Pyar tune kya kiya?!! ( Funpost)

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Posted: 9 years ago
Dear Friends,
                With our favourite show closing down...I felt why not explore some the "ifs" and "Buts" which were left unexplored either we didn't want to see that way or we felt those are less probable cases!!πŸ€ͺ   Now let me come to the point...I want to explore the "IF"  Nikhil had married Ishana...then...what would G.D look like?!!😲  At one point we had equal probability of that happening as Ishana was ready with the sindoor!!πŸ€” And Nikhil for once was not confused !!πŸ˜› If Nikhil was confused then Ishana would have married Nikhil and end of Laajo story!!🀒
   Let us see what was special in Nikhil - Ishana relationship...
    So Nikhil knew Ishana since childhood...I mean so well that he knew how to tie ribbon on her ponies!!πŸ˜† He knew how to make her do his homework!!πŸ˜†  Then he knew she was allergic to peanut butter!!  Hmm...this is truly called compatibility!!πŸ˜‰ On the other hand Ishana was also not far behind...they seemed to be a made for each other couple!!πŸ˜‰  And what more is required in marriage than compatibility?!! right?!! πŸ˜† If we had acknowledged this Laajo would have been happy pursuing a course in medicine and finally getting married to an intelligent guy and would be saved of so many things!! ( I still cannot forget that CBI track and Jasmine!!😑)
   Nikhil would have been an ideal husband for Ishana as she would keep a tab on his activities!!😈
( And all his confusions!!πŸ˜‰)  She would give him the job to take care of "Meow"!! ( hmmm...that's a good job than  becoming a fool to unknowingly join the diamond smuggling business!!😑)  . She would keep Nikhil's relationship with Barkha simmering so that she and only she can control him!!
     In  case he wandered out to search for a job , Ishana would take the services of private detectives...( Barkha  knows many!!)  to see if he is using it as a pretext to meet Laajo!! This would in turn keep Nikhil safe from people like Ranawat!!  then what would happen if a girl like Jasmine became Nikhil's classmate at his post graduate school...then Ishana would register herself in the course and pay extra money to be sitting next to Nikhil on the same bench!!🀒 πŸ˜†Then there would be a competition who owns Nikhil more?!!   At last Ishana would take some scheming ideas from Barkha and Nani and make Jasmine again our Nikhil is saved and is Ishana's slave forever...and ever...So no Gustakhi and no Gustakh dil!! So this less probable case of Ishana  getting married to Nikhil would have such a great impact...that Laajo would be saved for life!!πŸ˜† Laajo would need no stardom and could forget about dancing ( which she is very bad at!!πŸ˜›) Toh kitno ka faydaa ho gaya ...
 But fate made Laajo and Nikhil come together  and  Sachha Pyaar...?!!    tune kya kiya..!!😭
Friends sorry if I have offended LAKHIL fans...this just a humorous take on Nikhil's relationship with Ishana and exploring the probabilities...If you have any ideas of what would happen if Ishana and Nikhil would have married then please pen down... it will be good if it is witty and funny!!πŸ˜†


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Posted: 9 years ago
Good one Varsha πŸ˜† and its not a bad idea at all. Ishana should have married Nik and Laajo starting her life all over again, meeting Sagar who make her a star would have made a good parallel track. Barkha would remain Barkha ( more than the show ending I am not able to come to terms with the change in Barkha's behaviour πŸ˜•) and the son sandwiched between his wife and mother is a tried and tested formula for high trp. Some high voltage sparks between Barkha and Ishana and Nik supporting Ishana would have made great viewing. πŸ˜› 
Laajo's detective avtar was worse than her dancing πŸ˜† we could have been spared from all that.  Thank God she didn't do a duet with Sagar. I would have fainted. Sid is such a wonderful dancer.

Ranawat, Jasmine and CBI ruined the show. Maybe I should say they ruined Nik's character. Laakhil's sachcha pyaar sounded so hollow and meaningless towards the end. πŸ˜’