OS : Come back to me

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Priya's Narration

My heart felt numb cold broken nd dead I never felt this way before nd I felt nothing in me my life wasn't that good because of that Ram It's been years that I was trying to get his attention but always ran away from me 

I fell in love with him but he never gives me a chance

He once dated Isha but they didn't go that well since Isha broke up with him nd went to australia she wanted to be on her side nd help her business but Ram chose to be a his own business

I thought that I can comfort him but he pushed me away saying those harsh words at me It made my heart stop with no beat

Those evil words that he said to me I don't love you Priya Sharma you are such an annoying girl I hate you I want you to go away nd never show your face to me ever again

This happened about a month ago nd I ran away from my friends nd from Ram who just broke my heart Right now I have been hiding for a month

My heart felt so cold I didn't feel anything no beat in my heart but why am I not dead? this is so weird I should be dead if my heart is not beating

Right now my friends were searching for me but couldn't find me anywhere for a month I miss my friends I wish I was back with them but I couldn't go back I didn't want to see that heartless Ram ever again

If he ever finds me I will have my revenge for what he did to me

Ram's Narration

It's been a month since Priya went missing this is my entire fault I'm the one who yelled at her what have I done? she really loved me all these years nd I threw her like trash I should have given her a chance but I didn't I shouldn't have run away or ditch her that was so wrong of me I just hope she's okay It's not safe for her to be by herself out there she could get hurt

And right now, I need her back just like how I need Isha but she wanted me to be on her side but I chose to be a his own business nd that made her angry rght after she slapped me in the face nd calling me selfish I didn't mean to say that to her she broke up with me nd went to australia I had never felt so heart broken Is this what Priya always feel when I broke her heart like that? 

Anyways Isha apologized for the slap that she gave me nd we became friends I'm just glad she's not mad at me anymore

Right now my friends have been searching everywhere for Priya but no sign of her this is all my fault my friends knew that I was the cause of this they were angry with me my best buddy Vikarm I never had seen him so angry like this nd he hasn't talked to me for a month

I felt so lonely I haven't been running around or anything that I always do in my free time It wasn't fun at all without Priya chasing me

Oh Priya where are you? plzz come back to me I'm so sorry that I hurt you so badly

Where ever you are Priya I will find you nd I hope you can forgive me for putting you in so much pain that you been through

Ram was running around to find Priya but no sign of her his friends have given up for the search of  Priya but Ram didn't give up

He's so worried about her 

Where are you Priya? Ram whispered to himself just then he saw a someone was running in the dark road

Priya?Ram wasn't sure if it was her he decides to go after the unknown person

The unknown person was panting heavily trying to get away from him but wasn't fast enough since that Ram can run faster he finally tackled the person to the ground

The person groaned from getting tackled by Ram

Ram moves the person's hood off its head to see who it was

Priya? Ram was so shocked to see that this person was Priya

Get away from me Ram Priya screamed at him punched him in the face nd runs off

Priya wait Ram used fullspeed to grab her arms

Let go of me Priya struggles to break free but Ram was too strong

Priya plzz don't go Ram begged

I thought you didn't want me Priya said

I'm sorry I didn't mean to say that to you plzz Priya Ram begged again

You mean every word to me Ram do you have any idea what you did to my heart?Priya yelled at him pushed him against the tree

Ram I know what you're going through I truly didn't mean it Ram was in tears he pleaded for Priya for his forgiveness

ram my heart is dead It's not beating anymore you did this Priya hissed coldly

She grabbed the back of his head nd puts his ear on her chest for him to hear her heart

Ram didn't hear a single beat in her heart he was so shocked at this

Priya? oh my god this is my fault what have I done?Ram fell to his knees sobbing hard for what he had done to Priya

What you did was so cold to me I feel nothing nothing in my heart Priya said tears sliding on her cheeks

All these years I was in love with you ram nd you ran away from me leaving me every time you run away my heart goes numb I was missed you evry single moment I was alway dreaming about you I always said to myself one day you run back to me nd hug me but no because you're just being the my friend have I ever think aubou you sometimes I do but did you never think about me na of course not I did so many things for you but you threw them away like garbage you never gave me a chance nd right now my heart is dead Priya said to him 

Ram has been listening to what she said to him he felt so guilty for putting Priya in so much pain he felt like a complete jerk to her

Priya I know I hurt you nd I'm so sorry for what I did right now I need you back Ram said holding her close to him

Priya sighs sadly she felt tired nd sleepy her tired eyes closed slowly letting her sleep

Ram noticed that she was asleep he then carries her in bridle style nd come back to his house

Priya was now resting on Ram's bed with the blankets covering her she was now waking up

Priya I've been wanting to tell you this before you ran away I...I love you Priya sharma so much Ram breathed

This made Priya's heart skip beat she was now feeling her emotions her heart went from cold to warm love

I love you too Golu Priya said to him

Ram smiled

They kissed each other on the lips for only a minute they pulled away and looked into each other's eyes

I missed you Priya Ram nuzzled on Priya's head

I missed you too Ram 


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Aww that was indeed rayalicious .. 
Good one 
Title is too good .. Come back to me 
Thanks for pm 

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Very emotional n last part was romantic plss keep writing
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Posted: 2014-11-13T05:05:40Z
nice title...
superb os..
thnks for pm
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nice stry title
superb os
thnks for the pmSmile
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Posted: 2014-11-13T05:58:05Z
Nice story LineTongue
Please do write moreTongue
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Posted: 2014-11-13T07:24:16Z
Superb OS Thanks for the PM
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lovely os
thanks for pm
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