb next update soon..
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Posted: 2014-11-19T06:02:17Z
its wow updte... lykd de concept.. Taani is no more weak... Rey is shocked nd yes he must v... wow taani is going to london for exihibtion... totally lyk new chnge in taani... if possible plzz put on de pic of dress... ashi n taani bonding lubly... thnkww for pm...
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